The people have spoken - Clark

12:31 PM  The election mightn't have given you what you want, but Aunty Helen wants you to play nice.

Fateful introduction

The body of Marcus Luke Tucker, 36, was found bound and wrapped in carpet near Lake Ellesmere on Anzac Day 2016.

1:35 PM  Woman tells murder trial of the moment Marcus Luke Tucker sealed his own fate by introducing himself as "Ruckus".

Bennett: I'd give up deputy PM job

12:21 PM  National's Paula Bennett says she would give up her job to secure a deal with NZ First.

Parliament fire victim named

12:59 PM  Man who died after fire on parliament grounds has been named by police.

How Korean war would play out video

ANALYSIS: There is only one way it ends: with N Korea's defeat. But at what cost?

Candidates who outshone parties

Vote for one party's candidate but vote for another in the party vote - this happened a lot.

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Crown appeals wig ruling

Phillip John Smith with a full head of hair. (File photo)

1:30 PM  Prison bosses took Phillip John Smith's hairpiece from him after he ran off overseas while on temporary release.

Threatened for testifying

"Good luck, you're stuck with me forever," says teen, as she threatens to send her boy racer mates around.

Jacinda Ardern arrives to applause and new MPs at Labour's caucus room, which she calls "brimming".

Live: MPs clap leaders

Bill English and Jacinda Ardern arrive to applause from their caucuses, Labour's larger than when they last met.


Big Steve's hilarious media day

Steven Adams again has the media in stitches during OKC's media day.


Tick for Winston, not NZ First

Winston Peters lost Northland to Matt King, but his support is still strong in the seat.

Vote for one party's candidate but vote for another in the party vote - this happened a lot on Saturday night. We take a look.

Turia steps out of retirement video

Māori Party rallies behind news of the return of Dame Tariana Turia.

What's your price? Bill English and Winston Peters at a press conference with Richard Prebble in 2003.

Long hard road to woo Peters

OPINION: National may have had a shot at getting Winston Peters onside before the election - but blew it.


The most dangerous game

Is each leader driven by thin-skinned vanity? Does Armageddon beckon?

1:30 PM  OPINION: As North Korea and Trump trade barbs, the lives of millions at stake ponder if Armageddon beckons.

'Fake' Iran missile launch video

Trump said Iran test-fired a missile last week. But Fox News now says that launch never happened. Huh?

An aerial view shows the damage to the Guajataca dam in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The crumbling 35m dam video

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's Guajataca Dam is cracked and falling - and may now collapse.


Business confidence plunges

Construction activity has shrunk in each of the first two quarters of 2017.

10 min ago  As the election approached, businesses took a dim view of the year ahead.

$40m alleged fraud sentence

Lawyer involved in a fraud which misled ANZ into lending money to Auckland development.

Want a skilled position? This isn't the only route, businesses say.

No degree? No problem

1:06 PM  Skill shortage prompts businesses to pledge that tertiary education is not the only way in.


iPhone 8: Where's the hype? video

People try the iPhone 8 Plus at the Apple Orchard Shop in Singapore.

Poor reviews have killed interest in the latest iPhone, with few people keen to line up outside Apple stores.

Biggest disruption since iPhone

Electric cars could be about to pull the same trick on Big Oil that Apple did on the mobile phone industry.

We have Roald Dahl to thank for gremlins.

Gremlins in your gadgets

They're here to stay until big companies address their cruft problems and make better design choices for users.


Orange but not as you know it

Imbued with an organic warmth, burnt orange or tangerine, is the trend shade you'll soon see all over.

14 min ago  Seriously, orange goes with everything.

Orient Express reno wows

We can but dream - the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is getting an extraordinary makeover.

Pink on catwalk

From fashion week to front room

Stylist Lulu Wilcox sees how catwalk colours coincide with interiors trends.

life & style

Hair falls out after botched colour

Cherie Carline has spent the past year fixing up this chemical hair cut in a qualified salon.

1:12 PM  "I still think I would rather have a baby than have that happen again as the pain was excruciating."

'Gay village' vetoes union

Paekākāriki is known for being liberal. But not when it came to Alex and Sara's wedding.

Prince Harry arrives with girlfriend actress Meghan Markle at the wheelchair tennis event during the Invictus Games in ...

Harry & Meghan's official outing video

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have made their first official public appearance as a couple.

well & good

Dreams that mean you're stressed

Not being prepared for a test indicates you're not coping.

