More running of the bulls injuries

A man was gored in an arm and two others were injured in a tense, fast-paced penultimate running of the bulls at Spain's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, officials said.

All three were hospitalised and later released on Tuesday, the regional government of Navarra said, adding that three people injured during the seven days of runs were still receiving hospital treatment.

Renowned bullfighter Julian Lopez Escobar, also known as "El Juli," was also discharged from a hospital after having been gored in the scrotum during a bullfight.

Those still hospitalised were a 37-year-old Pamplona resident, well known locally for running the course every year and who was injured Sunday, a 20-year-old British man gored Friday and an 18-year-old Australian whose vertebrae was injured July 7, the regional government said.

Live television footage of the 8am (1800 NZT) dash ahead of six fighting bulls had showed the gored man back up on his feet and looking for medical assistance.

The run lasted two minutes, 14 seconds, the fastest of seven staged so far. Several thousand people took part in the event although the crowd was noticeably smaller than in previous runs.

The runs are the highlight of the nine-day festival, which also features all-night partying and attracts tens of thousands of people, many from abroad.

Several people were treated by Spanish Red Cross crews on the street after the run for bruises and cuts sustained in falls.

The bulls are accompanied by six steers, used to help guide the bulls along the slippery 850-metre stretch from a holding pen on the edge of town to the central bull ring.

Two of the bulls managed to race ahead of the pack and caused moments of panic as they tried repeatedly to toss runners along the way.

The bulls are killed by matadors in bullfights later in the day.

El Juli was injured in the Pamplona bullfight Monday night, the regional government said. He is one of Spain's most famous matadors, known for a fearless style that involves making cape passes on bulls while standing dangerously close to the hulking animals and for making his professional debut in Mexico in 1997 at the age of 14.

A 22-year-old American, who had also received a similar injury Wednesday when a horned juvenile cow weighing about 180 kilograms tore the man's scrotum, had also left a hospital, authorities said.

The government announced on Tuesday that the Pamplona festival will become the subject of a Bollywood movie called Zindagi milegi da dobara (You only live once), with a budget of 11.5 million euros (NZ$20 million).