Warriors' fairytale continues video

In front of over 18,000, the Warriors beat the Dragons for their sixth win in seven games.

'Cancer', then silence

After being told he had secondary liver cancer, Colin* waited more than a month to see a specialist at Capital & Coast DHB.

Colin found out he had liver cancer on March 14. But no-one would tell him how bad it was. He's waited, kept it quiet to all.

Why killer street racer avoided jail

It's caused outrage. But experts say sentence for causing four deaths in street race is fair.

Behind the magician's curtain video

SPOILER ALERT: Rabbits, hats, locked locked chests. The secrets behind five magic tricks.

Arsene Wenger quits Arsenal

Manager who led Premier League football club for 22 years says time's right to go.

Suzy Cato, our queen, arrives video

OPINION: With a single snake-hip in a gold cami top, she just re-wrote our childhoods.


Driver's speed and drug past

Haydn Clark was killed when his ute collided with another vehicle near Kopu.

A married couple in their 60s and 20-year-old man die in crash that leaves another person fighting for life.

Teenage girls attack, rob victim

Group of teenage girls assault a person, then use the bank card they stole from them.

The burned-out remains of the car.

Pulled from car before blast

He was lapsing in and out of consciousness in the flames. Just before the explosion, a pair reached him.


Warriors' stunning run continues

In front of over 18,000, the Warriors beat the Dragons for their sixth win in seven games.

special projects

Into the arms of strangers

The Wahine sinking claimed 53 lives, but everyday heroes saved many more.

The Wahine sinking claimed 53 lives, but everyday heroes saved many more.

The Better Man

The inside story of Joseph Parker's earnest defeat.

John Reynolds, who was murdered in Christchurch in 1996.

Heavy Metal: A family waits

Two decades ago Frances Muir got a call about her hardcase older brother. "He's dead." She still has questions.

stuff circuit

'Just call it a terrible accident'

Prayer Ready

When Prayer Ready died, the Gloriavale leadership rallied around.

The Valley episode 1: Enduring Freedom

NZ's military history is full of heroism and sacrifice. But what aren't we being told?

According to the book Hit and Run, three-year-old Fatima was killed during a New Zealand SAS raid in Afghanistan. Now ...

Missing the target

ANALYSIS: Kudos to the Government for seeking answers to questions raised in Hit and Run but it has blatantly ignored an opportunity.


It's a boy for Barnaby Joyce

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce have welcomed a baby boy.

The baby at the centre of a relationship scandal that led to the former Australian deputy prime minister's resignation has arrived.

Putin's hooker quip to Trump video

US President Donald Trump says Russian President Vladimir Putin told him, 'we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world'.

A severely stoned raccoon was brought into a rural US fire station was said to be "lethargic".

A story about a stoned raccoon video

An unusual pair showed up, pre-dawn, at rural US fire station last week.


New dawn after oil and gas

As the oil and gas industry faces its long sunset, plans are already underway on how to keep Taranaki's economy ticking ...

It's not all doom and gloom for Taranaki when oil and gas comes to an end.

Our weird mortgage relationship

OPINION: Mega mortgages, tiny mortgages. They're all the same to Kiwi homeowners.

Shangai-based New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Trade Commissioner Damon Paling: "I would like to think the lifespan of the ...

Beware Chinese 'pro shoppers'

Chinese shoppers hoping to cash in on consumer law breaches worry Kiwi food exporters.


New rules for Kiwi FB users

Facebook Ireland provides New Zealand's Facebook service.

New Zealanders among 1.5b Facebook users to no longer be governed by European rules, reports say.

God of War: A modern masterpiece

It's not just the game of the year so far, it's arguably the best game of its generation - and we have a copy to give away.

Wellington Free Ambulance relationship and development manager Vanessa Simpson shows off the GoodSam app.

An app for saving strangers video

If you know CPR and want to be a hero, there's now an app for that.


Very little house on the prairie

It’s hard to know how many tiny houses there are in New Zealand because they’re often built in violation of building ...

Keith Lovelock spent about $8000, and a year of his life, renovating a rotting shed into a colonial-themed tiny house.

Storage secrets of the stylish gallery video

This Kiwi couple applied new thinking to an old problem.

A chalet in the jungle - this Waiatarua house for sale is at one with the native bush landscape. The house has come onto ...

Jungle house - the ultimate escape? gallery

This house for sale appears to sit in a primeval jungle, and that's just what the owners wanted 40 years ago.

life & style

Best & worst dressed celebs gallery

We're bowing down to Kylie Minogue and Amy Schumer this week but we're not quite on board with Britney's look.

