Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Pink and their children catch up in Auckland at one of Pink's Spark Arena shows in ...

The PM's play date with pink gallery

The pop star's kids got to hang out backstage with baby Neve - and a whole lot of Playdough.

'Bullying' in Beehive video

Parliamentary service has just over 700 staff, with two-thirds working for MPs or political parties either at Parliament ...

Parliament has become a "100 per cent toxic workplace" where staff feel bullied, belittled and intimidated.

Choppers at the glacier

The stench of aviation fuel hangs over Franz Josef.

One shot in Auckland video

6:22 AM  Police have responded to a firearm incident in Auckland overnight.

I downloaded the manifesto

OPINION: I am liable for a $10,000 fine. I could have been up for a 14-year sentence.

NZDF cull pests video

Out-of-control critters in the South Island high country are now in the army's crosshairs.


PM could have saved the CGT

Ardern is at the height of her powers, but doens't seem keen to do anything with the opportunity.

A capital gains tax was never going to get past Winston. But Ardern could have won an election on one.

Pleading for NZ's help video

An Afghan who fled the Taliban after working with Kiwi soldiers fears his wife may die without help.

There are more than 3,200 pokie machines in Auckland and most are located in lower socio-economic areas.

Making dirty money clean

Most religions condemn gambling, but Sikhs and Christians accepted millions from pokies last year.

christchurch mosque terror attack

Mosque victim 'humbled' by prince

Farid Ahmed lost his wife of 24 years, Husna Ahmed, in the shooting on March 15. Forty-nine other people lost their ...

Farid Ahmed was singled out by the Prince of Wales for his message of forgiveness after the attacks.

Prince Charles praises victim

Farid Ahmed lost his wife in the attack, but he did not dwell in anger.

A segment of the artwork being donated by Serj Tankian.

Singer's Christchurch art donation

System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian is auctioning off one of his paintings to raise funds for terror attack victims.

    The Tourist Trap

    The Tourist Trap

    More money, more problems on New Zealand's beautiful West Coast.

    Fixing Official Information Act

    Not all public institutions are covered by the OIA.

    Our official information law is as old as the personal computer, but it's never had a full upgrade. What can be done?

    On the road with Pussy Riot

    18032019. News. Robyn Edie. Southland Times/Stuff.  Russian group Pussy Riot visits Invercargill ahead of their concert ...

    Russia’s famous rockers stripped, swam and protested across New Zealand.

    Armed cops: The new normal?

    The Police Association says the public has reacted well since the Christchurch shootings to officers carrying ...

    Police believe officers are at risk and should be routinely armed. Academics and others disagree.

    Big Decision: Abortion in NZ

    Should New Zealand's abortion law be changed?

    WATCH: Stuff Circuit's new documentary explores the heated abortion debate, where beliefs are as salient as facts.


    Is Trump above the law?

    President Donald Trump is in a precarious legal position after the release of the Mueller Report.

    OPINION: Mueller report revelations show Trump's 2020 bid may be to escape the long arms of the law.

    Heiress guilty in sex slave case

    Following actress Allison Mack's plea, an heiress pleads guilty in a case accusing a group of creating a harem of sex slaves.

    A "computer glitch" may have played a role in the rapidly spreading blaze that devastated 850-year-old architectural ...

    Firefighters leave Notre Dame

    Notre Dame's parishioners celebrate Good Friday at a nearby church, praying for the damaged cathedral.


    Making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list

    Florence Van Dyke's phone has been running hot since making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

    Six Kiwis made the young business leaders list this year. What does it take and what are the rewards?

    Ebert subbies battle on video

    Some lost employees, some lost a year's worth of pay. Some are increasing fees and vowing it won't be them - again.

    Less than 15 per cent of staff owed a payment have not received it, says Wendy's.

    Wendy's payouts late

    Toni Tane, owed $1500 after not receiving 15 days in lieu from Wendy's, is among those yet to be paid out by the fast food giant.


