Heavy equipment works at a construction site for a field hospital in Wuhan.

China builds virus hospital video

China plans to build a 1000-bed hospital in less than two weeks to treat coronavirus.

Teens took the tower video

The teens who took the tower

With dozens of police guns aimed at them, two teens hatched an escape plan: steal a plane.

Gangs: NZ's 'bleeding sore' video

The gangs aren't going away, but can their appeal, and impact, be reduced?

The great plum heist

1 min ago  An eerily empty orchard is all that remains after 800 kilograms of plums were stolen.

Black Caps humbled

Big run chase at Eden Park puts India 1-0 up in five-match Twenty20 series against New Zealand.

First home at 19 video

Paul Whakatutu mowed lawns and milked cows at 12. By the time he was 19, he'd saved $40K.


Is this NZ's smelliest suburb? video

Bromley is well-known as a hotspot for putrid pongs, with the sea lettuce on the Heathcote-Avon Estuary stinking at low ...

Is Bromley's stench due to our green bins, fish waste, restaurant grease, or something else entirely?

NZTA staff caught speeding video

5:09 AM  NZTA admits staff speeding is "unacceptable" for an organisation that promotes road safety.

Fawzia Rahimi with her 12-day-old baby, Elia Ayoubi. She has been staying at her parents' rather than return to their ...

Fleas in the carpet, damp and rot

5:15 AM  Mum with newborn in damp, mould-ridden flat hopes for help before another winter.

climate change

Why we need ocean sanctuaries video

A chinstrap chick on Penguin Island, Antarctica.

OPINION: From a ship at the bottom of the world, it's clear why we must protect Antarctic waters.

Scientists: Closer to doomsday than ever

The Doomsday clock, a metaphor for a global catastrophe, hits 100s to midnight; citing "existential danger" from nuclear war and climate change.

Robert Webb from Northland Native Bird recovery Centre with a kiwi that got hit by a car while searching for water.

Drought making kiwi 'climate refugees' video

Dehydrated kiwi are having to be rescued as they struggle to find water in Northland's drought conditions.


Career of market-watching shows up missed opportunities

Chris Smith: "Having a few mortgages keeps you focused and motivated on goals."

OPINION: Chris Smith regrets selling shares for $21 each when they're now worth $295.

Builder accused of 'cruel and petty' tactics

A Filipino carpenter was left stranded after his former Kiwi employer took legal action against him in the Philippines.

Harry, who did not want to be identified, said his wife was eight-and-a-half years younger but he had been supporting ...

'We're discriminated against for being married'

Pension will no longer be available for younger partners.


The rituals of returning home video

Coming back to reality after an overseas trip can be difficult, but there are little thing you can do to help, says Josh ...

OPINION: These are the little things that help ease the whiplash of returning to normalcy.

How to fight the 'Airbnb effect' video

"Every tourist apartment is a home taken away from the local people."

Kaiteriteri has been a family holiday favourite for generations and, looking down on it from the headland to its north, ...

Touring Tasman's treasures video

Because, believe it or not, it's not all about the beaches there.

Air New Zealand needs to continue to invest in modern, fuel efficient  aircraft, House of Travel commercial director ...

How to improve Air NZ

From ditching plastic to buying new planes. This is how our national airline can get better.

'I can cure cancer' video

Former Christchurch Boys' High head boy Jake Bailey is tackling the Coast to Coast after beating cancer.

Kiwis like Jake Bailey are being targeted by snake oil salesmen. Why is the Govt so slow to act?

War for second place in NZ

The view from Sumner looking over Christchurch, New Zealand's second-most populated urban area.

OPINION: There's an enduring belief that Wellington is our second city. We must dispel that myth.

Monitoring China's influence

Anne-Marie Brady: Westie girl now an international authority on China's geopolitical interference.

Christchurch academic Dr Anne-Marie Brady has been warned to never risk going back to China.

