Philip Neville Arps, described as "an unrepentant, hardcore white supremacist", was jailed in the Christchurch District ...

'Unrepentant,' and 'hardcore' video

Philip Arps was a "key part" of the white supremacist scene in Christchurch before his jailing.

The new asbestos?

The home's spacious kitchen features granite benchtops, with a Hafele Electrical Multi Socket Pop Up in the centre of ...

Popular fashion fixture in Kiwi homes could be killing the people who make them.

Man and dog rescued from cave video

12 min ago  He tried to rescue his dog that "got jammed" in crevasse, ended up stuck for 3 hours.

Melamine fears trigger recall

10:08 PM  Chemical which killed six babies in contaminated formula scandal may leach from camping dinner set, MPI says.

Agent's unconsented car park

Real estate agent bowled houses to create a paid car park, but he didn't get consent.

Scandal over Football World Cup

9:50 PM  Former UEFA president in custody over the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.


Student's remarkable journey

Abbas Nazari, from Tampa boat refugee to Fulbright Graduate Award.

The remarkable life of Abbas Nazari, who fled Afghanistan and was one of hundreds of refugees at the centre of the "Tampa Crisis".

One-armed plumber's trade tricks

Having one arm hasn't stopped Shane Cross from being a plumber- he just uses his mouth and toes more.

A cold snap will push temperatures below freezing overnight in many major centres.

Freezing cold overnight video

It's been a mild autumn so far, but a solid wintry blast will hit almost everywhere on Wednesday and Thursday.

christchurch mosque terror attack

Salam, Bishop Tamaki

170619. News. KEVIN STENT/STUFF. President of the International Muslim Association of NZ Tahir Nawaz wants to invite ...

Destiny Church leader has been invited to a Wellington mosque to discuss his anti-Muslim views.

A cartoon history of intolerance

OPINION: "This is not us," we said after March 15. But for too long it was, as a new book highlights.

A man reacts in horror outside the Masjid Al Noor in Christchurch on March 15.

'Video celebration of extreme violence'

The need for the mosque shooting video to be rated objectionable was clear and justifiable, an appeal board says.

    A fly fisherman on the southern shores of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown.

    Wastewater into pristine lakes video

    Raw wastewater, including faeces and heavy metals, could flow into lakes Wakatipu and Wanaka for decades.

    The career of David Hisco video

    David Hisco was the best-paid chief executive in banking for eight straight years.

    ANALYSIS: He was the AC/DC loving money man who pulled ANZ back into profit. But his own spending was questionable.

    Inside elite schoolboy rugby video

    There's an obvious professional feel to 1XV rugby, but these are still just normal teenage boys.

    First XV is a commercial, essentially semi-professional competition rife with rumour and innuendo.

    What it's like picking kiwifruit

    Matt Shand found six hours of kiwifruit picking in the blistering sun back-breaking.

    "Pick faster. Pick more carefully," a supervisor said. Each one you drop is money you don't get.

    Built to last? Apparently not

    Wellington's Statistics House was one of many modern buildings badly damaged during the 2016 Kaikōura quake. It was ...

    Quakes have shaken our confidence in modern construction. Are we building the wrong buildings?


    Hong Kong bill unlikely to be revived video

    Carrie Lam, Hong Kong's chief executive, has not formally retracted the legislation.

    10:27 PM  But Chief Executive Carrie Lam did not formally retract the legislation, which would allow some suspects to face trial in mainland Chinese courts.

    Search ramps up for backpacker

    Despite an intense search, there's been no sign of Theo Hayez since he disappeared in Australia 18 days ago.

    Each purchase of Libra will be backed by a reserve fund of equal value held in real-world currencies to stabilise ...

    Facebook plans its own currency

    9:44 PM  Bitcoin's unappealing to the average shopper, so what makes Facebook's planned digital currency any better?


    Spark looks to donate Givealittle

    People who have lost everything in house fires are among those who have looked to Givealittle for help.

    Any proceeds from sale of Givealittle would go to charity says Spark.

