A plane, a smell, then he felt sick

4:58 PM  Daniel Gasson knows he saw a plane fly over school, then seconds later came the smell.

Pilot located by police

South End School, Carterton, was the scene of a contamination scare on Friday after 10 children were hospitalised for ...

5:39 PM  Police will speak to a pilot in relation to a supposed mystery substance being dropped near a school.

Man dies pushing vehicle

A man has died after being trapped under a car while pushing it down a driveway, police say.

The multi-million dollar clause video

Twenty-four words left out of Christchurch City Council's district plan wipes millions off properties.

Damaging potato virus hits NZ

5:44 PM  But potato chip and oven fries lovers can rest easy as it's unlikely supplies will be affected.

Search for widow's money

Mary Patricia Scott-Smith probably had $650,000 in the bank – but then she only had $200,000.


Fatal stabbing at home

Rescue services have been outside the Harding Drive house since 8.30am on Saturday.

A man is dead and another man has been arrested after a stabbing at a Bay of Plenty home.

Courier loses mother's ashes

Company sent a woman's ashes to the wrong address and now can't find them.

University of Canterbury professor Anne-Marie Brady.

China in frame for NZ burglary

A break-in at a NZ academic's home has "one likely culprit", a former CIA analyst says.

    special projects

    The country no-one wants

    An elderly man sitting outside his home in hunda eldia (sub-village) of Hatugao, Ermera, Timor-Leste.

    200,000 lost their lives, but the global community seems to have forgotten.

    Unseen: Police and the private eyes

    Why the government inquiry into links with Thompson & Clark should be widened.

    Indian migrants say Gurpreet Singh could help secure visas to stay in NZ.

    The Big Scam

    A Stuff investigation uncovers major immigration fraud with migrants buying visas and jobs to stay in New Zealand.


    'Plan to tape Trump, invoke 25th'

    Rod Rosenstein denied secretly record President Donald Trump last year to expose chaos in the administration.

    Top lawman denies NY Times report he discussed using law to declare US president unfit to lead.

    Genealogy site finds rapist video

    The 'NorCal' rapist victimised at least 10 women in California over a period of 15 years starting in 1991.

    A needle found in a punnet of strawberries in Australia.

    Drug trafficker links to strawberry saga

    Business at the centre of the Australian strawberry scandal is owned by a convicted drug trafficker.


    Eroad 'insider' not guilty

    Hamish Marc Sansom 'not guilty'.

    Businessman who the Financial Markets Authority prosecuted for alleged insider trading found not guilty.

    Rich lister's poor review of Ardern

    With good mate John Key in tow, a Kiwi millionaire questions the PM's credentials at his book launch.

    Should young renters just eat less avocado toast to afford a home? They would need to not eat 6,500 avocado toasts (one ...

    Renters you are toast video

    OPINION: Young renters can't rely on the Tax Working Group or this Government for affordable housing.


    Spark sweeps dark web

    A hooded man holds a laptop computer as blue screen with an exclamation mark is projected on him in this illustration ...

    Company warns 21,000 customers their logons are on dark web.

    Never get lost again

    Directions are right in the palm of your hand, thanks to smartphone apps.

    Haeata principal Kai Fong says learning "doesn't happen without internet" these days.

    Scheme tackling technology poverty video

    More than 360 Christchurch students will be given free wi-fi access at their homes in a new scheme aiming to help "bridge the digital divide".


    Tips on buying a sofa bed

    By day it's a sofa; by night it's a bed. The Freedom Signature sofa bed can be customised.

    Sofa beds have come of age, and it's all because space is at a premium.

    The container house for family of 5 video

    The Heeringa family have lived big in a tiny house for three years, but it's time for a change.

    Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia references the many ships that have foundered on the coast, including ...

    Shipwreck inspires lodge

    Survivor Namibia: This lodge on the Skeleton Coast was inspired by the wreck of the Dunedin Star.

    life & style

    Weird foods at your takeaway video

    We have all heard of deep fried Mars bars, but pickled eggs?

    Sure, we have all heard of deep fried Mars bars, but pickled eggs from the local chippy?

    YouTube's beauty payoff

    OPINION: Why Mecca, opening an Auckland megastore today, owes the internet some gratitude.

    Prince Andrew's daughter, Eugenie, is getting married in October.

    New rules for father of the bride

    Times have changed and - as Prince Andrew recently discovered - so has the father of the bride's role.

    well & good

    Is 'vegan depression' a thing?

