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Killing of mum 'sadistic and brutal'

Tia Landers' body was discovered, wrapped in a blanket, in a shallow grave.

Australian woman bashed, cut with a machete and shot twice in the head. The pair responsible are now going to jail.

Better call Saul, the Kiwi

Gable Tostee's Kiwi lawyer Saul Holt QC got his client acquitted in a high profile trial with an ending with more ...

Gable Tostee's Kiwi lawyer found himself caught in the middle of courtroom drama unlike anything he'd seen before.

Clinton spends up on ads

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is spending up on on-air and online ads/

​Democratic presidential nominee forks out US$66m to air ads, swamping Donald Trump's media presence.

Stashes cannabis up bum, eats it

The man allegedly stashed the marijuana where the sun doesn't shine...then ate it.

Australian man takes disposing of evidence to a whole new level.

Powerful quake rattles Japan

e Meteorological Agency's website shows the areas affected by Friday's earthquake.

Magnitude 6.6 earthquake shakes western Japan, but there is no danger of a tsunami.

Preparing for 'Trumpocalypse'

Donald Tump appears to be laying the groundwork to tell some 30 million angry and disaffected Americans that he was ...

OPINION: At first blush, this would seem to be the final days of an unstable megalomaniac. And they might well be.

'Do not keep democracy in suspense' video

Michelle Obama has ripped into Trump over his disregard for the United States' democratic process.

Michelle Obama rips into Trump over his disregard for the democratic process.

Near jeopardy: Tostee juror's Instafail

Why did Gable Tostee make an audio recording of his date with Kiwi Warriena Wright?

The moment an Instagramming juror nearly jeopardised the Gable Tostee trial.

Wanted dead or alive: rats

A hog-nosed rat in Indonesia.

Bounty offered for rats as officials in Jakarta outsource pest eradication to the people.

Trump booed at charity dinner video

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump's jokes weren't really funny.

Donald Trump unleashes torrent of very not-light-hearted jokes about his rival.

Trump, Clinton roast: Best bits

Republican US. presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner in New York, US.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shared the stage once again for some light-hearted roasting, in the name in of charity. 

'What's happening to the UK'?

Charity workers and residents with signs welcoming refugees in Croydon, London.

Unaccompanied migrant children covered their faces on arrival from Calais to prevent bizarre speculation about their ages.

Does Tostee have Asperger's?

Gable Tostee refused to speak to media after being found not guilty of Warriena Wright's murder and manslaughter.

Early psychiatric report said acquitted "playboy" had limited ability to socialise.

Baldwins at war over Trump video

Actor Alec Baldwin impressed most people with this impersonation of Donald Trump, but not his brother.

The next Baldwin family get-together might be a little awkward.

Live: Clinton, Trump speak at dinner

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump looks at Democratic US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the ...

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in the same room again, speaking at a memorial dinner in New York City.

'No SAS combat in Iraq'

The Guardian is reporting: "British, Australian and New Zealand SAS are all active in northern Iraq, along with US forces."

Government denies claims in international media that NZ special forces involved in front-line combat in Iraq.

Two children found dead

The scene outside a Yanchep home where two young children were killed.

The "good kids, sweet kids, around seven or eight years old," are believed to have been caught up in a stabbing.

Baby Jesus' new look video

The temporary head on the Jesus statue.

Vandals knocked the head off the statue of the infant Jesus. So a local artist had a go at giving him a new one.

'Nasty' call boosts old hit

Streams of Janet Jackson's 1986 hit sky-rocketed after the US presidential debate.

A low point from Donald Trump breathes new life into a classic Janet Jackson song.

Tostee 'wanted to show sympathy'

Tostee was found not guilty by the jury.

Gable Tostee's lawyer says he told him not to express sorrow to the family of Warriena Wright.

Like Christmas dinner with your boss

Palestinians from neaby villages visit the home of the mayor of the Jewish settlement of Efrat in the West Bank.

They shared brownies and coffee, and took selfies to celebrate the holidays. It was a first: Some are Israeli, others Palestinians.

Warriena Wright and Generation Tinder video

According to Peter Jackson's editorial, Warriena Wright was a "a willing accomplice" in the events that eventually led ...

OPINION: Some people think that the Kiwi's sexual appetite was to blame for her death. It wasn't.

Aussie soccer coach kidnapped

A man identified as Craig McAllister in a photo published by the Yemen Post newspaper.

He'd been working as a kids' football coach in Yemen before he was kidnapped, now captors have demanded a ransom.

Terror probe after Tube incident

Counter-terrorism officers have launched an investigation into the object found on a London Underground train.

British police carried out a controlled explosion on a suspicious item found on a London underground train.

Murder charges over burst dam

Debris of a house is pictured at Bento Rodrigues district, witch was covered with mud after a dam owned by Vale SA and ...

Australian among 22 people charged by Brazilian prosecutors over their roles in the collapse of a dam which killed 19 people.

Officer refused to shoot video

The officer said she feared public backlash if she used her gun.

Video has emerged of a US police officer refusing to shoot a suspect during an arrest. 

Mum fined for bad-mouthing dad

The family court in Rome ruled that the woman had belittled her children's father.

The Italian woman was accused of "belittling" her ex-husband, and turning their three children against him.

Tostee's chequered past revealed

Tostee was found not guilty of Tinder date Warriena Wright's murder.

Woman speaks about going on a date with Gable Tostee as details of him being banned from clubs for ''creeping'' emerge.

Reporter: 'I was detained by top cop' video

Reporter Ruth Wynn Williams was covering the trial of Gable Tostee in Brisbane.

Ruth Wynn-Williams was about to go on air outside the Tostee court when she was detained by detectives.

Planet Nine 'wobbles' solar system video

An artist's rendering shows the distant view from "Planet Nine" back towards the sun.

Astronomers can't see "Planet Nine." But it makes its presence known - by twisting our entire solar system.

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