Pool water nearly killed her girl

A US girl breathed in instead of blowing water out of a pool noodle. Her mum's memory of a mysterious death saved her life.

KiwiSaver's blind spot

Dr Pushpa Wood from Massey University's Financial education and Research Centre says KiwiSaver was designed based on ...

12:25 PM  Retirement tool developed by "middle-class Pakeha males" with little regard for family wealth, expert says.

The 'written off' Land Girls gallery video

11:40 AM  Forced into heavy lifting to keep NZ's wheels turning, a lack of thanks remains raw.

McCaw ad not 'derogatory to men'

11:53 AM  Authority dismisses complaint about an ad showing Richie being "thrashed" by his wife.

'Sick' of NZ bank dodge

The Aussie parent companies of our big banks are in trouble. But they say NZ's different.

Hard calls coming for ABs

11:46 AM  OPINION: Almost 50 per cent of the 2017 ABs won't be named for June series.


Wet, windy weekend ahead

Outlook for the weekend: rain and wind.

12:10 PM  The spell of settled weather will give way to a wet and windy weekend.

Fall killed popular tourist

Dutch man found on Farewell Spit likely died climbing cliff, possibly to escape rising tide.

A house on Te Kawa Road near Te Awamutu and Otorohanga remained standing but was gutted by the blaze.

A plague on both their houses

11:05 AM  Rodents gnawing on wiring could have sparked two house fires in Waikato.


Tui leads haka for returning Ferns

Ruby Tui welcomes champion Black Ferns back to New Zealand with emotional haka.

special projects

Heavy Metal: Murder on a Sunday

John Reynolds, 55, was found dead at his business, Garden City Scrap, at 220 Hazeldean Rd, Sydenham, on April 28, 1996. ...

From the makers of Black Hands comes a new story of murder, dodgy deals and a murky past.

Heavy Metal: A family waits

Two decades ago Frances Muir got a call about her hardcase older brother. "He's dead." She still has questions.

The Wahine sinking claimed 53 lives, but everyday heroes saved many more.

Into the arms of strangers

The Wahine sinking claimed 53 lives, but everyday heroes saved many more.

stuff circuit

'Just call it a terrible accident'

Prayer Ready

When Prayer Ready died, the Gloriavale leadership rallied around.

The Valley episode 1: Enduring Freedom

NZ's military history is full of heroism and sacrifice. But what aren't we being told?

According to the book Hit and Run, three-year-old Fatima was killed during a New Zealand SAS raid in Afghanistan. Now ...

Missing the target

ANALYSIS: Kudos to the Government for seeking answers to questions raised in Hit and Run but it has blatantly ignored an opportunity.


Truckers form safety net video

13 proved to be the lucky number in the US when a series of truckers formed a safety net under a Detroit bridge where a ...

3 min ago  After a man perched on a US overbridge, 13 big rigs parked beneath it to help him to safety.

Toronto motive elusive video

Police in Canada's biggest city still determining why a driver plowed a rented van onto crowded sidewalk.

Relatives and friends of the three missing students Javier Salomon Aceves Gastelum, Marco Avalos and Jesus Daniel Diaz ...

Film students killed, dissolved

Without knowing, three Mexican film students were caught up in cartel rivalry. It cost them their lives.


Macca's accused of pay mistake

Unite Union has accused McDonald's of incorrectly paying staff.

A worker's union claims the fast food chain owes employees millions over the last decade.

Kiwi banks not dodgy? Prove it

The Aussie parent companies of ANZ, Westpac, BNZ, ASB and AMP are in trouble. But they say it's different in NZ.

'A really exciting opportunity' – TVNZ and Spark to bring 2019 Rugby World Cup live and free to air to NZ audiences

Can Spark fix Lightbox’s tech in time?

OPINION: Spark may need a major rebrand if its vaunted Rugby World Cup app doesn't remotely deliver come 2019.


Can Spark fix Lightbox’s tech in time?

'A really exciting opportunity' – TVNZ and Spark to bring 2019 Rugby World Cup live and free to air to NZ audiences

OPINION: Spark may need a major rebrand if its vaunted Rugby World Cup app doesn't remotely deliver come 2019.

Google parent's record profit video

Google, which dominates online advertising, continues to thrive amid growing threats.

In December, Google said it was hiring 10,000 people in 2018 to address policy violations across its platforms.

YouTube: Problem videos caught

Most videos removed from YouTube were detected by machines instead of humans.


Adele’s country home up for sale

The singer rented the 34-hectare estate in 2010 and 2011.

12:14 PM  Sweeping gardens, 10 bedrooms and total privacy can be yours for $14.3 million.

