splash small town

Death threats for trashing towns

4:04 PM  The duo behind a critique of NZ's small, "s... towns" think Kiwis don't get their humour.

Payrise from taxpayers

Another big pay rise for Adrian Orr - a 2.7 per cent bump to his base salary.

3:59 PM  Superfund boss earns $1.2m a year, and he's just got another pay rise almost three times what was recommended.

Listen: Bill English's police tape

Audio of PM's police statement concerning Todd Barclay has been obtained by Stuff.

Deadly threesome foreplay

2:55 PM  It was meant to be an evening of drugs and group sex. It ended in anger and death.

Mother's phone scam taxi ride

They hacked her husband's phone, made threats - then ordered a taxi to an iTunes store.

Live: Waiting for Winston

Those around the Beehive are slowly losing hope of movement tonight, as the wait for NZ First decision continues.


'Novel science' gets Lundy video

Mark Lundy, pictured at his 2015 retrial, has twice been convicted of murdering his wife Christine and their 7-year-old ...

3:25 PM  The experts agreed on the smoking-gun in the Mark Lundy retrial, but his lawyer says that's not enough.

Mum's revenge backfires

A mum decided to publicly shame an alleged dealer when her son didn't receive his cannabis. It didn't go very well.

A Christchurch teen sent to Te Puna Wai youth justice facility, pictured, has undergone "quite a transformation", his ...

Teen robber now a ‘success’

A 14-year-old who terrorised staff in two armed robberies of the same petrol station is now being seen as a youth justice success story.


No fixed abode

Cindy has lived in a cramped caravan for the last month and finally has a place to live, it just isn't in Nelson


Labour 'no lapdog'

Jacinda Ardern says Labour's not a "lapdog" or a "victim" in the process. They have power too.

Jacinda Ardern says Labour's not a victim in coalition negotiations - it has just as much power as NZ First.

John Key: MMP not pretty

The government will be judged by its performance, not how long it takes to form, says John Key.

With NZ First's board meeting again, will this be the day a new government is announced?

Live: Waiting for Winston

Those around the Beehive are slowly losing hope of a decision tonight, as the wait for NZ First decision continues.


Deadly storm hits Ireland video

Large waves crash along sea defences and the harbour as storm Ophelia approaches Porthleven in Cornwall, south west Britain.

Worst storm to hit Ireland in half a century sees people killed by falling trees, man die in incident involving a chainsaw.

Wildfires kill 39 in Portugal, Spain video

Firefighters battle 100 separate blazes fanned by remnants of ex-Hurricane Ophelia in Portugal and Spain.

Emmanuel Macron, the president, said he wanted to tackle sexist male attitudes in public space (file photo).

France's sexual harassment fines

14 min ago  Wolf whistles and lecherous comments will be illegal in the country as president cracks down on street abuse.


Inflation higher than expected

The Reserve Bank would need to see clearer signs of price pressure if it were to move the OCR, economists said.

3:44 PM  Prices rising faster than some economists predicted.

Media model 'broken'

Number of journalists that would be employed by merged media firm 'a distraction', High Court told.

Tire, 10, uses a car tyre inner tube to swim in a flooded area of his home village of Eita. South Tarawa, Kiribati.

'Game over for Pacific Islands' video

NZ needs to consider how it's going to accommodate climate change refugees, climate campaigner says.


Tide turns against tech giants

Facebook ran political ads linked to Russia leading up to the US election.

The no-holds barred run of tech giants may be coming to an end as governments and consumers push back.

Spying assistants don't worry me

I have no less than 15 virtual assistants in my home but I'm not worried if Silicon Valley is listening in.

The Huawei Mate 10, left, and Mate 10 Pro smartphones.

Huawei unveils Mate 10 phones

Huawei has launched a new flagship smartphone that has several artificial intelligence features.


The Big Apple's priciest rental

The light-filled 444 square metre apartment takes up the entire 39th floor of the hotel.

This plush pad costs an eye-watering $696,000 a month.

Spot the ball, get the house

What to do when you can't sell your house? Hold a Spot the Ball competition - winner gets all.

The 2017 AA Home Insurance Survey found that a massive 60 per cent of us rate our DIY skills as either excellent.or ...

DIY and shoddy jobs - a warning

Labour Weekend looms, but weekend warrirors are being warned about the hidden costs of shoddy workmanship.

life & style

Grandma turned gym junkie

Helen Crewe, 79, has proven age is no limit to turning life around after shedding 20kg.

