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Child labour on the rise in Syria

Ghazal, 4, (L) and Judy, 7, carrying 8-month-old Suhair, react after what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad near the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

The number of Syrian children being forced to work keeps growing as the conflict drags on.

Ferry sinks off Philippines

Camotes Island sits right of Cebu.

A ferry carrying 189 passengers and crew capsized off the central Philippines killing at least 36 people.

Biden's message to NZ

US Vice President Joe Biden has delivered a message to the "special people of New Zealand"

United States Vice-President Joe Biden has an Independence Day message for New Zealand.

Shark attacks Australian bodyboarder

Some Stewart Island residents want shark cage diving banned.

Man in a critical condition after being bitten by a shark on the NSW North Coast.

Mystery amnesia woman identified video

"Sam" appeared on US television to try to solve the mystery of her past.

"Sam" who thought she might have been Australian is actually an American.

'Wow, pulled back wrong throttle'

A still from a video shot by a motorist shows the TransAsia Airways plane cartwheeling over a motorway just before it crashed.

Captain turns off only working engine of TransAsia plane, lurching it through buildings and into a river.

Dolphin leaps into boat, lands on woman

Chrissie and Dirk Frickman get ready to talk to the media after the ordeal.

Woman left with broken ankles after dolphin drops in from nowhere.

Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant

The delivery tower at German carmaker Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant. A worker at Volkswagen's Baunatal plant was accidentally crushed to death by an assembly robot.

It reads like the beginning of a robo-acocalypse sci-fi movie, but in this case the damage and the tragedy is all too real.

40,000 dental patients at risk video

090914. Photo:
Dentist examining a patients teeth in the dentists chair at the dental clinic

Part Of; 50s; Mature Adult; Man; Male; Caucasian; Indoors; Dentist; Job; Career; Profession; Expertise; Dental; Dental Hygiene; Dentists Chair; Dentists Surgery; Healthcare And Medicine; Dental Equipment; Hygiene; Patient; Examination; Clinic; Sterile; Dentistry; Professional Occupation; Appointment; Stomatology; Checkup; Dental Hygienist; Lying; Examining; Tool; Equipment; Mouth Mirror; Sickle Probe; Dental Explorer; Surgical Gloves; Angled Mirror; Nervous; Phobia; Tissue; Part Of

Fears tens of thousands in Sydney could have been exposed because of poor cleaning at clinics.

Loo phobia kills teen

Symptoms were known as "stool withholding", frequent in children.

Constipation was so bad it pushed her bowel up into her chest cavity.

Greeks flock to Australia

Anti-EU protesters hold a burned and torn European Union flag during a protest at the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece July 1, 2015. A defiant Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged Greeks on Wednesday to reject an international bailout deal, wrecking any prospect of repairing broken relations with EU partners before a referendum on Sunday that may decide Greece's future in Europe. REUTERS/Alexandros Avramidis

Desperate, Nikos Fotakis escaped the turmoil in Greece thanks to his Australian-born wife.

Russian officials ban yoga

How's the occult down there?

Yoga is prohibited in a crackdown on religious cults.

CNN couple caught in motel shootout

Chuck de Caro and Lynne Russell at a CNN party in June.

Couple's road trip got derailed when an armed man burst into their room.

Woman dies in bungy jump

A bungy jumper's worst fear has come true after a French woman plunged to her death.

Couple hit the ground at speed after tandem bungy jump goes wrong.

Centipede pulled from teen's ear

The centipede in all it's glory. (shudder)

When Grant Botti woke up with a really bad earache he didn't think it'd be down to wildlife inside his head.

Horror crash rocks town


On an unsealed road in a town of 800 people, teenagers huddle in grief and disbelief after three of their friends were killed.

5.8-magnitude quake hits near Solomons

The tremor was recorded south-east of Kirakira.

Earthquake south-east off the Solomon Islands, but there are no reports of damage yet.

Greece 'blackmailed', PM says

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is seen at his office during a meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki (not pictured) in Athens June 8, 2015. Greece is willing to compromise to reach a deal with its EU/IMF creditors that is acceptable to both sides and is ready to negotiate until the end of June to achieve this, the government said on Monday.  REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis

Greece's PM continues his risky game of chicken with creditors a day after the country defaults.

Saudi prince gives away $30b

We'd be that smiley if we had billions to throw around too Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

Imagine being so rich you could just happily give it all away.

Europe heats up gallery video

Much of Europe is sweltered in a heatwave - but some are taking advantage of it.

Joggers wheezed, electric wires warped, and Britain sweated through its hottest July day ever.

Mum injected faeces into IV

Candida Fluty's police mugshot.

Candida Fluty admits deliberately making her 9-year-old son sick for attention.

Antarctic explorer dies at Machu Picchu

Margaret Burrell pictured with her husband Malcolm Laird's photo. The life-long explorer died unexpectedly at Machu Picchu last week.

An 80-year-old Christchurch explorer has died unexpectedly at Machu Picchu in Peru.

Britain's 'Schindler' dies

Nicholas Winton saved over 650 children from death in Nazi concentration camps.

The man who saved over 650 children from Nazi death camps has died, aged 106.

World news while you were sleeping

Smoke rises in Egypt's North Sinai along the border with southern Israel, after militants launched a wide-scale coordinated assault on military checkpoints.

Greek Prime Minister defiant, hot in the UK, and the Americans return to Havana.

US, Cuba to reopen embassies video

The bill now goes to US President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

The US and Cuba have formally re-established diplomatic relations after 54 years.

MH17: Secret draft of crash report

One of the pilots seats from the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight on the outskirts of Rassypnoe village.

Nations investigating the Malaysia Airlines crash were given official report a month ago.

Islamic State attack in Egypt's North Sinai kills 70

Smoke rises in Egypt's North Sinai along the border with southern Israel where Islamic State militants launched a wide-scale coordinated assault on several military checkpoints.

Islamic State insurgents attack military checkpoints in Egypt's North Sinai in a co-ordinated assault in which at least 70 were killed.

Oregon legalises recreational marijuana

Oregan residents over the age of 21 can now smoke marijuana privately, grow up to four plants and posses up to 227 grammes.

Oregon is the third US state to allow the smoking and growing of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

Seven arrested in anti-terror swoop in Italy

A police sniper stands in front of a secondary entrance of the tribunal of Milan April 9, 2015. A man opened fire inside a Milan court on Thursday, killing two people including a court judge, emergency services and a top court official said. The man was on trial for bankruptcy and is still at large, police had earlier said.  REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Ten people, including Italians, Albanians and a Canadian, suspected of supporting Islamic State arrested, Italian police said.

Bleak outlook for Tunisia's tourism

Tunisian shopkeeper Aghmi Bubaker knows he is experiencing the worst threat yet to his fourty-year career in tourism after last week's beachside shooting massacre in Sousse.

Bullet holes and empty beaches signal that Tunisian's tourist industry is in tatters.

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