The $2.5 million Upokongaro Cycle Bridge has been sitting in a paddock since late 2018.

Whanganui's bridge to nowhere

7:24 PM  It's languished in a paddock since late 2018 - what's holding it up being installed?

Cops' gang problem video

19012020 PHOTO: JOEL MAXWELL/STUFF Cordons are in place on Gloucester St after report of shots being fired in Taradale, ...

6:13 PM  Top cop says it's foolish to think police can stem Hawke's Bay's proliferation of gang members.

House-sitter from hell left NZ

13 min ago  A young couple trusted the man to look after their house and dog. It was a nightmare.

Dotterels decimated by single cat

6:10 PM  Lone cat blamed for disastrous breeding season at an embattled native shorebird colony.

Mourning the loss of a family home

It was a home filled with trophies and medals, photos and memories but all that was lost to fire.

When the zoo faced the fires video

7:14 PM  It was only those running the zoo who stopped the fires from their destructive paths.


20 hurt in 'traumatic' crash

The crash happened on Glenorchy-Queenstown Rd on Tuesday afternoon.

16 min ago  A bus crash near Queenstown, leaves 20 tourists hurt, some with "significant" injuries.

Soldier with far-right links charged

He was arrested in December and now charged with accessing military information.

There were more than half a million calls to St John's 111 communications centres last year, up nearly 50,000 more than ...

Mental health callouts on rise

7:21 PM  In six months, 20,000 people needed an ambulance for mental health reasons, with those aged 70-79 the fastest growing group.

climate change

Protest flotilla planned against OMV

The CSOL Prospector is currently off of Otago's coast.

A flotilla is on a mission to highlight the impact of deep sea oil drilling off Otago's coast.

Farming robot out to save our soil

Kiwi firm uses robotics to tackle the idea we only have so many seasons of good topsoil left.

Stuff's new climate editor, Eloise Gibson, will be aiming for climate change stories that are "revealing, digestible ...

Climate editor to pursue revealing, hopeful stories

Award-winning science and environment journalist Eloise Gibson is Stuff's new climate editor.


Food market delayed again

The Provedore at Bush Inn has experienced further delays in opening despite prior opening dates in April and December 2019.

5:53 PM  The opening of an $18 million development at Christchurch's Bush Inn shopping centre has been delayed again.

How to spot a scam

OPINION: If someone approaches you out of the blue and wants you to invest, its probably a scam.

Trish Scofield said she was upset by her landlord allowing people to park on her property.

Landlord told: Don't park here

Unreasonable behaviour by landlords forced them out, tenants claim. The Tenancy Tribunal is unconvinced.


The world's weirdest architects video

Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia is Antoni Gaudi's most famous work.

There are some architects that defy categorisation to do something gloriously strange.

Qantas accused of sexism

A former WWE wrestler says she was kicked out of a lounge for wearing activewear.

The Galapagos Islands demonstrate that conservation cannot focus exclusively on saving charismatic species or locking ...

Don't protect the Galapagos video

OPINION: Instead of a natural laboratory, they will become a time capsule.

Snow leopards are coming to Wellington Zoo. But could the money they will cost be better spent on conserving at-risk ...

Are zoos a good thing? video

Should we still be supporting the captivity of exotic animals for public entertainment?

Ancient healing for modern times

The maramataka is a complex system traditionally used for sourcing food and fresh water. It's been described as a ...

An ancient Māori system is being revived in Aotearoa, and the Ministry of Health is buying in.

Monitoring China's influence

Anne-Marie Brady: Westie girl now an international authority on China's geopolitical interference.

Christchurch academic Dr Anne-Marie Brady has been warned to never risk going back to China.

Gone for decades, then sighted

Dr Peter Coop who vanished from Dunedin in 1989 but might have been sighted in Nelson by his mother. Police have ...

Med school mates "100 per cent sure" they saw Kiwi doctor now missing 30 years camping in Australia.

'Every time I ate ... pain' video

Claire Chitham in her Shortland Street heyday as Waverley Wilson, on the day she married Nick Harrison (Karl Burnett) in ...

Serious illness and life in the public eye changed ex-Shorty Street star Claire Chitham's relationship with food.