    Anzac parade will be missed

    This month marks 100 years since the Pioneer Battalion returned from the Great War. Māori veterans did not get the same ...

    OPINION: The Anzacs will be honoured in Belgium on Thursday, but there will be no service in my neighbourhood.

    Transformational? Yeah, nah video

    OPINION: How different is this Government from Helen Clark's? Turns out not that much.

    Exercise? Jog on

    KiwiSaver is going through changes

    good reads

    Galapagos on a budget

    A marine iguana in the Galapagos.

    We found a way to see as much as we would on a cruise, for the same amount of time – and at a fraction of the price.

    Making dirty money clean

    While most religions condemn gambling, Sikh and Christian groups still accepted millions from pokies last year.

    National Pawtrait: A dog's life video

    Baxter sexually assaulted me


    Owners at fault over Fold breakages

    The issues surrounding Samsung's latest phone aren't bothering the creators, with the new phone still set to hit shelves ...

    The issues surrounding Samsung's latest phone aren't bothering the creators, with the new phone still set to hit shelves at the end of April.

    Are iPhones too expensive?

    Apple may have hit the price point we're not prepared to pay.

    Apple signed a multi-year chipset supply agreement with Qualcomm.

    5G iPhone? Not this year

    Legal fight over, it's a step closer.


    Where it's Christmas every day video

    At The Christmas House, it is (of course) Christmas every day of the year.

    6:00 AM  Even in the depths of winter, jingling bells and festive carols ring out at Charlotte Horan's Auckland shed.

    Getting ready for spa season

    Picture your spa as the centrepiece of your landscape design, says award-winning designer and garden consultant, Kate Hillier.

    Gisborne designer Amy Moore, winner of The Block NZ, redesigned a bedroom for her daughter Nina (left), seen here with ...

    Where the teens hang out

    The Block NZ winner Amy Moore gave her daughter's room a makeover, and has advice for others.

    life & style

    At home with artist Helen Bankers

    Photographer Helen Bankers lives in Pakuranga, Auckland, with her husband Daniel Winchester, a production engineer, ...

    A photographer by trade, Helen now prints on fabrics.

    Sam Mannering has Easter cracked

    This northern hemisphere celebration of spring is at the wrong end of the year for us, but it’s still a good time for a feast.

    You pear it well... Lemon and pear cake with rose water drizzle.

    Lemon and pear cake

    Juicy fruit, zesty lemons... The two combine to make a delicate match.

    well & good

    Exercise? Jog on

    I've never looked at a runner and thought, how lovely to jog freely like that, with the wind at your back. Instead I'd ...

    OPINION: After nearly a decade, the urge struck to lace up the trainers and do a lap or two of the park… in disguise.

    Chase star plots post-quiz career video

    Fortunately for The Sinnerman, he's already got a fallback option.

    Moana Maniapoto says being a musician is not like a normal job.

    My Sunday: Moana Maniapoto

    Juggling music, documentary making and motherhood is all in a Sunday's work for the well-known Kiwi.

    food & wine

    Okra, it's OK

    Okra is best cooked fast (high heat or deep fried), or slow (cooked covered and on a low to medium heat).

    How to get past the goo and enjoy these veges.

    Finding currency in cocktails video

    From the Sidecar to the Singapore Sling, these are the accommodation-inspired slices of history.

    Cognac, a specific type of drink

    A New York classic via Jo'burg

    nz farmer

    Marine farms to be sensor-ed

    A mussel farm in the Pelorus Sound will be one of the 600 Marlborough Sounds marine farms to get sensors installed.

    New project will put "live" environmental data from all 600 Marlborough Sounds farms at the council's "fingertips".

    Avocados hit $5

    Dot Walton loves avocado but it's more than she can stomach paying $5 for each one.

    NZ should rethink GE rules

    Teen's farm dream video


    Why you need Lizzo in your life video

    Lizzo has established a reputation for being big, bold and beautiful.

    6:24 AM  REVIEW: It's hard to sneer and be soulful at the same time, but she manages to go full Winehouse and retain her tongue firmly in her cheek.

