After her older brother was shot by police, Genevieve Simpson got a job in mental health.

Her brother's keeper video

6:24 AM  After police shot her brother, Genevieve Simpson got a job in mental health to investigate.

Electoral Act breaches?

12072019 News Photo: Abigail Dougherty/Stuff. Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters, held ...

Political donations appear to have been hidden in a slush fund controlled by Winston Peters' advisers.

Will accused give evidence? video

The man accused of murdering Grace Millane is set to signal if he will take the stand.

Kiwis lack general knowledge

1 min ago  Many of us have bad general knowledge. Take our quiz to see how you compare.

Turn 12 leave days into 38 days off

If you're already planning next year's time off, this is how to make it work for you.

A breakup on Grand Designs video

6:55 AM  A heartbroken man builds alone after his partner walks out with the house barely begun.


Fraudulent site stings visitors video

Scammers have been fleecing some travellers from about 60 visa-waiver countries who now need an electronic travel authority.

Immigration NZ shuts down website pretending to process electronic travel authorities.

PM: Asylum 'totally hypothetical'

Jacinda Ardern says she wasn't informed refugee Behrouz Boochani was headed here but wouldn't be drawn into the issue of asylum.

Screenshots from a video showing a tornado ripping off a roof in Christchurch.

No tornadoes but heavy rain for south

7:46 AM  Christchurch could be hit by another storm on Wednesday - just two days after a tornado.

climate change

Do we really have to quit meat?

Will eating less red meat help save the planet?

15 min ago  Yes, your hamburgers are hurting the planet. Here's why cow farming is unsustainable.

Plastic anxiety the new existential crisis

Joseph Stockhausen was sweating and wanting to flee during a "suffocating" visit to his local supermarket.

Park Hotel's front office manager, Devvrat Kaushal, says the building itself was recycled - repurposed from a 1980s ...

Hotels go green video

Known as the business of consumption, New Zealand hotel owners are having a change of heart when it comes to being sustainable.


Sheep milk coming to shop near you

Spring Sheep milk powder comes from Waikato.

Kiwis could be topping their cereal with sheep milk from early next year.

Fraudulent site stings visitors video

Immigration NZ shuts down website pretending to process electronic travel authorities.

Scott Cameron and Alexandra Tully are creating a lending platform to earn farmers cash for unused equipment.

Farm gear lending site to launch

New website allows farmers to list equipment for hire in a peer-to-peer lending format.


The sinking population of Venice video

Venetians have suffered multiple high tides.

7:53 AM  Just 53,000 people live in the historic part of the city that tourists know as Venice, down by a third from a generation ago.

Ten of the best beach clubs

8:00 AM  Mingle with Mariah in Greece, or party like Jagger in Mustique.

The small village Gásadalur and the Mulafossur waterfall.

The 'Land of 10,000 Waterfalls' video

3 min ago  Visiting the Faroe Islands - where tourists will be banned for one weekend in 2020.

Christchurch musician Ari Freeman is a real life wizard who wants to help you rediscover magic

The wizard's apprentice

There used to be just one wizard in Christchurch. Now there are two.

Her brother's keeper video

After her older brother was shot by police, Genevieve Simpson got a job in mental health.

6:24 AM  After police shot her brother, Genevieve Simpson got a job in mental health - and began investigating.

A deadly legacy in Afghanistan

Stuff Circuit: Life and Limb

Stuff Circuit investigates: What did we leave behind? And we meet the innocent victims.

Compulsory history in practice

The arrival of the Endeavour replica in modern-day Auckland is a reminder that this country's history remains a vital ...

We asked teachers and academics how compulsory New Zealand history lessons might work.

I should be dead

Brothers Doug Dykzeul (left) and John Dykzeul (centre) and their brother-in-law Stephen Hughes were all killed in the ...

Four brothers jumped at the chance to fly to Antarctica. But a twist of fate ultimately saved Paul's life.


The sinking population of Venice video

Venetians have suffered multiple high tides.

7:53 AM  Just 53,000 people live in the historic part of the city that tourists know as Venice, down by a third from a generation ago.