This week, Kylie Minogue finds the perfect fit, Amy Schumer hits a personal best and Britney needs a bigger size.

Queen Bey's yellow jersey

How Beyonce made a kumquat coloured jersey the most covetable fashion item to come out of Coachella.

You need to devise meaningful counter-phrases to your permission talk.

How we justify pigging out

We all tend to have phrases we use to throw in the towel and give up on a goal we've set.

well & good

Boozy mum culture's gone too far

Addiction experts and those who have battled addiction themselves say the trend minimises the dangers of drinking to excess.

Addiction experts and those who have battled addiction themselves say the trend minimises the dangers of drinking to excess.

How much water do you need?

Eight glasses a day seems like a lot. Here's what the experts had to say about it.

Social anxiety can lead to a person missing out.

Diary of a socially anxious teen

"I don't know if people know how crippling it is, the anxiety."

food & wine

Fresh Start's Italian pork

Italian pork with mushroom tomato sauce and courgetti.

Mediterranean flavours make this pork dish sing.

Make a gunfire breakfast

How rum became an integral part of the ANZAC Day celebration.

Simple pies and tarts for autumn

A feast of smoked fish

nz farmer

Skin creams made from deer milk

Landcorp is milking 80 deer from November to March.

Landcorp is milking 80 red deer near Gore for milk powder and cosmetics trials.

Disaster response 'stronger'

Civil Defence is in a stronger position to deal with farming disasters, says Minister Chris Faafoi.

Wool prices up across board

Kind autumn helps farmers


Harry Potter works out in NZ

Daniel Radcliffe has been spotted working out at a gym in Auckland.

The boy who lifted has been spotted at a gym in Auckland as he prepares for his role in Jason Lei Howden's Guns Akimbo.

From surgery to Survivor

A breast reduction op months before filming wasn't going to stop Josefien Maasdam from rising to the challenge of Survivor NZ.

Seven years after being banned by the Cannes Film Festival for jokingly calling himself a Nazi, Danish director Lars von ...

Director's Cannes ban lifted video

Seven years after his controversial Hitler comments, Lars Von Trier will return to Cannes.


Pilot pushed boundaries

In this image provided by the U.S. Navy, Lt. Tammie Jo Shults, one of the first women to fly Navy tactical aircraft, ...

Tammie Jo Shults, pilot at the helm of ill-fated Southwest flight, was determined to "break into the club" of male military aviators.

A guide to Air NZ disruptions video

What you need to know if you're booked to travel internationally with the airline over the next few days.

Dubai's government decided to restore the ship at a cost of over US$100 million ($136.6 million).

A new life for the QE2

Grande dame of the seas will finally open as a floating luxury hotel moored off Dubai.


Aston Martin's proof of life

All-new Aston Martin Vantage is aimed directly at Porsche 911. With help from Mercedes-AMG (engine).

Most engaging Aston ever? Believe it or not, the latest Vantage might be just that.

Mercedes ute on and off NZ roads

New X-class premium pickup on sale in NZ from today: we drive the X 250d Power version.

Renault claims 150 changes for Captur II. Unfortunately 149 of them are not that obvious.

Captur II - quirky and cheaper

French maker's baby SUV still colourful in many ways.

stuff nation

Living with endo in the 70s stuff nation

"I experienced severe and near constant pain for about 35 years." (File photo)

"I experienced severe and near constant pain for about 35 years."

Capturing the last rays stuff nation

The lighthouse at Pouto Peninsula is such a beautiful place to visit.

The wide variety of plants throughout the garden have attracted many different birds.

Flat to fabulous stuff nation

Two years ago, this garden was flat, empty and covered in weeds. Now it's colourful, and constantly changing.


Super Rugby honours Anzacs

All Blacks coach Steve Hansen is supporting this year's Anzac appeal.

There's no comparison between a rugby match and what Anzacs endured on the battleground, ABs coach says.

McLaughlin second in practice session

Scott McLaughlin has finished second in both practice races at Phillip Island.

Brad Shields signed off with Wellington by guiding them to success in the second tier of New Zealand's national ...

Shields seeking England release

Hurricanes skipper keen to be eligible for England's June tour of South Africa with a formal application made to NZ Rugby.


Blinded to hurt by my privilege

Welsh referee Nigel Owens said he asked to be "chemically castrated" when he suspected he might be gay.