Are zoos a good thing? video

Snow leopards are coming to Wellington Zoo. But could the money they will cost be better spent on conserving at-risk ...

Should we still be supporting the captivity of exotic animals for public entertainment?


Aussie facing Singapore death penalty

An Australian man could face the death penalty in Singapore, accused of murdering his wife and their dog.

13 min ago  An Australian man could face the death penalty in Singapore, accused of murdering his wife and their pet dog.

Why we need ocean sanctuaries video

OPINION: From a ship at the bottom of the world, it's clear why we must protect Antarctic waters.

Local police said a 26-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene after shooting six people dead (File image).

Six dead in German shooting

6:36 AM  A 26-year-old man shoots dead his parents and four members of his family in a bar in the country's southwest.


Home affordability at new low

Harcourts Hamilton Director Brian King said Dinsdale is one up-and-coming suburb to look out for affordable housing.

5:00 AM  Hamilton's housing market is "severely unaffordable" but some buyers strike gold in up-and-coming suburbs.

Leaving the 'traditional' hotel video

The four-star hotel will be called the Citizen and will have 80 self-contained rooms.

A newspaper clipping of Haddin Court Flats from 1937.

'Modern flats for Blenheim'

5:00 AM  A Christchurch man built some "modern flats in Blenheim" in the 30s, 80-years on a Christchurch couple is doing them up.


Why your house isn't selling video

This house in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, has been listed on Trade Me for 10 and-a-half years.

Are you asking too much? Does a property just get 'stale'?

Stunning clifftop house wows video

For sale for the first time in 45 years, this clifftop house offers a grandstand view for America's Cup fans.

When is the last time you cleaned your coffee maker?

Coffee makers 'have most germs' video

If you don't want mouldy water reservoirs or E-coli in your coffee cups, check out these cleaning tips.

life & style

Erecting a tent for the Queen, and other school-day memories

Remember the days of the old school yard? Four writers take a trip down memory lane.

A visit from the Queen, a formative first love, a ruthless report card, and a cruel comment, stand out in the minds of four Kiwis.

Steve Price really values his mic

SATIRE: Oh mate, it's great to say what you really think, isn't it?

A strawberry daiquiri could be the most delicious thing to happen to you this summer.

Summer drinks are better with berries

A strawberry daiquiri could be the most delicious thing to happen to you this summer.

well & good

More weight loss on Med diet, fasting

The University of Otago study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found the Mediterranean diet was ...

Mediterranean and fasting diets had better results because they were easier to stick to than paleo, NZ researchers find.

Cruise ship retirement - it's a thing

How you can actually turn your retirement into a constant voyage.

Dr Ella Henry says companies need to understand and live by the Māori terms they throw around.

Name choice 'Haka Korea' 'disgusting'

Tagline of burgeoning vape company is "we vape, we haka".

food & wine

Roasted lemon fish with capsicums

Lemon fish brings a sweet taste to this vibrant colourful dish.

Lemon fish brings a sweet taste to this vibrant colourful dish.

Mussel fritters with walnut tarator

These fritters are light as air and sure to be a hit.

Clams, bacon & dashi

A guide for sober drivers

nz farmer

She sells seafood video

Donna Wells at the Sydney Fish Market. The owner of Nelson-based company FinestKind, she has built a reputation as one ...

6:00 AM  Twenty years ago, Donna Wells was just a minnow among the male dominated seafood industry. Not any more.

'Green' drought as big dry hits

Northern Waikato and Coromandel have entered very dry to extremely dry conditions.

Backpay payouts begin

Get it in glass


Trouble ahead on Coro video

New star Sian Reeves says she has watched Coronation Street since she was a little girl.

Charlie Wood could undermine one of the show's most rock-solid marriages.

Oprah backs Harry and Meghan play stuff

Oprah Winfrey urges critics of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to keep their opinions to themselves.

Courteney Cox posts unseen picture of the Friends cast before the show's finale.

Courteney Cox shares unseen Friends pic video

Could we be any more thrilled to see this behind the scenes picture?


