Quarter-acre to quarter-mil' video

4:27 PM  Kiwi nurses convert experience into cash, banking more than $250,000 each in California.

Eden Park boss' past

A Federal Court case in Australia found new Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner regarded tickets to major events at a Melbourne ...

Eden Park's new CEO was dismissed from a key role for serious misconduct.

Cops close in on poison suspects video

4 min ago  British police think they've identified the people behind the Novichok attack, reports say.

Couple blew charity money

6 min ago  Trustees blew $565k of stolen cash on US holidays, diamonds and Lady Gaga tickets.

Toilet cam doc named

Cardiologist who secretly filmed women in a hospital toilet loses fight to keep name secret.

Bank worker hacks system

Ex-employee with a gambling problem hacked the bank to withdraw about $89,000.


Bound found in Dunedin

The body of man was found at a Canongate address in Dunedin about 2am on Thursday.

18 min ago  Police are investigating after a body was found in a Dunedin home.

Bach razed in remote bay

Orange glow in night sky alerts neighbours, but all that's left are a few poles in the ground.

The note said told people to "be aware" as "whoever is moving into that house will be low income earner or WINZ clients".

Note-writer 'quick tempered' video

4:54 PM  Residents got letters saying a "low-income" person may move in. A handwriting expert gives his take on the author of the notes.

    special projects

    Computers rank our endangered species

    In 'The ark and the algorithm', Stuff's Charlie Mitchell examines how we decide which endangered species to save.

    A stinky, ugly plant is counted a higher priority for protection than the iconic Kauri tree.

    Is Gail Maney guilty or not?

    The podcast Gone Fishing pored over evidence in the case against Gail Maney. So now, the big question: Is she a murderer? Or not?

    Saving the Kākāpō meant sacrificing the far less glamorous Stringopotaenia psittacea.

    A species died to save kākāpō

    Stopping the extinction of one of NZ's favourite birds meant sacrificing another, less glamorous, native creature.

    stuff circuit

    Z knew of breach for 7 months

    Offline: A Stuff Circuit investigation reveals a data breach at Z Energy.

    Z Energy sat on evidence about a privacy breach for seven months - only going public when confronted with it this week.

    A raid worth investigating

    OPINION: It's one of the most storied firefights in our war history, but did we tell it the right way? We deserve the truth.

    Z Energy has admitted a data breach of its fuel card.

    ‘Certainly a security breach’

    How Z’s story changed as the evidence of a problem mounted.


    Trump Russia quip trouble

    At the start of a Cabinet meeting at the White House, a reporter asked, "Is Russia still targeting the US, Mr ...

    White House scrambles to stifle new uproar after US President appeared to reject warnings of his own spy chief over Russia.

    'Jeez, this is going to bad'

    Video shows flames shooting out of plane just before it crashes in South Africa.

    The Thai soccer team rescued from a cave play soccer with the Thai Navy Seals who helped save them.

    Boys play football with rescuers

    The Thai boys saved from a cave join the Navy Seals who rescued them to play soccer.


    How $7.9m scam proceeds left NZ

    Scams reported have ranged from a few hundred dollars through to more than $2m.

    15 min ago  Western Union used in many romance scams that duped Kiwis out of $7.9m, but Netsafe not pointing the finger.

    Dam costs blow out by $26m video

    A huge $26m blowout in costs for the Waimea dam could bring an end to the controversial project.

    Vodafone generic pic

    Vodafone goes 'Agile' video

    Spark adopted the trendy new way of working first - but unlike its rival, Vodafone won't put staff jobs on the line.


    Google fined $7.4 billion video

    European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of ...

    EU ordered changes that could affect which Google-owned apps appear on smartphones and tablets running its Android mobile operating system.

    Inside an Egyptian tomb video

    The beauty of an ancient Egyptian queen's tomb has been opened to all through virtual reality.

    Breadcrumbs app co-founders Brendan Platt, left, and Cameron Brodie hope new students in Wellington can settle into ...

    Breadcrumbs app creates trail to secret spots

    Two Wellington entrepreneurs have developed a digital trail of breadcrumbs to help people settle into a new city.


    Guide to online furniture shopping video

    Think before you click: Before pressing "purchase" it's imperative to do your research.

    Think before you click: before pressing "purchase" make sure you do your research.

    Get that hotel feeling at home

    Five steps to create that luxurious holiday hotel feeling in your own bedroom.

    This Devonport  living space feels like spring with its green and citrus colour scheme. .

    Spring's coming gallery video

    3:59 PM  Now's a great time to start planning fresh, bright changes to your home decor.

    life & style

    Inside the 'pain-free' birth

    Auckland mother Kate O'Byrne with son Ruairi. Kate used the HypnoBirthing technique.

    3:57 PM  According to advocates of HypnoBirthing, having a baby without drugs should be a pain-free experience.

