Parking note writer shames family

The note on the windscreen said "shame on you". A disabled boy's dad won't let it slide this time.

Husband and the CEO

Sharon Hunter founded PC Direct and is married to former Auckland mayoral candidate Tenby Powell.

The man behind the sacking of Antarctica NZ boss Peter Begg was a board member's husband.

End of Wellington's 'grand old lady'

World's only control tower on a residential street could soon be your home with a plane view.

Fiery crash: Man dead

Motorbike caught fire soon after collision with car in Christchurch.

A Grandma's plans

A 10-year-old girl's innocence was to be traded for a cheap, reliable car.

95-year-old Nazi guard deported

Man who hid for years as a retiree in New York is sent from the US by Trump.


Gang shot man, then left in car

Police closed parts of Puriri St on Tuesday morning.

Cops say multiple people carried out shooting of man said to have died protecting kids.

Screams at the pool

Panicking parents searched for their children in the water with cellphone lights after tornado cut power.

In the pouring rain, a driver accidentally drove into a pond at Massey University.

Van driver didn't see uni pond

He was just trying to stop his partner getting wet, but it ended in a soaked scramble out the boot.

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    Kiwi milk price 'astoundingly high' video

    A Countdown spokeswoman said the biggest driver of price was what Fonterra was paying farmers - as well as other costs ...

    New Zealand milk prices are "astoundingly high" – and we might have supermarkets to blame.

    The unsettling truth about our beginnings

    These are the facts we need to face about the way New Zealand was made.

    Two tribes, e rua ngā pakanga

    Two Tribes, e rua ngā pakanga

    Before their struggle with the Crown, the two tribes faced one another.


    Why Aussie politics is a shambles video

    Australia's Peter Dutton lost a leadership challenge to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull but has failed to rule out a ...

    ANALYSIS: Crowding of the centre-right has profound consequences for Australian politics, not just Malcolm Turnbull’s troubled time as PM.

    Melania's social media warning

    America's first lady warns of social media risks as her husband settles scores with typically aggressive messages on Twitter.

    This 1957 photo shows Jakiw Palij a former Nazi concentration camp guard who has been living in the Queens borough of ...

    US deports Nazi guard

    The last Nazi war crimes suspect facing deportation from the US was taken from New York to Germany.


    Aussie copies NZ design?

    Spot the difference: Did Australian homeware brand Adairs copy Kiwi artist Maiko Nagao's print? Nagao's design is on the ...

    David v Goliath ordeal leaves Kiwi artist in tears.

    Glass milk bottles are back

    "It tastes a heck of a lot better in glass," producers say, but it doesn't come cheap.

    Brewer Paul Chambers says about 8 kilograms of deer velvet was added to the first batch.

    Moa exports deer beer video

    Moa has created what it believes to be the world's first 'deer beer'.


    Melania's social media warning

    As America's first lady Melania Trump warned of social media risks at a cyberbullying summit, her husband Donald settled ...

    America's first lady warns of social media risks as her husband settles scores with typically aggressive messages on Twitter.

    Wanted - car hacker video

    It could be the easiest job ever - breaking the law and being paid for it.

    Anna Ryder believed she had paid a contractor $53,000 for work done. Instead the money went into a hackers bank account.

    Fake invoice, real money video

    Hacker posed as a contractor to scam New Plymouth woman out of $53,000 earmarked for new child care centre


    Want your Sky dish gone?

    Removing an old dish or aerial can be dangerous because of the risk of falling.

    If you want to remove the unsightly tangle of aerials and satellite dishes on your roof, prepare yourself for some hassle.

    Kiwi kitchens on world stage video

    Three Kiwi kitchen and interior designers are shortlisted in prestigious SBID awards, but they need your vote.

    It's not your everyday house. This house, designed by renowned Auckland architect Ian Burrow, takes its cue from nature ...

    Quirky Ian Burrow bush house video

    An Ian Burrow house for 'those who don't do boring' - all the rooms are hexagons.

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    Jamie Oliver row over 'jerk rice' video

    Jamie Oliver's 'Punchy Jerk Rice' hasn't gone down well.

    The celeb chef's microwavable meal has landed him in a very British tussle over "cultural appropriation".

    MTV VMAs' crazy red carpet

    When it comes to kooky awards show fashion, the VMAs are hard to beat.

    Judging by Katelyn's expression, she's not feeling too guilty about her shopping spree.

    Girl, 6, sneaks in $530 toy order video

    Katelyn Lunt's mum said she was allowed to buy one Barbie on Amazon. But it seems Katelyn had bigger plans.

