Brits sign away kids for free wifi

Cybersecurity experiment in Britain finds parents willing to trade their kids for free wifi.

Several Britons agreed to give up their eldest child in a free wifi experiment.

KFC's Muslim hand wipes mess

GREASY DOES IT: Hand wipes go with KFC chicken like potatoes go with gravy.

A KFC branch in England was so worried about offending Muslims that it refused to provide hand wipes containing alcohol to customers.

Abused refugee pics condemned

Asylum seekers walk outside their temporary home in the grounds of an abandoned Siegerland Bundeswehr army barracks in Burbachnear the western German town of Siegen.

Germany condemns suspected cases of abuse against refugees by security guards.

Karadzic 'a liar'

Bosnian Serb wartime leader Radovan Karadzic appears in the courtroom.

Former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic is called a liar in closing remarks by prosecutors at his genocide trial.

Monster truck crash kills 3 video

A monster truck outfitted with tractor-sized wheels has crashed into a crowd during a show in the Netherlands, killing three people and injuring at least a dozen.

A monster truck outfitted with tractor-sized wheels has crashed into a crowd during a show in the Netherlands, killing three people and injuring at least a dozen.

'Purring' Queen comment apology

APOLOGY: British PM David Cameron has apologised for a breach of royal protocol.

British PM David Cameron kicking himself for breach of royal protocol.

Suspicions make cooperation unlikely


The US and Russia see Islamic State as a common enemy but are failing to overcome deep mutual distrust.

Mud geyser kills girl, boy missing

FRANTIC WORK: Rescuers work on the site of a sudden eruption of a mud geyser at the natural reserve of Maccalube in Aragona, Sicily.

A seven-year-old girl has been killed in the sudden eruption of a mud geyser at a nature reserve in Sicily, and her nine-year-old brother remains missing.

UK approves IS air strikes

British Prime Minister David Cameron leaves the Houses of Parliament in the back of a car after parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of joining US-led air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq.

British Parliament votes to approve air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq.

UN investigate discovery of Ukraine mass grave


Russia alleges Ukrainian forces tortured and killed four civilians, while Kiev says this is "another example of Russian media disinformation".

Trapped in Orwellian nightmare

EMPTY CITY: A man walks along an street in Donetsk last month.

The fighting has subsided in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, but the fear and abductions have not.

Cyprus cruise liner rescues 300 Syrian refugees

A large fishing trawler overloaded with refugees is pictured by the Cyprus Defence Ministry in heavy seas in the Mediterranean.

A cruise liner returning from Greece was pressed into action in rough seas off Cyprus to rescue some 300 people thought to be Syrian refugees whose trawler had run into trouble.

World must tackle corruption

British Prime Minister David Cameron announces his plan for a Britain-wide constitutional shake-up in the aftermath of Scotland's 'No' vote to independence.

David Cameron urged world leaders to adopt 10 global goals to end extreme poverty in 15 years.

Rich history of diplomatic gaffes


Obama recent gaffe was ho-hum compared to some the faux pas screamers other politicians have committed.

Deborah Mitford dies at 94

FAMILY: The Mitford family at Swinbrook house in 1934.

Deborah Mitford, youngest of the shocking but always entertaining Mitford sisters, has died at 94.

Hostage decapitated as French won't back down

CAPTIVE: A man who identified himself as Herve Gourdel sits between two masked gunmen in this still taken from a video.

Algerian extremists allied to Islamic State militants decapitate a French hostage after France ignored their demand to stop airstrikes in Iraq.

Europe-wide organised crime sweep nets 1000 suspects

Europol director Rob Wainwright (left) announced at the Hague that police had arrested more than 1000 suspects and rescued at least 30 trafficked children in an unprecedented swoop on organised crime groups across Europe.

Police have arrested more than 1000 suspects and rescued at least 30 trafficked children in an unprecedented swoop on organised crime groups across Europe.

Wife gets tape of hostage husband's pleads

HOSTAGE: Alan Henning pictured with one of his captors.

Wife of British taxi driver held by Islamic State jihadists says he went to Syria to help deliver aid.

Ukraine rebels plan vote

Unrest: Pro-Russian rebels with a heavy machine gun in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

Pro-Russian rebels defiantly announce they will stage their own elections in just six weeks.

Queen 'purred' after Scotland vote

Scotland also wishes to remain under the rule of the Queen, who has asked Scots to "think very carefully about the future" - a comment most have interpreted as a vote to keep the union intact.

British Prime Minister lets slip details on conversation with Queen after Scotland vote.

UK panda no longer pregnant

Tian Tian the giant panda relaxes at Edinburgh Zoo.

Britain's only female giant panda has suffered a failed pregnancy, her second in two years, Edinburgh Zoo says.

Vienna still struggles with Freud

Vienna's Freud museum attracts some 75,000 visitors every year.

Even before Sigmund Freud fled Hitler on the Orient Express from Vienna in June 1938, the father of psychoanalysis and his ideas about sex, dreams and cocaine divided opinion in the Austrian capital.

Pope denounces extremists video

Security for Pope Francis' visit to Albania was unusually tight.

Pope Francis denounces extremists around the world who are ‘‘perverting’’ religion to justify violence.

Pope heads for Albania

HOLY VISIT: Pope Francis in on a trip to Albania.

The Pope is off to Albania for a packed one-day visit that will spotlight the country as a model of inter-religious harmony.

Trouble on Glasgow streets

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond announces in Edinburgh that he will resign.

British relief over the Scottish people's decision to reject independence has given way to squabbling.

Paris tries to stop 'love locks'

Thousand of padlocks clipped by lovers are seen on the fence of the Pont des Arts bridge earlier this year.

Officials are trying to save a bridge from lovers who have been attaching padlocks to it.

Nazi gas chambers found

Recently uncovered bricks of a former gas chamber are seen inside the perimeter of a Nazi death camp in Sobibor.

Hundreds were murdered in the gas chambers at a time, archaeologists have been excavating the death camp in eastern Poland say.

Explosion rocks eastern Ukraine after amended cease-fire

Ukranian soldiers in Gorlivka, Donetsk.

A gigantic explosion shattered the stillness of the morning just hours after Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels signed the latest version of their cease-fire accord.

Putin will attend G20

ATTENDING: Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely attend the G20 meeting, despite calls from some for Russia to be excluded.

Russia will attend November's Leader Summit in Australia despite concern over its actions in Ukraine.

Queen calls for unity after Scotland vote

QUEEN ELIZABETH II: "Knowing the people of Scotland as I do, I have no doubt that Scots ... are able to express strongly held opinions before coming together again in a spirit of mutual respect and support."

Queen Elizabeth II has urged people in the United Kingdom to come together "in a spirit of mutual respect and support" after Scots voted against independence.

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