The 28-year-old was born and raised in Wellington before heading overseas six years ago for a new life in Australia.

Dying of cancer at 28 video

5:00 AM  Just days into the new year Daniel Greening was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Beggar: AKL 'snobby'

Stephen Robertson makes up to $100 on his best day begging in Queenstown.

5:00 AM  Queenstown beggar says he makes up to $100 a day since he moved from Auckland.

Govt lawyers vilified victim video

5:00 AM  When Keith Wiffin came forward to help other survivors, Government lawyers put him under surveillance.

Crusaders beat Canes

Reigning champion Crusaders continue record run by hammering Hurricanes.

Child hunger is crap, NZ video

5:00 AM  OPINION: 1/5 of Kiwi kids go to school without food. Be a good bugger and help them.

'I'm a prince': Shock DNA test video

An American man used an Ancestry DNA test, and found out he was African royalty.


Three a lucky Lotto number

Three people won $333,333 on Saturday night.

Five of the seven Lotto balls fell into the thirties and three people won $333,333.  

'Man Up' course 'dangerous'

5:00 AM  A course called "dangerous" by Women's Refuge claimed to have made a woman's husband even more aggressive.

Theatre and television star Jim Moriarty was the program director for Te Rakau when it was contracted by Child, Youth ...

Te Rakau school drama

5:00 AM  Troubled kids were put in danger at well-known actor Jim Moriarty's drama school, report says.

    Alosio Taimo was convicted of 95 charges of sexual abuse against young boys. His offending spanned 30 years.

    'Harrowing, but so textbook'

    Junior rugby coach Alosio Taimo's "unprecedented" offending shows why sport needs to confront sexual abuse.

    How the quake bill was passed on

    Sisters play in the cracks of a damaged road in Christchurch in 2011.

    Despite a $6 billion disaster fund, the response to the Canterbury earthquakes fell short of money within months. Here's how it happened.

    The inconvenient maternity study

    Senior health officials and the College of Midwives aligned to try and discredit independent research that raised ...

    Research suggested problems with maternity care. A government department aligned with the College of Midwives to try and discredit it.

    The quake children

    Rachel Crawford was pregnant when the 2011 earthquake struck and the traumatic experience impacted on her daughter.

    Rachel Crawford didn't know she was pregnant on February 22, 2011. The stress of the day lives on in her daughter.

    Tax proposals and you

    Here's how the Tax Working Group's proposals would affect five Kiwi families.

    A capital gains tax, a tax cut... would you be better off?


    Onboard Niwa's Tangaroa

    NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa is back home after successfully completing research that covered all areas of Ross Sea ...

    5:00 AM  Photo essay: A team of NIWA scientists have just returned from a voyage spanning nearly 12,000 kilometres.

    Gunfire in Nigeria

    Gunfire as Nigerians finally get go to the polls.

    Policemen stand guard during a concert at Tienditas International Bridge, in Venezuela, on February 22.

    Chaos at Venezuela border video

    4:08 AM  Protesters set a bus on fire as Venezuela's National Guard fires tear gas at residents.


    Working a four-day week video

    Andrew Barnes, managing director of Perpetual, Guardian says the four-day week is about productivity.

    Want lower stress levels, a better work-life balance and high productivity? A four-day week could be for you.

    Late dismissal claim quashed

    Worker raised a personal grievance claim too late because she feared she had contracted Aids at work.

    When Michael Cullen was finance minister, he knew CGT was a CDW – certain death wish, writes Duncan Garner.

    Hands off our free money

    OPINION: There's a really simple reason why a conga line of former finance ministers didn't introduce a capital gains tax.


    The case for buying a house

    Home ownership rates are on the decline, with many prospective buyers priced out of the market - but that's no reason ...

    5:00 AM  OPINION: Here are five arguments for home ownership, none of which hinge on property prices going up.

    You need to watch The Umbrella Academy

    5:00 AM  OPINION: The comics of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance are on the telly.

