Suicide after wife's 'murder'

Two little Australian boys are orphaned after their mother's disappearance and father's death.

Log hauler crash death

Police are conducting investigations at the scene. (File photo)

13 min ago  Worker operating a log hauler dies after crashing off the road in the Wairau Valley, Marlborough.

Hunt for suspected gunman's ex

10 min ago  Irene Scanlon is believed to be helping Morrinsville's Rollie Heke evade police.

Water levy won't affect food

2:40 PM  Food will not cost more under Labour's policy to charge a levy on irrigated water.

Scribe arrives at court video

3:07 PM  Heavily disguised hip-hop artist Malo Luafutu turns up for a court hearing.

ABs address 'elephant in room' video

8 min ago  Toilet tryst is back in the spotlight but it won't affect Aaron Smith, Steve Hansen says.


Serial pub robber jailed

Douglas Roake has been jailed by the Christchurch District Court for six pub robberies around Canterbury and shooting ...

Man who worked as security guard at Richie McCaw's wedding jailed for over 13 years after shooting two women and robbing six pubs.

'The boy couldn't breathe' video

Two teens were on their way home for dinner when they were punched and kicked by a group of men dressed as Mr Four Square.

Bodi McKee has been found not guilty of  murdering Leslie Putt.

Shooting death: Not guilty

2:26 PM  Jurors had to decide if shooting could be justified as self-defence in south Auckland murder trial.


Direct flights to the Philippines

With a new direct flight, it's easier than ever to visit the popular Southeast Asia country.


Crown to apologise to iwi

Maniapoto Māori Trust Board chairman, Tiwha Bell and Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Christopher Finlayson ...

Ngāti Maniapoto step closer to settling treaty claim worth over $150 million.

LVRs political no-friends

OPINION: The dramatic shift in the housing market has rewritten the campaign debate.

Newly elected third-term Prime Minister John Key and his family arrive for his victory speech on the 2014 election night.

Rising up for a weird election video

OPINION: "Well if you thought that election was weird, wait until the next." So said the freshly re-elected John Key in 2014.


Trump's rally plans disappoint video

Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix, feels it's inappropriate for President Donald Trump to hold a rally in his city soon ...

2:48 PM  US President Donald Trump plans to rally supporters in Phoenix, but the city's mayor is not happy about it.

Tears, tributes for Heather

"They tried to kill my child to shut her up, but guess what, you just magnified her," mother of woman killed in Charlottesville rally says.

North Korean media reported that leader Kim Jong Un had delayed a decision to fire missiles at Guam while he waited to ...

N Korea missile halt 'wise'

Kim Jong Un's decision to hold off firing missiles toward Guam a "very wise and well reasoned" says US President.


A tilt at rapid rail

The proposal would invest $400 million in 17 tilt trains during stage two, which can travel at 160kmh.

A three-stage, $1.45 billion proposal could connect Auckland and Hamilton at 160kmh.

Not just rows of housing

OPINION: Criticism that new subdivisions create urban sprawl, or all look alike, is misplaced.

Simcox Construction general manager Antony Clark says this is the tightest labour market he has seen in Marlborough.

Skilled staff shun Marlborough video

3:36 PM  It's almost like people don't like the sun, amazing wine and [fairly] cheap houses.


Review: Oppo's latest phone

The Oppo A77 cost $529 and is on sale in New Zealand now.

Oppo has released a new phone in New Zealand that features dual SIM cards.

Five simple smartphone hacks video

Tips include better ways to take a selfie and advice to avoid losing your phone while on holiday.

The high-end Nokia 8, due out next month, will take on new devices from Apple and Samsung.

New Nokia phone announced

The high-end Nokia 8, due out next month, will take on new devices from Apple and Samsung.


A Scottish manor for $352k

This $350,000 six-bedroom home is cheaper than a one bedroom apartment in central Auckland.

This six-bedroom home is cheaper than some one bedroom apartments in central Auckland.

Top Auckland kitchen 'pared back'

Pick of the crop - this winning NKBA kitchen turns a corner to reveal a stunning open larder.

The house has been listed for sale at $2.13 million, which is much the same price as a smart Grey Lynn villa.

$2m ski house's dream interior

Stunning ski house eyrie for sale in Quebec - for price of a Grey Lynn villa.

life & style

When you'll reach your peak age

Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village 100s club members Ben Oakes, 101, Lorna Jarrett, 100, Mary Powell,100, Lorna ...

15 min ago  Apparently the 'ideal' age is 36, but we are happiest at 23 and 69 - and our body confidence is highest at 74.