French teen killed as bridge falls

A 15-year-old girl died and several people are missing after a bridge collapsed into a river in southwestern France.

At least three people have been shot and killed at a Walmart store in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Walmart shooting: 3 dead

At least three people have been shot and killed at a Walmart store in Oklahoma, in the US.


Home is where the heart aches

Palmerston North woman Vanessa Woodhead is calling for the Government to regulate property managers, after facing ...

The screws are tightening on landlords, but cavalier property managers are still playing by their own rules, warns a harassed tenant.

Rental changes may backfire

OPINION: No sensible landlord ends a tenancy without a sound reason.

Landlords are concerned the new law change will make it difficult to get rid of problem tenants.

Rental notice change 'a risk to safety' video

Making it more difficult to ditch tenants could put people in danger, property managers say.


Neutrals are going back to black video

"Whether sleek and modern or rustic farmhouse, black paint and decor offers a sophisticated air to many different ...

6 min ago  White may always be a safe fallback, but after the beige and gray of recent years, designers say there's a new neutral in town.

Grand home is a teenage heaven gallery video

A bit frantic, a bit full, a lot of fun. Justine Munro loves sharing her home with her friends, her girls' friends, family and neighbours.

Living on a building site can be stressful, as all teams on The Block Australia have discovered.

Reno life without a bathroom video

Here's the one thing nearly every builder will advise you to do - for your own sanity.

life & style

Improving doctor-patient relationships video

There is a lot of "guesswork" involved in medicine and doctors are constantly considering things like probabilities, ...

OPINION: Most GPs welcome hearing about the things that aren't working well for our patients.

No dinosaurs for girls at Kmart

Three-year-old Lola loves her dinosaur t-shirt, but her mum want to know why Kmart has labelled it a boys' top.

Duchess on public transport

The royal turned heads when she was spotted stepping off the train at Norwich station.

well & good

Can dogs help cancer-sufferers?

"Just like humans, dogs are living longer and are developing cancer in greater numbers," says UC Davis associate ...

Around 275 pets are being sought to participate in a five-year US investigation.

The joy of resuming childhood pastimes video

Just over a year ago, graphic designer Rachel Franco pulled on a pair of roller skates for the first time in more than 30 years.

There are 'dissenting views' as to whether saturated fats are a health problem.

Sugar key - not fat, salt

Don't demonise fat, researcher says. It is sugar that's the problem.

food & wine

Do we really have to quit meat?

Will eating less red meat help save the planet?

15 min ago  Yes, your hamburgers are hurting the planet. Here's why cow farming is unsustainable.

Perfect Portuguese chicken dinner

Serve kumara and greens topped with chicken, then drizzle over the resting juices and minted yoghurt.

Nelson Sav beats the usual suspects

Fewer customers buying more booze video

nz farmer

Student explores trading across Asia

Massey University's William Robertson is studying at Shanghai University in China for six months before heading to Indonesia.

Young farmer William Robertson is studying in Shanghai for six months, then heading to Indonesia on a prime minister's scholarship.

Throwaway culture needs to change video

OPINION: The next innovation should be to allow us to fix things more easily.

Dairy company seeks ocean discharge

Nitrogen testing the quick and cheaper way video


Th' Dudes add extra show video

Th' Bliss Tour was announced ahead of the band receiving the Legacy Award and being inducted into the New Zealand Music ...

12 min ago  Tickets for the reunion tour sold out within hours.

Draco Malfoy is 'self-partnered' video

7:24 AM  Felton thinks people need to love themselves before they're able to love anyone else.

Rebel Yell and White Wedding singer Billy Idol is to return to New Zealand in January 2020.

Billy Idol returns to NZ

8:00 AM  Idol will perform at the Outer Fields in Western Springs in Auckland next year.


Kate Middleton reveals Princess Charlotte's new favorite hairstyle

Karwai Tang/WireImage, AARON CHOWN/AFP via Getty Images)

Kate Middleton revealed that Princess Charlotte has a new favorite hairstyle while visiting The Nook hospice center in Norfolk on Friday. Find out what it is here!

Hannah Jeter offers rare glimpse into her private life with Derek Jeter and their kids

The Sports Illustrated model and wife of the Yankees star talks about their everyday family life with Editorialist Magazine.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros - E!

