Middle East

Israel's strange flight to Australia video

Benjamin Netanyahu's plane wasn't taking the scenic route by choice.

Benjamin Netanyahu's plane took 11 hours to fly from Singapore to Sydney. It wasn't by choice.

Teen banned over headband video

Dorsa Derakhshani.

18-year-old chess grand master banned from her national team for wearing a headband, not a hijab.

Israel a 'fake' nation - Ayatollah

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Israel was created by bringing Jews from other parts of the world to ...

Iran's supreme leader lashes out at Israel, calling the Jewish state a "fake" nation in a "dirty chapter" of history.

Girl dug out of rubble alive video

Volunteers rescued a girl, bottom left, from under the rubble of a collapsed building in the Tishreen neighbourhood of ...

Rescuers spotted a tiny face in the rubble. They had a camera to show the world.

Gold thieves dig 25m tunnel video

The diggers of the tunnel, who used "advanced excavators" throughout its construction.

They rented the house behind the jewellery store. For two months they dug.

Doubts about a Palestinian state video

The idea of a Palestinian state has been cast into doubt by the new US administration and its close ties with Israel.

The new US administration has cast doubt on the likelihood of a Palestinian state being recognised.

Suicide attack on shrine kills 72

At least 72 people were killed including some 30 children in the apparent Islamic State suicide bombing of a Sufi shrine ...

A suicide bomber attacked a crowded Sufi shrine in Pakistan, killing at least 72 people.

IS claims Baghdad bomb

Men look at the wreckage of a burnt car after a suicide bomber detonated a pick-up truck in Sadr City, a heavily ...

Car packed with explosives blows up in southern Baghdad, killing at least 48 and wounding 55.

The truth about the battle for Aleppo

People walk amid the rubble as they carry belongings that they collected from their houses in the government controlled ...

After months of crippling siege, more than 100,000 people were trapped in the city's rebel-held east as government bombs rained down.

'Feminist' government dons headscarves

Sweden's feminist trade minister Ann Linde dons the hijab and wears a black cloak like her Iranian counterpart.

The Swedish government's delegation of 11 women wore them "almost all of the time," and attracted criticism for their apparent contradiction.

'Trump cannot do a damn thing' video

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had told people to protest to show the US that Iran wouldn't buckle to threats.

Hundreds of thousands march in Iran, burning effigies of Donald Trump and chanting "death to America".

Mass hangings 'untrue' - Syria

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad's justice ministry has denied Amnesty International's account that thousands of ...

Syria's justice ministry rejects an Amnesty International report of mass hangings of as many as 13,000 people.

Six Red Cross workers killed

Six Red Cross employees were killed in northern Afghanistan by suspected Islamic State gunmen.

Suspected Islamic State gunmen kill at least six Afghan employees of the Red Cross.

Trump 'real face of America' video

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: "We are thankful to (Trump) for making our life easy as he showed the real ...

​Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismisses Donald Trump's warning to Iran to stop its missile tests.

Strikes hit Syria's rebel-held Idlib

People inspect the damage at a site hit by airstrikes in the rebel-held city of Idlib, Syria.

At least 30 die in air strikes on rebel-held Syrian city of Idlib in some of heaviest raids in months.

Blast targets court workers

Afghan policemen arrive at the site of a bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan.

At least 20 people killed in a bomb blast outside Supreme Court in Afghanistan's capital.

When fleeing, the journey's the same video


Story of young Syrian refugee and World War II child refugee show parallels between conflicts.

Mass hangings of 'doctors, engineers'

Bashar al-Assad's government has hung thousands of people at one Syrian prison, Amnesty International says.

Between 5000 and 13,000 blindfolded and led to a basement to be hung in Syria.

Suicide boat rams frigate

The dramatic video showed a suicide attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels in the Mandeb Strait that killed two Saudi sailors ...

Dramatic video shows a huge blast as a boat hits a Saudi warship at high speed.

An 'eye for an eye'

Under Iran's Sharia law, imposed since the 1979 Islamic revolution, qesas (retribution) is permitted in cases where ...

She threw acid in the eye of her victim. Now the attacker will herself be blinded, as this rare form of punishment is permitted in Iran.

In deadly raid, a lesson for Trump

Trump administration's first military raid has resulted in the death of an 8-year-old American girl, and an American ...

It was a US-led strike against al Qaeda, but it killed a young American girl.

A Muslim ban or not?

U.S. President Donald Trump insists his executive order is not a Muslim ban.

It targets Muslim-majority countries and Muslim majority demographics but is it fair to call it a Muslim ban?

Lindsay Lohan holds political talks

Actress Lindsay Lohan is overhauling her image from party girl to refugee activist.

The former starlet turns diplomat, meeting with Turkey's president at his home to discuss the refugee crisis.

Trump's ban a victory - jihadists

Comments posted to pro-Islamic State social media accounts predicted that President Donald Trump's executive order would ...

Islamist groups celebrate "blessed ban", saying it validates claim that US is at war with Islam.

Syria denies stroke claims

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, whose regime has been accused of human right's ...

Reports suggest the Syrian dictator is in hospital after falling ill, but the regime has denied the claims.

Soldier killed in Trump's first raid

US President Donald Trump authorised the military action.

A US soldier fell, a military aircraft was destroyed and children were among 30 killed in al Qaeda raid.

Why Isis is oddly quiet about Trump

The absence of more material on Donald Trump from the Islamic State has puzzled some analysts.

He's vowed to eradicate them, but the social media loving militants seem happy to hold fire - for now.

A new life in NZ

Syrian family Yasin Ibrahim Ashira and Aisha with three of their children, Lamis, left, Sima and Mazen.

Aisha Ahmad Hamdi wondered if her family would be accepted. But New Zealanders have shocked her with their kindness.

IS attack near Aleppo thwarted video

A rebel fighter carries his weapons on the outskirts of the northern Syrian town of al-Bab, Syria January 26, 2017. ...

Islamic State attack on supply route into Aleppo repelled by the army, war monitoring group reports.

Israeli settlements plough ahead

The Israeli settlement of Ramot in an area of the occupied West Bank.

Defying a NZ-led UN vote against building on disputed land, Israel views Donald Trump's arrival as a free pass.

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