War effort gardens video

When dahlias and delphiniums were replaced by cabbages and caulifowers.

The ”IMBY” is easy to assemble, say its designers.

Cabin with no nails, no glue gallery

A Sydney architect's invention lets you create an extra room from a kit

life & style

Recycle clothes like the royals

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for wearing key outfits more than once.

There is no shame in wearing your favourite pieces again and again. Kate Middleton does it.

Can feminists support the royals?

OPINION: Praise for women joining or continuing a colonial empire rings hollow to those who need feminism the most.

The hand-sewn romper New Zealand is gifting to the new royal baby naturally stars the Buzzy Bee .

The new Buzzy Bee royal gift

Talk about pressure - sewing for the Royal Family is right up there.

well & good

Syphillis doubled in NZ since 2015

The threat of syphillis is very real - use a condom every time if you do have a change in partner, and ask your GP or ...

Latest figures suggest we could be on the brink of a significant outbreak of syphillis. No wonder the Ministry of Health is concerned.

How alcohol ruined me stuff nation

At the depths of my addiction, I just wanted to drink to oblivion so I wouldn't have to feel.

Is a nice stroll enough to confer the life-saving benefits we know come from exercise?

Is walking enough exercise?

Is a nice stroll enough to confer the life-saving benefits we know come from exercise?

food & wine

Feijoa cake a family favourite

Feijoa cake with lemon macadamia icing.

Feijoa cake with lemon and macadamia icing is a firm favourite in my household, but for chocolate lovers a ganache coating is delicious too.

Anything but pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup becomes monotonous, but what else can we fall back on during winter?

Tea for two - muffins & martini

Picking up good vibrations

nz farmer

M bovis slows farm sales

The impact of Mycoplasma bovis has started to hit the rural property market.

Farm sales fall 11 per cent over the past three months partly because of the cattle disease.

Farm shed gives up old Dodge

Why has a 1929 Dodge remained hidden away in a Waikato farm shed?

Infatuated with fodder beet

2nd chance for young farmer


Foy 'no longer naive' about pay video

Clarie Foy says the controversy over her pay has been 'only a positive thing - even though, embarrassing'.

The Crown actress says the "embarrassing" controversy over her pay has changed her approach to Hollywood.

Singer sacked for alleged assault

A member of Tomorrow People has parted ways with the band following allegations he assaulted his ex-partner.

An emotional embrace between NZ director Taika Waititi and Avengers' star Paul Rudd.

Taika snaps winning hearts

11:24 AM  Kiwi director Taika Waititi continues to win hearts in Hollywood - this time at the Avengers premiere.


Museum where you play cop video

Tom Coull, left, reacts as training officer Russell Harris acts out a scenario at the Use of Force Training Experience ...

A Las Vegas exhibit gives you a taste of what it's like to be a frontline police officer.

Kiwis sell everything to travel video

Jen and Jamie are selling their home and heading off to travel the world with just 14kg of hand luggage.

Adam chilling in the mountains of Tajikistan.

Kiwi on epic journey stranded

Adam Glover has ridden up and down the Americas but has hit a hurdle ahead of his return to NZ.


Volvo Ambience really cares video

Occupant can choose from seven different themes that includes visuals, music and even scent.

Passenger can change the cabin mood with a mobile app.

1 in 3 road deaths had no seatbelts video

Drivers heading to work, tourists, rural dwellers and elderly all ignoring safety warnings to buckle up.

H9 is the third SUV from Chinese brand Haval to be launched in New Zealand.

Review - Haval H9 SUV delights

Review - Chinese brand ups its Kiwi efforts with full-size seven-seater.

stuff nation

Alcohol ruined me stuff nation

I drank alone. Beer was expensive, so I drank cheap wine. (File photo)

At the depths of my addiction, I just wanted to drink to oblivion so I wouldn't have to feel.

Dear Jacinda, help us stuff nation

Piper was two when she suddenly couldn't grip a spoon. She's improved, but she shouldn't be the exception.

One in five Kiwi kids are bullied at school, and the problem doesn't end in the playground. (File photo)

Bully or bullied: Your story stuff nation

One in five Kiwi kids are bullied at school, and the problem doesn't end in the playground. Share your experience with us.


Armstrong fury ignores issues

Lance Armstrong should be entitled to watch a race like any other member of the public.

12:20 PM  OPINION: Infamous cycling cheat plans to be at tour start in Jerusalem and people are upset.

Salah fires Liverpool to win video

12:07 PM  Liverpool on the cusp of Champions League final after star striker scores twice in 5-2 win v AS Roma.

Kane Williamson scored 29 runs for Sunrisers Hyderabad in their low-scoring win over Mumbai Indians.