Watch Chrissy Teigen scare the absolute crap out of John Legend

John Legend hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, and Chrissy Teigen couldn't pass up the chance to scare her husband. Watch the hilarious moment below!


The 7-year-old philanthropist video

Eddie Writes was  the youngest winner at the 2019 Wellingtonian of the Year Awards, receiving a Philanthropy showcase award.

Eddie Writes, 7, has raised thousands of dollars for Wellington Regional Hospital and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

No dinosaurs for girls at Kmart

Three-year-old Lola loves her dinosaur t-shirt, but her mum want to know why Kmart has labelled it a boys' top.

A covered pram is a heatstroke risk

What your child's teacher wants video


Freemasons urged to open up video

In New Zealand there are 220 lodges and 6000 brethren.

From the Grand Master to the Grand Initiation and the Grand Banquet - Freemasonry can be very grand.

Fred Dagg record attempt

Were they in the hospital or infirmary? No, the 17 Fred Daggs were in Palmerston North.

Uni grad at 9

Rare condition causes your belly to brew alcohol


Paypal's misfit mafia

Peter Thiel and Elon Musk in 2000, after their two companies had merged to form PayPal.

Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and key figures behind YouTube, and LinkedIn were in on Paypal's ground floor. Now they rule Silicon Valley.

The voice of extinction

OPINION: Now there's an app to transcribe voicemail, how long before the human voice is redundant?

Spark hopes to offer major centres 5G wireless broadband by mid-next year.

Spark gives heartland 5G priority

Heartland centres get first dibs in Spark's rollout of fifth generation wireless broadband.


Top Compact SUV: Lexus UX video

A lot of choice in Lexus UX lineup. But even the entry model is extravagantly equipped.

7:19 AM  STUFF TOP CARS: UX brings Lexus premium values into a city-friendly package.

Fresh Mercedes SUV drops the diesels video

Mercedes-Benz has refreshed its most popular model for 2020 with a huge tech upgrade and an all-petrol line up.

Daimler's car brand, Mercedes-Benz, is under pressure with the transition to electric vehicles.

The shift to electric cars will be painful video

Daimler's new boss has warned that there will be no easy way for the company to adapt to self-driving and electric cars.

stuff nation

Oh, how very foolish I was stuff nation

Competing in happier times as I finish the Christchurch Marathon in 2019. The same can't be said for the 53km trail run.

OPINION: I was feeling confident, like I had this ultra marathon in the bag. But things quickly went downhill, literally.

Hybrid is a no brainer stuff nation

OPINION: Our trips to the gas station have halved and there's no drain on the grid as it recharges itself.

Casey Smith and his wife Molly.

Cancer made me infertile stuff nation

OPINION: I thought I'd finally seen the back of it, but 15 years later I found out cancer had taken one final thing from me.


NZ Rugby congratulate Joseph

Jamie Joseph has taken himself out of the running to be the next All Blacks coach.

6:40 AM  NZ Rugby chairman Brent Impey says they respect Jamie Joseph's decision.

Tributes to Tuatara's Costello

7:45 AM  The baseball world has been shocked by the passing of the Tuatara's third baseman.

Adam Blair at the front of a haka by the New Zealand rugby league team who are now at the front of the world rankings.

Kiwis top world league rankings

6:45 AM  Hot run of form sees NZ supplant Australia at No 1 with Tonga pushing strongly.

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kea kids news

Inside NZ's first Lego store video

Oliver Little gets up close at New Zealand's Lego Store.

Larger-than-life-sized Lego people, lifelong fans and an adult with a surprisingly large Lego collection.

How to survive a scooter crash video

Shoulder roll like a professional stunt double. Dayna Grant takes a tumble for the team and shows us how to fall off ...

Top stuntwoman demonstrates how to minimise injury if you're coming off a scooter at speed.


Sailing and sunbathing in Alaska

A pair of brown bears, lean and hungry after hibernating for winter, forage on the shoreline.

Joanna Wane sails north to the ice and finds all is not what it seems.

Glenorchy: At the end of the world

Tourists pose at Glenorchy's famous Red Shed.