No-nonsense 79-year-old proves age is no limit to turning life around after shedding 20kg.

Kate dances with Paddington video

Here's a sight you don't see every day - a Duchess dancing with a bear at a train station.

Schoolgirl hair was all the rage at Versace's recent Spring/Summer show in Milan.

'Schoolgirl hair' is hot right now

It's practical and perfect for busy women on the go. But can we please call it something else?

well & good

The art of slowing down

When we take our foot off the accelerator and create some space in our lives, our body has a chance to catch up.

Do you just feel more comfortable being busy? Here's how to avoid the habit of perpetual "doing".

Managing social anxiety

A new study has tapped into the need for acceptance of social anxiety in managing the condition.

Is blobbing out on the weekend part of a balanced life?

Is it OK to veg out on weekends?

ADVICE: If you're active Monday to Friday, can the weekends be for bingeing?

food & wine

Does fine dining have a future?

Last month, Michael Meredith announced he would close his renowned fine dining restaurant Merediths before Christmas.

In the last month, two fine dining restaurants announced closures. Is the fancy service style on the decline?

Chill out with this soup

Want something refreshing, quick and perfect for the warmer months? Try chilled cucumber soup.

Fish balls packed with flavour

Crackers to make you smile

nz farmer

Affco manager resigns

Former Affco general manager Andy Leonard at this year's Mystery Creek Fieldays.

Affco general manager Andy Leonard left in a hurry but he's keeping mum about why.

Farm and manor for sale

One of New Zealand's earliest sheep and beef farms is on the market.

Precision agriculture arrives

Fined $35k for effluent breach


Walk-out Aussie host's victory

Lisa Wilkinson leaves her Sydney house, the morning after announcing her shock move from Nine to Ten.

3:20 PM  OPINION: If the Australian channel that let Lisa Wilkinson walk thinks it won this round, it could be in for a shock.

Winslet's pivotal Avatar role

Star of Titanic and many other Oscar-winning nominated films also admits she's only watched one of her movies more than once - Heavenly Creatures.

Rohan Nichol plays Home And Away's Ben Astoni.

Meet Summer Bay's new folks

3:06 PM  One starred in Star Wars: Episode III and the other appeared in the horror movie Wolf Creek.


Inside Qantas 787 Dreamliner

The Qantas 787 will seat 236 passengers across three classes.

3:30 PM  Cutting-edge aircraft will fly the world's first non-stop route between Australia and London.

Kiwi-owned retreat wins big video

2:55 PM  Escape Haven in Bali named "Best Luxury Wellness Retreat".

The Aurora Borealis seen over a mountain camp north of the Arctic Circle, near the village of Mestervik, Norway.

Viewing the Northern Lights

If you want to see the stunning natural phenomena with your own eyes, now could be the best time to go.


Speed cameras ping thousands

Glen Eden's Leslie Harris was clocked four times by the West Coast Rd camera in December 2016.

About 44,000 speeding drivers on two Auckland roads bolster the Government's coffers by $2.5m.

Robot won't hear your rage

Most drivers fudge traffic laws a bit but self-driving cars don't drive like humans and that's causing issues.

'Incredibly tragic' - police speak after South Auckland pursuit ends in fatal crash

Take phones, double fines

OPINION: Confiscating cell phones and hiking demerit points a must to help curb soaring road toll.

stuff nation

Seven ways NZ changed my life stuff nation

Chui Yeng's journey in New Zealand from 2012 to present.

I am a Malaysian and moved to New Zealand in 2012. Since then, I have found myself falling in love with this amazing country.

Miscarriages: I felt like a failure stuff nation

While I am happy for my pregnant friends and wish them well, on the inside another little part of my heart breaks.

The beach is one of Floki's favourite places. Especially if he can rope another dog into a game of chase on the sand.

From rescue pup to model dog stuff nation

When we first met Floki he had no recall and didn't know his name. Now he's secured a modelling contract.


20,000 All Whites tickets sold

All Whites fans show their support during their recent World Cup qualifier against the Solomon Islands.

Football's big day in Wellington on track for a full house as ticket sales run hot in the first hour of pre-sale.

Time to unleash Kaino?

3:25 PM  Jerome Kaino has been locked in a holding pattern since slipping into the shadows after the Lions series.


Takam called in to fight Joshua

A chance to gauge the quality of Joseph Parker as a beaten opponent is called up to fight UK champ.


Walk-out Aussie host's TV victory

Lisa Wilkinson leaves her Sydney house, the morning after announcing her shock move from Nine to Ten.