China coronavirus not in NZ

Japan's government said Thursday a man treated for pneumonia after returning from China has tested positive for the new ...

5:58 PM  New Zealand won't put airport screening precautions in place for a new virus emerging in China.

Auckland building shipped to Niue

Former bar will become a cafe on a Niuean vanilla plantation as the City Rail Link moves in.

Travellers wear face masks as they walk outside of the Beijing Railway Station. China has reported a sharp rise in the ...

Suspected coronavirus case in Australia

5:54 PM  A man is being tested for coronavirus in Brisbane, as case numbers from the new virus in China surge.


Abandoned gold rush land for sale

Charleston in the Buller district on the West Coast.

Slices of pristine West Coast land are going up for sale for first time - some you cannot even reach.

Flat ad promises 'no homeless'

Claims describing an apartment as "high end" with no "Housing NZ folks" is not discriminatory.

In 2019, Winston Peters declared: "We've heard, listened, and acted: No Capital Gains Tax."

Is the CGT really dead? video

ANALYSIS: Politics sank the capital gains tax last year. Watch it bob back to the surface by 2030.


Iconic boatshed for sale video

Red, white, blue and yellow - the colourful boatsheds of Titahi Bay are usually passed down through the generations.

Titahi Bay boatsheds are usually passed down the generations, but this one's for sale.

Is it a house or a bird's nest? video

There's something eyrie-ish about this edgy, semi-sunken house in Portugal.

Privet is not considered to be a strong allergen by scientists.

Privet not to blame for hay fever video

Councils say most people who complain about privet causing allergies are not allergic to it.

life & style

Harry, Meghan: Requests vs Reality video

The Queen was reportedly not consulted before Harry and Meghan announced their plans.

The Queen didn't exactly come to the party where Harry and Meghan's wishes were concerned. Here's how the wish compares to the reality.

Will Prince Harry ever be happy?

OPINION: With this latest gambit, the Unhappy Prince risks being unhappier than ever.

The hairstylist for Comme Des Garcons has apologised for putting models in cornrow wigs.

Apology for models in cornrow wigs

The hairstylist behind Japanese label Comme Des Garcons has apologised after being accused of cultural appropriation.

well & good

The online world of suicidal teens

Adolescent mental health specialists want social networking sites to do more to hide or ban content that exacerbates ...

As the youth suicide rate rises, US teens are turning to social media to feel less isolated in their despair - but often find something quite different.

How can I get out of hosting Christmas? video

ADVICE: No-one offers to pay, help with any preparation, or clean up.

Having cellulitis once puts you at an increased risk of getting it again.

Do you have cellulitis?

For some unlucky people, cellulitis can turn into a nightmare.

food & wine

Cup subsidy a game-changer? video

IdealCup's Steph Fry and Phil Wood of Flock Board Game Cafe with the Nelson branded Cupcycling coffee cups which were ...

Will a subsidy to encourage reusable takeaway cups be a game changer for caffeine lovers in Nelson?

Peri peri chicken perfection

Serve peri peri chicken with skinny oven fries, salad and peri peri mayo.

Dosas for my father

Auckland's Monday drinking spots

nz farmer

Ram sells for $15,500

Robert Gardyne, left, with his top priced Perendale ram which sold for $15,500 at the Gore Ram Fair on Tuesday. He is ...

Robert Gardyne: He's the best ram I've ever bred.

Sunflowers create a sea of yellow

It's hard to miss the stunning burst of yellow in paddocks full of millions of sunflowers just south of Timaru.

Farming robot out to save our soil

Life after the farm


'Wild' moment yellow Wiggle collapsed

Red Wiggle Murray Cook thought Yellow Wiggle Greg Page was laying on the ground to catch his breath, instead he was ...

Murray Cook thought his band mate was laying on the ground to catch his breath. He was having a heart attack.

Why do we care about Brad & Jen? video

OPINION: The Jen, Brad and Ange triangle is a decades-spanning epic that taps into more romantic tropes than Game of Thrones.