    The danger of gift cards video

    Are youngsters ready to handle the wiles of advertisers and the complexities of 'credit' 

    In her latest outburst, Samantha says she will hold the Duchess "responsible" if their father dies.

    Markle's sister lashes out video

    In her latest outburst, Samantha Markle says she will hold the Duchess "responsible" if their father dies.

    well & good

    The Marmageddon effect video

    The thought of Marmite not being available, led to people obsessing, craving and buying over-priced jars of Marmite.

    The mere thought of food being restricted can trigger cravings and over-eating.

    When colds turn bad

    Thousands of people run the risk of contracting pnenumonia this winter. Here are some of the warning signs.

    Some women feel worthless because their bodies are less than the socially dictated perfect - but the answer doesn't lie ...

    'No apologies' for fat-shaming

    OPINION: Adelaide gym remains unapologetic about its "before and after" post, going so far as to thank "the haters".

    food & wine

    Cooking for one in a crowded house

    Cooking for one in a group house where everyone is cooking for one is doable, but it takes communication.

    Cooking for one is a full house where everyone does the same? A little communication goes a long way.

    Welcome to chaos

    The seats, were hard, the food wasn't good and the service was even worse. There's little to commend at Wagamama Wellington.

    Next-level Thai food

    Creamy seafood chowder

    nz farmer

    Who needs Auckland?

    Federated Farmers Manawatū-Rangitikei president Richard Morrison says people in the wider community reap the rewards of ...

    10 min ago  For the first time since Infometrics' regional GDP surveys began in 2001, the provinces have outdone the main centres.

    Bugger! New dog-on-ute law video

    4:42 PM  Quintessential Kiwi image could see farmers fined for mistreating man's best friend.

    RMA guide concerns Feds

    Dam costs blow out by $26m video


    Colin Mochrie returns to NZ

    Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood and Greg Proops from Whose Line is it Anyway? will perform in Auckland this November.

    Prepare to be in stitches as the multi-award winning comedian hits the stage with Whose Line IS It Anyway? lineup.

    Rolleston's trip to Shortland St

    Boy and Good Bye Pork Pie star James Rolleston has his sights set on Hollywood, in the meantime, he's Shortland Street.

    Emma Gribble, producer of local animated children's series Darwin And Newts.

    'Two cancers and two babies'

    Children's TV producer Emma Gribble was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her second child.


    Why we left Auckland for Amazon

    At Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat, in southwest Bolivia.

    Why go through the drudge of the 9-to-5 when $17,000 a year is all it takes to lead a life of non-stop travel in South America?

    Markle's NZ campervan trip video

    The actress wrote that Kiwis are "the nicest people you've ever had the pleasure of knowing".

    Travel agents can prepare you for anything on your holiday - and safeguard from hidden dangers.

    Why you should use travel agents video

    They are no longer "travel agents" apparently, but "holistic advisers" who can make or break the quality of your getaway


    NZ cooks up STI-style Legacy video

    Subaru New Zealand has launched an exclusive version of the Legacy with STI handling tweaks.

    A Kiwi STi-influenced edition of Subaru's six-cylinder sedan is now available. Might it be joined by an Outback version?

    Do you indicate at a mini-roundabout? video

    Surely you don't have to indicate for those tiny painted circles. Or do you?

    With all it's 'borrowed' Rolls-Royce styling cues, the Aurus Senat is a suitably imposing ride for Vladimir Putin.

    Putin's armoured limo video

    Russian president Vladimir Putin may have been late to the summit, but he did arrive in imposing style - in the new Russian-built Aurus Senat limo.

    stuff nation

    Let's talk about free speech stuff nation

    Should we all be able to say what we want, when we want, wherever we want?

    Should we all be able to say what we want, when we want, wherever we want?

    Animal abuse ignored stuff nation

    Unfortunately many of us are still ignoring the horrific animal abuse occurring on farms around NZ.

    In four years' time the biggest sporting event in the world heads to the tiny Middle Eastern nation of Qatar.

    Player theatrics shine bright stuff nation

    A review of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and its showcase of talent, theatrics, disappointments and champions.


    Read and Crotty to play Sharks

    Kieran Read has recovered from a sore wrist and will start at No 8 for the Crusaders against the Sharks on Saturday.

    4:34 PM  Crusaders coach Scott Robertson names a run-on 15 stacked with 12 All Blacks to play the Sharks on Saturday.

    Shields on the mend video

    3:45 PM  Hurricanes captain is confident his injured ribs are up to meeting the Chiefs in their quarterfinal on Friday.

    The Chiefs will be hoping to carry on their winning feeling from against the Hurricanes last weekend when they meet them ...

    Chiefs ready for capital test video

    4:54 PM  The Hurricanes have been superb at home of late, but the Chiefs are confident of doing the job in Wellington.


