John Oliver's political cat fight video

Comedian John Oliver mocked Ramzan Kadyrov and his missing cat.

Comedian goes to war with Chechnya's iron-fisted leader after making fun of his missing cat.

Explosion theory downplayed

Egyptian investigative team admit that "the logical explanation is that it was an explosion".

Egyptian authorities back away from claim small body parts indicate explosion on EgyptAir flight.

Kate visits Chelsea Flower Show gallery

Kate Middleton arrives at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show in central London.

The Duchess of Cambridge donned an appropriate shade of green for her first visit to the iconic flower show.

Search for black boxes continues

The Egyptair Airbus 320, which disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean sea on Thursday May 19, 2016, is pictured ...

French ship joins international effort to hunt of the black boxes of EgyptAir flight MS804.

Border closures 'inhumane'

Syrian refugee children play with a wagonette at a makeshift camp for migrants and refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border.

UN refugee agency says border closures only temporarily averting the refugee crisis.

Jail over peanut curry death

Paul Wilson, photographed with his parents Keith and Margaret, had strictly avoided peanuts since an allergic reaction ...

Indian restaurant owner sentenced to six years behind bars after curry killed customer with peanut allergy.

Fastest growing student group: Retirees

Europe's mature student population is growing rapidly.

​Franz-Josef Mittnacht may be 86, but he likes to be considered an average student.

Does Nato secretly want war with Russia?

A soldier sits in a tank as a Nato flag flies behind during the Nato  military exercises last year in Poland. The VJTF, ...

OPINION: Advocates for the military are concerned reduced Nato spending will make it irrelevant.

Transformer truck rides river video

The amphibious "Humdinga" truck emerges from The Thames during a demonstration event.

When disaster strikes this amphibious truck - the brainchild of a Kiwi company - rolls into action in the water.

Sandy crime scene criticised

The controversial sand sculpture created by Cornwall and Devon police officers.

It was a crime scene like no other. A sand sculpture of a dead woman.

British filmmaker wins second Palme d'Or

Director Ken Loach poses with The Palme d'Or which he has won for his movie I,Daniel Blake at the 69th annual Cannes ...

British veteran director Ken Loach won his second Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival when I, Daniel Blake, his latest social-realist drama, took the Best Picture award.

Gunman fires on crowd


Three killed, including gunman, and 11 wounded after shooting at open-air concert in Austria.

Victims were neighbours

An EgyptAir Airbus A320, similar to the one that has gone missing with 66 on board.

A fifth of the Egyptians on downed Egyptair flight from village with ties to France.

Blast 'tore hole in jet'

"It looks like the right front and side window were blown out, most probably from inside out," said the pilot, who flies ...

Data from EgyptAir MS804's final moments suggest explosion ripped through side of jet, pilot says.

Airport staff eyed in EgyptAir crash video

Investigators are looking at whether staff at Charles de Gaulle airport were responsible for the plane crash.

Automatic radio messages suggest neither a fire nor a bomb was to blame for plane's demise, experts say.

Bomber's brother off to Olympics

Belgian Taekwondo athlete Mourad Laachraoui at a press conference, after the Brussels attacks.

Two months after Najim Laachraoui attacked Brussels Airport, his little brother Mourad has qualified for Rio.

'There was a fire onboard' video

An EgyptAir Airbus A320, similar to the one that crashed with 66 on board.

Blaze onboard suspected as EgyptAir flight MS804 suffers series of failures minutes before crash.

Train crashes into bus

A police statement said that 16 people were taken to surrounding hospitals but that it was not yet clear how severely ...

At least 16 people injured when high-speed train crashed into a bus near Bern, Swiss police say.

Downed jet: Huge payout sought

GILZE-RIJEN, NETHERLANDS - OCTOBER 13:  A general view of the cockpit wreckage at the Gilze-Rijen Military Base on ...

Families of NZ and Aust victims of MH17 flight hit by missile seek record damages.

Not so fast, Donald

A spokesman for David Cameron said the British PM would not issue formal invites to US presidential nominees.

David Cameron's office confirms no invite was extended to Donald Trump to visit London.

The Panama Papers and Putin stuff nation

Vladimir Putin's regime has increasingly subjected its opponents to systematic harassment and detention.

OPINION: The Panama Papers scandal, among other things, reinforces growing concerns about high-level fraud and corruption within President Vladimir Putin's government.

Killed by frog, then mummified

John Sabine was killed by his wife and his body hidden for 18 years.

Inquest told of ex-NZ resident's grisly murder and burial - believed to be at the hands of his wife.

New dad on doomed flight video

Richard Osman, left, recently became a father for the second time.

He was "deliriously happy" after the birth of his daughter. Two weeks later, he's vanished.

Ill-fated passport find video

Pascal Hess nearly didn't catch EgyptAir Flight 804.

Pascal Hess didn't sleep for days when he lost his passport. He found it just before boarding EgyptAir flight MS804.

'Celebrity threesome' injunction upheld video

The celebrities involved in the now-notorious "threesome" won't be named.

Naming those involved would be a serious breach of their privacy, court decides.

Violent clashes on Paris streets video

A police car burns during anti-police protests in Paris.

Two officers inside police car attacked and set on fire by protesters in France.

Meet the Donald Trumps of Europe

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump Trump is drawing strength from the less educated and white working classes.

Europeans may be fretting about the rise of Trump, but it's confronting its own surge of the populist right.

Arrested at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace seen through the perimeter fence in central London, where a 41-year-old man was arrested after scaling ...

Man arrested at the Queen's London home, after scaling a perimeter wall.

Knights battle it out in London video

Curious onlookers watch as 125 knights take to battle at the Tower Bridge to promote a new game.

Mini teeters on two-wheels in crash video

CCTV footage has emerged of a mini colliding with another vehicle before making this extraordinary move.

A parked van was almost a ramp as a Mini smashed spectacularly into it and then fled the scene.

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