New low for losing Mumbai

Kane Williamson's 29 does the trick as Hyderabad defend second-lowest total in IPL history.


Hurry up and ditch plastic bags

Fifteen months seems like a ridiculously long time to phase out plastic bags.

OPINION: How many plastic bags were handed out while the two supermarket giants made up their mind?

No shame in seeking help

Feilding's dawn parade last year.

OPINION: Our Defence Force personnel should not feel they have to stay silent.

The Government of the cities

Winston Peters has been kept busy with his foreign affairs commitments.

OPINION: NZ First rode to power on the back of "the regions", but the coalition has turned a different way.

Trump 'won't run in 2020'

Republicans have been silent when asked whether they will support a 2020 reelection for Trump.

OPINION: Whether it's the Cohen investigation, Nikki Haley or his own words, it seems that Trump's time could be nearing an end.

good reads

The forgotten Titanic survivors video

The Six documentary is in production and is to be released this year or next.

Why you've never heard of six Chinese men who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

The ancient tourist site altering history

Diriyah is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Diriyah may not feature on many bucket lists, but Saudi Arabia is hoping to change perceptions.

Kiwi legionnaires remember

Raymond Trembath saw active service in war zones around the world.

A group of Kiwis soldiers who fought for the French Foreign Legion will be observing their own historic battle this week.

Children belong at school, not war video

Jackson and Ganiko were best friends when they served together with the armed group.

Joseph was 15 when he was taken from his home and his family, and given a gun.

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'Sexy' law students ranked online

Auckland University law student Francy Sulikosky says a scathing report on sexism in the law school has helped make it a ...

A scathing report on sexism at Auckland University's Law School has sparked change.

Lawyers shocked from complacency

University of Auckland Law School is trying to remedy problems os sexism and harassment identified in a major report.

OPINION: Lawyers may not yet know how to fix their problem, but they know they have to find a way.

NZ finally says #metoo

Alison Mau has received hundreds of messages from women affected by sexual harassment.

OPINION: Hundreds of women have already come forward with harrowing sexual harassment stories, writes investigation head Alison Mau.

#MeTooNZ: Speaking out isn't easy video

The woman who lifted the lid on sexual harassment at the Human Rights Commission has quit her job. But the man who did ...

OPINION: Perpetrators of sexual harassment have long found safety in power. Now, women and men subjected to sexual harassment are finding power in the safety of numbers.


Leave your onesies at home video

Your onesie is no good here. Dress up for this picture house.

Your pyjamas, onesies and gumboots are not welcome at this cinema - and now the whole world knows.

Firefighters save daring dogs

Baz and Sammie after they were rescued in Kerikeri.

Two small dogs sparked a firefighter call out after becoming trapped on a ledge in Kerikeri.

A story about a stoned raccoon video

A severely stoned raccoon was brought into a rural US fire station was said to be "lethargic".

An unusual pair showed up, pre-dawn, at rural US fire station last week.

Voila! Behind the magician's curtain video

Magic takes on many forms, but essentially it's the illusion of something mysterious or supernatural that captures an ...

SPOILER ALERT: Rabbits, hats and padlocked chests. We reveal the secrets behind five famous magic tricks.


Stop the epidural shaming

Why should women be pressured to have a natural birth?

OPINION: I could probably handle a drug-free labour and delivery - I just don't want to. And I shouldn't have to.

Realities of a blended family

Greg Crayford, partner Fran Rigby and her step children  Georgia-Grace Crayford (18-left) & Ella Rigby-Crayford (14).

Blended families are an exercise in commitment, compromise and coping with chaos.

Boozy mum culture's gone too far

Addiction experts and those who have battled addiction themselves say the trend minimises the dangers of drinking to excess.

Addiction experts and those who have battled addiction themselves say the trend minimises the dangers of drinking to excess.

When good mums are bad friends

Mums are expected to give everything they've got to their kids. So what's left for their friends?

OPINION: It's easy to think you won't change after having kids. But you will.

kiwi traveller

Insider tip: Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a perfect base for exploring Joshua Tree National Park.

The Californian desert city is a mecca for architecture lovers and Instagram-savvy visitors.

Hiking the Garden of Eden stuff nation

Fusine Lakes.

On the Alpe Adria trail, Ocean Patrice Belcher is on a journey of discovery between borders and cultures.

An overlooked French Riviera gem stuff nation

Beautiful narrow, cobbled streets take you through the heart of the village.

Kirsty Gordge finds an underrated medieval village 20 minutes from bustling Monaco.

Stargazing in Mackenzie Country

Mt Cook as seen from the popular Hooker Valley walk.

Play in the snow and wallow in the spectacular views within the Mackenzie Basin.

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