Jennifer Aydin's obsession with Jackie Goldschneider's wealth caused an all-out war on RHONJ

Image- E!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies find themselves at war after a fight about money!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita expecting their first child together

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband Justin Mikita are going to be dads! Watch the actor's exciting announcement on The Late Late Show with James Corden here.

Image - E!

We have to talk about Julianne Hough's scream during her energy treatment

Julianne Hough's demonstration at the World Economic Forum is going viral for an unforgettable scream. See the video for yourself.


Why the kids won't leave home

Sarah Catherall in her warm ventilated home which her daughter is ready to move out of.

Flat-hunting with my daughter in Wellington is beyond grim.

Girl sunburnt at holiday programme

A girl blistered from sunburn at an outdoor pool can't have been sunblocked, her mother says.

It's normal (in Finland) to be young mum, PM

Back to school costs video


Plane fan dries shoe video

A passenger dries his shoe with an overhead fan.

An airline passenger was filmed trying to dry his sneaker using the fan above his seat.

Behind closed doors gallery video

A Timaru woman's doll's house is not only filled with the most gorgeous miniature furnishings but is home to an imaginary family.

That 'funny little van' video

Florida: Beware of falling iguanas video


Drawing robot for kids to code

The robot would be a lot more accessible to a lot more kids if it supported a child-friendly language.

REVIEW: Artie rolls about and draws patterns on paper according to your code, but the language isn't so child-friendly.

Facial-recognition tech privacy concerns

Someday, it might be possible to verify your identity as you walk into the terminal without even notifying you.

Vodafone entering the market should bring healthy competition, and choice, to consumers.

Why you should care about e-sims

OPINION: Good news; Vodafone will offer e-sims in 2020. Now, all we need is a genuine price war.


How the SUV boom changed Porsche video

The Macan was a no-brainer for Porsche after people accepted the larger Cayenne.

Porsche sells twice as many SUVs as it does sports cars these days, proving that the Cayenne was a very good idea indeed.

Chinese cars we'd like in NZ video

Think Chinese cars are all cheap and cheerful? Think again - here are five high end brands we think would work here.

After spending decades building a green reputation, Toyota may suffer more than other car makers that sided with the ...

Has Toyota damaged its image? video

Toyota has always been seen as greener than most. Has it thrown that away by siding with Trump?

stuff nation

Crohn's stole my freedom stuff nation

To maintain my health there were two surgeries to remove my colon plus a further surgery to correct a prolapsing stoma. ...

OPINION: I was bedridden, with clumps of hair falling out, unable to move without vomiting.

My loan, my regret stuff nation

OPINION: Two failed courses over two years, one bachelor degree and $40,000 worth of regret.

"If you want to study something that has a tens of thousands of graduates a year with no clear end job, then all you ...

Do your loan research stuff nation

OPINION: Don't complain about paying your loan back just because the degree you chose had no hope of landing a good job.


Coco Gauff knocks out Osaka video

Coco Gauff celebrates after winning match point.

Coco Gauff - still just 15 - is the youngest player to beat the defending women's champion at the Australian Open.

White Ferns must fire at World Cup

5:00 AM  Another poor White Ferns showing would tarnish 2021 World Cup, writes Brendon Egan.

Scott Barrett will captain the Crusaders this year.

Barrett: I'm a natural leader

5:00 AM  The Crusaders' season-opener will mark the first time Scott Barrett has captained a team since he was a 12-year-old.

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kea kids news

What a Dark Sky Sanctuary means video

This long-exposure Milky Way beauty was taken at Great Barrier Island's Medlands Beach.

Great Barrier Island is world famous for really dark skies. How did it achieve the status?

Kiwi girls on choosing hijab

Sara Safiyya Suhaimi, 10, and Asma Humaira Suhaimi, 15, chat to KEA Kids News reporter Charlotte Cassany, 10.

Wearing a headscarf is part of their identity, and the colours and designs make it fun.