OPINION: If the Australian channel that let Lisa Wilkinson walk thinks it won this round, it could be in for a shock.

Trump Jr's jibes are rich

Donald Trump Jr is happy to slam Harvey Weinstein, but doesn't hold his father to the same standard.

OPINION: Team Trump is quite familiar with lobbing stones from their glass house.

Take phones, double fines

'Incredibly tragic' - police speak after South Auckland pursuit ends in fatal crash

OPINION: Confiscating cell phones and hiking demerit points a must to help curb soaring road toll.

Failure is failure

Those who glibly promote the virtues of failure, in ventures and corporate jobs, do a disservice to those who have failed.

OPINION: Fail fast. Fail cheap. Fail "forward". Hype about the importance of failure is out of control.

special projects

Where will the people go?


It was strip mined by Kiwis, now our Pacific neighbour is drowning.

Too high, too late, two dead

Nicole Sutton and Hiroki Ogawa

Two climbers, two nights ... and the desperate search to reach them.

Killer chemicals: Part 1

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Anika Tuhiwai

Inside NZ's synthetic cannabis crisis.

Killer chemicals: Part 2

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Michael (need to find out last name)

Conversations with a grieving mum and a former dealer.

Where you fit in NZ

One in Five Million logo without title

See how your answers compare with other Kiwis.

The Valley

The Valley

What secrets did we keep? Stuff Circuit special investigation into NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

good reads

The love letter in a Paris guidebook

Documentary filmmaker Doug Block found this love letter tucked into the guidebook he'd taken along on an anniversary ...

Who was Henri? Where is his love Betty? How an old travel guide sparked an obsessive quest.

There is no leaving Las Vegas

Francisco Calzadillas, 32, holds on to hope that he and his wife Jovanna will return home to Arizona.

She was shot in the head, but as long as Jovanna Calzadillas clings to life her husband holds on to hope they will return home.

Five myths about Hollywood

Not so original. Wonder Woman in 2017 is a franchise spinoff.  But Hollywood has always been obsessed with established ...

If Hollywood made a movie about Hollywood, this year would be when the bruised hero wonders if she can save the day.

Weinstein abuse spans 30 years

Producer Harvey Weinstein jokes with a photographer as he arrives for the Royal Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to ...

In 1984 Weinstein allegedly  tried to kissed a crew member in his hotel. When she resisted, he overpowered her.

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Horse walks into a motel...no joke

Checking in at the Super 8 motel in Georgetown, Kentucky

The US motel said it was pet-friendly. One horse owner put it to the test.

Mystery hut 'cost $200 to build'

The largest of the huts is more than two metres high with thick, dirt walls.

"Builder" comes forward to say main hut on Mt Vic took him about a year to create.

War medals mystery

Alie and Brian Bollond have  some World War I  medals and are trying to find out who they belong to.

She was polishing her grandfather's treasured medals, when she read another soldier's name.

Warmer than average summer predicted

The pohutukawa near Back Beach in New Plymouth have started flowering early, with some seeing it as a sign of a warm winter.

Early-flowering pōhutukawa don't usually signal a warm summer, but they might this time around.


When a dad loses a baby

"We cuddled him for four days and I felt like a father."

Taking his son to the crematorium was the hardest thing the Auckland dad has ever done.

Miscarriages made me feel like a failure stuff nation

My dreams of holding that precious child seemed to be slipping further and further away.

While I am happy for my pregnant friends and wish them well, on the inside another little part of my heart breaks.

Mums not getting the message

Out of 535 women who were pregnant or had been in the last two years, only 38 per cent had followed the recommendations, ...

Only a third of Kiwi mums follow correct pregnancy advice on iodine and folic acid.

'I don't own my girls' sexuality'

There's a misconception that allowing teenagers to make their own decisions means they'll choose to have sex before ...

OPINION: When will I let my daughters have sex? When they want to.

kiwi traveller

Insider tip: Bali

The sunset from Alila Seminyak is a picture-perfect.

Bali may have a reputation for being a tropical paradise where poolside drinks never run dry, but

Kiwi kid in Hong Kong

Temple hopping on Peng Chau island.

Ten-year-old Phoenix Broderick, from Wellington, loves the country's fake toys, hiking and dumplings.

Readers' travel pics of the week

This photo was taken on the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam…I past her when cycling along the street and couldn’t resist ...

Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

Travel far, visit local stuff nation

Benjamin met the woman of his dreams.

Benjamin Young has travelled, fallen in love abroad, but there is always the draw of New Zealand.

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