Middle East

Where is Bana?

Bana al-Abed has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter.

It was a harrowing farewell message, and then there was silence from the Anne Frank of the Syrian Civil War.

Inside an IS training camp

An Iraqi counterterrorism officer looks at a list of city rules on the wall of an Islamic State training centre.

The bunk beds that fill the rooms sleep more than 80 Islamic State recruits.

'Throw her body to the dogs'

The woman, who has been identified as Malak Al Shehri, reportedly shared a photograph of herself without a hijab or abaya.

Saudi Arabian woman receives torrent of abuse after daring to go without a hijab.

Fresh calls for Syrian ceasefire

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has announced New Zealand, along with fellow UNSC non-permanent members Spain and Egypt, ...

Fighting has ramped up in recent weeks with up to 16,000 Syrian civilians displaced.

The 'last park' where Syrian children play stuff nation

Two children look through a show window inside the tunnel that provides a safe passage for children between the two ...

It took two years to carve, but the 'Land of Childhood', situated between two basements, is for kids to enjoy without fear of attack.

Syria drives rebels from Aleppo video

Syrians walk over rubble of damaged buildings, while carrying their belongings, as they flee clashes between government ...

Syria captures of a large swathe of eastern Aleppo, threatening to crush rebels in their most important urban stronghold.

'Makeup to hide abuse' shocker video

The host taught viewers how to cover up signs of domestic violence with makeup.

A Moroccan TV station taught viewers techniques to cover up signs of domestic violence with cosmetics.

'BREAKING! This is real news' gallery

It started with the "fake news" reports that actor Jeff Goldblum had fallen 60 metres to his death at Kauri Cliffs.

OPINION: This year, truth is stranger than the fake news. So can you tell the difference? Try our quiz.

Iran train crash toll rises

People gather around two passenger trains that collided in the city of Shahroud, in the north-central province of ...

Two passenger trains collide in Iran, killing at least 40 people and injuring dozens.

'Terrorists' blamed for raging fires video

A car drives past burning trees as a wildfire rages in the northern city of Haifa, Israel.

Israeli leaders claim arson as wildfires tear through Haifa while #Israelisburning trends on Twitter.

Under the thumb of Isis

A newly displaced woman carries a child at a check point in Qayyara, south of Mosul on October 31, 2016.

A simple chocolate bar means a lot when you're a child growing up in a world of terrorists.

Charges dropped against rape victim

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Close up of scales of ...

She was charged after reporting her rape in Dubai to worldwide condemnation, but will no go free.

'Don't know what tomorrow will bring' stuff nation video

There is no place safe for children in Aleppo.

A former English teacher in Aleppo shares a first-person account of life in the war-ravaged Syrian city.

Final talk for Obama, Putin

US President Barack Obama talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

US President and his Russian counterpart met for four minutes. It's not known if Donald Trump was mentioned.

Anger over 'rape amnesty' bill video

Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says the aim of the bill is to keep families together.

Turkey proposes a bill to allow men accused of sex abuse to avoid punishment if they marry their victims.

Woman charged for her own rape

Dubai's strict laws have led to many tourists being jailed for things that are not crimes in the western world.

Family of British woman jailed after reporting she was raped in Dubai have launched an appeal to free her.

Airstrikes kill Aleppo family

Smoke rises from a rebel held neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria.

Seven members of the same Syrian family have been killed, including four children.

Children's hospital bombed video

Airstrikes are continuing to pummel Aleppo and the surrounding towns.

Hospitalised young children in Aleppo cowered, while staff counted bombs during an airstrike.

Shaves at barber's, corpses in streets

An Iraqi man has his beard shaved following the retreat of Isis from Mosul.

In the only shop to open in eastern Mosul, there's a queue of men waiting to get rid of the beards militants made them grow.

Taliban responsible for explosion

The cause of the blast at the Bagram air base is unclear.

No New Zealand troops caught in deadly attack at Nato's Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

'Afghan Girl' welcomed home

Sharbat Gula, the green-eyed "Afghan Girl" has returned to Afghanistan after being deported from Pakistan.

Afghanistan's president welcomed back Sharbat Gula, the green-eyed 'Afghan Girl', offering her a furnished apartment after Pakistan deported her.

'Afghan girl' to be deported

Afghan Girl was the portrait of Afghan refugee Sharbat Gula that was the cover image of National Geographic in 1985.

Pakistan will delay deporting Sharbat Gula who has been living in the country illegally.

Kids battling both war and cancer stuff nation

Mouhammed lives with his grandmother in a frontline area in Aleppo city. Despite all the obstacles, his grandmother ...

Children undergo cancer treatment in Aleppo as they avoid being killed by fighting in the Syrian city.

Islamic State's horrors uncovered

An Isis fighter on the streets of Mosul.

Terror group's torture methods "beyond imagination" as 100 decapitated bodies found in mass grave.

Cameraman's close call

Kiwi camera man Scott Munro was close to the car when it detonated.

Former TVNZ cameraman thrown backwards by blast from suicide bomb in Mosul.

The cave that's a classroom stuff nation

Children with their teacher the cave-turned- school which plays host to almost 120 students in the northern Syrian ...

It's dark, damp and tiny, but it's where a group of Syrian children go to school.

Aleppo or Mosul - which would you choose?

A displaced Iraqi family flees an Islamic State-controlled village during clashes with ISIL militants near Mosul.

Opinion: Kiwis can help change the script for Mosul residents' future.

Trapped in a house with Isis

Iraqi Kurdish security forces patrol a street in the city of Kirkuk, Iraq.

She sent just one text to her mother: "I am trapped in a house with Islamic State fighters. Do not call me."

Fighting to stay warm in Syria stuff nation

This is not what a childhood should look like. This is a shelter for displaced persons near Aleppo. Four-year-old Esraa ...

The children of Syria have already survived years of fighting. As winter approaches, now they are now fighting to stay warm.

Isis defences breached

Iraqi forces have pushed Islamic State back.

Massive military operation pushes back terrorist forces, as Iraqi troops prepare for long battle.

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