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Bird photobombs Red Arrows

Bombs away! The bird taking on the planes.

Give seagulls half a chance and they'll steal anything. Even the (air) show.

IS recruit lured home with sick mum claim

Asher Abid Khan moved to Australia in 2013.

Asher Abid Khan was restless and living in Australia when he began researching ways to join Islamic State, US prosecutors allege.

Aussie IS fighter's family want to come home

Khaled Sharrouf left Australia in 2013, travelling on his brother's passport.

Khaled Sharrouf's wife and children, including the son who was photographed holding a severed head, are seeking to return to Australia.

Rich kid buys dog two gold watches

The caption on the photos reads: "I have new watches! I'm supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too uncouth so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status."

Thought you were splurging by purchasing an Apple Watch for yourself? Think again.

Hurricanes stick by jailed fan

Kiwi bar manager Philip Blackwood with partner Noemi Stephannie  Almo. They have a baby daughter, who was born in August.

Kiwi in jail in Myanmar for using image of Buddha to promote cheap drinks is to get a signed shirt from his favourite team.

Valuable cattle gallstones stolen and recovered

Queensland police have uncovered allegedly stolen cattle gallstones from a property in Toowoomba.

A man has been arrested in Australia and charged with stealing cattle gallstones.

Stolen as a baby, but found as an adult

Nelly Reyes

She was told her baby had died - but now he's turned up four decades later.

Radio station kills rabbit on air video

Allan the rabbit, who was killed on air.

Radio station says show in which a baby rabbit was beaten to death live on air intended to show hypocrisy of animal lovers.

Black widow crawls out of supermarket grapes

Black Widow bites aren't fatal but can cause pain and breathing problems.

Woman bitten by black widow spider her family says was hiding in a bag of grapes.

Batman shooter's 'obsession to kill'

James Holmes has pleaded not guilty to shooting dead dozens of people at a midnight screening of a Batman movie.

Accused mass killer wrote his plans for a shooting at a Colorado cinema down in a notebook, court told.

Air France jet just missed mountain

An Air France flight in early May was said to narrowly miss Mount Cameroun, seen here through an aircraft window in 2008.

Air France jet with three dozen people on board narrowly avoided hitting the highest mountain in central Africa, authorities say.

'Demonic' game running the internet

Ask Charlie Charlie your question...if you dare.

#CharlieCharlieChallenge has surged to the top of the global social media charts. But why?

Taylor makes the list

At 25, Taylor Swift is the youngest on the list.

Taylor Swift has been named one of the most powerful women in the world in Forbes' World's Most Powerful Women list this year.

Man dead after bulletproof vest 'test' fails

Elijah Lambert shot his friend just to see if a bullet proof vest would actually stop a bullet.

What was meant as a playful test of a bulletproof vest by two friends ended in death and jail.

World news while you were sleeping

A bill legalising same-sex marriage will be introduced to the Australian House of Representatives next week.

More than a thousand people are dead a heatwave hit southern India.

India heatwave kills hundreds

Two boys jump into the waters of the Sabarmati River to cool off themselves on a hot summer day in Ahmedabad, India as temperatures continue to eclipse 40 degrees Celcius.

More than a thousand people have been killed in southern India as temperatures soar toward 50C.

Masturbation could make your hands pregnant

Mücahid Cihad Han explaining what the worried man could expect in the afterlife.

A televangelist has warned viewers of the perils of self-pleasure.

Good Samaritan bashed in racial attack video

Melbourne train attack

Jason Cias was punched in the face for standing up for three Muslim women who were being abused on a train.

'Miracle' survival after two weeks in desert

Dianna Bedwell was found severely dehydrated, but her husband, Cecil, died before the search team reached them.

Lost on a "road to nowhere", she lived off oranges and rainwater collected in cups.

Boko Haram kill at least 43 in Nigeria's northeast

Chadian troops participate in the closing ceremony of operation Flintlock in an army base in N'djamena, Chad, Monday March 9, 2015. The U.S. military and its Western partners conduct this training annually and set up plans long before Boko Haram began attacking its neighbors Niger, Chad and Cameroon. Chadian Brig. Gen. Zakaria Ngobongue said Monday that his soldiers alongside troops from Niger had entered Nigeria but he declined to give further details about the ongoing operation. Ngobongue described Boko Haram fighters as ?bandits and criminals who have nothing to do with religion.? (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

Boko Haram militants have killed at least 43 people in a five-hour assault on the town of Gubio in northeastern Nigeria's Borno state.

Houston underwater after deadly storms

A kayaker rows through the flood waters above Sewell Park on the Texas State University campus near the headwaters of the San Marcos River in San Marcos, Texas.

Torrential rains have killed at least eight people in Texas and Oklahoma, including two in Houston where flooding turned streets into rivers.

China to extend military reach

Red flags fly in front of the Chinese national flag, right, at Tiananmen Gate in Beijing ahead of China's annual meeting of the National People's Congress.

China outlined a strategy to boost its naval reach on Tuesday and held a groundbreaking ceremony for two lighthouses in disputed waters.

Teen's download leads to terrorism charges


A 14-year-old Austrian boy gets two-year sentence for preparing to join Syrian militants and researching how to build a bomb, after downloading plans onto his Playstation.

Nepal moves to save children from traffickers

Two young residents in Lalitpur, Nepal, by their quake-damaged home.

Nepal places ban on children from travelling without parents or approved guardians in a bid to deter human traffickers.

Australia looks to scrap tampon tax

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey.

The Australian government has bowed to pressure by taking the first step to end a controversial tax on women's sanitary products.

'Cowardly' Iraqis not worth 'one Kiwi life'

An NZDF trainer instructs Iraqi Security Forces soldiers in correct weapon positions at Camp Taji, in Iraq.

Prime minister says if Kiwi troops in Iraq were under increased threat he would act to protect them.

25 Kenyan police die in attack

Al Shabaab fighters perform military exercises near Mogadishu, in Somalia.

Al Shabaab gunmen killed around 25 Kenyan police, ambushing some officers in a village after others died when their vehicle hit a landmine.

Zimbabweans go hungry

A woman fetches drinking water from a well along a dry Chemumvuri river near Gokwe, Zimbabwe.

A harsh life in southwest Zimbabwe has been made even more difficult by the worst regional drought in a decade.

Conservative wins Polish presidency

Presidential candidate of the Law and Justice Party Andrzej Duda casts his vote next to his wife Agata and daughter Kinga at a polling station in Krakow, Poland.

The old and the young joined forces in Poland to hand a surprising victory to conservative populist Andrzej Duda.

Children inside airborne jumping castle

A waterspout which landed on a beach in Florida uprooted a jumping castle with children still inside.

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