McDonald's store offers 41 Big Macs as a reward for recovery of stolen sign

The missing sign.

The missing sign.

An Australian McDonald's franchise is offering 41 Big Macs as a reward for the recovery of a giant McDonald's highway sign stolen in the Northern Territory.

The restaurant is offering servings of its signature dish for any information which leads to the recovery of the sign and likely apprehension of the thief.

The imposing four-metre by four-metre sign went missing from its prominent Stuart Highway location, 41km north of the Northern Territory outback town in September.

"The Hamburglar is, surprisingly, not to blame for the crime," store licensee, Vicki Lettice and manager Lorraine Wyli said.

The pair, which called the sign "a beacon of hope for those travelling from Darwin to Katherine", said it had disappeared without a trace.

"Despite the involvement of Katherine Council, the Department of Infrastructure and Construction and local police, no one seems to know how, where, or the motives behind the disappearance of the giant sign."

The restaurant will honour the 41km journey between the sign's intended location and the store, by offering 41 Big Macs as a reward for information about the sign's whereabouts.

To claim your reward, follow the signs.

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