Dreaming of tigers or your teeth falling out?

Battling a trio of cancers video

Kerry McGrath just wants to get back to living in her gypsy house bus but cancer won't let her.

Specific goals can be great if you're already fairly fit. But what if you're just starting to get active?

Can goals hold you back?

If you're trying to be more active, setting specific targets probably won't help.

food & wine

We need to start eating jellyfish

The lion's mane jellyfish doesn't look particularly tasty.

12:52 PM  Jellyfish and chips - that might just have to become 'a thing'.

Welcome spring with a salad

Refreshing, quick and perfect for the warmer months.

How to eat fried chicken

Novelty or nutritional?

nz farmer

Planting scheme just the start

Taranaki Regional Council chairman David MacLeod says the council won't wait for the national debate on water quality to ...

Taranaki's regional council says it won't stand still on further improvements to water quality.

Fonterra profit falls, revenue up

Dairy farmers will be smiling as Fonterra is set to put more cash into their hands.

Wax-eye massacre by heron

New CEO for Zespri 


Rapper Future cancels NZ show

Future has cancelled his first New Zealand show, scheduled for Auckland's Spark Arena.

12:15 PM  A death has forced the Atlanta hip-hop star to cancel his first New Zealand show.

Sitcom training for motherhood

12:03 PM  Comedian takes a deep breath as her Project reaches its conclusion

Radio Sport host Mark Watson was in hot water with a listener after he slagged off the Lions, but the BSA has found he ...

Trash talk is BSA-approved

12:38 PM  In a victory for trash talking on the airwaves, the BSA has ruled Radio Sport host Mark Watson didn't breach broadcasting standards.


The world's 10 hottest hotels

Another Place sits in 7.3 hectares of national park.

12:12 PM  From Sydney to Belfast - here are some of the top places to stay in the world right now.

No more flying with reindeer

One of the more unique ways to fly in the US is coming to end.

TranzAlpine--Waimakariri-Bridge--Beneath-the-Bridge FFX-travel

TranzAlpine: a world's best video

National Geographic picks NZ rail journey as one of the 10 most scenic in the world.


Quiz: Where is your new car built?

The Toyota Camry Atara SX which is sold new in New Zealand. But do you know where it is actually built?

The geographical net has to be cast worldwide to find out where NZ's new cars are built.

Rangie goes from Sport to sexy

Sexiest Range Rover ever lands in NZ.

G-Wagen is the most famous of Mercedes-Benz's Popemobiles.

Five Mercedes-Benz facts

Interesting things have happened in the company that invented the car.

stuff nation

Saying goodbye to Sheba stuff nation

Sheba cuddling her favourite toy

After my wife died, life was never quite the same for Sheba.

Those hazy, lazy days of summer stuff nation

I stopped to take in the view by Waiau Ferry Bridge on a balmy evening and became happily caught up in the hushed beauty.

Jose became part of our family when he was abandoned by his old owners.

Saving Jose the tabby stuff nation

Jose became part of our family when he was abandoned by his old owners.


Parker targets KO bout next

Joseph Parker struggled for long periods to hunt down the elusive Hughie Fury and land the big blows in Manchester.

Kiwi heavyweight eyes up next fight options with only a $10m offer expected to perk Duco's interest in a Fury rematch.

Quiz - Test your sports knowledge

12:45 PM  Sports Quiz - September 26

Matthew Southgate of England suffered one of the cruelest penalties in golf.

Leaf penalty stuns golfer video

Pro golfer suffers cruel penalty stemming from leaf blowing into the path of his birdie-bound ball.


Long hard road to woo Peters

What's your price? Bill English and Winston Peters at a press conference with Richard Prebble in 2003.

OPINION: National may have had a shot at getting Winston Peters onside before the election - but blew it.

From protected to predator

In 1894 the government had classified possums as game and by 1907 they had received protected species status.
In 1894 ...

OPINION: New Zealand's aiming to be predator-free by 2050. But some of those species were once viewed quite differently.

A warning to innovators

Cas Carter:"...There are plenty of example of customers who have turned their backs on firms whose treatment of staff ...

OPINION: Uber was genius but long term, a company's brand relies heavily on its reputation, Cas Carter writes.

All those surely-not options

22092017 Feature Photo: JASON DORDAY/STUFF Election night 2017, New Zealand First Party leader Winston Peters Speaks to ...

