Brexit can be blocked, court rules

Brexit cannot be enacted without UK parliament law change, Supreme Court rules.

Rebellion predicted as UK's highest court rules Britain cannot leave EU without parliament-approved law change.

The murder gripping Iceland

Sales assistant Birna Brjansdottir disappeared after a night out in Iceland's capital Reykjavik.

The 20-year-old Icelandic woman's death bears all the hallmarks of a "nordic noir" crime thriller. But it is real.

Puppies pulled from avalanche video

A firefighter holds one of the three puppies found alive in the rubble of the Hotel Rigopiano after the avalanche.

Three wiggling, white sheepdog puppies pulled out from under tons of snow and rubble.

Chef throws chilli powder in diner's face video

David Evans feared he'd been blinded when a chef threw chilli powder in his eyes.

When a Welsh diner complained about a curry he didn't expect to end up in hospital fearing for his sight.

Explosion at London building

The cause of the explosion was not yet known.

Hazmat unit called in after blast at a block of flats in England left nearby streets scattered with debris.

BBC tweets Trump shot

U.S. President Donald Trump is alive and well.

Regional BBC station tweets shocking news about Donald Trump.

Cops Taser own race adviser

A Taser prong strikes Judah Adunbi just below the chin, sending 50,000 volts through his body. He falls to the ground, ...

He was a founding member of police's race relations group, but officers thought he was a robber.

Nuke missile test botched

HMS Vigilant - one of the UK's fleet of four Vanguard class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines carrying the ...

UK Trident missile may have veered off in the wrong direction towards the American mainland.

Four more avalanche survivors video

Firefighters rescue a survivor from Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola.

Emergency crews pull four more survivors from Italian hotel crushed by an avalanche.

16 die in school bus crash video

A burning bus, which was carrying Hungarian students, is seen on a side of a highway, near Verona, northern Italy.

Italian police say 16 dead in bus crash of Hungarian students returning from school trip to France.

Avalanche survivors found in 'igloo' video

Firefighters rescue a survivor from Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola.

Ten people, including children, spent two nights in sub-zero temperatures, insulated by snow.

Prince William takes over royal duties video

Prince George will begin school in London this year and Princess Charlotte will also go to nursery there.

Second-in-line to the throne, William has quit his pilot job to help the Queen with official duties.

Davos - the rich are worried

"No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war," Chinese President Xi Jinping told the gathering.

OPINION: This year's Davos gathering is focused on the rise of populism and simple-minded attacks on globalisation.

Bana Alabed's favourite lesson, English stuff nation video

Bana Alabad, the 7-year-old girl who was tweeting as Aleppo was retaken by Syrian Government forces.

Turkey is now home to more than 1.2 million child refugees, but 380,000 will miss out on an education.

Europe's right-wingers to meet

Marine Le Pen, French National Front political party leader.

Leaders of Europe's right-wing populist parties will gather in Germany a show of force targeting the European Union.

'Help...we're dying of cold'

A photo taken from a video shows the snow inside the Hotel Rigopiano.

In the darkness under tons of snow, the survivors reached for their only lifeline.

WWII bomb found in River Thames

The Westminster Bridge in London has been shut after a bomb was found in the River Thames.

Suspected Nazi bomb near the Houses of Parliament shuts two of London's busiest bridges.

Assange says he will go to the US

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The founder of WikiLeaks is standing by his offer to go to the US now Chelsea Manning is being released.

Avalanche kills 30 video

A photo taken from a video shows the snow inside the Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola, central Italy, hit by an avalanche.

Up to 30 dead after an avalanche struck a hotel in central Italy following quakes.

London on alert over air pollution

On January 5, Greenpeace activists floated a picture of Mary Poppins wearing a gas mask in front of the Houses of ...

A smog alert is in place for the British capital, advising people with heart and lung conditions to avoid outdoor exercise.

Harris' 'opportunistic grope'

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris has been accused of pressing his genitals against a woman and squeezing her breasts.

Rolf Harris shoved a woman against a wall, pressing his crotch against her and squeezing her breasts.

Body in a suitcase, man arrested

Kiran Daudia is the woman who's body was discovered by a member of a public stuffed into a suitcase and dumped in an ...

Ashwin Daudia from Leicester, UK charged on suspicion of murder, after a member of the public made the grim discovery.

China-London freight train arrives video

The first freight train to travel from China to Britain arrives at a welcoming ceremony.

Quicker than sending goods by sea and cheaper than transporting by air.

Assange 'happy' to go to US video

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been holed up for more than four years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

It comes after outgoing US President Barack Obama gave whistleblower Chelsea Manning clemency.

Three quakes shake Italy video

A woman removes snow from a car in Amatrice, after a series of earthquakes hit the town and parts of central Italy.

Quakes shake central Italy, isolating towns that have been buried under more than a metre of snow.

Beware the weirdest wasp ever

The Clistopyga caramba wasp was so named because when researchers saw it they said, "Aye carumba."

'Aye carumba' exclaimed the Finnish researchers when they came across the wasp with a backside that resembles an ant's head.

Arrested for French ex-PM slap video

A security guard seized the youth in a choke-hold and pushed him back against a fence.

The man was tackled to the ground by security after confronting Manuel Valls.

He sold monkey heads, pickled lizards

British man Daniel Stocks was sentenced to six months in prison.

Warning graphic images: A British man who traded pickled lizards, monkey heads and big cats online has been jailed.

From break-in to broken pelvis

A man is probably regretting his decision to break into the Colosseum after the incident left him with a broken pelvis.

A tourist who tried to climb into Rome's Colosseum won't be able to walk for months after the stunt went horribly wrong.

The UK car industry after Brexit? video

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May suggested the car industry may be able to retain elements of the free trade terms ...

Calls for Britain to keep tariff-free EU trade after exit from single market.

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