    Uncovering the Black Dahlia killer

    OPINION: Elizabeth Short was just 22 when her body was found in a Los Angeles park. It was 1947.

    The reality TV show Cops is examined in the Dan Taberski podcast Running with Cops.

    Podcasts for Autumn

    5:15 AM  OPINION: If you’re bored of your playlist, or not a GoT fan, download these new podcasts.


    Galapagos on a budget

    A marine iguana in the Galapagos.

    We found a way to see as much as we would on a cruise, for the same amount of time – and at a fraction of the price.

    Remember the Anzacs video

    You don't need to go all the way to the Gallipoli peninsula to find the start of the Anzac story.

    In summer, there are hollyhocks everywhere in Ophir.

    Ophir well worth a visit

    It might hold the record as New Zealand's coldest place, but it exudes warmth and charm.


    An asylum on wheels

    How-to Dad Jordan Watson is enjoying his Easter holidays on the road with his family.

    OPINION: How-to Dad Jordan Watson says he wants to buy a campervan, even when it feels like an asylum on wheels.

    Screens top worry for parents

    Three out of four Kiwi parents feel they don't spend enough time with children, according to survey.

    Books for kids to handle trauma

    Dad raps The Gruffalo


    Homeless man reunited with pet rat

    A homeless man has been reunited with his pet rat Lucy, thanks to the Australian police.

    Thanks to the hard work of the Australian police, Lucy the rat has been returned to her homeless owner.

    Swinging into the record books video

    Charlie survived 33 hours on gingernut biscuits, hot chocolate, seasickness pills and a kiwifruit-print cushion.

    New Plymouth's world champion archers

    Final year of Taranaki mud run video


    Sunday Drive: Mitsubishi Triton VRX video

    Does a top-spec ute with all the fruit really need to cost $70k? Mitsubishi doesn't think so.

    An oldie but still quite a goodie video

    The Giulietta Veloce is ancient in car terms. But might it be an ancient treasure?

    Skoda Kodiaq RS

    The fastest 7-seat SUV (sort of) video

    The Kodiaq has become the first Skoda SUV to wear the RS badge. Can it live up to it?

    stuff nation

    How I keep depression at bay stuff nation

    It took me 10 years to overcome depression. Here's how I avoid being seduced back into the black hole.

    OPINION: It took me 10 years to overcome depression, so now I will always do what it takes to stay in the light.

    What makes you happy? stuff nation

    Tell us what is truly important to you and how you measure true happiness.

    I will never forget witnessing an amazing Ash Wednesday service at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

    Service will remain with me stuff nation

    OPINION: I will never forget witnessing a service at the Notre Dame Cathedral, over 40 years ago.


    Mo'unga the most influential video

    Richie Mo'unga has had a stellar past two years and has influenced the outcome of some huge games at Super Rugby and ...

    Crusaders No 10 Richie Mo'unga tops groundbreaking data analysis model while Beauden Barrett is outside the world's top 20.

    Tiger and TJ bring the tears

    OPINION: Redemption and support sprung from different sporting sources to offer comfort.

    Cameron George says he'll ask the NRL again about whether the Anzac Day game could be played in Auckland.

    Warriors want Anzac game

    The Warriors feel it's their turn to host the Anzac Day game against the Storm.

    special offers
    quick! save the planet

    Climate protests 'a shadow of real thing' video

    Activists Extinction Rebellion blocked Tamaki Drive in Mission Bay this afternoon to protest climate change.

    A few moments of disruption is not much in the scheme of climate change, protesters say.

    The moment is here

    Environment Aotearoa 2019 makes grim reading about the impact of humans on the planet. Is the Government brave enough to ...

    OPINION: Jacinda Ardern called climate change our "nuclear-free" moment. A damning new report suggests the Doomsday Clock has moved closer to midnight.

    Attenborough: 'We're running out of time'

    Sir David Attenborough's new documentary - Climate Change: The Facts - has premiered and left many viewers with one main ...

