Harry, Meghan headed our way

Looks like Harry and Meghan will be in New Zealand later this year.

Royal wedding: Full coverage

Lightning, snow hit

Thunderstorms moved north overnight to the lower North Island, but much of the country looks like having a window of ...

Almost 3500 lightning strikes hit overnight as wintry weather sees snow possible down to 300m.

Posthumous win against landlord

After he died, Tynan Kelly's mum carried on his tenancy fight. Now, they've won the case.

Drivers wrongly fined

Seven years worth of speeding fines issued on a Christchurch road could be deemed invalid.

Cougar attack kills mountainbiker

8:37 AM  Cougar chased mountainbikers, dragging one off to its den in rare US attack.

From a house to a motorhome stuff nation

We sold our house and left it all behind for a life where we decide where we live and what we do.


Practising for rare surgery

Dr Jon Wells, left, and Professor Spencer Beasley hope to help trainee doctors master a rare, life-saving surgery.

New Zealand surgeons are using 3-D printing to teach doctors how to perform a life-saving operation on premature infants.

Boulder blocks highway

A large boulder is blocking a state highway near Waiouru.

Michael Craig McGrath went missing on May 21, 2017.

'We've had no closure'

A year after Michael McGrath vanished, his father has lost any hope he's still alive and now he wonders if he'll ever be found.


Bennett: I can break Froome

George Bennett says he won't be satisfied with anything less than a top-five finish at Giro d'Italia.

special projects

The decline of the middle class

Mary Moeke

It’s a global phenomenon and Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is no exception.

The disappearing dome

Brothels, rock music and history. How a vanished copper dome defined a century.

A single legal change caused massive growth in the prison muster.

Our prisons are full

A single legal change caused massive growth in the prison muster.


Trump hits out on 'witch hunt'

Trump's latest tweetstorm hits out at a New York Times piece.

US President fired off tweets after report that campaign representatives met with an emissary from Persian Gulf nations in 2016.

School plan didn't stop shooter video

Santa Fe school thought it was a hardened target, but chaos and death still entered its halls.

Lava erupts in the Leilani Estates subdivision near Pahoa, Hawaii.

Hawaii lava shatters leg

1 min ago  Spattering lava shatters man's leg, while molten rock from Kilauea reaching the sea causes new hazard.


A win for US in trade spat video

The United States and China have agreed to take measures to "substantially reduce'' America's massive trade deficit with ...

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the United States and China are stepping back from a possible trade war after two days of talks.

NZ props up big Aussie banks

Aussie banks are a more profitable part of the NZ economy than they are across the ditch. Are they treating us better in return?

Patrick Harris (right) puts his handyman skills to use at the Auckland Central Community Shed.

Skills help save in retirement

Learning DIY when you're young could pay dividends in retirement.


Talking pictures become a reality

Head of New Zealand VR Association and driving force behind Creative Realities, Jessica Manins trying out a VR headset.

Keeping the cultural context of museum pieces will be easier with talking digital portraits.

Life and death in State of Decay 2

This zombie survival game isn't really about zombies - it's about building a community.

Meredith Marsone and her painting, 'The Lost Generation', at the Millennium Public Art Gallery.

There's an art to Instagram

Meredith Marsone lives in Marlborough, but is probably better know in New York. That's what 30,000 followers does for you.


Survivor NZ's Josh at home gallery video

Hickford in his kitchen, which features a retro mustard dining table.

Survivor NZ contestant Josh Hickford gives us a tour of his classic 60s bungalow.

Three of NZ's best kitchens gallery video

White kitchens seem to have had their day. This year's award winners were all about dark hues and timber effects..

An impressive DIY effort went into creating this winning bathroom.

Three brilliant bathrooms gallery video

A boundary-pushing bathroom with black rubber walls and a trough-like tub wins at awards.

life & style

The week in celeb instagrams

Adele went all out for the royal wedding.

7:34 AM  Adele celebrates the royal newlyweds, Oprah makes a last-minute switch and Mindy Kaling works out her way.

My daughter is mean

Q&A: My 14-year-old daughter decides who among her friends is cool and who is shunned.

Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and Kitty Spencer all nailed their royal wedding looks.

Royal wedding's best dressed video

Who nailed their wedding look for Harry and Meghan's big day? These are our top 10 picks.

well & good

Dogs do wonders for your health

High five, mate! Having a dog is great for both our mental and physical wellbeing.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that having animals in your life can be good for your wellbeing.