Girl reviews eatery: 'hell in a shell'

2:25 PM  The young foodie happens to be the daughter of River Cottage head chef Gill Meller.

Gingin had two homes before finding the one he liked best. Was he cheating, or just looking for love?

When cats cheat on their owners

Some cats take their affections down the road. Here's the story of some feline cheaters.

well & good

Told at 14 that I may be infertile

Lucy Ogden-Doyle has polycystic ovary syndrome. The definition of the term is problematic.

2:53 PM  Lucy Ogden-Doyle went to see her GP about irregular periods when she received some distressing news.

Don't leave bottles in the car video

Firefighters are alerting drivers to the risks of leaving bottled water in their vehicles, warning that they could start a fire.

Anison admits she sunbathed using baby oil instead of sunblock.

Jennifer Aniston's health regret video

The former Friends star can't believe she used to soak up the sun until she turned into a "brown berry" without wearing sunscreen.

food & wine

Girl reviews eatery: 'hell in a shell'

This 12-year-old does not seem like she will be returning to restaurant.

2:25 PM  The young foodie happens to be the daughter of River Cottage head chef Gill Meller.

Will this breakfast trend takeoff?

2:24 PM  They might look good on Instagram, but most people just want bacon and eggs, says the chef.

5 of Auckland's best winter eats

Lunch at Black Estate, Chch

nz farmer

At home with top farmer

An unusually wet winter has put some crops underwater and made it impossible to plant others on the Watson's farm at ...

Wheat yield world record-holder and Mid Canterbury farmer Eric Watson is also NZ arable farmer of the year.

A 105-year-old family farm

The McCall family have been farming at Waikoikoi for over a century.

More than riparian planting

Pipeline blowout's $2m cost


Karaoke is coming

Don't cry for me Sansa. Sophie Turner came in like a Wrecking Ball to sing some tunes in Carpool Karaoke

3:21 PM  They put aside 'Thrones feuding for their love of music. Watch the Stark sisters singing it out, instead of slugging it out.

Brosnan hails 'luck of the Irish'

2:46 PM  How one Hollywood actor went from cleaning kitchens and digging roads to playing 007.

"I'm not joking when I say I would feel more comfortable if Cersei Lannister was running the country at this point," ...

On Trump's 'unhinged' presser

"I'm not joking when I say I would feel more comfortable if Cersei Lannister was running the country at this point," said Jimmy Kimmel.


Places Godfather fans should visit

Marlon Brando in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather.

The locations of the legendary gangster epic have some intriguing tales of their own.

Rules for drinking overseas

We all love a tipple on holidays but there's a right (and wrong) way to enjoy a drink.

With a new direct flight, it's easier than ever to visit the popular Southeast Asia country.

Direct flights to Philippines video

3 min ago  With a new direct flight, it's easier than ever to visit the popular Southeast Asia country.


Flying DeLorean car touted video

Seth Rogan and Michael J. Fox arrive onstage in a DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie trilogy to present the ...

Aerospace company with links to Back to the Future movies plans a special vehicle.

Mucking about in Holdens video

Join us for an SUV-skid at Holden's Lang Lang proving ground.

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato family.

Aston Martin reveals wagon

British brand doubles its range of collectable Zagato models.

stuff nation

Meat-lover and vegan stuff nation

Against the environmental damage, the health effects, the cruelty, my defence of “yeah, but it’s yum” seemed weak.

The idea of chomping down on rare flesh delights me - but I can't justify it any more.

Madge, the relaxation master stuff nation

Meditation, napping, isolation ... Madge knows all that stuff. She's like a Renaissance relaxer.

Is Auckland really the most liveable city in New Zealand?

NZ's most liveable city? stuff nation

Auckland? Wellington? Christchurch? Hamilton? Tell us why your city is the best place to pitch tent.


Kiwi-born Wallaby to debut

From the Bulldogs in the NRL to the Wallabies, Taranaki-born Curtis Rona will face his former countrymen on Saturday.

2 min ago  Curtis Rona is on left wing in new look Wallabies who welcome back Kurtley Beale to the midfield.

Guildford to start for Mooloos

2:53 PM  Former All Blacks winger named to start for Waikato in their Mitre 10 Cup opener against Taranaki.


Adams, NBA coach NZ-bound

2:19 PM  Steven Adams is bringing some serious thunder Down Under for his youth basketball camps.


Health and safety not just red tape

Francois Barton: "We need to move beyond the "health and safety is red tape" mentality and build our competence and ...

OPINION: Focusing on the costs of health and safety underplays its benefits, Francois Barton writes.