    Are you really a good person? video

    Blackface should never be in fashion

    good reads

    Blackface should never be in fashion

    If Gucci was so "committed to diversity", as the company's apology claimed, then why did they dream up this stupid ...

    5:00 AM  OPINION: Racism is once again in vogue when fashion designers have to apologise for offensive clothing.

    Trump's tricks to success

    OPINION: As Donald Trump's power has grown, his falsehoods have become bolder and more apparent.

    Education's brave new world video

    Where polar bears rule video


    Fixing your 'text neck'

    Oliver Bowman has invented an app to help prevent neck and shoulder pain.

    Oliver Bowman hopes to prevent pains caused by phone use.

    Dark times for mobiles

    OPINION: Let's get dark for a minute.

    Costumes and landscapes come to life on the big screen.

    Why cinemas still appeal video

    OPINION: Though streaming video services offer convenience and affordability, you must contend with distractions from Facebook, online chats, household chores and what not.


    Built-in furniture a 'no-brainer'

    A long window seat is the perfect place to relax with a book. This seat is within an extension to a traditional 50s ...

    It's not a new idea, but the latest crop of built-ins fit perfectly with modern lifestyles.

    Is this the coolest DIY cabin? video

    It's hard to believe, but this get-away-from-it-all cabin comes as a flat pack.

    Ikea has not ruled out the possibility of leasing out kitchens to customers. The company is already testing a furniture ...

    Rent a kitchen from Ikea? video

    Can't afford a new kitchen? No matter. In future you may be able to rent one.

    life & style

    At home with an erotic journal editor

    5:00 AM  She'd looked at 36 townhouses before choosing one by Hagley Park.

    Is my puppy's bowel movement normal?

    5:00 AM  Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

    Nipple and breast play were a big part of sex for me. Now there's no feeling in that area.

    Sex after a double mastectomy

    5:00 AM  ADVICE: I have no feeling where my breasts used to be and I feel lost.

    well & good

    What age do you want to die?

    Ignoring a family history of heart disease and stroke  could have dire consequences.

    5:00 AM  Premature death is often caused by an unhealthy attitude, so, sit and think about what age you want to live to.

    All together in the altogether

    The Nelson Sun Club has just celebrated its 50-year anniversary, a half century of all-over tans and clothes-free camaraderie.

    With songs like Sk8er Boi, Complicated and Girlfriend, Avril Lavigne was one of the biggest popstars of the early noughties.

    Avril Lavigne's Lyme battle video

    "I wasn't sure I'd be doing music again."

    food & wine

    'Mum's dream' cafe fulfilled video

    The Summer House cafe on Harris Hill with unobstructed views overlooking Tasman Bay.

    A new cafe on top of a Nelson hill recognises dying mum's dream.

    Food to eat with your fingers

    Somehow, food that you can pick up and eat with your hands always tastes the best.

    Banh mi, plus do chua (pickled vegetables)

    The 8 steps to perfect octopus

    nz farmer

    New tax no joy for farmers

    Sir Michael Cullen presents the findings of the Tax Working Group.

    OPINION: Other countries with a productive agricultural sector don't have these taxes so why should we?

    Does China love us?

    A China-NZ business forum has been held in Christchurch. Were there be fireworks?

    Gore farm machinery company fined

    Big property big tax bill?


    Paquin's Oscar memories video

    Anna Paquin made her screen-acting debut opposite Holly Hunter in The Piano.

    5:00 AM  The Kiwi actress says her memory of receiving the Academy Award now feels "like looking at a photo album of when you were little".

    Netflix now does podcasts

    5:00 AM  OPINION: Streaming giant Netflix has added podcasts to its arsenal.

    The series of The Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi is on Netflix.

    Zeit-bites: The best sci-fi TV

    5:00 AM  OPINION: There are more sci-fi TV shows streaming right now, than there are lumps of rock in an asteroid belt.


