Live: Parker v Fury

Kiwi champ takes control of centre ring as he searches for a KO blow in the middle rounds.

Live: The day after

A combative Winston Peters says he's taking a "sensible" approach to NZ First's coalition decisions but will not be ...

2 min ago  A combative Winston Peters says he's taking a "sensible" approach to NZ First's coalition decisions.

Who Peters brings with him video

10:46 AM  ANALYSIS: Some NZ First MPs are on the cusp of portfolios. But who are they?

Flavell says he's had enough

10:13 AM  Māori Party co-leader says he won't be back, taking a parting shot at voters.

The 400,000 special votes

6 min ago  There are still almost 400,000 votes still to be counted.

Opportunity lost for Morgan

10:20 AM  Gareth Morgan lashes out as evidence-based populism fails on election night.


All over bar Winston's shouting

Winston Peters will decide the next government.

After an election of startling twists and turns, Bill English says National has the "moral authority" to have first crack at forming a govt.

Election night highlights video

Jacinda's screaming fans, a "disappointed" Morgan, and a curt warning from Winston.

Edmund Hillary during the 1953 ascent of Everest.

Hillary crash pilot 'disorganised'

A letter to Peter Hillary 40 years after the plane crash that killed his mother and sister contained a bombshell revelation.


The 400,000 special votes

There's 15 per cent of the votes still to be counted. It will have a fundamental impact on who Winston Peters chooses.


Opportunity lost for Morgan

Gareth Morgan called on the Green Party to join National in the new government, rather than represent the environment ...

10:20 AM  Gareth Morgan lashes out at selfish instinct of NZ voters as evidence-based populism fails on election night.

Bill buries demons 12ft under video

OPINION: But a toll is still to be paid to win, and what is Winston Peters' price, asks Stacey Kirk.

NZ First leader Winston Peters holds court at the Duke of Marlborough. He leaves his campaign party the kingmaker.

A big loss for the kingmaker

Winston Peters wraps up election night with defeat in Northland, but holding the balance of power.


Tremors detected in N Korea

Seismic activity in North Korea could be a missile test.

Disagreement over whether tremors detected in North Korea could be missile tests.

6.2 aftershock hits Mexico

New earthquake sends frightened Mexico City residents streaming onto the streets.

Russia is believed to have interfered in the 2016 poll that saw Donald Trump elected president of the United States.

21 states hacked in US election

Year-long lag in notification of hacking worries election officials, lawmakers.


Beating the bugs tourists bring

Tourists naive about biosecurity risks try to bring in food and other banned items.

While we welcome foreign tourists, we'd much rather they arrived minus bugs, banned food, or other nasties.

Raising wages not that simple

Promises to combat inequality were big this election cycle, but it won't be an easy fix.

Auckland's urbanisation issues are not unique.

Facing the future head-on

New Zealanders must not ignore the major world challenges it faces, an expert says.


Facebook hands over Russia ads video

Lawyers are investigating Russian-funded social media content about United States president Donald Trump's views on ...

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said it is helping US election investigators in a show against foreigners trying to "undermine democracy".

Google buys HTC engineers

Google says its about to make a "very large leap" into the gadget market.

Milk, from peas. Yes, you heard correctly. It is made from blending pea flour with water and other ingredients such as ...

Prepare for pea milk

Silicon Valley companies are backing non-dairy milk innovation.


On base again, almost

Writer Lindsey Dawson outside her new home in Hobsonville Point.

Lindsey Dawson's new Hobsonville Point home takes her right back to life as a newly-wed.

Modernity - as cool as it gets gallery

It's not huge, but this stunning home by two young Polish architects is the epitome of modern style.

Hellebores, commonly known as winter roses, flower in speckled shades of pink, lime, maroon and white, with hybrids ...

This weekend's garden tasks video

Spruce up your hellebores; choose the right perennials for your conditions; grow asparagus from seed; apply fertiliser.

life & style

Be the next Joseph Parker

There's a lot to cover before you can get to the entrance music.

Stephen Heard discovers that the road to the ring is not for the faint of heart.

Pasture's Laura and Ed Verner

These two decided to skip the honeymoon, and open an award-winning restaurant.

It's a timeless classic, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a modern twist.

How to wear a white shirt

It's a timeless classic, but there are plenty of ways to keep it looking fresh for the new season.

well & good

Nutrionist says PMS 'not normal' 

Ben Warren says PMS symptoms won't exist with the right lifestyle choices.

