What tax means for you

5:00 AM  A capital gains tax, a tax cut... would you be better off?

Paid bond, no home video

Keyah-Leigh and Oscar February are still looking for somewhere to live.

5:00 AM  Aucklander charged a $4140 bond for a house that was rented to someone else.

Battle over baby safety

Research suggested maternity care issues. Government officials aligned with College of Midwives to undermine it.

Rugby legionnaires abound

5:00 AM  OPINION: Six Nations teams brim with foreign recruits. Should World Rugby let them?

Sign of our very scary times

OPINION: I don't get it, but there's no denying Jordan Peterson's appeal to men.

Smollett 'unhappy with salary' video

14 min ago  Actor accused of "taking advantage of racism" to promote his career by filing false report.


The quake children

Rachel Crawford was pregnant when the 2011 earthquake struck and the traumatic experience impacted on her daughter.

2 min ago  Rachel Crawford didn't know she was pregnant on February 22, 2011. The stress of the day lives on in her daughter.

Adventure school plan stalls

5:00 AM  Hopes for an innovative school for at-risk Christchurch teens is frustrated by a five-year limit on red zone leases.

A chestnut gelding was found in such malnourished condition that it had to be put down.

SPCA reveals worst animal abuse video

List of Shame comes just days after 10-year-old miniature pony Star died from being stabbed 41 times.

    Senior health officials and the College of Midwives aligned to try and discredit independent research that raised ...

    Battle over baby safety

    Research suggested problems with maternity care. A government department aligned with the College of Midwives to try and discredit it.

    Second chance, second murder video

    Nicole Tuxford, Paul Russell Wilson

    He killed once and then convinced authorities he was no longer a risk. He was, and another woman paid the price.

    Why family matter video

    The Shop is the seventh episode of The Barber, a documentary series about a man and his community in Flaxmere, Hastings.

    Everyone knew Sonny as a "bad boy", but Peleti didn't care.

    Should everyone get free cash? video

    It used to be a fringe idea but a UBI has gained traction in recent years.

    ANALYSIS: A universal basic income could solve problems. Or create them.

    NZ's got talent - but little room video

    Vernon Tava is testing the political waters with a new environment-focused party.

    National needs dance partners, the nation needs more diversity. But have Kiwis had enough of minor parties?


    Australia's Julie Bishop retires video

    Liberal MP Julie Bishop and Australian prime minister Scott Morrison walk into Question Time in the House of Representatives.

    Her political future had been under question since Turnbull's resignation as Aus prime minister last year.

    Politicians on 'terrorist' hit list

    US man accused of targeting 2020 election contenders wrote that he dreamed of killing "almost every last person on Earth".

    Prestigious Melbourne private school Huntingtower has held the camp for almost 40 years.

    Boy 'hugged water for dear life'

    Aus school made pupils "march through intense 39C heat", leading to an "entirely avoidable death", parents say.


    Cullen's great idea

    Before he outlined the recommendations of his report, Sir Michael Cullen acknowledged that when he was Labour's finance ...

    OPINION: As finance minister, Sir Michael Cullen never spoke once in support of CGT. The Government should think about why.

    Henderson win at Gibbston

    A Dave Henderson company has won the right to challenge the price paid for Gibbston Water.

    The CGT is going to be how big? Sir Michael Cullen presents the findings of the Tax Working Group.

    Press releases of a CGT

    Opinions on the capital gains tax, there've been a few. Here's some more of the reaction.


    Business against capital gains tax

    Kirk Hope: "Businesses in New Zealand already face a higher corporate tax rate with fewer exemptions than businesses in ...

    5:00 AM  OPINION: A capital gains tax would hold back business development.

    Let's recognise eight years of bravery

    5:00 AM  OPINION: The Canterbury quakes, and their maddening aftermath, still tax a community's courage.

    In a spin over leggies video

    Capital gains tax's dirty little secrets

    good reads

    What next for Choupette the cat? video

    Perhaps Choupette will retire in mourning and live out her days in the care of Francoise, the maid she adores.

    Both could quite happily spend days playing with balls of thread, so what is the future for the pampered pet?

    Gold & Shrek: The Bendigo story

    The close-knit community in and around the Central Otago station that was once a "rabbit-infested wasteland".

    After IS, the political battles video

    Should everyone get free cash? video


    The game topping Fortnite records video

    Apex is free to download and play, making its money by selling outfits and other upgrades for use in the game.

    For the first time since its meteoric rise, Fortnite has a challenger atop the video game industry.

    Facebook frame nets $21k for kids

    More than $21,000 has been raised for Mike King's I AM HOPE charity to get young people free counselling.

    DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications, holds up the new Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.

    Samsung's new folding phone video

    Samsung shows off highly anticipated Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that unfolds like a wallet.


    'Bring back Jim' is the call video

    190219 News Photo. SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF
Jim Hickey feature for Homed on his house which is a large shed located at New ...

    Jim Hickey opened his home to Stuff, now Kiwis want him back in theirs.

    Why flipping kitchen was genius move

    A clever new layout and plenty of TLC helped bring this character-filled kitchen into the 21st century.