    Sculpture on the Gulf

    Target by James Wright.

    5:00 AM  Glorious combo of art and nature - beautiful sculptures complement their glorious backdrop.

    Lonely Planet's top city

    5:00 AM  There are many excellent reasons why Denmark's capital is a top city.

    Gorilla trekking in the Congo.

    The country tourists avoid

    5:00 AM  Suddenly, there it is: a juvenile gorilla lazing in the crook of a tree, stuffing leaves in his mouth, looking directly at me.


    Kids' delight at fun day

    Hamilton Garden Arts Festival Pirate Toddler Boogie and the Teddy Bear's Picnic  on the Rhododendron Lawn.

    Teddy Bears picnic on the menu at Hamilton Gardens.

    Nightmare on the red carpet

    The Oscars are like a nature documentary where an insect eats its mate: appalling yet fascinating.

    Coffey slams 'bizarre' baby dig

    Retailer backtracks on $2 'baby' charge


    Mullet festival crowns first queen video

    Winner of Greatest Mullet Of Them All - Michelle Darlzy Gearin.

    Business in the front, party in the back hairdo celebrated in style at Australian country pub.

    The junior park ranger aged 103 video

    Rose Torphy becomes the oldest ranger at the Grand Canyon, in fact she is older than the National Park Service itself.

    Dressing for Americarna success

    Emojis on personal plates video


    Sunday drive: Toyota Corolla ZR video

    Toyota will still nail those big fleet sales, but it wants more private buyers for the new Corolla.

    5:00 AM  Can Toyota break the Corolla's reliance on fleet sales and get more into private hands? This one probably has the best chance yet.

    Diesel does nicely for luxury Benz video

    Last refresh for current S-class brings a smooth new straight-six diesel engine.

    Task ahead for SUVs like Equinox is to ramp up to one-third of Holden sales.

    SUVs key to saving Holden brand video

    Aussie brand intends to play dirty to win back customers.

    stuff nation

    Is denying euthanasia abuse? stuff nation

    By denying people the right to end their suffering, are we abusing them in the worst possible way? (File photo)

    OPINION: By denying people the right to end their suffering, are we abusing them in the worst possible way?

    Hairstyle bans suppress kids stuff nation

    OPINION: Stopping kids styling their hair is asking them to abandon their natural characteristics.

    It's important drivers remember that no-one is racing you to your personal destination, so what's the hurry? (File photo)

    Kiwi drivers' bad attitudes stuff nation

    OPINION: New Zealand drivers are selfish and ignorant, but speeding isn't the only problem.


    Live: Wales v England

    Thomas Young is tackled by Italy's Luca Bigi during Wales' 26-15 win in Rome earlier this month.

    5 min ago  The two unbeaten Six Nation sides clash in a potential title decider at Cardiff's Principality Stadium.

    All to play for in Premiership

    5:00 AM  Former Silver Fern Anna Harrison gives her assessment of this year's comp.

    Once more it's set to be a season-long battle between Scott McLaughlin and Shane van Gisbergen.

    Kiwis Supercars battle on

    5:00 AM  The rivalry between Scott McLaughlin and Shane van Gisbergen is set to commence this week.

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    quick! save the planet

    Māori conservation lessons

    Scientists are working with indigenous people internationally to fight climate change. Maori mātauranga is part of the ...

    The best way to protect forests and fight climate change is to give indigenous people expanded land rights, say scientists.

    Climate change could shrink kiwi habitat video

    Changing weather patterns affecting rainfall could affect where kiwi can eat. (File photo)

    Kiwi habitats could be decimated by climate change, says the Department of Conservation.

    Scotland's record warm winter's day

    Aboyne, Scotland, experienced its warmest winter day in over 120 years.

    Aboyne, Scotland, which is farther north than parts of Alaska, has just had its hottest winter day in 122 years.