    Some people who choose veganism for ethical reasons are left struggling with 'vystopia'.

    Psychologist argues many vegans are dealing with a unique condition - and it deserves recognition.

    Don't suffer in silence stuff nation

    OPINION: Don't talk about a stigma. Talk about endometriosis like you don't care.

    Ana at age 11, when her mother first feared something was wrong.

    Diagnosis no mum wants to hear

    "This is when it dawns on you that doctors can't fix everything. They're groping in the dark, just like the rest of us."

    food & wine

    The right way to open OXO cubes

    There's an easier way to open those OXO cubes.

    It's one of the easiest ways to add flavour to dishes - and it's about to get even easier.

    Introducing deep fried cheese rolls

    They said nothing was more perfect than 'Southern Sushi', until a brave shop cooked it in fish and chip oil.

    Best spots for fruit and vege

    Oktoberfest comes to HeyDay

    nz farmer

    Farmers 'need tougher rules'

    Minister for the Environment David Parker visited Riverton and met local farmers to see the environmental improvements ...

    Minister for the Environment David Parker has said environment rules have not been tough enough on farmers during a visit to Southland on Friday.

    Action needed on tech future

    OPINION: Govt may have decidedly too many chiefs in New Zealand sector.

    China 'candid' about trade war

    New venison plant running


    Wellington is potty for Potter

    Harry Potter seems to be an obsession with Wellingtonians.

    A series of sell-out Harry Potter pub quizzes proves that some (especially Wellingtonians, for some reason) just can't shake their obsession.

    Mean Mums and Golden Boy

    Review: Three's new series of comedy pilots are better than most of what we get served up.

    The Block contestants Chlo and Em say they were working 18 hour days while filming.

    Living in 'Block bubble' video

    Being on The Block was like living at an "invasive boarding school", says one contestant.


    The last straw video

    Straws are among the top ten items collected during Ocean Conservancy's annual International Coastal Clean-up.

    OPINION: The latest attempt at greenwashing from the travel industry is hard to swallow.

    Truth about living in London video

    It's become a rite of passage but, for many, the struggle is real.

    Just hanging out in the Bolivian Desert! This photo was taken in the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia during a 3 month ...

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!


    Colorado goes Xtreme video

    Holden has cranked the Colorado ute to extreme levels. Well, Xtreme.

    Holden has launched a production version of its Colorado Xtreme concept that was a hit at the Fieldays in 2016.

    Goodbye to Holden Barina video

    From beep-beep to bye bye: Holden is dropping the long-running Barina hatchback.

    This is the third distinct version of the Ioniq to be launched: a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV.

    Give us a plug, but we'll keep the engine thanks video

    Is a plug-in hybrid old hat - or the easiest way forward into an EV age?

    stuff nation

    I begged for a hysterectomy at 32 stuff nation

    My “monthly” pain was worse than labour; so intense I couldn’t walk.

    When I told the doctor at the hospital how much pain I was in, he told me I was lying.

    Ruru loves to kōrero Māori stuff nation

    I only speak to my cat in Māori and he loves to talk back - he's fluent in NZ's native language.

    Have you ever been ditched on the first date? (File photo)

    Ditched at dinner stuff nation

    After my date took off, I sat there staring at our meals, feeling sad as hell.


    Counties confirm semi spot

    Counties Manukau celebrating a try during their win in Otago.

    5:41 PM  Counties become the first FPC team guaranteed to contest the semi-finals, while Waikato hammer Auckland.

    Diamonds not taking Ferns lightly video

    5:24 PM  Australia might be heavy favourites against Silver Ferns, but Diamonds coach warns they'll be tough.

    Billy Slater may have played his last match for the Melbourne Storm.

    Big names who've missed NRL final video

    5:27 PM  Cameron Smith, Steve Roach and Arthur Beetson have all missed the NRL final through suspension.


    In praise of Norma Plummer video

    There's a lot more to South Africa netball coach Norma Plummer than meets the eye.

    Netball would be far less relevant in this country without the contribution of Norma Plummer.

    How did NZ come out in front?

    Radical women: the delegates who formed the the National Council of Women.

    OPINION: We're an essentially conservative country, so how did we manage to be first with women's suffrage?

    Advice, yes, but make it nice

    Hila Oren thought she had some good advice.