    Bauer image, do not reuse.

    A big family's chic apartment gallery video

    Apartment living has never looked as chic as this large family's colourful city home.

    life & style

    Meghan's glamorous baby shower

    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, leaves the Surrey Hotel ahead of her baby shower in New York.

    Amal Clooney and Serena Williams joined the Duchess of Sussex in New York for her baby shower.

    Prince Philip's cricket rage video

    As Australian officials learnt back in 1977, you don't want to disrupt the Duke of Edinburgh when he's enjoying his cricket.

    Montana Brown, left, and Madison Beer, right, flaunted sheer styles while Pink covered up in a leather jacket.

    Brit Awards' racy styles video

    From see-through dresses to feathered frocks, this red carpet certainly wasn't a dull one.

    well & good

    A healthy brain in half an hour

    Early morning exercise can help increase brain blood flow in obese adults, but it benefits women more than men.

    Early morning exercise can help increase brain blood flow in obese adults, but it benefits women more than men.

    Whittaker's pink & blue backlash

    New Whittaker's blocks give to a good cause, but push harmful stereotypes, critics say.

    Salmon and rainbow salad - that's lunch sorted.

    Recipes for health

    Eating oily fish such as tuna or salmon can help manage the pain caused by arthritis.

    food & wine

    TVNZ's Faitaua blasts chocolate criticism video

    Daniel Faitaua has lashed out at those criticising Whittaker's new Coconut Ice Surprise block.

    "I could be offended because I'm a person of colour and this has the word coconut on it, but I'm not."

    Burger with little minty goodness

    Delicious barbecue meal perfect for summer.

    Make these popular scones

    Global bubble tea cafe hits Wellington

    nz farmer

    Biosecurity funding reviewed

    Queensland fruit fly in Devenport

    The Government is seeking advice on levies as the means to fund biosecurity.

    Fonterra cream cracks US video

    Fonterra's chef's cream is already reduced, saving time and product for restaurants.

    Young people flock to shepherd school

    Second fruit fly on North Shore


    Splore goes mainstream

    Splore music festival celebrates its 20th birthday this weekend,

    5:00 AM  When Splore was first created, music festivals were seen as alternative dance parties. Now they're the backbone of a Kiwi summer.

    A Room of boring horrors video

    REVIEW: These films work a treat when they are nasty, brutish, short and utterly aware of their own stupidities. This ticks none of those boxes.

    Chris Hemsworth  will play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic about the wrestling legend.

    Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan

    The Australian actor will play Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic about the wrestling legend.


    Gold & Shrek: Bendigo's story

    The view from an old goldminer’s cottage in Welshtown, Bendigo.

    The close-knit community in and around the Central Otago station that was once a "rabbit-infested wasteland".

    Help for 'bear' necessities video

    Mansur was an abandoned cub when he was adopted by Russian pilots, but now they need some help.

    Koh Lipe is the busiest island in Tarutao National Marine Park.

    The undiscovered Unesco site video

    If you know where to look, you can even get that rarest of things: a paradise Thai beach all to yourself.


    Inside Meghan's baby shower video

    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, leaves the Surrey Hotel ahead of her baby shower at the Mark Hotel on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, ...

    Travel for the five day party event alone is estimated to have cost US$250,000.

    Reggie shows real ticker video

    Knowing your baby has to have heart surgery before he's even born is every parents' worst nightmare. But Reggie Roland isn't your average one-year-old.

    Pippa wouldn't return to Breakfast TV

    School accused of rape culture


    Dressing for Americarna success

    Gary Jackson made his shirt and made daughter Stacey Riddick's dress out of an American flag.

    Gary Jackson loves making vintage clothes, so is going all out for Americarna.

    Emojis on personal plates video

    Drivers in Australia will soon be able to "sex up number plates" with five popular emojis.

    Seeking help for 'bear' necessities video

    Pilot spells 'I'm bored' on test flight


    EV batteries given a second life video

    Nissan and Opus make it easy to go off the grid, but stay powered up with their new concept camper.

    Nissan has created a camper that uses old EV batteries to power it for up to a week.

    Who needs an SUV? Buy a classic wagon instead! video

    Thinking about buying an SUV? How about a classic station wagon instead - they are surprisingly affordable.

    Cyclist crossing the road - but with 5G connectivity, car driver knew he was coming well beforehand.

    5G tech could prevent 70pc of car accidents video

    Forget about self-driving cars: 5G infrastructure could prevent up to 70 per cent of accidents straight away.

    stuff nation

    Is denying euthanasia abuse? stuff nation

    By denying people the right to end their suffering, are we abusing them in the worst possible way? (File photo)

    OPINION: By denying people the right to end their suffering, are we abusing them in the worst possible way?

    Hairstyle bans suppress kids stuff nation

    OPINION: Stopping kids styling their hair is asking them to abandon their natural characteristics.

    It's important drivers remember that no-one is racing you to your personal destination, so what's the hurry? (File photo)

    Kiwi drivers' bad attitudes stuff nation

    OPINION: New Zealand drivers are selfish and ignorant, but speeding isn't the only problem.


