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Cyclone 'will bring major event'

Yasu, an elder of the John Frum movement, outside his home in Tanna, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu's cargo cults are watching keenly and triumphantly as aid flows into cyclone-hit country.

6.5 quake hits off Fiji

earthquake, seismic

A 6.5-magnitude quake has struck off the north east coast of Fiji.

Protesters leave oil rig

Kwi Johno Smith was part of a protest on an oil rig in the Pacific.

Auckland protester back at sea-level after a five-day Greenpeace protest up an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean.

Greenpeace activists on rig

Greenpeace activists hold a banner after they scaled the Polar Pioneer drill rig in the Pacific Ocean.

Six Greenpeace activists, including an Australian, have spent their first night on a Shell oil rig.

Kiwi climbs Pacific oil rig

Kiwi Johno Smith has climbed an oil rig in the Pacific.

A New Zealander is among six Greenpeace activists who have scrambled aboard an oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to protest against Arctic drilling.

Cyclone wipes out Vanuatu tourism

co-directors Jono
Bushell, pictured,
and Jason
assessed the
damage to the
coconut mill on
Tanna, in Vanuatu,
when they visited
the cyclonedamaged
last month.

Blenheim businessman Jono Bushell says he could not hold back the tears when he saw the destruction caused by Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

Labour calls for extra Vanuatu workers

Teacher Cooper Henry of Manua School on the north east of Efate Island, which was almost completely destroyed by cyclone Pam.

A scheme allowing seasonal workers into New Zealand should be extended to hundreds more people from Vanuatu to provide much needed income in the wake of tropical cyclone Pam, Labour says.

Tuvalu struggles in wake of cyclone

Urgent help: Apiseka Eka, Tuvalu Auckland Community Trust vice president, is helping to mobilise funds and food to reach Tuvalu after Cyclone Pam.

Tuvalu was hit hard by Cyclone Pam and the West Auckland Tuvaluan community wants to help.

Quakes rattle Samoa, Tonga

A seismic graph of the Pakenham earthquake

Earthquakes strike between Samoa and Tonga just hours after a major tremor rattled nearby Papua New Guinea.

Tainted liquor kills in Indonesia

The victims fell ill last week after drinking liquor allegedly mixed with energy drinks and mosquito repellent.

At least seven people have died after drinking contaminated alcohol in an Indonesian town, reports say.

Photos: Vanuatu destruction

New Zealand Defence Force operating from Port Vila, Vanuatu. Damage assessment flight in an RNZAF King Air Flight Recce of local islands to the North of Port Vila, Clockwise Recce of Epi Island

A series of photographs taken from the ground and the air by the defence force reveal further destruction in Vanuatu.

GCSB to be investigated video

CHERYL GWYN: The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security.

Spying watchdog will head an inquiry into allegations the GCSB spied on New Zealanders working in the Pacific. 

NZ logistics team heading to Vanuatu

Vanuatu begins the slow recovery process after the devastation of cyclone Pam.

The team will focus on providing drinking water and medical support to the storm-smashed nation.

Concerns about Vanuatu aid

Vanuatu begins the slow recovery process after the devastation of cyclone Pam.

A company delivering aid to Vanuatu's disaster victims is concerned they will not reach some people.

Vanuatu after the Cyclone

Eleven year old Rosina Sem from Port Vila describes her experience of cyclone Pam through the innocent eyes of a child.

A week after the cyclone tore Vanuatu, people are focused on rebuilding.

The problem with aid

Masau Kalia and wife Nalin and child at their destroyed home in Tanna.

EXPLAINER: Here's why the government of Vanuatu may fear the power of aid agencies.

Picking up the pieces after Pam video

21032015 Feature Photo:Lawrence Smith/Fairfax NZ
Residents on the island of Tanna piece their lives back together after cyclone Pam. Masau Kalia and wife Nalin and child at their destroyed home.

Not many people see their house explode before their eyes. Masau Kalia did though, and it was while saving the lives of more than 90 other people.

Mother's love defies cyclone video

Terrifying ordeal: Louise Kalsick had to carry her hours-old premature baby through the raging cyclone.

With a cyclone bearing down and a child on the way, Louise Kalsick was told to push.

Mum crying for her husband in NZ

Delwin Molising and son David, 3, have made contact with her husband Jack who is working as a fruit picker in Marlborough.

An anxious and heavily pregnant Cyclone Pam survivor will have to wait another three weeks to reunite with her husband Jack Molising.

Generosity a privilege to report

On the ground: John Campbell crosses live from Port Vila after Cyclone Pam.

John Campbell was gearing up for a week of 10th anniversary Campbell Live celebrations - and then Cyclone Pam happened.

Vanuatu: 'We need help' gallery video

PORT VILA HOSPITAL: A team of 20 Australian medical staff are helping to treat the injured.

A week after Cyclone Pam wreaked havoc in Vanuatu the people are still struggling. Many remain without food, shelter, water and medical supplies.

Still no word from storm-hit island

University student Jonathan Yonah, with his wife Tania and daughter Tracey, is worried he has heard nothing from his home island of Epi, in Vanuatu.

A week has passed since tropical Cyclone Pam barrelled across Vanuatu but a Hamilton man has yet to hear if his family have survived the storm.

Vanuatu slams aid agencies

LONG RECOVERY: Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu, destroying communities.

Vanuatu govt claims aid agencies swarming into the country after Cyclone Pam are slowing down the process of helping people.

School destroyed in Vanuatu video

Teacher, Cooper Henry surveying the damage at the Manua School.

As the fury of Cyclone Pam ripped at the roof of Manua School, a group of men, women and children pulled desperately on electrical rope keeping them from harms way.

Efate Island after the cyclone video

Vanuatu begins the slow recovery process after the devastation of cyclone Pam. Kiwi Patrick McGreal visits his property on the north east coast that was destroyed by the storm.

Just a few kilometres away from the capital of Port Vila, power pylons lie strewn across the road like matchsticks.

Unfinished church saves villagers gallery video

The small community of Teouma, on the south of the main island of Efate, has been completely obliterated by the cyclone. The 100 community members survived by sheltering in a half-built church

In the end, it was the half-finished church that saved the Teouma community.

High stakes tuna talks

Tuna, cleaned, inspected, ready to be packed and shipped to Japan, from Sekol s Tuna operations in Port Lincoln. Pix by Quentin Jones.. qcj090422.001. SPECIAL 104446

High price of fishing tuna in the Pacific may mean changes to international Tuna Treaty.

Vanuatu gov't takes over aid

Vanuatu has begun the slow recovery process after the devastation of cyclone Pam.

The Vanuatu government have taken over the distribution of international aid to the outer islands, causing delays.

Food concerns in Vanuatu

"For a small nation like Vanuatu this is a huge disaster that requires an international response."

Residents of the southern island of Tanna said food and basic supplies were running low.

Baby in backpack at airport

A man sits on a luggage trolley at an airport terminal in Beijing

A woman attempting to smuggle a baby through airport security was caught when picked up by the x-ray machine.

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