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    The agony of osteoarthritis video

    Sadly there is no magic cure for avoiding osteoarthritis, but knowing if you are at risk is important.

    This painful joint disease will affect half of us during our lives and there is no magic cure.

    Danger of low-carb diets video

    Cutting down on carbs could knock years off your lifespan, a 25-year study suggests.

    The key to staying a healthy weight? Reinforcing healthy habits. (File photo)

    10 habits to keep the weight off

    Most people who diet regain 50 per cent of the lost weight in the first year after losing it. Here's how to break that cycle.

    food & wine

    Grab a biscuit for breakfast

    The perfect snack or breakfast on the run.

    These fat, moist, nourishing biscuits with a sneaky base of dark chocolate are just the thing to grab as you dash out the door in the morning.

    How to fancy up roast dinners

    Take your Sunday roast to the next level with these sophisticated vege sides.

    Jamie Oliver 'takes a humble pill'

    Test your Kiwi chef knowledge

    nz farmer

    Cow crisis cops fine

    A cow with milk fever needing medicine was  a Taranaki farmer's excuse for speeding. (File photo).

    He claimed he was on an urgent mercy mission to pick up medicine to save the life of a cow sick with milk fever.

    Calf rearer wins M. bovis battle

    Farmers who believe they can live with Mycoplasma bovis need to think again, says a farmer who is now clear of the disease.

    NZ cereal 'safe' from glyphosate

    New app for Kiwi farmers video


    Block NZ: Fabric Fallout

    That feeling when mum has called you bluff.

    Who knew My Little Pony could be so scary.

    Five great Chase NZ hosts video

    Here's a quintet of suggestions to replace Bradley Walsh on any Kiwi version of the hit UK show.

    The Great Australian Bake Off hosts Mel Buttle and Claire Hooper deliver a welcome barrage of quick-witted quips and ...

    Cooking, comedy perfectly baked video

    REVIEW: It offers a beautiful blend of cookery dramatics, stunning creations and pastry based puns.


    Holiday like 'Crazy Rich Asians' video

    It's easy to be seduced by Singapore's sumptuous hotels, spas and clubs.

    Live it up in Singapore like the characters in the blockbuster rom-com, whatever your budget.

    12 bucket-list sporting events video

    Sport is always worth seeking out, whether you have an actual interest in the game or not.

    Stuart makes a splash.

    Riding the Remutaka video

    Best weekend I've had all winter. My love affair with the bicycle goes on.


    Holden hires more engineers video

    The Lang Lang proving grounds has had more than $AU15 million invested in improving it over the last few years.

    Holden is hiring 150 new engineers in Australia to drive its development of autonomous, electric and hydrogen cars.

    An SUV that's a cylinder short video

    A three-cylinder engine in BMW's posh X2 SUV seems like short-change. Far from it.

    Car hackers are wanted - by car companies, not the police.

    Wanted - car hacker video

    It could be the easiest job ever - breaking the law and being paid for it.

    stuff nation

    My life after suicide stuff nation

    As a mother who lost a child, it feels like my arm has been amputated.

    As a mother who lost a child, it feels like my arm has been amputated. But there is life after suicide.

    Fighting for justice, finally stuff nation

    I was nine, woken in the middle of the night to a heavy, 60-something-year-old on top of me. 

    There cannot be a 'right', in the proper sense of the term, to have someone end your life

    No dignity in euthanasia stuff nation

    Should we have the legal 'right' to be put to death when we are terminally ill? Is this consistent with human dignity? The answer is no.


    Wallabies stars out-earn ABs video

    Israel Folau is reported to be the highest paid player in world rugby, raking in around $2.2 million a year.

    They may struggle to catch All Blacks on the field but the Aussie stars are winning the battle of the bank balance.

    Crotty's health 'No 1 concern' video

    All Blacks say their concussed midfielder will be given all the time and space he needs to assess his latest head blow.

    All Blacks lock Brodie Retallick was having a blast as he ran in a spectacular try in the Bledisloe opener in Sydney.

    Retallick 'just having fun' video

    All Blacks lock says the quality of his team-mates allows him to go out and express himself, like he did in Sydney Bledisloe.


    Striking teachers lose the war

    Alwyn Poole's message to teachers is: "Stop complaining about the greatest job in the world."

    OPINION: They've maligned the best job in the world with all their whingeing.

    Why the jury is out on Barrett video

    All Blacks playmaker Beauden Barrett's passing is the weakest part of his game.