    OPINION: Hila Oren came to advise us on how to brand Christchurch. Christchurch didn't like what she said.

    The house of the good Sheppard

    Christchurch community leaders gather for a drink to launch a women's fund at the Ilam home of suffrage and temperance ...

    OPINION: Christchurch is still suffragist city.

    good reads

    Why Wellington is potty for Potter

    Harry Potter seems to be an obsession with Wellingtonians.

    A series of sell-out Harry Potter pub quizzes proves that some just can't shake their obsession.

    Mike Treen: The Agitator

    Mike Treen, right,  confronts Josef Roberts, the CEO of Burger Fuel Australasia, in support of Joanne Bartlett, who was ...

    Mike Treen is in a moonboot. Bruised ribs mean it hurts to laugh. Which is a shame, because he laughs often.

    The truth about living in London video

    Emma Pederson (right) said one of the biggest misconceptions about London is that the weather's terrible. "The summers ...

    It's become a rite of passage but, for many, the struggle is real.

    Ploggers to the rescue

    Zola McDonald with some of her plogging haul.

    It's no fun picking up lazy people's rubbish, but these Kiwis do it anyway.

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    The classic cartoon about office life.


    Her employer supported her alleged rapist

    Sarah (not her real name) suffers post-traumatic stress disorder after an alleged rape in a classroom at a North Island ...

    She went to the police. They believed her. That wasn't enough.

    'Make companies reveal sex secrets'

    Equal employment opportunities commissioner Jackie Blue wants a national inquiry into harassment in the workplace.

    Growing momentum behind a national inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace as complaints numbers double.

    Worker fired 7 years after groping

    With women making up just 17 per cent of the 3400 KiwiRail workers, the rail company has had to work had to combat high ...

    A KiwiRail employee put his hand up a colleague's dress in 2011. He's finally faced the music.

    Super-audit exposes worst harassers

    MeToo started in the film industry. And in NZ, the film organisation charged with monitoring sexual harassment is one of biggest offenders.


    Why Wellington is potty for Potter

    Harry Potter seems to be an obsession with Wellingtonians.

    A series of sell-out Harry Potter pub quizzes proves that some (especially Wellingtonians, for some reason) just can't shake their obsession.

    Drugs plus shy octopus equals...

    If you give the California two-spot octopus, Octopus bimaculoides MDMA, it will get touchy and want to mingle.

    Scientists bathed octopuses in the psychedelic drug ecstasy.

    Rammy's raid halts Helensville video

    Rammy was quickly and safely returned home.

    Rammy's rampage through Helensville brought the semi-rural town to a halt until he was cornered at the library.

    Did tourist pee on Old Faithful? video

    Park rangers can be heard screaming at the man to get to safety.

    The man gets far too close to the boiling-hot US geyser for comfort.


    My teen is obsessed with death

    As most teenagers now watch the news alone, poring over their device, it increases the amount of post-disaster ...

    ADVICE: When responding to your daughter's anxiety about death and disaster, keep your replies pragmatic but hopeful.

    Is social media scaring off mums?

    While it's good for mums-to-be to know what to expect in childbirth, some of the horror stories shared online may not be ...

    UK expert warns "horror stories" about labour may be contributing to the rise of tocophobia: a fear of childbirth.

    My in-laws won't accept me

    If you're up against a deeply-ingrained, hierarchical system, you need to fight back in small but determined ways.

    ADVICE: My parents-in-law call me a demon, and then carry on pretending I don't exist.

    My guilt over having an epidural stuff nation

    I had two doctors, my midwife and additional hospital midwives all suggesting that this was the only way, so it seemed ...

    OPINION: I agreed to an epidural but I felt as though my decision was already made for me by the doctors and midwives.

    kiwi traveller

    Insider tip: Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh's stellar food scene merits a visit to the city on its own.

    Food, shopping, stunning architecture: This southern Vietnamese city ticks all the boxes.

    Life lessons from Antarctica video

    Penguin colony on Half Moon Island. This was our first landing just off the peninsula of Antarctica in the South ...

    Antarctica is one of the only places on Earth that has not been intruded by war, crime and overpopulation.

    Methven a mini Banff

    Lauren says she certainly considers New Zealand her new home.

    Lauren Kostrom says her new hometown reminds her of Canada's oldest national park.

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    This photo was taken on a turtle tour in Rarotonga with Ariki Adventures. We were able to dive down and get up close and ...

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

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