South Pacific

Major quake hits Pacific

The quake was deep at 212 km below the seabed.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake has struck in the western Pacific Ocean.

Gene linked to Samoan obesity risk video

A gene variant much more common among Samoans than others, is thought to partly explain high levels of obesity among ...

The 'thrifty' gene is common in Samoa but rare in the rest of the world, and could have a bearing on weight gain.

Beach owner selling slice of Fiji video

Michael Garnham is trying to sell the largest part of a Fijian island for $28.95 million.

Michael Garnham is selling part of Fiji island, following the sale of a pristine Abel Tasman beach, as debt grows.

Kiwis find severed head

Natadola Beach, where the severed head was found.

Kiwis holidaying in Fiji come across body parts presumed to be from a missing Russian couple.

'I worry about family all the time'

Kiribati is a tiny, island nation spread across an area roughly the size of Australia.

OPINION: The effects of climate change are a massive problem plaguing the entire country of Kiribati.

15 dead after Islamist militant attack

Somali government soldiers run to take their positions during gunfire after a suicide bomb attack outside Nasahablood ...

Somalia's al Shabaab Islamist group attacked a Mogadishu hotel killing at least 15 people.

Who leads Cook Islands?

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key with Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna on a visit celebrating 50 years of ...

The Cook Islands have been plunged into political turmoil with claims the prime minister's been ousted.

No, this isn't proof of a sea monster

A Kraken? A UFO? A monster? No. Just a Sail Rock.

Armed with grainy images from Google Earth, at least part of the internet has been declaring the existence of a sea monster in Antarctica. 

'Jeanine deserved better'

Jeanine Tuivaiki, a Samoan transgender woman, died of suspected suicide and a local publication printed a picture of her ...

A Samoan paper caused "deep distress" by printing a picture of a dead transgender woman on its front page.

Islanders jailed for kidnapping

Ned Lowe was charged with the murder of Roger Kamisak, but after a sensational ruling the case was dismissed by a judge.

Six men led a baying 100-strong mob armed with stones, knives and axes to a Kiwi-owned luxury lodge.

No breakthrough as Fiji visit ends

Prime Minister John Key landed in Fiji on Thursday to meet Fiji leader Frank Bainimarama.

Diplomatic progress with Fiji remains elusive as PM John Key's tour there finishes.

TVNZ hits back at Fiji PM

Fiji's PM Frank Bainimarama prepares to greet John Key.

Reporter blacklisted from Fiji says Bainimarama is "making up facts".

NZ in Fiji: A diplomatic disaster?

Prime Minister John Key fronts the New Zealand media in Fiji.

OPINION: If visit turns out to be smooth then that will be down to John Key - not Fiji PM.

The PM, his toilet and the Herc video

The toilet onboard the New Zealand Air Force Hercules is fit for everyone, right down to the nation's prime minister.

OPINION: The Air Force Hercules - Prime Minister John Key's other "VIP plane" - sticks to bare necessities, right to the bucket loo.

Explainer: The PNG student uprising

A protester is carried away after the shooting at University of Papua New Guinea on Wednesday.

Allegations of corruption, an economic crisis and a severe drought are just some reasons for the violence that sparked a day ago.

Farmer tries chocolate for first time video

Farmer Agnes Pilopaso, who came second in a cocoa bean competition, with an open cocoa pod.

Cocoa farmer Agnes Pilopaso had never tasted chocolate made from her own beans.

Nations unravelled by climate change stuff nation

Tire, 10, uses a car tyre inner tube to swim in a flooded area of his home village of Eita, South Tarawa, Kiribati.

OPINION: The impact of climate change on children has increased spectacularly over the last ten years.

'Big clash with PNG police'

A protester is carried away after the shooting at University of Papua New Guinea on Wednesday.

Police open fire and use tear gas on protesters clamouring for the resignation of PNG's PM.

'I will be forced to leave' stuff nation

Kirita Moote: 'What if I go somewhere and can never come back because Kiribati is gone?'

One teen shares her story of what rising sea levels caused by climate change mean for Kiribati locals.

Multiple quakes recorded

A 6.3 earthquake has been recorded in the South Pacific.

Three powerful earthquakes have been recorded around the world on Saturday.

Sea swallows five islands

Dead and dying trees emerge from the ocean above a sunken island in the Solomons.

As the ocean rose, they had to flee.

PNG library seeks NZ's help video

The library doubles up as a cultural centre.

An important library in Bougainville opened by Kiwi author Lloyd Jones is at risk of closure.

Safe haven in Fiji

Sam Judd is giving back to Fiji after Cyclone Winston by helping create develop existing eco-tourism through marine reserves.

OPINION: A Kiwi with a passion for coastlines heads to Fiji to help protect its eco-tourism after Cyclone Winston.

The Pacific Rim: Five myths

Seismic graphs show the earthquake waves at 8am on Tuesday detected by the northernmost seismographs.

A tragic month of earthquakes along the "Ring of Fire" has kept seismologists busy.

Vanuatu hit by large quake

The quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3, was 10km deep. It was later revised to magnitude 7.

A magnitude 7 quake has hit near Vanuatu, but the tsunami threat appears to have passed.

Cyclone Amos weakening

Heavy rains caused damage to roads in some parts of Samoa.

Samoa's Disaster Management office says the worst of Cyclone Amos has now passed.

Cyclone to hit Samoa on Sunday

Cyclone Amos is approaching Samoa and American Samoa.

A tropical cyclone heading for Samoa is expected to intensify overnight.

Cops investigate Cooks death

Jacob Berry died after a fall from a motorbike in the Cook Islands.

Australian man falls sick in Pacific prison and dies after being taken to New Zealand.

New tropical cyclone forms

The tropical depression 17F has been renamed as Cyclone Amos.

A tropical depression has developed into a category one cyclone north of Fiji.

Tow truck driver faces life in Fijian jail

Sydney tow truck driver Joseph Abourizk, 30, who is facing a drug charge in Fiji.

Joseph Abourizk has missed the birth of his first child and now could miss seeing her grow up.

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