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Fears for missing Oz surfers video

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman haven't been heard from in a week.

Police seek to identify bodies found in van after reports men drove through Mexican drug cartel area.

Australia's 'stinky school'

"It's like standing next to a bin full of three-day old prawns", says a local official.

Argument, then man falls to his death

Brisbane's wild weather caught on camera


Baby survives being buried alive

Police discovered the baby girl buried next to a bike path.

A pair of friends heard the baby's muffled cries coming from a hole under a Los Angeles path.

Trump reframes 9/11 claim

Under fire for remarks about Muslims in New Jersey cheering over Sept. 11 attacks, Trump tries a new tack.

Investigators are still trying to figure out the exact motive behind Robert Lewis Dear's actions.

Shooter: 'No more baby parts'

Gunman suspected of killing three people at US clinic reportedly cites "no more baby parts" as reason for his actions.


EU, Turkey seal migrant deal video

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, left, and European Council President Donald Tusk greet each other in Brussels. Leaders of the 28 EU states have given their political blessing to an agreement.

Turkey signs agreement with European leaders to help stem the flow of migrants to Europe.

Protesters: 'No Planet B' gallery

Activists around the world march in climate change rallies ahead of Paris summit.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, French President Francois Hollande and US President Barack Obama bow their heads as they visit a makeshift memorial to pay tribute to the victims of the Paris attacks.

Obama visits Paris attack site

Barack Obama laid a single rose at a memorial for the victims of the Paris attacks during a surprise nighttime visit.

middle east

'Proud' to label West Bank wines from Israel

Psagot wine is one of the products affected by proposed European restrictions.

Israeli West Bank wine producer says labelling the origin of his wines under new rules won't hurt sales.

Turkey will return Russia pilot's body

Despite being slapped with sanctions, Turkey attempts a goodwill gesture after shooting down Russian jet.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says new EU labelling rules for Israeli exports are 'hypocritical and a double standard.'

Israel suspends EU role in Palestinian peace process

Israel calls new EU rules on product labelling 'discriminatory' and suspends contact over peace negotiations.


Japan whaling fleet departing for Antarctic

Japan began what it calls scientific whaling in 1987, a year after an international whaling moratorium took effect.

Japan's whaling fleet is set to leave for the Antarctic for a three-month, scaled down whale hunt, despite protests.

New hope for baby Nemo's family video

Senior Thai official promises to investigate Kiwi couple's embryo swap at hospital.

Vehicles appear to levitate in this screen grab from a video clip of a crash in China.

Vehicles 'levitate' in bizarre crash video

A cable caught in a street sweeper is being blamed for a bizarre incident that seemed to make three vehicles levitate.


Pope's first visit to a warzone

Pope Francis greets a girl on the grounds of the Saint Sauveur church.

Protected by the heaviest security ever seen on his trips, Pope Francis  preached reconciliation in the divided Central African Republic, a nation racked by bloodshed between Muslims and Christians.

Three dead at Mali UN base

Gunmen attacked and fired rockets at a UN peacekeeping base in Kidal in northern Mali.

Experts believe the tomb of King Tutankhamun has passages to a hidden chamber.

Queen Nefertiti in Tut's tomb?

Experts "90 per cent" sure of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb, which may contain Egypt's lost queen.

south pacific

Cyclone Tuni hits Samoa

Cyclone Tuni brought torrential rains to Samoa.

Samoa cleans up after torrential rain causes flooding and slips.

Idyllic island life shattered by killing

A Kiwi teen will go on trial for the murder of a local youth in Vanuatu. It's a case that has brought simmering tensions bubbling to the surface.

Suva harbour.

Ferry capsizes in Fiji

A former Cook Strait ferry, now used as a cargo ship, has capsized off the Fijian capital Suva.


Fears for missing Oz surfers

Police seek to identify bodies found in van after reports men drove through Mexican drug cartel area.

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