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    Gold & Shrek: The Bendigo story

    The view from an old goldminer’s cottage in Welshtown, Bendigo.

    The close-knit community in and around the Central Otago station that was once a "rabbit-infested wasteland".

    5:2 creator's new diet video

    Dr Michael Mosley’s new book, The Fast 800, counters some old dieting myths with new science: “Frankly, people who say ...

    Can intermittent fasting help you lose weight quickly and safely? And can you actually stick to it? Dr Michael Mosley has a new book.

    now to love

    Plant grows in teen's ear

    Eli Smit says she felt better as soon as the plant was removed from her ear.

    Doctors surprised to find that the rustling noise and severe pain in an Auckand teen's ear was due to a living plant.

    Months to live after misdiagnosis

    'When the oncologist said the cancer I had was so rare and aggressive that I only had weeks or months to live, I was ...

    Deborah Winefield's specialist has acknowledged her cancer ''could have and probably should have been diagnosed earlier".

    homes to love

    70s bungalow reimagined

    Bauer image, do not reuse.

    The interior of this home has a restful, beachy feel to her interior.

    A big family's chic apartment gallery video

    Bauer image, do not reuse.

    Apartment living has never looked as chic as this large family's colourful city home.

    food to love

    Peanut butter world opening

    Pic Picot's new factory will include tours, a cafe and a shop to keep people entertained.

    No golden tickets will be required when Peanut Butter World opens to the public in Nelson on Saturday.

    In Season: Food ideas with a real summer flavour

    New chef tutor Paul Sullivan cooks up a few old favourites at Witt.

    Witt chef tutor Paul "Sully" Sullivan has preserved memories of summer.


    Earlobe fillers are now a thing

    "These are really young, fashionable women who are wearing large statement earrings that can be quite heavy."

    "These are really young, fashionable women who are wearing large statement earrings that can be quite heavy."

    5 hot hat trends for summer

    The oversized straw hat - super glam and offers the best protection.

    Even if you're not a "hat person", here's 5 ways to bring your style to another level.

    fashion quarterly

    Fashion editors' shameful buys

    Sometimes, you just have to buy them all.

    Feeling guilty about splurging on an impractical item you just had to have? You're not alone.

    Facing a burnout? Here's what to do

    Despite the flood of information available to us about how to ease the pressure, we’re still more stressed than ever.

    Feeling overwhelmed with work, life and the rest? Us too. Here are some insights and tips to help put the brakes on the stress express.

    Capital gains tax's dirty little secrets

    The government has a lot of work to do to get support from Winston Peters and NZ First over a capital gains tax.

    OPINION: Home owners are depending on untaxed capital gains for retirement security. That's a problem, writes Bernard Hickey.

    Tracking the mysterious kuriri

    The male kuriri caught and tagged on Tuesday was nicknamed Jim, after the project lead Jim Eagles.

    A GPS tracker successfully attached to the back of a small bird led to hugs and misty eyes at the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre.

    Is a life worth $4.7 million?

    Grant Robertson answered questions about Treasury's CBAx tool in Finance and Expenditure select committee. (File photo)

    ​The wellbeing framework that puts the "value of a statistical life" at $4.7 million is coming under fire.


    Remove the Kuggeleijn barricade video

    New Zealand Cricket has put up a barricade around Scott Kuggeleijn, missing an opportunity to influence others.

    OPINION: NZC has barricaded Kuggeleijn from the media since his second trial. There have been no words of remorse.

    Parliament's 'culture of harassment'

    Fifty-three per cent of women MPs who took part in a new survey reported they had been the target of sexist or ...

    Report shows more than half of women MPs have experienced sexist and humiliating comments - much of it from other MPs.

    NZ Cricket's shameful silence

    When Scott Kuggeleijn made his Twenty20 international cricket debut earlier this month, his 2017 trial for rape appeared ...

    OPINION: A budding sportsman treats a woman like an utter piece of trash and now he's a hero. Are we OK with that?