As political predictions go, this one seems barking. 

special projects

Facing the 'downhill slide'

11092017 News Photo ANDY JACKSON/STUFF.  The Ticking Timebomb, a series looking at the rising issues of Alzheimers ...

He's forgotten how to peel potatoes but fears forgetting his children most.

Killer chemicals: Part 1

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Anika Tuhiwai

Inside NZ's synthetic cannabis crisis.

Killer chemicals: Part 2

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Michael (need to find out last name)

Conversations with a grieving mum and a former dealer.

Where you fit in NZ

One in Five Million logo without title

See how your answers compare with other Kiwis.

The Valley

The Valley

What secrets did we keep? Stuff Circuit special investigation into NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

Black Hands - the sequel

David Bain at his retrial in 2009.

Canadian former Supreme Court judge Binnie has criticised the Stuff podcast Black Hands. A new episode turns back the flak.

good reads

Bill To Winston: 'Let’s Do This'

Winston Peters will play "the cards that count" with all the skill he indisputably possesses.

OPINION: Bill English, if he is wise, will clasp his newfound ally, Winston Peters, by the hand and say: "Let's do this!"

Dementia: a love story video

Liz and Tom Matiaha have been married for 50 years, a bond that has not been broken by a dementia diagnosis.

Tom Matiaha's 24 years as a soldier could not prepare him for his family's battle against a hidden foe: Alzheimer's disease.

Dementia a life-changing loss for all

Margaret Lacy with a picture of her late husband Peter.

Dementia affects tens of thousands of Kiwis, eventually taking everything from them. And the reality is devastating.

Biggest disruption since iPhone

A Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle sits parked at a charging station at the General Motors China headquarters in Shanghai.

Electric cars could be about to pull the same trick on Big Oil that Apple did on the mobile phone industry.

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'I want my pig back'

The wild pig that had been wandering around New Plymouth has been caught and will be taken to live on a farm.

A suburban sow gone wild has been caught, but her owner will huff and puff for the return of the piggy, pig, pig.

Dog rescued from harbour bridge video

The french bulldog was spotted sprinting over the Auckland Harbour Bridge before his capture.

Quick-thinking driver dives to grab pooch that made a dash up and over Auckland's Harbour Bridge.

Police report koalas gone wild

Townsville police were confronted by a pole-dancing koala.

Public indecency, stalking and fleeing from police - Queensland koalas have some serious questions to answer.

The end is nigh, profits are up

Two earthquakes, three monstrous hurricanes and the North Korean missile crisis have US survivalists convinced that the ...

Sales of freeze-dried food, gas masks and other survival equipment spike as US "preppers" get set for armageddon.


Recap: Feeding kids on a budget

Kathrine Lynch of Busy Happy Kids has plenty of tips on how to feed kids healthy  meals on a budget.

Kathrine Lynch - the clever mum behind all those budget cooking challenges - shares her top tips and tricks.

Celeb's plea for 'mean kid' tales

Chrissy Teigen clearly isn't the only mum having to deal with her kid being mean to her.

After what was clearly a rough day, Chrissy Teigen asked other mums to share their tales of woe. And boy, did they deliver.

The $1.95 school lunch

One of the 50 lunches Hamilton mum Kathrine Lynch made for $100.

Cheap, kid-friendly school lunches are not just a dream.

Becoming a dad - it's tough

Eli Finkel was one of the 25 per cent of men who suffer from postpartum depression.

This new father was surprised, and somewhat dismayed, by how much having a kid changed his life.

kiwi traveller

Wilderness on your doorstep

Miranda switched from PR girl to baker after her move to New Zealand.

Glaswegian Miranda Gulland loves the carefree, she'll-be-right Kiwi attitude of living in Wellington.

Room review: Victoria Hotel,Dunedin

The bedroom is decked out in modern colours in the Executive Suite at The Victoria Hotel in Dunedin.

The space is comfy and modern, but the location is prime.

Travel to learn and stay well

Travel is a fantastic way to learn. And if you're lucky enough to see a polar bear while you're at it...hey, even better.

As my fellow travellers and I explore the Russian Arctic, learning and connecting with each other, we know we're making healthy deposits into our ''wellbeing bank accounts''.

Smugshot: Readers' travel photos

These photographs were taken looking out over Brighton beach during my travels in the UK. Having visited family in ...

Send us your holiday pics and be in to win a Fujifilm X100F camera valued at $2198.

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