Teen survives 49 days at sea

Aldi turned on a lamp every time he saw a ship, but lost count of how many went past.

Proctor bong backlash

Whakamana Cannabis Museum curator Abe Gray, left, says he's seeking legal advice for a possible private prosecution ...

12:26 PM  Thousands pledged for  private prosecution against bong-taking Otago Uni proctor.

Woman's rape story a 'waste of time'

A car pulled up as she was walking home, a man pulled her into the back seat. Or so she said.

Planned robbery behind killing

11:14 AM  Teenager high on synthetic cannabis kicked and punched 65-year-old victim, dumped his body then burgled his home.

PM: I didn't mislead Parliament

11:36 AM  Jacinda Ardern admits messaging Derek Handley but not specifically about the CTO role.

Sky: 300,000 on illegal streams

Sky had a feeling pirates were costing it serious money. Now it knows it's the case.


Man keeps partner in 'kennel'

David Little was sentenced to jail for assaulting two domestic partners. (File photo)

11:38 AM  Judge says man's beaten and abused partner was 'treated like a chattel'.

Dead climber's Everest aim video

Man killed in Ruapehu crater lake put off love in anticipation of one day reaching world's highest peak.

Minister for children Tracey Martin.

Social workers to get 30% raise

"Undervalued"' staff will get $114.6m over the next five years, as part of a Government pay equity settlement.

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    The Big Scam

    Indian migrants say Gurpreet Singh could help secure visas to stay in NZ.

    A Stuff investigation uncovers major immigration fraud with migrants buying visas and jobs to stay in New Zealand.

    The country no-one wants

    200,000 lost their lives, but the global community seems to have forgotten.

    Rachel MacGregor

    Rachel MacGregor's bad soap opera

    Endless stress, staggering expense, and a monumental imbalance of power.


    Expectation of a Trump firing

    Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied that he ever seriously contemplated secretly recording the president or ...

    Top US lawman will walk into a meeting with the US President, fully aware of what's likely.

    Facebook moderator's PTSD video

    A former content moderator is suing the company claiming repeated viewing of disturbing material caused her harm.

    In a defiant letter to leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh said he would "not be intimidated into ...

    Kavanaugh vows to fight

    11:35 AM  Trump, Republicans dig in over US Supreme Court nominee, despite a new allegation of sexual misconduct.


    NZ strawberries head to shops

    Growers like Phil Greig are mindful of security.

    12:04 PM  Strawberry growers begin harvest, nervously awaiting developments over Australian needle sabotage.

    CEO falsely accused of sex assault: JD.com

    11:51 AM  Chinese tycoon arrested in the US and released, but sexual assault charges still possible.

    On the afternoon she announced a law change to give effect to a decision to ban new offshore oil exploration permits, ...

    Oil industry gets Govt boost

    10 min ago  Hours before oil exploration ban law is announced, Energy Minister signals big concession to industry.


    Facebook moderator's PTSD video

    The suit by a former moderator alleges she witnessed thousands of acts of extreme and graphic violence "from her cubicle ...

    A former content moderator is suing the company claiming repeated viewing of disturbing material caused her harm.

    App wipes out 1.5m police forms

    A Christchurch tech company has taken out top honours for an app to help New Zealand Police respond to incidents of family harm.

    This computer graphic shows an asteroid and asteroid explorer Hayabusa2. The Japanese unmanned spacecraft Hayabusa2 ...

    Rover lands on asteroid video

    Two small robots have landed on an asteroid 300 million kilometres away from Earth.


    Why does compost smell? video

    Good compost should smell rich and earthy.

    12:15 PM  How to compost without triggering an emergency decontamination response team.

    Usain Bolt's Aussie apartment

    12:20 PM  Inside the luxury waterfront apartment the Olympic gold medalist is currently calling home.

    There are some breeds to avoid if you prefer your lawn flat and green.

    A dog and a tidy garden? gallery

    They dig, scratch, chew and poo, but there are some tricks to stop your dog wrecking the backyard.

    life & style

    Little known disease a big killer

    If your COPD is mild and in the early stages, singing is a good way to exercise your lungs. In Wellington, the choir ...

    It's the 4th highest cause of death in NZ, but COPD seems to be a condition that many people aren't aware of.

    Michael Kors to buy Versace video

    Handbag maker Michael Kors Holdings is nearing an agreement to buy fashion house Gianni Versace.

    My son Luke has two settings; either 100 per cent or asleep. (File photo)

    A cautionary tale for mums stuff nation

    11:38 AM  OPINION: My son is gross. He’s always dirty and obsessed with his willy. But he's also gentle and kind.

    well & good

    The five obstacles to decluttering video

    Marie Kondo - a Japanese tidying-up expert and author of 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying'.

