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AirAsia plane en route to Singapore vanishes video

A relative of the passengers of AirAsia flight QZ8501 weeps as she waits for the latest news on the missing jetliner.

As relatives of passengers wait, an Indonesian official has confirmed no distress signal was sent from the QZ8501 cockpit.

Ferry on fire, 466 onboard

greek protests

Efforts to rescue 466 people on board a ferry on fire between Greece and Italy are being hampered by bad weather.

Snow storms freeze Europe video

SNOWED OFF: A crashed car stands abandoned near Sheffield, northern England.

Snow and icy weather is sweeping Europe, stranding drivers overnight and leaving thousands of homes without power in Britain.

Cruise attack leaves passenger broken

ATTACKER: Ketut Pujayasa could be jailed for 30 years.

Cruise ship worker who tried to kill woman after hiding in her room faces tough penalty because his crime was so extreme.

Race to reach flood victims video

Malaysia floods december 2014

A dozen people are dead and thousands displaced by floods in Malaysia and Thailand.

North Korea taken offline

INTERNET ISSUES: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's government has blamed the US for Internet and mobile network issues in the aftermath of the Sony hacking scandal.

Internet goes out in the secretive Asia state, as its war of words with Barack "monkey" Obama continues.

Swedish opponents reach deal to avoid election

STEFAN LOFVEN: "The agreement is a way to show that we take responsibility for making sure Sweden can be governed; that we put the country's future first."

Sweden's government announce deal to sideline anti-immigration party and avert a fresh election.

Slain police officer farewelled by thousands

FORMAL FAREWELL: Police officers turn their back to a big screen showing New York City mayor Bill de Blasio speaking at the funeral of slain police officer Rafael Ramos.

Thousands of police and mourners fill NYC church and streets for funeral of slain police officer.

Chinese developers use AIDS scare tactics

The Chinese government is ­attempting to shift away from an ­economy driven by construction and investment in fixed assets to one driven by domestic consumption.

Officials reprimanded after construction firm employs HIV/AIDS sufferers to scare residents into vacating houses.

Islamic extremist group leader surrenders

Dangerous territory: Al-Shabab fighters in southern Mogadishu.

Leader of Islamic extremist group al-Shabab, who had a US$3 million bounty on his head, surrenders in Somalia.

Iraq's new crisis

SELF-HELP: Ammar Abdullah Younes removes shrapnel from his legs using a razor blade and tweezers inside his tent in the Bakhira refugee camp in Iraq's northern Kurdistan region. Younes was badly inured after an IED was placed under his car in Mosul.

He worked closely with US forces in Iraq. Now he sits in a tent using a scalpel to gouge shrapnel out of his mangled legs.

Obama 'like a monkey in the forest'

US President Barack Obama has turned to China for help over the Sony hacking affair.

North Korea has called US President Barack Obama "a monkey" and blames the US for shutting down its internet amid the hacking row over the comedy The Interview.

Holidays thrown into chaos

GROUNDED: AirAsia has canceled flights directly to Bali.

Holidaymakers were looking forward to flying to Bali. Then they received a text on Christmas Day.

40 flee Sydney fire

Firefighters rescued 10 people from a block of flats on fire in central Sydney.

A top floor fire forced 40 people to flee an inner-city Sydney block of flats.

Vigil for shot NYPD cops video

A police officer pays his respects at the memorial for the two NYPD cops killed last weekend.

Uniformed officers and other mourners joined a huge line to pay their respects for one of two slain NYPD officers, as the rift between City Hall and the police department widened.

Cops help deliver baby on train video

Baby born on Philadelphia train

Jesus may have been born in a barn but this Christmas baby has a way better story to tell.

Ukraine, rebels in mass POW swap

PEACE PLAN: A Ukrainian soldier walks near a checkpoint in the Donetsk region, where a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and rebels has begun.

Kiev and pro-Russian separatists begin exchange of hundreds of prisoners, part of 12-point peace plan.

TV's Screech charged over stabbing

CHARGED: Dustin Diamond's bail was set at $10,000. His next court hearing is scheduled for Dec 29.

Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on 90s TV show Saved by the Bell, has been charged with stabbing a man during a bar fight.

Topless Jesus-grabber busted

Pope Francis kisses a statue of the baby Jesus during  Christmas night mass at St. Peter's Basilica.

The Vatican said it arrested a Femen women's rights activist on Christmas Day after she bared her breasts and grabbed a statue of the baby Jesus from a nativity scene in St. Peter's Square.

Irish court allows pregnant woman to die


Brain-dead woman taken off life support after a ruling that her 18-week-old foetus was doomed to die.

Buddha offender pleads

ARRESTED: Kiwi bar manager Philip Blackwood is being held in jail in Myanmar.

"I'm not guilty," Philip Blackwood says about claims he used Buddha to promote his bar.

1000-plus migrants rescued in Mediterranean

Asylum seekers arriving in Sicily.

Nearly 1250 migrants rescued from Mediterranean over Christmas period, with five bodies recovered.

Visa, MasterCard pull service from Crimea

"We really welcome it for competition and it gives back to MasterCard and Visa the opportunity to select who can participate.": Brent Thomas✓, vice-president public policy and corporate affairs for MasterCard.

Two largest card companies, Visa and MasterCard, no longer support bank cards being used in Crimea.

NATO forces a military threat, Russia says

NEW DOCTRINE: Russian president Vladimir Putin chairs a security council meeting at the Kremlin, where he signed a new military doctrine, which stated NATO forces at its border were a threat.

Russia states NATO's military buildup near its border as main threat in new military doctrine.

Drone strikes in Pakistan kill militant suspects

Previous operation: Pakistani soldiers stand near the debris of a house which was destroyed during a military operation against Taliban militants in the  town of Miranshah in North Waziristan in July.

At least nine people suspected of being militants, including four foreigners, were killed in two separate drone strikes in north-western Pakistan, a security official said.

Video: Recovering from tsunami devastation video

A Sri Lankan village ravaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami ten years ago looks toward a brighter future.

A Sri Lankan village ravaged by the Indian Ocean tsunami ten years ago looks toward a brighter future.

Kiwi on drugs charges in Thailand

NABBED: Police in the west coast holiday hub of Patong said Grainger was arrested with two packs of methamphetamine.

Man on drugs charges in Thailand is the third Kiwi to face drug allegations in Asia in recent weeks.

Buddha-case Kiwi faces court

Kiwi bar manager Philip Blackwood has been detained in Myanmar.

A Kiwi bar manager charged with insulting Buddhism will be back in a Myanmar court today.

Obama lauds end of Afghan combat

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama address US troops during Christmas dinner at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay.

President says Afghanistan will not "be a source of terrorist attacks again" ahead of mission ending next week.

Panda recovers after live wire fright

SWIFT RECOVERY: Bao Bao, an American zoo's 1-year-old giant panda, is in fine shape after her encounter with a live electrical wire

Panda cub at American zoo finally comes down from tree she scaled after touching live wire.

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