Did bats cause China’s virus?

As human and bat habitat collides more diseases are likely to spill over from bats to humans or domesticated animals.

China’s virus scare is the latest coronavirus to affect humans likely to have its origins in bats.

The problem with chores

Chores are more of an economic problem than a parenting problem, says Dr Eric Crampton.

Here's how to apply an economic solution to chores for the kids.

Honey's big run for mum

Honey Hireme-Smiler wants to honour her late mother Caryn by walking the Great Wall of China.

Cross-code star Honey Hireme-Smiler's mum walked the Great Wall of China. Now Honey will run it to honour her.


Working on a Queenstown icon

Stoker Charles Easter mans the engine room of Queenstown’s iconic steamship, the TSS Earnslaw.

Charles Easter's job on steamship TSS Earnslaw isn't easy, but he wouldn't change it for the world.

'Poverty is everyone's concern'

Paediatrician Dr Renee Liang takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in New Zealand and the need for ...

A paediatrician takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in NZ and the need for a political pathway to change.

now to love

Hayley Holt keeps it real on Breakfast video

Hayley Holt is expecting her first child.

The blonde beauty sure knows how to keep it real, and we love her for it.

Matty McLean cringes at nicknames

Matty Mclean and partner Ryan Tecee

No cute nicknames to be found here...

homes to love

The perfect bach in Pauanui

The Locarno roofing that runs over the outdoor dining table has adjustable louvres so the family can let the sun in or ...

Designed for a couple of empty nesters, this unique bach makes big family gatherings easy.

A bach packed with personality

'We're definitely stoked to have this little space and try and make the most of it,' say the Newbolds.

This creative couple has made the most of their colourful weekend retreat in Mangawhai.

food to love

Night Noodle's Hidden Village

The Hidden Village at the 2019 Night Noodle Markets in Auckland.

Last year, The Hidden Village was a last-minute addition to Auckland's Night Noodle Markets. Now it's a restaurant.

Ultimate outdoor kitchen

Want to take your al fresco cooking to a new level? Here’s how to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen and go from burnt ...

However much you have to spend, these amazing outdoor kitchens will take your al fresco cooking to a new level.


Big makeup trends for 2020 gallery

Actor and model Cara Delevingne wearing a variety of colours.

New makeup products and ideas to get excited about wearing this year.

What you need to know about acne video

Picking, scratching, squeezing or popping pimples is never a good idea.

Figuring out what type of acne you have - and what's causing it - is the first step in battling breakouts.


The end of holiday romances?

We don't talk much about summer flings any more.

Is the steamy summer fling being consigned to history?

Why I'm fed up with set menus

Somehow, in switching to multi-course menus with wine matching, fine-dining restaurants have forgotten that they need to ...

OPINION: My chief objection is that it is mostly really, really, boring.


Virat shares secret to success

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring 50 runs during the second one-day international cricket ...

Focus is the key, says Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli.

Mithali Raj on life as a cricket captain

Indian women's cricket captain Mithali Raj speaks during the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2021 Venue Announcement at ...

Indian women's cricket captain Mithali Raj on her 20-year career and the challenges along the way.

Caps too nice to prompt revenge

India captain Virat Kohli says it's impossible to think about revenge when playing the Black Caps.

India were left hurting the last time they played the Black Caps, but they aren't thinking about revenge.

Fraudster dodges deportation

Jugraj Singh has been granted a 12 month visa on humanitarian grounds following an appeal (file photo).

Jugraj Singh, who has a police record, won't be deported to India in part because his wife is sick.

sponsored content

Oscar can help you get sorted

Oscar is Air New Zealand's chatbot.

SPONSORED: Air New Zealand’s clever chatbot, transform the way you travel.

Refresh your home for summer

The bathroom on the left features Resene Elderflower, Resene Yes Please, Resene Wishing Well, Resene Meditation and ...

SPONSORED: Welcome summer colours into your home.