We're all to blame for gay hate

Westcity Baptist pastor Logan Robertson thinks gay people should be shot in the head the moment they marry.

OPINION: Christian reverend says we must all examine our attitudes in wake of pastor's inflammatory comments.

Writing on the wall for Kaino

Jerome Kaino's time with the All Blacks could be up after being left out of the playing side for the first Bledisloe test.

OPINION: Axed from the Bledisloe Cup team, time appears to be running out for ABs' champion forward.

Hit TV shouldn't get public cash

The 7 Days team of Jeremy Corbett, Paul Ego and Dai Henwood - is it time for their successful show to stop getting ...

OPINION: Is it time for 7 Days to remove itself from the trough of NZ On Air money?

Black Hands

'Not guilty'

David Bain's long-standing and staunch supporter, Joe Karam.

The night David Bain was acquitted, I ended up in a Joe Karam headlock.

The case that divides the nation

David Bain leaves Dunedin police station under police escort to court to be charged with the murders of his father, ...

The Bain case is the most divisive in New Zealand’s criminal history. Why?

'The Perfect Family'

The Bain family pictured about two or three years before the shootings.

The dark secrets of the Bain family revealed in Stuff’s new podcast series.

What's a podcast?

Martin van Beynen spent years re-investigating the Bain family murders for the Black Hands podcast.

A free, easy and popular way to listen to audio.

good reads

Making his mark in the Arctic

Charles Francis Hall, a 38-year-old newspaper publisher from Cincinnati, was obsessed.

Obsessed with finding explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic, Charles Francis Hall went to find them, and found fame.

Tired boot camp plan

The Government wants to set up a 'boot camp' at Waiouru Military Camp on the Central Plateau.

OPINION: National is re-treading the tired boot camp idea - and it won't work, it's never worked, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Who wants to live to be 100?

Felicity Price will return to the pool post op to get a good workout.

OPINION: I consider all the changes I need to make to my life if I'm going to live to a ripe old age.

Trump failed to lead ... I'm not surprised

Trump's slogans from the campaign trail resonated with white supremacists. His comments as president also resonate with them.

OPINION: As an American, I'm both ashamed, although not surprised, by recent events in Charlottesville - and by the president's response.

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Mike Moreu cartoon, July21, 2017

Dilbert, Tom Scott, Sharon Murdoch and more.


A rare white moose is on the loose video

Flabbergasted hunters who come across the ghost moose are choosing to let them live.

Flabbergasted hunters who come across the ghost moose are choosing to let them live.

Diamond found on the end of carrot

Mary Grams had given on up finding her ring, until it turned up on a carrot.

After being lost in a vegetable garden for more than a decade a ring has been discovered on the end of a carrot.

Caution: silly road names ahead

The Poplar Ave interchange on the Kapiti Expressway, in the middle of the shot. Hugging the hills is the old highway, ...

Not everyone took Kapiti's $100,000 consultation project entirely seriously.

Free ink offer draws tattoo virgins video

Jamee Mitchell's new tattoo.

An offer of free tattoos drew a line of keen punters staunchly queuing in winter downpours.


Serena Williams not a baby person

Serena Williams is sharing the highs and lows of pregnancy on social media.

At 8-months pregnant, the tennis champion is still not sure she's ready to be a mum. And that's something most of us can relate to.

I forgot to bury my placenta

After babies are born comes the placenta.

You're planning for your baby's arrival, but you have one more decision to make — what to do with the placenta.

Serena shares preggie workout video

Serena Williams shares pics of pregnant self exercising and they’re a great example of what you can do with a baby on board.

The tennis pro may be 8-months pregnant but she is still doing minimum-impact exercises to stay in shape.

I'm thankful for my son's insult

I have two children who are massive jerks at times – but they're my jerks, and I'm sure the day will come when I'll ...

"I wish you were a fun mum, like that lady," he said.

kiwi traveller

Help for Kiwi MPs in Canberra video

What's that flag?

If there's one thing New Zealanders love more than pineapple lumps, it's (seemingly) politics.

Backpacker life in the 90s versus now

Remember sending huge long group emails to all of your family and friends (from your Hotmail account), telling them ...

You set up Hotmail to keep in touch and listened to a Discman on your Contiki tour.

Croatia's underwater winery

This wine is aged in the Adriatic Sea, and you can dive down into the winery to grab a bottle.

This wine is aged in the Adriatic Sea, and you can dive down into the winery to grab a bottle.

Why plane seats are the colour blue

Airlines believe the colour will help make passengers feel cooler.

In the 1970s and 80s, airlines installed red seats in cabins but later removed them.

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