Would an H-bomb affect NZ? video

If North Korea drops H-bomb over the Pacific, a conflict will have a "pretty big" impact.

Airbag 'time bomb'

The replacement part that is being fitted to faulty airbags.

Tens of thousands of Kiwi drivers are putting themselves at risk by ignoring airbag recall.

Fire victim a Family Court protester

Man who died after setting himself alight at Parliament had been in dispute with courts.

First charges over tube bomb

12:42 AM  18-year-old Ahmed Hassan is accused of planting a bomb that injured 30 on a London tube.

Quakes a 'concern', but a 'reminder'

Increased number of quakes in the south are worrying, but no reason to panic, expert says.

First a wound, then cancer video

11:51 PM  GRAPHIC: Doctors patching up a surfer after a freak accident discover a brain tumour.

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Tyre mountain 'a fire danger'

Waikato Regional Councillor Kathy White said used tyres need to be made a priority under the Waste Minimisation Act.

Industry insiders say they're shocked at a tyre stockpile growing by "thousands" each day.

Cartoonist's political strokes video

For budding cartoonist Walt Hamer a bulbous beak is a muse to something more profound, or just "a good excuse for drawing".

Police guard Andrew Cameron's house near Hanmer Springs on Tuesday morning.

Victim forced to tie up family

Kidnapping victim forced to tie up members of his family with a gun pointed at his head.


'That wave saved my life'

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Doctors patching up a surfer after a freak accident discover a brain tumour.


Trump: Kim 'a madman' video

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is "obviously a madman", according to US President Donald Trump.

11:32 PM  US president promises North Korean leader "will be tested like never before" as insults continue to fly.

H-bomb test considered video

North Korea's foreign minister says they are considering a possible hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific Ocean.

A destroyed home is seen from a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey surveying damage in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

Maria kills at least 32 video

Hurricane Maria barrels towards the Turks and Caicos after lashing Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.


'Business as usual' soon video

Tanker HMNZS Endeavour is back on standby because of Auckland's ground fuel re-supply efforts, Judith Collins said.

Energy Minister Judith Collins says Auckland airport's fuel crisis is coming to end.

Employers warned over contracts

One Citizens Advice Bureau has handled more than 1000 cases in four years of clients without employment contracts.

You may help your local foodbank more if you give money rather than food.

Ways to help struggling families

Food insecurity researcher says there are five key ways everyday Kiwis can use their money to help.


Facebook hands over Russia ads video

Lawyers are investigating Russian-funded social media content about United States president Donald Trump's views on ...

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said it is helping US election investigators in a show against foreigners trying to "undermine democracy".

Google buys HTC engineers

Google says its about to make a "very large leap" into the gadget market.

Milk, from peas. Yes, you heard correctly. It is made from blending pea flour with water and other ingredients such as ...

Prepare for pea milk

Silicon Valley companies are backing non-dairy milk innovation.


How to throw an election party

An array of calming elixirs is a must.

Avoid political arguments and vibe-killers - and keep the food and drink bias-free.

7 stylish bar carts

The latest living room trend is for grown ups only.

The bedroom is very romantic, but you will need to be gone by 9am when the store opens its doors.

Want to sleep over in the shop?

A chance to sleep over in the store gives new meaning to 'try before you buy', but will it catch on here?

life & style

Nutrionist says PMS 'not normal' 

Ben Warren says PMS symptoms won't exist with the right lifestyle choices.

PMS is down to lifestyle and can be eliminated, says a Kiwi nutritionist.

Huge goldfish prompt warning

You should not be flushing your fish friend down the loo.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but that doesn't apply to baby names.

Sister 'steals' baby name - twice

This mum was willing to let it slide when it happened once. But twice?

well & good

'Cancer doesn't care who you are'

Hinuera resident Mariana Mahood tells her story of breast cancer ahead of the Pink Ribbon fundraisers.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Mariana Mahood is urging other women to check early and check often.

Body scan stained with black

Australian woman didn't even know she was sick, but there was no mistaking the black blotches in her scans.

If you want abs, you're going to have to work for them.