Kiwi's million-dollar 'diet drops'

The efficacy of "diet drops" being sold by a New Zealander based in Queensland is being questioned.

This fudge should be gluten-free, just check none of your ingredients contain gluten.

What's the deal with gluten?

OPINION: There are three types of people avoiding gluten. Which one are you?

food & wine

Food fit for the royals video

Harry and Meghan have been involved in 'every detail' of their wedding dinner.

Croquette of confit windsor lamb and fricassee of free-range chicken: the royal reception menu.

Don't knock gnocchi

Spuds never tasted so good as in this is a straightforward yet adaptable recipe for Italian dumplings.

No sweat, courgette

Try pulled pork tacos with slaw

nz farmer

Taranaki M.bovis free, for now

While Mycoplasma bovis had not been detected in Taranaki multiple farms around the region have cattle that has been at a ...

Farmers are taking all practical steps to prevent the disease, but it could be only a matter of time before it was detected in Taranaki.

Farmers say talk to us, not at us

Andrew McGiven says farming will still be the whipping post for politicians and environmentalists.

US beef cull to impact prices

Aged beef on Alliance's menu


Kiwi actress in Royal Wedding

Ben Lamb and Rose McIver will reprise their A Christmas Prince roles in a wedding-themed sequel later this year.

8:08 AM  iZombie star will reprise her role as Amber Moore in a follow-up that has already begun shooting in Romania.

Survivor shakes things up

Survivor gambled a tribe swap would make the show more interesting - did it pay off?

Kylie Minogue, wearing her latest collection for Specsavers, spoke to Fairfax Media about her 50th birthday plans.

Kylie's 50th birthday party video

7:47 AM  "I am very aware and thankful that this is a good time in my life."


A getaway in the Alps

Sunrise at the New Hut at Lake Heron Station in autumn.

The New Hut at Lake Heron Station is the perfect place for peace and quiet, and adventure in the great outdoors.

Record Everest climber returns

Veteran Sherpa guide who scaled Mount Everest for a record 22nd times is already planning his next trip.

Now they are married it's time to speculate where Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will head ...

A royal honeymoon

Bets might be on Namibia but here are five other destinations that suit their adventurous, low-key vibe.


The new car for the stars arrives video

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 has an interior like a luxury private jet. It can fly like one too.

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears all drive them - and now a newly released Mercedes G-Class is likely to tempt them.

Best cars for the royal wedding

These are the cars Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should have used for their big day.

Triton Huntaway II is a follow-on from last year's (you guessed it) Huntaway. Yes, you can buy one.

Mitsubishi NZ's monster ute video

It got a million YouTube views; Mitsubishi reckons its made-in-NZ Huntaway ute is its coolest thing in 20 years. We drive it.

stuff nation

We're the 'working poor' stuff nation

"Call me cynical, but the politicians of this country are just guzzling on the teat of the working man." (File photo)

Dear NZ politicians: Do you remember what it's like to struggle?

Barely scraping by stuff nation

"If we're feeling the pinch, I can't even fathom how those in even more dire straits are getting by."

The changing seasons created the perfect backdrop.

Autumn Arrowtown sunrise stuff nation

The changing seasons created the perfect backdrop.


Where are Waikato's ABs?

Tawera Kerr-Barlow has probably played his last All Blacks test with him moving to France.

Tawera Kerr-Barlow is Waikato's only home-grown player since 2009 to have earned his first All Blacks call-up.

Carney sign hits NRL deal

7:23 AM  Tensions rises as Sydney feeder club defies Souths to take on NRL bad boy.

Rafael Nadal has given his clay court rivals plenty to chew on ahead of the French Open with his eighth title in Rome.

Nadal wins Rome, back to No 1

Clay court specialist reigns supreme for eighth title in Italy and back to top of men's tennis.


Markles make royals look good

No one to walk Meghan down the aisle? There were no shortage of contenders in the lead-up to the weekend's wedding.

OPINION: We all thought the royal family was dysfunctional. Then we met the Markles.

Extending the 'power of love'

Bishop Michael Curry was preaching about more than love between Harry and Meghan.

OPINION: Bishop Michael Curry's message had political, cultural and global relevance beyond marriage.

Listen to what the man said

American Bishop Michael Curry.

OPINION: "Two people fell in love and we allllll showed up."

'Rebuilding' Labour's economic nous

Finance Minister Grant Robertson is congratulated by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after delivering the Labour led ...