    OPINION: No 10's performance showed the good and bad in his game, writes Mark Reason.

    Real men are empathetic

    Ekant Veer and his two daughters. We don't need to be a nation of criers but man tears are all right.

    OPINION: Challenge the traditional "Kiwi bloke" stereotypes and encourage men to just be themselves.

    Drill down on kids' tooth decay

    Pam Shepherd, a school dental nurse, with an unidentified young girl at Wellington's dental training clinic in 1960.

    OPINION: Every six months, the nasty little white card would arrive signalling a visit was due at the Murder House, as we called the dental clinic.

    good reads

    Sexual encounters of the virtual kind

    Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap.

    Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap. Exciting or horrifying?

    Remote work in progress

    Chris Tyler and Carl Richards use the co-working facilities at Nelson's Bridge Street Collective.

    Working flexibly improves workers' job satisfaction - but there are pitfalls too.

    Why Kiwis are still dying at work

    Many farming deaths are caused by quad bike accidents.

    The easy gains have been made. Are industries slipping back to their old ways?

    Paths to prosperity

    All roads lead to Rome, the all saying goes. A new theory suggests this is why many cities are still wealthy today.

    Places that prospered 1000 years ago are likely to be more advanced today. Why? Infrastructure.

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    Uni accused of bungling harassment complaint

    "It was like they didn't care at all," says a Victoria University student of the institution's response to a sexual ...

    The chemistry tutor told young female students he would strip them naked in the shower.

    23yo takes on Law Society

    Matt Taylor, 23, was the target of a Law Society super-injunction to stop him disclosing what he knew about a botched ...

    A young law graduate was the target of one of NZ's most sweeping gagging orders. 'I was shocked,' he says.

    Super-injunction hid sexual harassment

    Law Society president Kathryn Beck sent an email apology to lawyers.

    The Law Society used a rare legal gag to attempt to conceal bungling of a complaint about a senior lawyer.

    Law Society super-injunction a gag too far

    Chris Gollins' famed moustache outlasted his broadcasting career.

    OPINION: From cricket to prostitutes, there have been injunctions before. But the Law Society's one crossed the line, writes Jonathan Milne.


    Memorial statue for feathered lovers

    Thomas the gay goose in Ohariu Valley, having been relocated from the Waimanu Lagoon in Waikanae Beach.

    Taihape has the gumboot, Gore the trout - could Kāpiti have the gay goose?

    'Big boys' toy' in for a crank up video

    Allan Averis, centre, has bought the engine from the Rangatira. Pictures on his left are Graham Rae, and right, Ian Webb.

    An engine weighing 14 tonnes from a scrapped cargo ship is in for a crank up as three old grease monkeys get to work on the beast.

    'Most ancient cheese' found in Egypt video

    The cheese has has survived over three millennia but can't be eaten.

    The 3200-year-old cheese found in a broken jar is made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk.

    Satanic Temple does it again video

    Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple, with a statue of Baphomet.

    The battle for freedom of religion and speech in the US has grown horns as hundreds protest against religious symbols on state property.


    Is it safe to pierce a baby's ears?

    Is it better to hold off on ear piecing?

    Tacky, cruel or totally fine? There are plenty of opinions on baby ear piercing.

    16 nurses pregnant at same time video

    The nurses joked there must be something in the water.

    A baby boom is brewing at a US hospital where 16 ICU nurses recently discovered they're all pregnant.

    When was your name most popular?

    Names' popularity waxes and wanes. But Sarah is always a winner.

    Now you can find out when your name hit peak popularity.

    Miscarriage treated like a holiday stuff nation

    Offering bereavement leave to those suffering the loss of an unborn baby would assist parents tremendously.

    My employer gave me annual leave when I lost my unborn baby. I was hurt and upset but I didn't have the energy to fight.

    kiwi traveller

    Insider Tip: Chiang Mai

    Thai beauty contestants ride bicycles down the street during a Songkran parade in Chiang Mai.

    Full of old-world charm, this northern Thai city is as beautiful as it is diverse.

    Heli-skiing adventure in Wanaka

    Fun in the soft snow on the slopes around Black Peak, Wanaka.

    Liz Carlson and her friends hit Wanaka's Black Peak for an adventure of a lifetime.

    'London is an adult's playground'

    Greece – a group of friends and I hired a yacht to sail around Greece for a week. Lots of fun. Very little sleep.

    Nicole Ashmore chose travelling to London over settling down three years ago and still hasn't looked back.

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    This little fellow is a leucistic seal.  He is not albino but leucistic which means they have little pigment and appear ...

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

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