South Pacific

Tonga bans fruit imports

A Queensland fruit fly, like those discovered in Auckland.

Tonga has banned fresh fruit imports from Auckland, fearing the Queensland fruit fly.

Bali drugs trial delayed

Anthony de Malmanche was arrested after allegedly trying to smuggle meth into Bali, police say.

The trail of New Zealander Antony de Malmanche, facing a potential death sentence on drug charges in Bali, has been postponed. 

Toothfish boat on way to Nelson

STUCK: The Antarctic Chieftain was trapped in ice for nearly five days.

The Antarctic Chieftain is heading back to Nelson under its own steam after spending five days five days trapped by ice near Antarctica.

Icebreaker begins slow tow

STUCK: The disabled fishing vessel Antarctic Chieftain sits beset by ice near Cape Burks, Antarctica.

A Nelson-based fishing boat that was trapped in ice in Antarctica is being towed to open water.

Icebergs in Antarctic rescue path

The Antarctic Chieftain, seen in a file photo.

A US coastguard icebreaker pushing past icebergs the size of shopping malls is likely to reach a trapped fishing boat in Antarctica early tomorrow.

New Pacific volcano erupts

The large volcanic eruption near Tonga.

Another volcano has begun erupting out of the Pacific Ocean near Tonga.

Fiji moves to abolish death penalty

TENSE ISSUE: Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is pressing ahead with his plans to change the flag without a referendum.

Govt introduces bill to abolish death penalty, but opposition demands it be kept to deter coups.

'Super-fishing' boat a pirate ship

The world's largest fishing vessel, Lafayette, now renamed and reflagged as the Damanzaihao.

World's biggest fishing vessel, which changes names and flags routinely, has been ruled a pirate ship.

Fiji to beat NZ on flag

ON THE WAY OUT? Fiji's prime minister says the country will have a new flag by October.

Fiji plans to ditch the Union Jack from its flag by October, its PM says.

Tuna getting more toxic: study

MERCURY RISING: The tuna auction at Tsukiji fishmarket in Tokyo.

The levels of mercury in Pacific yellowfin tuna have been rising at nearly 4pc a year, which could make them hazardous to eat in the near future.

Compensation for nuclear test exposure

Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has promised compensation to Fijians aboard two New Zealand Navy ships that were used to monitor nuclear tests over 50 years ago

Fijians who were exposed to nuclear testing 50 years ago are to be given compensation.

NZ firm seeks Solomon Island oil

Solomon Islands

A Wellington based company is behind an application to conduct off shore oil prospecting in the Solomon Islands.

Tonga's new island of ash won't last forever gallery

First close-up images of Tonga's new volcano.

Tonga's disruptive volcano has gone quiet, leaving behind a temporary island of ash.

South Pacific's first summer storm

rain storm umbrella

Summer's first South Pacific tropical cyclone – named Niko – has formed.

Cattle ship barred by Fiji

NO ENTRY: Fijian authorities have barred the cattle ship Polaris 2 from port.

Ship carrying thousands of dairy cows from Chile to China blocked from Suva after claiming to be low on food.

Volcanic eruption creates new island

The large volcanic eruption near Tonga.

Tonga’s continuous volcanic eruption has created a new island to add to the 176 it already has.

Catching the slippery fish

'WHITE GOLD': The prized Patagonian toothfish.

Pirate fishing boats in the Southern Ocean are on NZ's radar, and behind much of it is a Spanish family.

Volcanic ash risk for flights gallery

Ash cloud Tonga

A large volcano exploding out of the Pacific Ocean near Tonga's capital is growing in size and spreading its ash cloud.

Diversions after Tongan eruption

The large volcanic eruption near Tonga.

The Hunga Ha'apai volcano is spewing "dark volcanic cloud" up to 4.8km, leading to flight diversions.

Kiwi links to terror site

Tokelau palm trees

New Zealand is being used to host the website of an Indian terrorist group, Indian media say.

NZ crew in emergency landing

An image on Twitter apparently showed the Real Tonga Airlines plane on the tarmac.

Tongan plane flown by NZ crew, with 17 passengers onboard, makes emergency landing on one engine.

Valerie Adams' runway near miss

Val Adams in Tonga.

Olympic shot put medallist on board plane that started skidding off a runway in Tonga.

AirAsia flight QZ8501: A tale of two search sites

Pilot of navy airplane CN235 M. Naim holds a map to co-pilot Rahmad while flying over the Java sea during joint search operations for QZ8501.

Comparing the search for AirAsia flight QZ8501 with that of MH370, which vanished 10 months ago.

Big volcanic eruption near Tonga's capital

A file photo of the 2009 eruption.

A large volcanic eruption is taking place near Tonga's capital's Nuku'alofa, sending ash and steam into the sky.

AirAsia QZ8501 pilot's final communications

Iriyanto, captain of the missing AirAsia flight:

The final communications between the pilot of ill-fated flight QZ8501 and air traffic control have been revealed as Indonesian naval vessels moved late last night to check new reports of an oil slick in the search zone.

Tonga's new leader ill

Tonga prime minister 'Akilisi Pohiva

Tonga's newly elected prime minister is now "really sick", his family say.

Tonga elects commoner

NEW PRIME MINISTER: Fifteen members of parliament voted for 'Akilisi Pohiva against 11 for his opponent.

Veteran democracy campaigner 'Akilisi Pohiva is the kingdom's new prime minister.

Latest MH370 theory: Shot down by US

A new claim emerges that flight MH370 was flown towards Antarctica.

Just when the MH370 conspiracy line went quiet, up steps a French former airline boss with a disturbing scenario.

Heroin found in tyres

An agreement on tariffs could change the price of IT imports.

Fiji authorities have seized NZ$20 million worth of heroin in the tyres of a quad bike.

Priest co-ordinates pregnant woman's rescue on Facebook

Martin We-en posted this and other photos of Clara Sowei Manu to Facebook to organise a life-saving mission.

Martin We-en didn't need to pray for the youths and helicopter he needed to save a woman in labour.

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