    ANZ 'has questions to answer'

    Finance minister hints at concerns about how much the Reserve Bank knew about the circumstances around the departure of ANZ's boss.

    Rocket Lab will be ready for its sixth orbital mission on Thursday week.

    Secret client for Rocket Lab

    NZ rocket rule put to test as one Rocket Lab client requests anonymity.


    Influencers can be easily bought

    if you're not paying for a product or service you enjoy, your viewership or data is what's getting sold.

    My wife was asked her to change her honest 3-star restaurant review because she'd been given the food for free.

    Food rating needs to be changed

    The food heath labelling system introduced five years ago is under review and needs a significant overhaul to make it useful.

    '100% Pure NZ' had to change video

    Trump's 'fake' polls and internal tensions

    good reads

    Going Walkabout in San Diego video

    A Western Gray kangaroo along with its joey.

    There's a little slice of Australia living in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, US.

    US teen weed use concerns

    The first two US states to legalise recreational marijuana are starting to grapple with teenagers' growing use of highly potent pot.

    NZ's forgotten deadly quake video

    How to be liked in Europe video


    Inside Facebook's moderator unit

    From videos of beheadings to neo-Nazi slogans and child sex abuse video, hundreds of employees at CCC, a moderation ...

    Up to 8,000 vile posts each day need moderating - but the toll on the team is growing.

    These car features could prevent your next crash video

    A JD Power study shows that half of new car buyers say driver-assistance features helped prevent a crash in the first 90 days they owned the vehicle.

    Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt  are from Germany.

    'Get a job': Appeal backfires video

    A couple who faced outrage for asking for funds to travel through Africa is taking a break from social media.


    Katherine Mansfield 'do-up' sold video

    Katherine Mansfield's family summer cottage in Eastborne has been sold for $410,000. The new owners plan to restore it ...

    A local family has bought the Beauchamp family summer house, for more than the CV.

    Is your garage a goldmine? video

    These are the household items most in demand by secondhand shoppers right now.

    Ants are heading indoors for warmth over winter.

    How to wage war against ants video

    Fatty foods are to ants what a McDonald's drive-thru is to hungover folk on a Sunday morning; a beacon.

    life & style

    Truth about 'bouncing' back after baby

    'You'll never, ever, ever be the same body or mind after you've had a baby,' says Mel Watts.

    Australian mum shows what her stomach really looks like after having four kids: "You'll never, ever, ever be the same."

    Kate Middleton's latest nod to Diana video

    Kate stepped out at the Order of the Garter ceremony in an outfit similar to one her late mother-in-law once wore.

    NikeTown London's new plus size mannequins haven't been applauded by everyone.

    Why hate Nike 'obese' mannequins? video

    OPINION: Let's adopt a healthier attitude towards every body and every body's right to be seen.

    well & good

    Eating disorders can mask autism

    Girls are more likely than boys to have undiagnosed autism and their symptoms could be mistaken for an eating disorder.

    Girls and women on the autism spectrum are at higher risk of anorexia nervosa than males, research suggests.

    In defence of my (male) obstetrician

    Although some women prefer to see female obstetricians, male doctors can convey just as much compassion.

    Numerous studies have shown that getting out amongst nature is beneficial to us.

    How gardening is good for you video

    The benefits are both physical and mental, so why aren't more of us doing it?

    food & wine

    Food rating needs to be changed

    New World Owner/Operator Caroline Hall compares cereals with the new health star rating. Photo taken in 2015.

    The food heath labelling system introduced five years ago is under review and needs a significant overhaul to make it useful.

    Proper way to compost

    Nelson's Proper Crisps is putting some of its chips into bags that can be composted at home.

    Eating expired food for a year video

    Reducing food waste

    nz farmer

    Trees not taking over: Jones video

    Over the last decade about 7000 ha of forest nationwide was converted to farming, including in areas north of Taupō, ...

    Foreigners aren't buying farms to convert to forestry to feed the Government's billion tree promise, Shane Jones says.

    Farmers told to brace themselves for change

    New climate policies will change farming, whether farmers are prepared for it or not.