9 steps to shape up for spring

Need a bit of motivation to lose that winter muffin top? Here you go.

food & wine

Chef begs Michelin to remove stars

Sebastien Bras wants to "redefine what is essential".

His restaurant has had the maximum three Michelin stars for 20 years, but he no longer wants them.

Best recipe comment ever

On Katharine Hepburn's brownie recipe was written 74 intriguing words.

Cafe won't sell fries to adults

MKR winners reveal health woes

nz farmer

Women unrepresented at Fonterra

Dairy farmer and Fonterra director Leonie Guiney challenged the 'group think' on the board, making some feel ...

NZ's largest employer is under fire for having so few women on its board, after spurning a sitting female director.

More lambs this spring

Prospects for the red meat sector this season look promising.

Aus push to cash in on mānuka 

Outback breeds special farmers


Jackie Chan's dad was a spy video

Jackie Chan joined his parents in Australia when he was a teenager.

The martial art legend says his childhood in Canberra hid an intriguing secret... he father was spying on the Australian Government.

Gaga doco reveals raw moments

Film follows popstar over the course of a year, including her breakup with fiance Taylor Kinney and her performance at the 2017 Super Bowl.

FFXENT. Supplied image for American Made.

Families blame Tom Cruise video

Two pilots died filming Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster, and their families say the actor's negligence partly led to the plane crash.


Waiheke set to spoil walkers

Festival guide Sarah Gloyer and co-ordinator Denise Whitfield.

Whether you're a serious hiker or a hungry dawdler, Waiheke's Walking Festival has the day out for you.

Should I cancel my Bali trip?

Thousands of Kiwis could be forced to cancel their holidays if the volcanic threat level is raised. 

Hotels and airlines are fighting back, matching and even beating the deals that the metasearch engines offer via various ...

Do booking sites make sense?

Metasearch sites have shaken up the travel industry, but hotels and airlines are fighting back.


Spain's Leon Cupra plain good fun

Hot Leon Cupra is Seat's hero car: think VW Golf R power at GTi money. It's a fun, fun drive.

Seat has arrived in NZ. We get a first taste of the brand's new hot-hatch on local roads

Can 91 petrol go in my 95 car?

The answer is yes and no if you need to put 91 octane petrol in your 95 octane vehicle.

The goal is to deliver short, action-packed races that give spectators and drivers more bang for their buck.

Fast and furious race for NZ

An Aussie motor-racing fanatic was bored to tears by the last event he attended. So he invented a new one.

stuff nation

Those hazy, lazy days of summer stuff nation

A view so stunning it almost looks like a painting.

I stopped to take in the view by Waiau Ferry Bridge on a balmy evening and became happily caught up in the hushed beauty.

Policies muddied for Greens stuff nation

The current Green Party movement believes environmentalism and social justice go together, but why?

Luna, absolutely nailing the smize.

Luna, the precocious pup stuff nation

Six-month-old French bulldog Luna knows exactly how cute she is and loves nothing more than posing for a snap or five.


Recap: Storm v Broncos

Former Kiwis star Benji Marshall is expected to start on the bench against the Storm in the NRL semifinals.

Benji Marshall and Broncos no match for NRL minor premiers the Melbourne Storm.

Havili set to get his shot

All Blacks coach will consider whether it's time to throw another debutant into the test arena in Argentina.

FC Sion chairman Christian Constantin, pictured in 2005, has admitted kicking a TV commentator's backside.

Swiss TV pundit attacked

Swiss football authorities will investigate a clash between a club president and commentator.


Coaches get too much credit

Graham Henry shakes hands with Matt Dawson, while Austin Healey looks on, at the end of a torrid Lions tour in 2001.

OPINION: All I learned from Graham Henry's coaching is that I don't like Graham Henry.

A holiday of eating well

If you go to Noosa and don't eat prawns are you really there at all?

OPINION: Getting through customs can be tricky if you want to eat well on holiday.

If girls ruled the garage

Interior designer Daniella Norling muses on what would happen if a garage became a woman's domain.

Forget the car and lawnmower - a ballet barre, extensive wardrobe space and plenty of food would replace them.