OPINION: Make no mistake, being brought up completely in line with your gender identity/sexual proclivity is an example of privilege.

An economic horror story video

Donald Trump could be responsible for unleashing frightening financial crisis.

OPINION: The president may have unleashed global economic forces that he does not begin to understand.

Is Raelene up to the job?

Raelene Castle is leading Rugby Australia through the turmoil created by star player Israel Folau's anti-gay comments.

OPINION: Rugby Australia boss fails in the Folau saga - and people in rugby league aren't surprised.

Waititi's comment too easy

Taika Waititi says New Zealanders need to address their racism

OPINION: Are we really as racist as Taika Waititi's inflammatory comment suggests?

good reads

Twenty minutes of terror in the sky video

Family, friends and community leaders are mourning the death of Jennifer Riordan.

The countdown to tragedy on Southwest Flight 1380.

Perenara and Weber: life coaches

Hurricane and All Black TJ Perenara said he's 100 per cent against Israel Folau's comments about gay people.

OPINION: All Blacks have the power to make the world a better place, and World Rugby should butt out.

Progress in war on wilding pines

Wilding pines take over high country tussock as they spread along the face of Ben Lomond, overlooking Queenstown.

Campaign to rid the high country of major fast-spreading infestation claims some success.

World's 10 most famous cinemas

The Chinese Theater has hosted the Oscars 3 times.

Sit back and watch the latest blockbusters at these movie theatres worth travelling too.

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'Sexy' law students ranked online

Auckland University law student Francy Sulikosky says a scathing report on sexism in the law school has helped make it a ...

A scathing report on sexism at Auckland University's Law School has sparked change.

Lawyers shocked from complacency

University of Auckland Law School is trying to remedy problems os sexism and harassment identified in a major report.

OPINION: Lawyers may not yet know how to fix their problem, but they know they have to find a way.

NZ finally says #metoo

Alison Mau has received hundreds of messages from women affected by sexual harassment.

OPINION: Hundreds of women have already come forward with harrowing sexual harassment stories, writes investigation head Alison Mau.

#MeTooNZ: Speaking out isn't easy video

The woman who lifted the lid on sexual harassment at the Human Rights Commission has quit her job. But the man who did ...

OPINION: Perpetrators of sexual harassment have long found safety in power. Now, women and men subjected to sexual harassment are finding power in the safety of numbers.


A story about a stoned raccoon video

A severely stoned raccoon was brought into a rural US fire station was said to be "lethargic".

An unusual pair showed up, pre-dawn, at rural US fire station last week.

Wine fountain mooted for NZ

Tourists form an orderly queue at the wine fountain in Irache, Spain.

It would have a "tonne" of legal issues and productivity would drop by "200 per cent" - but imagine.

Tumbleweed overruns US town video

The Southern Californian town of Victorville was left covered in tumbleweed after high winds.

Residents blocked out of their homes as infamous rolling hazards besieged a small US town.

Coach takes it on the chin

NZ Boxing coach and cutman Jacob Rapira has returned to New Plymouth after the Commonwealth Games with a red and blue ...

Boxing coach Jacob Rapira will have to keep his dyed beard for six weeks after a record Commonwealth medal haul.


When good mums are bad friends

Mums are expected to give everything they've got to their kids. So what's left for their friends?

OPINION: It's easy to think you won't change after having kids. But you will.

When can kids be home alone?

In New Zealand, it is illegal to leave children under 14 without making reasonable provision for their care.

Do parents know their own children best, or is 14 a fair home alone age?

My wife is too lax with our kids

I want to raise polite, respectful kids but my wife doesn't seem to care.

ADVICE: Our kids have bad manners and my wife thinks that's fine.

Don't judge me over son's bare feet

Mother posts about child's bare feet on Facebook.

"You know that mum you're judging because her kid has no shoes or socks on at the store? Yeah, that's me."

kiwi traveller

Taking it slow down a French canal stuff nation

Cruising down Canal du Midi.

Ann Chapman finds a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Ask an expert: Scandinavia and Russia

Despite being Norway's second largest city, Bergen retains a small-town vibe.

City tours should cover the main sites but how should we spend our free days?

Wanaka: True Kiwi ski experience stuff nation

Skiing at Treble Cone.

When you first arrive in Wanaka, you’ll be rendered breathless, writes Ocean Patrice Belcher.

Insider tip: South of France

Lyon encapsulates the French art de vivre.

No matter how many times you visit, there's always something new to fall in love with.

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