PMS is down to lifestyle and can be eliminated, says a Kiwi nutritionist.

9 steps to shape up for spring

Need a bit of motivation to lose that winter muffin top? Here you go.

Hinuera resident Mariana Mahood tells her story of breast cancer ahead of the Pink Ribbon fundraisers.

'Cancer doesn't care who you are'

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Mariana Mahood is urging other women to check early and check often.

food & wine

World's first nugget restaurant

Hip Chick Farms wants to be fully transparent with the ingredients of its nuggets and fingers.

The meal that has inspired more speculation than the Kennedy assassination finally gets its time in the sun.

Chef begs Michelin to remove stars

His restaurant has had the maximum three Michelin stars for 20 years, but he no longer wants them.

Best recipe comment ever

Cafe won't sell fries to adults

nz farmer

Farm lifestyle not for faint-hearted

Farming can be a rewarding business if you are prepared to work hard, Lyn Webster says.

Earning a living is not the only reason people choose to farm, Lyn Webster says.

Women unrepresented at Fonterra

NZ's largest employer is under fire for having so few women on its board, after spurning a sitting female director.

More lambs this spring

Aus push to cash in on mānuka 


'Ultimate Englishman' goes Italian

Colin Firth playing Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the ultimate Englishman.

11 min ago  British actor Colin Firth has become an Italian citizen ahead of Britain leaving the European Union.

Kingsman, round 2 - ding dong!

REVIEW: Fast, innovative fight scenes, a frozen Channing Tatum, and old Elton John hamming it up... the high-octane madness delivers here.

Fans are furious with Riverdale after KJ Apa fell asleep at the wheel after a 14-hour shoot.

Riverdale cast back KJ Apa

10:03 AM  Tensions have flared on the set of teenage drama Riverdale after former Shortland Street star KJ Apa's car crash.


Wilderness on your doorstep

SST Escape Kiwi Life - FFX-travel

Glaswegian Miranda Gulland loves the carefree, she'll-be-right Kiwi attitude of living in Wellington.

Ghan puts it in perspective

The beauty of the Ghan Expedition is that it puts everything in perspective.

The bedroom is decked out in modern colours in the Executive Suite at The Victoria Hotel in Dunedin.

Room review: Victoria Hotel

The space is comfy and modern, but the location is prime.


Ralph Lauren's fantasyland video

Model Kendall Jenner presents a creation from the Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2018 collection in a show that was ...

Fashion icon Ralph Lauren unveiled his latest range alongside one of the most stunning car collections in the world.

Fast and furious race for NZ

An Aussie motor-racing fanatic was bored to tears by the last event he attended. So he invented a new one.

Hot Leon Cupra is Seat's hero car: think VW Golf R power at GTi money. It's a fun, fun drive.

Leon Cupra plain good fun

Seat has arrived in NZ. We get a first taste of the brand's new hot-hatch on local roads

stuff nation

Those hazy, lazy days of summer stuff nation

A view so stunning it almost looks like a painting.

I stopped to take in the view by Waiau Ferry Bridge on a balmy evening and became happily caught up in the hushed beauty.

Policies muddied for Greens stuff nation

The current Green Party movement believes environmentalism and social justice go together, but why?

Luna, absolutely nailing the smize.

Luna, the precocious pup stuff nation

Six-month-old French bulldog Luna knows exactly how cute she is and loves nothing more than posing for a snap or five.


Foran rules out RLWC - report

Kieran Foran will join the Bulldogs for the 2018 NRL season.

NZ star putting NRL club before country, reportedly saying he's "medically unfit" to play the World Cup.

Greyhounds gone to the dogs

OPINION: Maligned sport set to get a clean up as a new CEO steps up, writes Mark Reason.

The Cowboys celebrate victory during the NRL Preliminary Final match.

Cowboys v Storm for NRL final video

9:44 AM  Cowboys score an upset win over the Roosters to secure a place in the NRL grand final.


Bill English buries his demons video

Bill English has well and truly exorcised the ghost of his 2002 defeat, writes Stacey Kirk.

OPINION: But a toll is still to be paid to win, and what is Winston Peters' price, asks Stacey Kirk.

Greens face return to sidelines

The Greens rebounded from the doledrums under James Shaw's steady leadership.

OPINION: Another spell outside of Government will be tough to swallow for the Greens.

Peters is no pushover

The NZ First leader won't make life easy for National and Labour. Don't be surprised if he fits in some fishing before ...