Home to a few hundred lucky souls, snuggled amid the mountains, alongside the lake.

now to love

Bachelor Aus couple break up

Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod have announced their split, just two months after the show's dramatic finale aired.

''Our relationship hasn’t translated from filming to the real world," Matt Agnew says after split from Chelsie McLeod.

Hayley Holt's spiritual awakening

As she approaches her 40th birthday, Breakfast host Hayley Holt can look back safe in the knowledge she's packed a huge ...

"When you have a history of an alcohol problem, there is a lot of damage that comes from that, so I'm working on making sure I heal myself as much as I can.''

homes to love

How to modernise rattan and cane

Check out these tips on how to style rattan for the modern era to add a natural touch to your home.

Old-school caravan's chic summer style

Trading their rain-soaked tent for an old-school caravan has been the ticket to holiday happiness and magical memories ...

Trading a rain-soaked tent for an old-school caravan has been the Reweti family's ticket to holiday happiness.

food to love

Easy guide to composting

Composting is a great way to avoid waste.

Compost is the best possible food for your plants and a practical way to manage kitchen waste.

Taranaki recyclers living off the land video

Ahu Ahu Beach Villas in Taranaki.

Ahu Ahu Beach Villas combine an artistic assemblage of recycled and rustic materials in a peaceful farm setting with sweeping coastal views.


Humidity hair hacks

"Straight hair that has been blow dried or curled to add volume will lose that volume once it's exposed to humidity," ...

Does the humidity make your hair frizz? Here's some tips on how to keep your hair looking good this summer.

How much exercise is enough?

Don't have 30 minutes to spare? Try breaking up your workout into 10-minute blocks.

If you are new to exercise, start off by doing short workout sessions. Even 10 minutes is enough to gain benefits.


NZ's professional dungeon masters

Josh Turner is turning his hobby into a job

Turning Dungeons and Dragons from a hobby into a job.

Losing an election

Yeshe Dawa in her kitchen.

What's it like to spend months of your life campaigning for a local government role, and not get in?

Where the beauty of boxing lies

Alexis Pritchard on her way to winning her round of 16 bout against Mantoa Ranone of Lesotho on the Gold Coast.

Kiwi bronze medallist explains how being punched in the face influenced her life for the better.

Sky's move will create girl heroes

New Zealand artistic gymnast Courtney McGregor, who competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics, may inspire more young Kiwi girls ...

Ambitious partnership between Sky and 50 sports will be critical for inspiring next generation of athletes.

Ali Riley at Bayern Munich

Kiwi defender Ali Riley is putting everything she has into her season with Bayern Munich, in the club's bid to win the ...

Football Ferns captain plays for the German giants, harbouring a dream to represent NZ at her fifth World Cup.


Diwali festival showcases culture

Charu Chutani of the Auckland based Grandiose-the creative company dances at the Diwali Festival.

One group of performers got the crowd going so much they were asked to the stage a second time.

Speaking out on immigration issues

National Party leader Simon Bridges tells Radio Tarana's Vandhna Bhan why the Labour government's immigration policies ...

New Zealand First MP Shane Jones' recent "racist" comments aimed at the Indian community, and Labour's immigration policies over arranged marriages, have drawn much criticism from all sectors.

'World's highest road' is terrifying

Khardung La Pass connects Leh to India's remote Nubra Valley.

"Has anyone gone over the edge?" I ask our suspiciously calm guide, Bhupesh. "Not so far."

I have to go to Aus to see my wife

Karthik Sundar and his wife Divya Gowthaman had to meet in Australia last month to spend time together as they are still ...

Karthik Sundar has to go to Australia every time he wants to spend time with his wife.

sponsored content

Businesses are new-technology champions

Vanessa Williams, director of accounting firm Alliot New Zealand says her firm have used the time freed up by technology ...

SPONSORED: Chartered Accountants are embracing new technology, and passing their learning on to business clients.

Discover NZ this summer

Abel Tasman offers opportunities to tramp or kayak through golden bays with sparkling blue water.

SPONSORED: Enjoy a staycation this summer at one of these incredible local holiday spots.