Getty Images/E! Illustration

15 rising stars you should know

Featuring up-and-comers like Conan Gray, Victoria Monet, Ava Max and more, these are the 15 music newcomers who represent the future of pop music.


Dorinda Medley chokes up at late husband Richard's message from beyond the grave


5 min ago  Have you ever wondered if there's an afterlife of some kind? Or if there's a way to know if our loved ones are watching over us?

All the candid moments at the 2020 SAG Awards you just can't miss

7:02 PM  The 2020 SAG Awards were packed with star-studded interactions every Hollywood fan has to see.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Dan Levy, Sterling K. Brown and more men who won the SAG Awards 2020 fashion game

7:22 PM  Sterling K. Brown, Dan Levy, Noah Schnapp and more actors won the SAG Awards 2020 fashion game. See their fashion-forward looks now.


Diaz's daughter's unique middle name

Marc Patrick/

Exactly two weeks after Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden announced the birth of their baby girl, we've learned she has two middle names. Find them out here!

Best back-to-school shoes video

Does your kid climb everything in sight? Struggle with laces? Have four younger siblings? Read on for our guide to school shoes for every child.

Yes I'm a mum - stop selling me stuff

'Tassie devil's got my Lindt!' video


'Alien-like' barnacles spied

The barnacles covered a large piece of driftwood and had washed ashore at Piha.

"Strange-looking" creatures covering a bit of driftwood have mystified three women at an Auckland beach.

Mexico to raffle off presidential jet

The latest attempt by Mexico's president to get rid of the flying white elephant.

Australian girls ready to go

111 calls for zombies, UFOs


Take the stress out of new tech

Noel Leeming Tech Solutions teams offers down to earth tech support and advice to demystify tech, no matter your ...

SPONSORED: Where to find down-to-earth tech support and advice, no matter your knowledge and ability.

Teens on the internet

Half of Kiwi teens clash with family over their internet use, while a third miss sleep or meals.

"I was convinced that what this country desperately needed was the Amazon culture that I was used to, back in England," ...

It's a jungle out there, Amazon

OPINION: I was convinced that what this country desperately needed was the Amazon culture that I was used to, back in England. Now I'm not so sure.


VW UK boss gets inked for Oz video

Andrew Savvas, MD of Volkswagen UK, getting tattooed to raise money for Australian bushfire relief.

The managing director of Volkswagen UK has raised more than $30,000 for WWF Australia by getting his first tattoo.

Car buyers shun EVs not named Tesla. video

More EVs are being made than ever, but the sales barely increased. Are carmakers driving off a cliff?

The 2008 is delightfully agile and enjoyable to drive, in either petrol or electric form.

Peugeot's baby SUV grows up video

Peugeot's new and improved 2008 squares up to take on the hyper-competitive baby SUV segment.

stuff nation

Your loan, your problem stuff nation

"In a perfect world maybe the bank of Mum and Dad could have funded this, or higher education would be free for ...

OPINION: Any bank would expect a mortgage or car loan to be repaid, a student loan is no different.

Prep kids for climate change stuff nation

OPINION: What use is making money, getting a good job and having lucrative social connections in a world that is literally dying?

The rest of the added franchises have struggled, especially the Sunwolves (pictured) who have become a legacy of ...

Super Rugby's failed format stuff nation

OPINION: Has SANZAAR learned a valuable lesson by dumping the contentious conference era? Only time will tell.


Ardie Savea's doc Tikd off

Hurricanes flanker Ardie Savea at the Super Rugby season launch on Tuesday.

Medical professional in despair at crocked All Black's dance moves.

Brown's advice to referees

Defence rules the rugby world and the Highlanders attack guru wants some help from officials to create some more room on the paddock.

Houston Rockets centre Clint Capela lands on top of Steven Adams.

Adams injured in 'body slam' foul

The big Kiwi centre was left shaking after being driven into the floorboards.

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kea kids news

How NZ named a new planet video

Olivia Matsas finds out how Aotearoa's newest planet and star got it's Māori name.

A new planet and star 132 light years away have new Māori names from Aotearoa.

Unwrapping Auckland's new trains video

Harry Calder unwraps one of Auckland's new trains.