Trump could spark war video

US President Donald Trump's taunt, far from serving an underlying strategy, was probably counterproductive, writes Doyle ...

ANALYSIS: It was supposed to be "deeply philosophical", but Trump's UN speech may be a step towards war.

special projects

Killer chemicals: Part 1

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Anika Tuhiwai

Inside NZ's synthetic cannabis crisis.

Killer chemicals: Part 2

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Michael (need to find out last name)

Conversations with a grieving mum and a former dealer.

Where you fit in NZ

One in Five Million logo without title

See how your answers compare with other Kiwis.

The Valley

The Valley

What secrets did we keep? Stuff Circuit special investigation into NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

Black Hands - the sequel

David Bain at his retrial in 2009.

Canadian former Supreme Court judge Binnie has criticised the Stuff podcast Black Hands. A new episode turns back the flak.

A family mass murder

Martin van Beynen spent years re-investigating the Bain family murders for the Black Hands podcast.

Stuff presents a podcast series on the Bain family murders.

good reads

First hurricane, then the floods video

Elizabeth Serrano Roldan, left, and Anna Roldan were stuck in their home on the northern coast of Puerto Rico. Thousands ...

The flood waters pouring into Elizabeth Serrano Roldan's home just kept rising. Her bed became an island.

Do jellyfish sleep? video

Not dead, just sleeping.

Jellyfish are so primitive they don't have a brain, but they still need their 40 winks.

Polly: rise and fall of a radio legend

Polly Gillespie is taking on a new lease in life.

Polly Gillespie: getting sacked taught me about real life (and why I left rather than backstab Grant Kereama).

The walk that changed my life stuff nation

The start of the 309km journey.

Walking 309km seems like a good idea from the couch. In reality, it's a lot tougher - but richly rewarding.

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Urban pig moves to farm

The wild pig that had been wandering around New Plymouth has been caught and will be taken to live on a farm.

New Plymouth's urban pig undone by love of mince pies

Giant 5.2m croc shot dead

The crocodile could be one of the largest found in the wild in Australia.

$5000 bounty on killer after massive 5.2m saltwater croc is found in Queensland with a bullet in its head.

String of tyre slashing bands neighbours

Cars parked on South Rd, Crownhill St and Ngāmotu Rd were found to have slashed tyres Thursday morning.

Frustrated neighbours have come together to find vandal who left "cookie-crumb trail" of slashed tyres.

Huge goldfish prompt warning

The mutant goldfish find their way out of sewers and into nearby Australian waterways.

You should not be flushing your fish friend down the loo.


Capturing first rays of birthdays video

Thomas Britton and Caitlin Sankey share a sunrise.

Giving the perfect gift for a newborn has an Auckland couple waking up before the sun each day.

Ivanka reveals depression battle video

Ivanka Trump says the periods after her children's births were "very challenging, emotional" times.

US president's daughter and adviser opens up on difficulties after her children's births.

Pregnant? Eat salmon

Freshly cooked salmon carries a low risk of mercury contamination, and is fine to eat when pregnant, Massey researchers say.

Shunning fish during pregnancy for fears of toxicity has meant women are lacking in nutrients essential for a growing fetus.

Store's 'plus size' kids clothes

Next says it's new ranges acknowledge 'children come in all different shapes and sizes'.

UK store Next is offering a new range of children's sizes, including "plus fit" clothes for kids as young as 3.

kiwi traveller

A holiday of eating well

If you go to Noosa and don't eat prawns are you really there at all?

OPINION: Getting through customs can be tricky if you want to eat well on holiday.

At opposite ends of the Earth

Jorge dreamed of visiting Middle Earth as a child.

If Jorge Valle dug a hole through the Earth from his hometown in Spain he'd end up in Wellington.

Budget-friendly France

The Greek island of Naxos is a great alternative to a holiday on the French Riviera.

What are the best, budget-friendly and less touristy spots along the French Riviera? Email travel@stuff.co.nz.

Insider tip: Amsterdam

The OverTheEdge swing sits 100m above Amsterdam.

Dangling on a swing 100 metres the city wasn't what I had in mind for my trip to the Netherlands.

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