    Tiny or colossal, it's our heritage

    Dean Peterson, head of science at Te Papa.

    OPINION: Te Papa plans to change the way it cares for its collections. Find out how how the they are a crucial part of the national science picture.

    Te reo for family ties

    Sarah Moore is taking on a 12-week te reo class in an effort to show her irāmutu (niece) her whole family values her ...

    OPINION: When my irāmutu (niece) was born, I realised I had an opportunity. 2018 is my year of learning.

    The treat yourself economy

    Nurses protest outside Nelson Hospital during a 24 strike, the first such action by nurses in a generation.

    OPINION: For years the cost of living increases have been hitting the poor harder than others and the issue may be coming to a head.

    Putin's worldview triumphs video

    US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin after their summit on Monday in Helsinki, Finland. The ...

    OPINION: Vladimir Putin's ruthless worldview dominated in at the summit with Donald Trump in Helsinki.

    good reads

    My heart is in Havana stuff nation video

    Horse and carts are still common in rural Cuba.

    Jim Tully goes to see the Caribbean island that is facing a new era with new leaders.

    The sideline surgeon

    In the surgical realm when Andy Malcolm isn't busy looking after his patients he's studying for his masters in surgical ...

    Rugby and urology may be unlikely team-mates but for Nelson surgeon Andy Malcolm they go hand in hand.

    Why is everybody striking?

    Striking nurses in Nelson. Other groups are expected to follow.

    After a decade of missing the spoils of a "rock star economy", lower paid Kiwis have had enough.

    When a mass shooter kills your husband

    Andre Chamblee and her late husband, John McNamara, at Christmas time circa 1997.

    One voice chokes out the words: "He's dead." The wailing gets louder. It is my wailing.

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    The classic cartoon about office life.


    Flight Centre's 'inspirational' murals video

    The female Flight Centre mural was meant to be "inspiring".

    Flight Centre under fire for booze-soaked culture and murals that suggest women should carry condoms and become 'Naughtywise' ambassadors.

    My doctor pursued me for sex

    Catherine English, Dr Deane Drew's estranged wife, is one of the women who have laid a complaint against him.

    After escaping a religious cult, Catherine English was just looking for a doctor.

    Lawyers deemed 'fit and proper'

    lawyer generic

    Lawyers at heart of Russell McVeagh scandal have had their practising certificates renewed.

    McVeagh a watershed moment

    Public service troubleshooter Margaret Bazley's independent review of Russell McVeagh was released on Thursday morning.

    OPINION: Here's to a future where women's safety is prized over men's reputations.


    'You're actually scared of balloons?'

    Greer Berry's worst nightmare. Berry suffers from globophobia (file photo).

    OPINION: Indeed Greer Berry is scared of Satan's plaything. And now the world hates them too.

    The MP and the mountain video

    Russell says the mountain does not look much different from when it was first seen by people.

    Whenever she flies Labour MP Deborah Russell calls bags on the window seat.

    Rise and fall of a poodle president video

    Tai the poodle spent about two years as president of the Republic of Whangamomona.

    In 2003, Tai the poodle rose to power in the Republic of Whangamomona. Then came the "assassination attempt".

    Phone survives 300m drop from plane video

    The phone was found undamaged.

    Sarvinder Naberhaus was taking pictures in a US vintage plane. Then she dropped her phone.


    Model breastfeeds on runway video

    Mara Martin hopes her runway walk will help to 'normalise' breastfeeding.

    New mum earns praise for breastfeeding her baby on the catwalk at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit show.

    Confessions of an 'unmumsy' mum

    Mums' group are meant to be fun and supportive but that is not always the case.

    OPINION: When I ghosted my coffee group, I wanted to let them know 'it's not you, it's me'.

    'I cried': mums console Serena

    Serena Williams admits she cried over missing her daughter's first steps.

    Other parents were quick to comfort the tennis star after she missed one of her daughter's milestones.

    Solid food won't help babies sleep

    Giving babies solid foods early: do the cons outweigh the pros?

    As much as tired parents may want to believe a new study, giving babies solid food early won't improve their sleep.

    kiwi traveller

    My heart is in Havana stuff nation video

    Horse and carts are still common in rural Cuba.

    Jim Tully goes to see the Caribbean island that is facing a new era with new leaders.

    Hooker Valley is a winter wonderland

    The start of the track meanders by Mt Sefton.

    Take the family on a proper white winter holiday, to beautiful Hooker Lake.

    Expat tales: French wine country

    Domaine Treloar.

    Rachel Treloar and her husband Jonathan run a wine estate in the Roussillon in the South of France.

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    The Pilgram Walk - Lisbon Portugal to Santiago Spain...my husband and I walked through some amazing countryside in April ...

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

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