The Government has a three-part story to tell, and the final showdown is on National's turf.

good reads

Texas school plan didn't stop shooter video

Wendy Long cries as she waits for her daughter's friend to retrieve personal belongings from Santa Fe High School in Texas.

Santa Fe school thought it was a hardened target, but chaos and death still entered its halls.

In his 90s and still earning

Aged 91, and still contributing. Chairman of the Anne Frank New Zealand travelling exhibition Boyd Klap.

People's "economic" lives are getting longer, but they'd be hard-pressed to beat 91-year-old Boyd Klap.

Hopeful Christian's mixed legacy

Hopeful Christian, who died this week, was a convicted sex offender who led the controversial Gloriavale sect on the ...

The convicted sex offender, adored by his followers, has been dogged by controversies that beset Gloriavale.

Teacher 'rebuilt' bullied radio star

Radio presenter Susie Ferguson was severely bullied at school. She credits drama teacher Debbie Moody for rebuilding her ...

Eight trail-blazing Kiwi women - including RNZ's Susie Ferguson - talk about the invisible heroes in their lives.

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The classic cartoon about office life.


Men invited to #metoo too

#Metoo blogger and legal researcher Zoe Lawton has started a new blog specifically for men working in the legal profession.

Almost 50 men working in the legal profession sign a #metoo pledge within its first 48 hours.

Four brave women



Alison Mau.

New columnists for ...

OPINION: Allegations a trusted GP initiated sexual relationships with vulnerable patients bear all the hallmarks of a #metoo case.

For complainants, a harrowing wait

Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

A 'horrible' and intimidating process, then months of waiting for four women who alleged sexual misconduct by their GP.

Trouble spills from Friday drinks video

Alcohol was a common factor in many of the cases of sexual misconduct.

It can be a recipe for disaster: Young female staff, older male bosses, pressure, long hours then the activating ingredient - liquor.


Woman revives parakeet with CPR

The bird was lying face down in his cage. But that didn't stop medic Chelsea Steiner from trying to do what was right.

Trained EMT Chelsea Steiner saw friend's bird Tweety was dying - and her natural instincts kicked in.

Countdown's cucumber chaos

Royal wedding watchers are being blamed for clearing out an Auckland supermarket of cucumbers.

Royal wedding watchers are being blamed for clearing out an Auckland supermarket of cucumbers.

You shall go to the ball - in gumboots

Philip Mullan, Irene Mullan, Andy Whitehead, Oscar Napman, 2, Debi Whitehead, Andrew Pentelow, Snapper Young, and front ...

You shall go to the ball - and in gumboots, too.

Nuns told not to tweet too much

Nun have been told to spend less time on social and more time communicating more with God.

Nuns should communicate more with God and less with social media, the Vatican has said.


'I rang my midwife in tears'

Wellington mum and blogger Jess Bovey suffered postnatal depression after the birth of her son Baxter, 2.5, and ...

A survey of 550 doctors based in Australia and New Zealand found most overestimated the risks of taking antidepressants during pregnancy.

'Friend parents' on the rise

'Platonic co-parenting' isn't as crazy as it sounds and it's becoming an increasingly popular option. (file photo)

Having a baby with a "great mate" is becoming a popular option for broody men and women.

How to not tick off your wife

"Fathers who won't learn to parent are not only selling themselves short, they're robbing their child of the opportunity ...

OPINION: Fathers who won't learn to parent are robbing their child of the opportunity to have the best dad possible.

Did Gayford reveal baby's sex? video

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford wanted to keep the sex of their child ...

Clarke Gayford and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had wanted to keep the sex of their child secret - but has all been revealed?

kiwi traveller

Kiwi life: From the US to Auckland

Me with Ruby at Splore.

Boopsie Maran fell in love on a New Zealand hilltop playing spotlight and hasn't looked back.

Readers' travel pics of the week

This was taken at Red Rocks, in Wellington, on ANZAC Day. Quite a lot of seals there for this time of year. A beautiful ...

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

How to work on the road, and travel

Engineers, farmers, even computer programmers all work happily on the road.

A bit of creativity, self-belief and - believe it or not, work - can lead to the freedom to travel.

Insider tip: Northern France

The Vieux-Bassin (old harbour) in Honfleur, Normandy.

This rugged stretch of coastline is a perfect mix of beaches, dramatic scenery and towns that buzz with culture and history.

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