OPINION: NZ First leader has been around long enough to know exactly how to make National and Labour sweat.

Nats made deal with devil

New Zealand PM Bill English could not name one economist who backed National's fiscal hole.

OPINION: It must have been hard for Bill English, a decent man, to keep massaging the truth.

special projects

Killer chemicals: Part 1

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Anika Tuhiwai

Inside NZ's synthetic cannabis crisis.

Killer chemicals: Part 2

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Michael (need to find out last name)

Conversations with a grieving mum and a former dealer.

Where you fit in NZ

One in Five Million logo without title

See how your answers compare with other Kiwis.

The Valley

The Valley

What secrets did we keep? Stuff Circuit special investigation into NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

Black Hands - the sequel

David Bain at his retrial in 2009.

Canadian former Supreme Court judge Binnie has criticised the Stuff podcast Black Hands. A new episode turns back the flak.

A family mass murder

Martin van Beynen spent years re-investigating the Bain family murders for the Black Hands podcast.

Stuff presents a podcast series on the Bain family murders.

good reads

World's best political insults

US President Donald Trump: master of the playground riposte.

Sure, Kim's "dotard" was quirky, but for really stylish slap-downs, it's hard to beat the Brits.

From heartache to joy

Rachel Henry, left, and Heidi Holbrook were strangers until Holbrook heard of Henry's struggle to conceive.

A Wellington couple are still astounded at the generosity of a woman who gave them the gift of life.

The rise, and rise, of Kāpiti Coast

A new housing subdivision in the northern end of Waikanae illustrates the rapid expansion of the Kapiti coast.

It's a strip of land north of Wellington facing more change in a few years than most districts face in decades - $2 billion worth.

Christchurch's tech lab goals

Cr Vicki Buck launching a new e-car rapid charging station. Christchurch is well-placed to push the technology.

Can Christchurch reinvent itself as an international testbed for green innovation? The council thinks it has made a good start.

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The end is nigh, profits are up

Two earthquakes, three monstrous hurricanes and the North Korean missile crisis have US survivalists convinced that the ...

Sales of freeze-dried food, gas masks and other survival equipment spike as US "preppers" get set for armageddon.

Doctor saves coin-swallowing boy

Stefan Balogun swallowed a £1 coin from his lunch money on a busy motorway.

Abdul Ashish was driving to work in the UK when he came across a boy with a coin in his windpipe.

Apocalyptic alert alarms TV viewers

"Realise this, extremely violent times will come," the alert boomed at startled US TV viewers.

"It almost sounded like Hitler talking," says startled US TV viewer after emergency alert predicts the end of the world.

Urban pig moves to farm

The wild pig that had been wandering around New Plymouth has been caught and will be taken to live on a farm.

New Plymouth's urban pig undone by love of mince pies


'Donor baby' warns of pitfalls

"Emma" was only given life because of the kindness of a donor she never met. (Stock photo)

Woman conceived with donated sperm says the thought of big pharma taking hold in the assisted-reproductive process is "repulsive".

No sex please, we're knackered

A British study has found that for women "having been pregnant in the last year was associated with lacking sexual ...

Sit down. We have something shocking to tell you. Mums are tired and that's why they don't want to get it on.

Should donor laws be changed? video

Dr Andrew Murray, the medical director of Fertility Associates, says the business is exploring new ways of tackling a ...

A leading fertility specialist says new ways are needed to attract more sperm and egg donors for would-be parents.

Giving the gift of life

Heidi Holbrook and baby Gus Henry, who was conceived when she donated an egg to Gus' parents.

She gifted her eggs to allow another couple to have children, and their happiness is all she ever wanted.

kiwi traveller

Travel to learn and stay well

Travel is a fantastic way to learn. And if you're lucky enough to see a polar bear while you're at it...hey, even better.

As my fellow travellers and I explore the Russian Arctic, learning and connecting with each other, we know we're making healthy deposits into our ''wellbeing bank accounts''.

Smugshot: Readers' travel photos

These photographs were taken looking out over Brighton beach during my travels in the UK. Having visited family in ...

Send us your holiday pics and be in to win a Fujifilm X100F camera valued at $2198.

A holiday of eating well

If you go to Noosa and don't eat prawns are you really there at all?

OPINION: Getting through customs can be tricky if you want to eat well on holiday.

At opposite ends of the Earth

Jorge dreamed of visiting Middle Earth as a child.

If Jorge Valle dug a hole through the Earth from his hometown in Spain he'd end up in Wellington.

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