    More sheep killed by dogs near Hastings

    Poultry on show video


    Block NZ: A millennial mess video

    The Block NZ 2019: Stacey and Adam are called "the Wellington millennials".

    RECAP: The first challenge of the year sees the contestants go up in smoke.

    Author says sorry to LGBTQ community

    The writer behind The Notebook chastised a headmaster promoting for a pro-gay "agenda".

    Angel Ortiz Diamond was charged with one felony count of pimping and one felony count of pandering.

    YouTube rapper arrested for trafficking

    A US YouTuber known as Benjiboy Staccs was arrested on charges of pimping and pandering a teenager.


    '100% Pure NZ' had to change video

    Tourism New Zealand's latest global campaign is designed to showcase Kiwi hospitality.

    OPINION: Latest Tourism New Zealand campaign coincides with yet more proof the country is not "100% Pure".

    Man v giant octopus video

    A creature from the deep takes on a diver in the Sea of Japan.

    Is a $1000 meal experience that much better than a $200 meal, or even a $500 meal?

    Travel luxuries you can ditch video

    OPINION: For travellers looking to save a few bucks, these are the luxuries you can easily afford to miss out on.


    Another Newshub pregnancy

    Live at 4 presenter Susie Nordvist is the latest Newshub anchor to announce her pregnancy

    Live at 4pm presenter Susie Nordqvist is the fifth TV reporter in two months to announce her pregnancy.

    NZ third worst for maternity leave

    Kiwi mums - and Unicef - call for increase to paid parental leave after report shows NZ lagging far behind other wealthy countries.

    'Ask for help' about incontinence

    Greens MP on pic that made her famous


    Magician's magic turns tragic

    A poster of Chanchal Lahiri, known by his stage name "Jadugar Mandrake".

    Houdini-inspired magician plunged into a river in India for a stunt and hasn't resurfaced.

    Man v giant octopus video

    A creature from the deep takes on a diver in the Sea of Japan.

    Politician live streams with cat filter

    The 'quackers' fad on cruises video


    Toyota does U-turn on EVs video

    Toyota platform has enough flexibility for a wide range of vehicle shapes and sizes.

    Toyota has joined hands with Subaru, Suzuki and Mazda to make a range of EVs.

    Clean hands are bad for your car video

    Hand sanitiser and sunscreen lotion may well offer us protection, but they do the exact opposite to your car's interior.

    Fast and quite furious-sounding: SVR is first F-Pace to have a V8 engine. Plus supercharger.

    Something Special for Jaguar SUV video

    Pace and even more in-your-face attitude from Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations-enhanced F-Pace.

    stuff nation

    NZ's titanic agriculture problem stuff nation

    James Cameron and partner Suzy Amis Cameron have turned their dairy farms over to crops and are campaigning for ...

    OPINION: We need to put our money behind a plant-based lifestyle - or the country will suffer.

    Being removed was for the best stuff nation

    OPINION: NZ obviously has a child welfare problem. It isn't always a bad thing when children are removed from their family.

    Steve Tew didn't do enough to foster the heartbeat of rugby in New Zealand, writes Paul Montague.

    Steve Tew dropped the ball stuff nation

    OPINION: Yes, the All Blacks won World Cups, but at what cost to provincial rugby?


    Here's one Kiwi staying put

    Nelson Asofa-Solomona lays down to the challenge to Tonga during the 2017 World Cup.

    He may be eligible for Samoa but Kiwi enforcer says there's no chance of him ever turning down the Kiwis.

    'Dangerous' SAfrica on brink video

    NZ chasing fifth straight World Cup win over South Africa who face more heartbreak with another defeat.

    Josh Ioane has better goalkicking statistics than both Beauden Barrett and Richie Mo'unga this year.

    The scramble for No 10s

    Mitch Hunt will join the Highlanders but Josh Ioane is going nowhere in 2020 as Blues chase a No 10.

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    climate change

    Arctic sled dogs walk on slush video

    This image was shared by Danish researchers over the weekend.

    Striking photo taken by Danish researchers is a timely reminder as diplomats meet for UN climate talks.

