Granny killer bashed husband to death with 'stone frog', friend says

South Wales Police found John Sabine's body 18 year after his disappearance, naming his wife Leigh Ann Sabine as the ...

South Wales Police found John Sabine's body 18 year after his disappearance, naming his wife Leigh Ann Sabine as the prime suspect in his death.

Only after John Sabine's body was found did a friend take his wife's confession seriously. 

The story of Leigh-Ann Sabine made headlines around the world after her husband's body was dug up from their garden 18 years after what is believed to have been his murder. 

Police believe Leigh-Ann killed John, but she died in October 2015 and would never have to answer for her crime.

However it's now been revealed the former cabaret singer bludgeoned him to death with a stone frog, the Daily Mail reported. 

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Sabine confessed days after the murder in 1997 during a phone call to friend Valerie Chalkley, the Mail reported.

But it was only after the man's remains were found in vacuum-packed plastic wrap in the garden of their home in South Wales that Chalkley took the conversation seriously. 

Chalkley said: "It was a couple of years since we'd spoken, so I said 'I wondered what had happened to you both. I would have thought by now that one of you would have killed the other.'

"She replied, 'It's funny you should say that. I've killed him. I've battered him with a stone frog which was at the side of the bed. He was just driving me mad. Every night he would get into bed crying and weeping, saying you don't fancy me."

The killing was said to be the culmination of a turbulent 37-year marriage, a string of fraud allegations, abandoning their five children, and a menage-a-trois with another criminal. 

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The couple moved to New Zealand in the 1960s and had five children. They later abandoned their children when they returned to the UK, fleeing fraud allegations.  

To the public eye however they appeared to be a perfect couple. 

"They looked a lovely couple, the epitome of respectable," Chalkley said. 

When she was in her 50s, Sabine began an affair with a violent criminal half her age. She and the man, known only as Steve, moved into a flat together. 

Her husband then also moved into the one-bedroom flat. 

"It was a very odd set up," Chalkley said.

She didn't hear from Sabine until two years later – when she made the "confession". 

Her evidence is expected to be part of the inquest which resumes next week, the Mail reported. 

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