They've travelled 19,500kms to get here. We take one out of the packaging for a look.

Honey's big run for mum

Honey Hireme-Smiler wants to honour her late mother Caryn by walking the Great Wall of China.

Cross-code star Honey Hireme-Smiler's mum walked the Great Wall of China. Now Honey will run it to honour her.

What Trump win would mean for us

Donald Trump has already done enormous damage to the previous (albeit shaky) global 'Washington consensus' around trade ...

OPINION: From trade war risks to technology troubles, a re-elected Donald Trump could have a big impact here.

China’s new virus

A man wears a mask while riding a bike past the closed Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, linked to the coronavirus.

It's feared the deadly illness could spread from human to human, like the SARS pandemic in 2002.


'Poverty is everyone's concern'

Paediatrician Dr Renee Liang takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in New Zealand and the need for ...

A paediatrician takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in NZ and the need for a political pathway to change.

Taranaki shed full of surprises

John Ward next to a polar bear legally hunted by Inuits more than 20 years ago, and acquired as a skin.

It may look ordinary from the outside, but this shed houses an impressive - if somewhat startling - collection.

now to love

How we saved my daughter's life

Of all the mental disorders, anorexia has the highest mortality rate. (File photo)

OPINION: One mother shares her story of helping her teen battle the soul-destroying illness of anorexia.

My life changed in 60 seconds

Laurinda Sutcliffe: "My career had been my life and that had just disappeared. It was a really scary place to be in."

There are 1440 minutes in every day, but it only takes a single one for something completely life-changing to happen.

homes to love

The perfect bach in Pauanui

The Locarno roofing that runs over the outdoor dining table has adjustable louvres so the family can let the sun in or ...

Designed for a couple of empty nesters, this unique bach makes big family gatherings easy.

A bach packed with personality

'We're definitely stoked to have this little space and try and make the most of it,' say the Newbolds.

This creative couple has made the most of their colourful weekend retreat in Mangawhai.

food to love

Night Noodle's Hidden Village

The Hidden Village at the 2019 Night Noodle Markets in Auckland.

Last year, The Hidden Village was a last-minute addition to Auckland's Night Noodle Markets. Now it's a restaurant.

Ultimate outdoor kitchen

Want to take your al fresco cooking to a new level? Here’s how to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen and go from burnt ...

However much you have to spend, these amazing outdoor kitchens will take your al fresco cooking to a new level.


Big makeup trends for 2020 gallery

Actor and model Cara Delevingne wearing a variety of colours.

New makeup products and ideas to get excited about wearing this year.

What you need to know about acne video

Picking, scratching, squeezing or popping pimples is never a good idea.

Figuring out what type of acne you have - and what's causing it - is the first step in battling breakouts.


The end of holiday romances?

We don't talk much about summer flings any more.

Is the steamy summer fling being consigned to history?

Why I'm fed up with set menus

Somehow, in switching to multi-course menus with wine matching, fine-dining restaurants have forgotten that they need to ...

OPINION: My chief objection is that it is mostly really, really, boring.


Claims restaurant underpaid staff

The owner of Coriander's Ethnic Indian Restaurants will face charges of worker exploitation in May. In December his ...

A popular Indian restaurant chain's owner has company assets frozen after claims he underpaid staff.

Travel agent issued 'fake tickets'

The company has more than 100 unsecured creditors, a liquidator's report says. (FILE)

Travel agent owes creditors more than $230,000, liquidator's reports says.

Family business for sale after murder

Shadia Amin has made the difficult decision to sell her family business.

Shadia Amin and her husband started the business in 2016, but it was too hard to run without her "companion".

Youth forum focused on change

Participants at last year's New Zealand Hindu Youth Conference in Auckland.

 Inspiring change for the betterment of society is the theme for a youth conference to be held in Auckland next month.

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Oscar can help you get sorted

Oscar is Air New Zealand's chatbot.

SPONSORED: Air New Zealand’s clever chatbot, transform the way you travel.

Refresh your home for summer

The bathroom on the left features Resene Elderflower, Resene Yes Please, Resene Wishing Well, Resene Meditation and ...

SPONSORED: Welcome summer colours into your home.