    Why do we need a climate emergency?

    Solar power will help reduce reliance on fossil fuel but the political imperative to improve uptake is still lacking.

     Yes, tech will help dealing with climate change but we need to raise the will to apply it.

    Health care's climate change problem

    Deep breath: Anaesthetic gases contribute to climate change.

    Anaesthetic gases heat the planet; there might be an NZ solution.

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    Changing your life expectancy

    ECG tracings are so highly personalised, and the pattern generally so consistent over time, that they can be used as an ...

    NZ scientists are extending life expectancy with technology that has the potential to diagnose an illness faster than a doctor.

    Reducing food waste

    Foodprint founder Michal Garvey says food waste is a huge concern for food businesses, both environmentally and financially.

    The creator of a new app called Foodprint aims to reduce restaurant and cafe food waste. Here's how it works.

    now to love

    Truth about 'bouncing' back after baby

    'You'll never, ever, ever be the same body or mind after you've had a baby,' says Mel Watts.

    Australian mum shows what her stomach really looks like after having four kids: "You'll never, ever, ever be the same."

    Kate Middleton's latest nod to Diana video

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at the Order of the Garter Service at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

    Kate stepped out at the Order of the Garter ceremony in an outfit similar to one her late mother-in-law once wore.

    homes to love

    Plants transform Tauranga build gallery

    The Woolford family's Tauranga home is anything but cookie cutter.

    Hopping straight from one new build to another has given this family an instant upgrade.

    4 DIY projects with velvet video

    Get your craft on with these clever DIY styles.

    Add a little luxe to your home with these crafty projects that make the most of velvet.

    food to love

    Taranaki 'Feastival' success

    One of the most popular events of the Feast Festival Taranaki was a dinner at Fork n Knife in the New Plymouth CBD.

    A 10-day Taranaki festival that celebrates all things food and liquor has come to an end - and it'll be back.

    Taranaki recyclers living off the land video

    Ahu Ahu Beach Villas in Taranaki.

    Ahu Ahu Beach Villas combine an artistic assemblage of recycled and rustic materials in a peaceful farm setting with sweeping coastal views.


    Most painful places to get a tattoo video

    We're guessing David Beckham's neck tattoos wouldn't have been pleasant to get.

    If you're keen on a cool hand or back tattoo, you'd better be prepared for some pain.

    How to get Meghan's royal glow video

    The Duchess of Sussex's amazing skin doesn't happen by accident.

    Want amazing skin like the Duchess of Sussex? Here are her facialist's top tips, tricks and techniques.


    The perils of Asian glow

    Jean Teng can't really drink - not without feeling really, really sick.  So why does she feel so compelled to do it ...

    Jean Teng can't really drink - not without feeling really, really sick. So why does she feel so compelled to do it anyway - and what does this say about our obsession with alcohol?

    Classic styles that are all class

    A soft neutral pink blends into the background of any room while offering a touch of warmth.

     Being trendy is overrated. Try these enduring looks instead.

    Hipkins' thwarted budget ambitions

    Chris Hipkins will be going back to the finance minister next year to ask for money for early childhood education, and ...

    Education is always a big spend area come budget time, but Chris Hipkins was left wanting more.

    New Kiwi star makes a splash

    Backstroke specialist Ali Galyer swam in the silver fern at last year's Pan Pacific championships in Tokyo.

    After her first race in a NZ pool, the Australian-born, US-raised swimmer will wear the silver fern at next month's world champs.

    Pascoe's success in and out of pool

    Sophie Pascoe has adapted aerial silk workouts into her training.

    Rock climbing and boxing might be the reason Sophie Pascoe is now swimming faster than ever.

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    Quiz: Discover your perfect Samoa holiday

    Samoa is a beautiful island destination that offers incredible experiences to suit all tastes.

    This beautiful island destination offers incredible experiences to suit all tastes.

    Dusseldorf emerges from the shadows

    Neuer Zollhof buildings, designed by American architect Frank Gehry.

    Thanks to a spectacular makeover, Dusseldorf has become Europe’s hottest destination.