    You should feel joyful when you receive a gift. After you express gratitude for it, it's OK to get rid of it.

    Is 'vegan depression' a thing?

    Psychologist argues many vegans are dealing with a unique condition - and it deserves recognition.

    Bhangra fit is great for losing weight, building stamina, developing strength and improving flexibility.

    Playing Up: Bhangra Fit

    Bhangra fit is great for losing weight, building stamina, developing strength and improving flexibility. But how tough is it?

    food & wine

    Five of the best spots for seafood

    Pescatore delivers high end seafood, degustation or a la carte.

    Indulge in some seriously good seafood at any one of these Christchurch institutions.

    A feast for date night

    Put all your love and affection into these luxurious dishes and treat your beloved to a feast.

    Beef pho & beef carpaccio

    The right way to open OXO cubes

    nz farmer

    Dairy farmers target nitrate loss

    Milking cow numbers have been cut from 1510 to 1400 on the Early's foothills Mid Canterbury farm.

    Cutting cow numbers only part of the answer, say dairy farmers.

    Farmers own Fonterra? Yeah right

    OPINION: We might have shares but we don't feel in control.

    NZ cops probe strawberry needle

    $450m wiped off A2 Milk


    Grey's Anatomy without Grey? video

    The doctor may no longer be in - Ellen Pompeo's Dr Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy may be hanging up her stethoscope.

    "I'm feeling like we have told the majority of the stories that we can tell," says Ellen Pompeo.

    Radio personality dies

    The former broadcaster was one of New Zealand's first big radio personalities.

    Bill Cosby arrives at the sentencing hearing.

    Cosby: 5-10 yrs asks prosecutor

    Bill Cosby faces up to 30 years in jail. Prosecutor asks for 5 to 10 years. 


    Remoteness never felt so good video

    Nature's infinity pool.

    12:19 PM  Need to get away from it all? This new eco-luxury retreat on Christmas Island is just for you.

    Amalfi Coast: 3-minute guide video

    Steep medieval towns, shimmering emerald bays and sunset over Italian islands.

    San Marino - the fastest growing European destination.

    Europe's hottest destinations video

    11:47 AM  Forget France, Spain, Italy, and the UK - Moldova, Georgia and a tiny microstate are where it's at.


    Where is the first Lotus? video

    Lotus Mark I was a heavily modified Austin Seven that Chapman eventually extended the rear of and added a second spare ...

    Legendary sports car manufacturer Lotus wants car enthusiasts worldwide to help find the first car founder Colin Chapman built.

    No more diesel for Porsche video

    It follows parent company Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal.

    The Mitsubishi Outlander LS may be an entry level car, but it is a remarkably comfortable and refined one.

    Seven seats, comfort and change from $35k

    The Mitsubishi Outlander is a remarkably comfortable and refined seven-seat SUV for the price of a Corolla.

    stuff nation

    A cautionary tale for mums stuff nation

    My son Luke has two settings; either 100 per cent or asleep. (File photo)

    11:38 AM  My son is gross. He’s always dirty and obsessed with his willy. But he's also gentle and kind.

    Parents, what have you learnt? stuff nation

    What tips can you share for all those parents-to-be out there?

    I was told that nothing could be done, but I knew something could. And I wasn't giving up. (File photo)

    Fight for your diagnosis stuff nation

    Vomiting and fainting from pain, and having blood drip on the floor is not normal.


    'I'm an awkward Kiwi guy' video

    Steven Adams: 'Some stuff you guys laugh at, New Zealanders won't laugh at. It's just different cultures.'

    11:22 AM  OKC Thunder centre Steven Adams provides his usual unique insight on the annual NBA media day.

    RWC under threat by new comp

    OPINION: Rugby lacks depth to sustain an annual comp that's basically the RWC quarter-finals in disguise.

    John Mitchell, pictured at England training, believes his new team can supplant the All Blacks as world No 1 within a year.

    One year to overtake ABs video

    14 min ago  After taking on England role, John Mitchell believes they can usurp the ABs ahead of the World Cup.


    Mission creep beneath the radar

    Defence Minister Ron Mark tells us he has been told by the Iraq government that our troops have made a huge difference there.

    OPINION: Labour used to oppose having troops in Iraq. Now they'll be there longer.

    RWC under threat by new comp

    The proposed World League of rugby is looking at bringing the heavyweights of the north and south together on an annual ...

    OPINION: Rugby lacks depth to sustain an annual comp that is basically the RWC quarter-finals in disguise.