    5 All Black flops in Europe video

    Julian Savea has left Toloun fans and management wondering where his form for the All Blacks has gone.

    Julian Savea isn't alone when it comes to top All Blacks struggling to transfer their talents to European game.

    SBW in, Nonu out for Blues video

    Leon MacDonald tweaks his lineup to face the Sharks, with no room for All Blacks legend this week.

    All Blacks first five-eighth Beauden Barrett will not be available for the Hurricanes this weekend.

    Canes leave out ABs duo video

    Return to play protocols to fore as John Plumtree loses Beauden Barrett and Ardie Savea for Crusaders clash.

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    quick! save the planet

    Climate change claims first mammal video

    The Bramble Cay melomys has been confirmed as extinct.

    Say goodbye to the Bramble Cay melomys.

    Climate change too important for politics

    Flooding, such as that pictured at Waihi Beach in 2018, will become more common in future.

    OPINION: Voters deserve leaders who are fully informed about the science of climate change.

    Consented one year, at risk the next

    Richmond Villas on Richmond Street in Thames.

    Development's built on land that could be subject to flooding, storm surge and tides but was granted consent.

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    Gold & Shrek: The Bendigo story

    The view from an old goldminer’s cottage in Welshtown, Bendigo.

    The close-knit community in and around the Central Otago station that was once a "rabbit-infested wasteland".

    5:2 creator's new diet video

    Dr Michael Mosley’s new book, The Fast 800, counters some old dieting myths with new science: “Frankly, people who say ...

    Can intermittent fasting help you lose weight quickly and safely? And can you actually stick to it? Dr Michael Mosley has a new book.

    now to love

    MAFS' grooms other TV shows video

    Bronson and Dino from Married At First Sight have previously appeared on other reality TV shows.

    It seems their previous 15 minutes of fame wasn't enough for them.

    MAFS' partners on Sam and Ines' affair

    Sam and Ines have been seeing each other behind their partners' backs.

    After a nightmare honeymoon with husband Bronson, Ines slid into Sam's DMs.

    homes to love

    A big family's chic apartment gallery video

    Bauer image, do not reuse.

    Apartment living has never looked as chic as this large family's colourful city home.

    $20,000 art deco makeover

    After leaving their busy Auckland life behind, this family found a special art deco bungalow to call their own.

    A $20,000 makeover of an art deco bungalow in Gisborne offered a fresh start for this family.

    food to love

    In Season: Food ideas with a real summer flavour

    New chef tutor Paul Sullivan cooks up a few old favourites at Witt.

    Witt chef tutor Paul "Sully" Sullivan has preserved memories of summer.

    Jelly islands and more in Taste Arcade video

    Taste Arcade Co-ordinator Anna Cacace, left, and Taste Arcade manager Caitlin Le Harivel have both created art out of ...

    Edible islands, floating salads and more will make up a food extravaganza on Wellington's waterfront.


    Earlobe fillers are now a thing

    "These are really young, fashionable women who are wearing large statement earrings that can be quite heavy."

    "These are really young, fashionable women who are wearing large statement earrings that can be quite heavy."

    5 hot hat trends for summer

    The oversized straw hat - super glam and offers the best protection.

    Even if you're not a "hat person", here's 5 ways to bring your style to another level.

    fashion quarterly

    Fashion editors' shameful buys

    Sometimes, you just have to buy them all.

    Feeling guilty about splurging on an impractical item you just had to have? You're not alone.

    Facing a burnout? Here's what to do

    Despite the flood of information available to us about how to ease the pressure, we’re still more stressed than ever.

    Feeling overwhelmed with work, life and the rest? Us too. Here are some insights and tips to help put the brakes on the stress express.


    Capital gains tax's dirty little secrets

    The government has a lot of work to do to get support from Winston Peters and NZ First over a capital gains tax.

    OPINION: Home owners are depending on untaxed capital gains for retirement security. That's a problem, writes Bernard Hickey.

    Tracking the mysterious kuriri

    The male kuriri caught and tagged on Tuesday was nicknamed Jim, after the project lead Jim Eagles.

    A GPS tracker successfully attached to the back of a small bird led to hugs and misty eyes at the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre.

    Is a life worth $4.7 million?

    Grant Robertson answered questions about Treasury's CBAx tool in Finance and Expenditure select committee. (File photo)

    ​The wellbeing framework that puts the "value of a statistical life" at $4.7 million is coming under fire.


    Remove the Kuggeleijn barricade video

    New Zealand Cricket has put up a barricade around Scott Kuggeleijn, missing an opportunity to influence others.

    OPINION: NZC has barricaded Kuggeleijn from the media since his second trial. There have been no words of remorse.

    Parliament's 'culture of harassment'

    Fifty-three per cent of women MPs who took part in a new survey reported they had been the target of sexist or ...

    Report shows more than half of women MPs have experienced sexist and humiliating comments - much of it from other MPs.

    NZ Cricket's shameful silence

    When Scott Kuggeleijn made his Twenty20 international cricket debut earlier this month, his 2017 trial for rape appeared ...

    OPINION: A budding sportsman treats a woman like an utter piece of trash and now he's a hero. Are we OK with that?