    Sir David Attenborough's new documentary warns viewers time is nearly up when it comes to climate change.

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    The evolution of the dog

    During the Ice Age, an eight-year-old walked, apparently calmly, along a narrow passage deep inside Chauvet Cave, in ...

    During the Ice Age, an eight-year-old walked along a narrow passage - alongside the child were a wolf's tracks.

    Can you buy happiness?

    27042004/ Mary Holm, Financial commentator. For by-line logo. For Business. Photo, John Selkirk DOM POST

    For money expert Mary Holm, happiness includes owning her own home, travel and security.

    now to love

    Why we binge eat video

    There are many complex reasons why someone might binge or emotionally eat, but one very common one is stress.

    Body and mind transformation coach Eugenia Nikiforow explains why people overeat, and how they can stop.

    The evolution of the dog

    During the Ice Age, an eight-year-old walked, apparently calmly, along a narrow passage deep inside Chauvet Cave, in ...

    During the Ice Age, an eight-year-old walked along a narrow passage - alongside the child were a wolf's tracks.

    homes to love

    Tiny newbuild has enviable footprint gallery

    Pippin Wright-Stow designed and built Ariana’s bedroom and Rafi’s loft using galvanised steel pipe and locally sourced, ...

    This modest, new-build family home perches lightly on the land as it leans out over Lyttelton Harbour, and has a tiny eco footprint.

    Old home's Scandi makeover gallery

    Clean white surfaces and natural timber provide the perfect backdrop for the owners of The Vintage Shop’s love of ...

    Clean white surfaces and natural timber provide the perfect backdrop for the owners of The Vintage Shop’s love of Scandinavian design.

    food to love

    A tempting summer tart

    A delicious tart is the perfect summer treat.

    It's slightly cheese-cakey and majorly delicious - and it's gluten free.

    How to make perfect scones

    Everyone loves a good scone.

    There are few things more inviting than a plate of freshly baked scones, dripping in cream and jam.


    Do pregnancy pillows help?

    Pregnancy pillows come in a few different shapes and sizes.

    Many pregnant women choose to sleep with a pregnancy pillow to help get their body in the right position.

    Makeup with skincare benefits video

    Who wouldn't want makeup that's also good for their skin?

    Because who doesn't love a beauty product that gives you more bang for your buck?

    fashion quarterly

    Celebs share Miss Crabb memories

    Kristine Crabb is saying goodbye to her label after 15 years.

    The Kiwi label is closing its doors at the end of March, leaving behind a legacy of irreverence and creativity.

    Fashion editors' shameful buys

    Sometimes, you just have to buy them all.

    Feeling guilty about splurging on an impractical item you just had to have? You're not alone.

    End of Campbell's roving days video

    John Campbell reporting out in the field for RNZ's Checkpoint.

    OPINION: TVNZ's call to put John Campbell, one of their highest-paid stars, on Breakfast is hard to fathom.

    Risks of offshore gambling

    Each ball is checked at least once every 10 draws for weight and size.

    Rogue operators could be running sites which give punters zero chance of winning.

    Jones out to beat the boys

    If Luuka Jones makes it to Toyko 2020, it will be her fourth Olympics.

    Olympic silver medallist Luuka Jones will be out to beat her coach as she preps for the Tokyo 2020 canoe slalom.


    Sexual harassment disclosure model praised

    130317. News. KEVIN STENT/FAIRFAX NZ. Victoria University, Pipitea Campus,Wellington.

    The anonymous model for sexual harassment disclosure has been welcomed by sexual abuse prevention advocates.

    Uni dream soured for women students

    Knox College, where Otago University students reside during the semester.

    Alison Mau meets young women whose university dreams have been shattered by 'entitled' young men.

    More TVNZ sexual misconduct claims

    TVNZ said there had been a big change in the way it handled workplace issues from 20 years ago.

    A TVNZ staff member was forced to resign after exposing his penis to revellers at the company's 2018 Christmas party.