    Capital gain pains

    One of the concerns with a broader capital gains tax is that it would make property investment less profitable and so ...

    OPINION: What can seem great in ideology, is often a quagmire on closer inspection.

    In US, Ardern's voice is 'hope'

    Jacinda Ardern in New York.

    OPINION: The PM delivered a domestic speech and had an international audience was in raptures.

    good reads

    Astana: Crazy Kazakh capital video

    Kazakhstan's Astana has some of the world's most impressive modern architecture.

    Welcome to a place that could seem like hell and yet its residents treat it as heaven.

    Who is Christine Blasey Ford? video

    Christine Blasey Ford has accused US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

    Brett Kavanaugh's accuser didn't want to live in the same country as him and she considered moving to New Zealand with her family.

    Miss NZ among royalty

    Mary went overseas - pictured with 'Father of the Royal Air Force' Viscount Trenchard, Bill Parsons and Air Marshall Sir ...

    Former Miss NZ Mary Woodward brush with royalty preceded the death of two of her children.

    Women in a man's world video

    Ange Dickinson was the first female Royal New Zealand Air Force pilot. She now flies commercial aircraft for Cathay Pacific

    The pioneers who broke into male-dominated jobs tell how far we've come, and far we still have to go.

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    The classic cartoon about office life.


    Rachel MacGregor's bad soap opera

    Rachel MacGregor

    Endless stress, staggering expense, and a monumental imbalance of power.

    MacGregor v Craig reveals glitch

    Alison Mau says there is a clear imbalance of power and wealth between Colin Craig and Rachel MacGregor.

    OPINION: Colin Craig legal battle is not just about Rachel MacGregor – it's about every Kiwi who might find themselves in her position.

    Her employer supported her alleged rapist

    Sarah (not her real name) suffers post-traumatic stress disorder after an alleged rape in a classroom at a North Island ...

    She went to the police. They believed her. That wasn't enough.

    'Make companies reveal sex secrets'

    Equal employment opportunities commissioner Jackie Blue wants a national inquiry into harassment in the workplace.

    Growing momentum behind a national inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace as complaints numbers double.


    In photos: Spiders take over town video

    Residents say the extensive spider webs have another benefit: keeping down mosquitoes.

    Arachnophobes, move along. This story from Greece isn't for you.

    Could you stay 30 hours in a coffin? video

    The winner gets US$300, two 2019 Gold Season Passes, a Fright Fest prize package ... and the coffin.

    US theme park is issuing the challenge. The prize? Well, you can take home the coffin.

    Why Wellington is potty for Potter

    Harry Potter seems to be an obsession with Wellingtonians.

    A series of sell-out Harry Potter pub quizzes proves that some (especially Wellingtonians, for some reason) just can't shake their obsession.

    Drugs plus shy octopus equals...

    If you give the California two-spot octopus, Octopus bimaculoides MDMA, it will get touchy and want to mingle.

    Scientists bathed octopuses in the psychedelic drug ecstasy.


    Are kids really our priority? video

    Health Minister Dr David Clark says he has listened to midwives concerns, and maternity care is a "real priority."

    ANALYSIS: Mothers struggle to find midwives and neonatal death rates have stagnated - so what is being done?

    A baby after years of infertility

    Trying to have a baby and being unable to is a silent hell, an experience that leaves scars. (File photo)

    OPINION: Trying to have a baby and being unable to is a silent hell - and it's an experience that leaves scars.

    My teen is obsessed with death

    As most teenagers now watch the news alone, poring over their device, it increases the amount of post-disaster ...

    ADVICE: When responding to your daughter's anxiety about death and disaster, keep your replies pragmatic but hopeful.

    Is social media scaring off mums?

    While it's good for mums-to-be to know what to expect in childbirth, some of the horror stories shared online may not be ...

    UK expert warns "horror stories" about labour may be contributing to the rise of tocophobia: a fear of childbirth.

    kiwi traveller

    NZ's clearest water spots

    Hamurana Springs is one of the deepest springs in the North Island.

    There's pristine and then there's this - where to go for crystal clear water in New Zealand.

    Expat tales: Better off in Edinburgh

    With my partner Kirsten (right) at a Scottish rugby game - many happy Scots after beating England!

     Stella Johnston says it was much easier to buy a house in the Scottish capital than it would have been in Auckland.

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    Just hanging out in the Bolivian Desert! This photo was taken in the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia during a 3 month ...

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

    The truth about living in London video

    Emma Pederson (right) said one of the biggest misconceptions about London is that the weather's terrible. "The summers ...

    It's become a rite of passage but, for many, the struggle is real.

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