South Pacific

The long walk to water video

Madeleine and daughter Nalam (10) carry a twenty-litre container through dense bush to the water source in Laounaoula, ...

We watch goggle-eyed as Madeline hauls 20 litres up the steep ravine. It's an impossible feat.

Our neighbours, dying for a drink stuff nation

Vanuatu receives an enormous amount of rainfall, but a safe supply of drinking water is way out of reach for much of the ...

OPINION: Vanuatu receives heaps of rainfall. What a sad irony, then, that safe drinking water isn't in easy reach.

114 new planets discovered

An artist's impression of hot super-Earth, Gliese 411b.

Astronomers scanned 1600 stars over a 20-year period. This is what they found.

NZ plane finds stricken boat

It only took the RNZAF Orion crew a few hours to locate the drifting Tongan fishing boat.

An RNZAF Orion found six Tongan fishermen after their vessel suffered engine failure in the South Pacific.

Tonga's underwater volcano

The underwater volcano, as seen on January 23. Previous undersea eruptions in the area have sent cloud and smoke up to ...

46km out to sea from Tonga's capital lies a "submarine volcano" - and it's been erupting for over a week.

Revolt over double-deckers

Waiheke activist Susi Newborn, of Rainbow Warrior fame, is among the protestors.

Waiheke residents taking a stand over Fullers Ferries' double-decker tourist buses.

Powerful quake hits Pacific

The quake's initial magnitude was 8, but it was more than 160km deep.

A powerful but deep quake has hit between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but there is no tsunami threat for NZ.

Strong quake hits off Solomon Islands

The quake hit about 56km west of Kirakira.

A 6.7-magnitude quake has hit off the Solomon Islands, at a depth of 33km.

When Gaddafi was on our doorstep

Gaddafi's 42-year rule ended in bloodshed in 2011.

A CIA analysis of the late Libyan dictator's plan for a ''revolutionary armed struggle'' explores South Pacific overtures.

Tongan families struggle to cope after road deaths

The death of Tongans in New Zealand have left many families without an income.

Section for sale for a six-pack

The view from the undeveloped section on a Fiji island.

This piece of a Pacific island looks like a steal, but give the fine print two or three looks first.

Power cuts after Fiji quake

Staff at Fiji's Red Cross in Suva have been evacuated.

Half of Fiji's largest island blacked out after powerful quake hits island nation.

A brave position on Israel

Palestinian protesters dressed as Santa Claus clash with Israeli security forces on December 23. Palestinians are ...

OPINION: New Zealand has taken a principled stand on the Palestinian problem.

Israel say no further sanctions - for now

The UN Security Council, which voted on Saturday to condemn Israel's settlements on on occupied Palestinian land.

After a report claimed Israel saw UN resolution as a "declaration of war" by NZ, Israel pauses further sanctions.

Fiji's flooding nightmare video

Pictures of Syria Park, Nausori.

The town of Rakiraki on the northern coast of Vitu Levu is completely cut off, with all roads under water.

Flooding hits Fiji

Veiraisi Settlement affected by the strong flood.

Hundreds of people evacuated as heavy rain hits part of the country.

Huge quake hits PNG

The quake near Papua New Guinea sparked tsunami warnings in the immediate area.

Small tsunami was generated by a 7.9 tremor that sent locals running to the hills and sparked an alert for NZ.

60,000sqkm rip in ocean floor

The Weber Deep - massive parallel grooves in the rock 7km down could be clues helping to explain how this mysterious ...

Scientists find evidence the Earth's crust ripped apart to create a 7km deep abyss.

Supermoon time again

David Hardy's picture of the December supermoon over Christchurch Airport.

We've been spoilt with three consecutive supermoons, but now the next one is a year away.

The prison at world's end

Around 50 permanent residents live on Pitcairn Island.

Talk about a remote posting. Four Kiwi prison guards are stationed on Pitcairn Island to manage the only current inmate - a former mayor.

Powerful quake rocks Solomons

Saturday morning's deep sea earthquake hit just 24 hours after a 7.8 earthquake rocked the Solomon Islands.

Solomons Islands hit by a powerful undersea quake, a day after a devastating 7.8 quake.

Hundreds without homes

A family in Kirakira narrowly escaped after the wall of their family home collapsed during the 7.8 earthquake.

Homes, a hospital and a church damaged by powerful earthquake in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands: '3000 affected'

A family in Kirakira narrowly escaped after the wall of their family home collapsed during the 7.8 earthquake.

Humanitarian agency WorldVision says 3000 people in remote parts of the Solomon Islands were affected by M7.8 earthquake.

Pitcairn case goes to Privy Council

Michael Warren, the former mayor of Pitcairn at an Overseas Territories Consultative Council meeting in London in 2009.

For the second time in recent legal history, a controversial case from Pitcairn Island is set for the court of last resort, the Privy Council.

Live: Solomons quake

The quake was centred 63km west-south-west of Kirakira, Solomon Islands.

There are reports of collapsed buildings in villages, but no deaths as people fled to the hills.

Waiting for Moana

Paulina Bentley is excited for the release of Moana, but she feels Disney should have released the film in New Zealand ...

Has Disney's latest blockbuster done enough to win the hearts of west Auckland's Pasifika youth?

The islands of torture

Torture in the form of beatings, rape and sexual assault of criminals and escaped prisoners, has taken hold in Fiji, ...

Fiji's "ingrained culture" of beating and raping prisoners has caused at least five deaths since 2006, Amnesty says.

Scientist warns of coral reef 'massacre'

Nelson Cawthron Institute research scientist Xavier Pochon on the 10-day expedition in the Pacific.

A Nelson scientist says global warming is having a devastating effect on Pacific coral reefs.

Killer storm enters Pacific video

A woman walks in front of houses destroyed by a landside after Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica.

Tropical Storm Otto arrives in the Pacific Ocean after leaving at least nine dead in Costa Rica.

Undersea eruption creates pumice raft

A satellite image of the Havre seamount eruption in 2012. The plume can be seen in the bottom right.

Royal New Zealand Air Force crew have spotted a mass of floating rocks in the South Pacific.

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