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Chance to lead cannabis world

5:00 AM  OPINION: Law reform gives NZ a unique opportunity, if we're prepared to take it.

Transgender issues

Some argue trans women are not women and should have a separate category for documentation purposes.

5:00 AM  Process for changing official documents to match gender identity still catching up and so is the debate.

C-section babies heavier

5:00 AM  Babies born by an elective caesarean are more likely to be overweight by the time they turn 1, new research has shown.

5 years of fleecing taxpayers

He was collecting benefits under several names, but he was not even an NZ citizen.

Woman's body found

Police searching for the missing pregnant Wellington woman find body in Wairarapa.

Bali Nine’s Renae Lawrence freed

The smuggler was arrested in Bali with 2.7kgs of heroin strapped to her body in 2005.


Daughter forgives rapist dad

Despite raping, beating and abusing her brother, a daughter still loves her Exclusive Brethren father.

Woman finds freedom in forgiving Exclusive Brethen father for his reign of sexual terror over her family.

Jail for hitting good samaritan

He tried to help and ended up in hospital himself.

Corrections Association organiser Beven Hanlon said the mentally unwell woman should have been in a hospital, not ...

Mentally ill inmate cuffed to staff

Two wardens were handcuffed to a mentally ill inmate at all times 'for over a week'.

    Economic Development Minister David Parker has held meetings with the New Zealand Super Fund to discuss it investing in ...

    Parker's Super Fund push

    Economic Development Minister developing a plan to carve off contributions to the Super Fund into venture capital.

    Abortion myths debunked video

    Forty per cent of all pregnancies are unplanned, and about one in five pregnancies ends in abortion.

    What is the science behind abortion claims? We ask medical experts and researchers.

    Worrying rise of girls self-harming

    Eleven and 12-year-old girls took part in a "cutting club" where they hurt themselves then posted pictures of their self ...

    Girls as young as 11 and 12 were involved in a club where they posted pictures of self-harm on social media.

    Ogled, groped, locked in cage video

    Mariya Taylor was young and fit; the Air Force seemed attractive. In 1985 she joined up and completed basic training.

    Mariya Taylor is speaking out after battling an Air Force rapist - and the Defence Force.

    Axe murderer 'will snap again'

    Convicted murderer John Ericson was released from prison in September and has spent time living in a Christchurch flat.

    Wife killer John Ericson is trying, again, to clear his name. But the family of his victim just want him to go away.


    Bomb threat was 'bowel movement'

    Arthur Posey faces two counts of communicating of false information of planned arson in connection to alleged threats.

    "Y'all about to close right now because I'm going to get a bomb and blow this place up," the US man told a restaurant manager.

    Trump tried to lock up Comey & Clinton

    Donald Trump wanted to order prosecutions but was told it could lead to his impeachment.

    A statue representing sex slaves near the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea.The letters read "Nullity".

    S. Korea dissolves sex slave foundation

    The foundation compensated "comfort women" who were forced to work in Japan's military brothels.


    Closures: Should Kiwibank customers expect better? video

    Kiwibank looks set to close a number of branches across the country.

    Johnsonville and Petone branches slated to close, but should Kiwi customers expect better?

    ANZ's oil lending shamed

    Anti-fossil fuels lobby group seeks to shame ANZ as the bank with the oiliest fingers.

    Spend less, save more, and you will reduce your carbon footprint.

    Rise of carbon-lite investment funds

    Want to cut your carbon footprint? Now you can invest to do so.


    Māori may feature in popular game series

    The trailer for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm appears to show a Māori or Polynesian explorer.

    Māori characters could soon be a playable part of a wildly popular strategy game.

    How do remote controls work?

    How could a lump of plastic possibly change channels on a TV without any physical connection?

    Project manager Rob Green says more trails for the Taranaki Wars app are possible, but funding will need to be secured ...

    Trail added to land war app

    A digital link to Taranaki's civil war past provides a "living document" to understand region's history.


    The low-maintenance garden gallery

    Red azalea and white star jasmine alongside the water feature on the home’s north-west side.

    This Christchurch garden is classically beautiful -- and it only takes five minutes to mow the lawns.

    Beat dust mites this summer

    Find out where they're thriving and how to beat the little critters.

    Life as a lighthouse keeper on Maatsuyker Island was six months' worth of bliss.

    Living as lighthouse keepers

    It rains 250 days of the year, with regular strong winds, but Maatsuyker Island off Australia is paradise for one couple.

    life & style

    Disabilities and social media stuff nation

    My husband Tim and I are ultra-wary of the phenomenon of parents creating social media brands out of their children.

    The choice to share our family's story wasn't an easy one, but we're doing it to help others with disabilities.

    Our new favourite Xmas jumper

    Sir David Attenborough on a Christmas jumper? Attenbrrr!

    What happens to the young men who don't want to have sex the moment they hit adolescence? (File photo)

    What do we teach boys about sex?

    OPINION: Girls are cautioned against "hyper-sexualisation" yet very little is done to protect boys.

    well & good

    Mo is for Movember

    The men have grown the mo since the beginning of the month and said it has had a positive impact on the students.

    School rules say students can't have facial hair, but that hasn't stopped teachers from a New Plymouth all-boys school from donning a moustache.

    Cut carbs instead of calories: study video

    Keen to maintain that weight loss? New study says restricting carbs - not calories - is your best bet.

    The new study provides strong evidence that children and teens can be desensitised to peanut allergies through ...

    Peanut allergy drug breakthrough video

    Large study reveals new drug could have lifesaving potential for people who have peanut allergies.

    food & wine

    Light, refreshing chicken meal

    Spring chicken served with an edamame and apple salad.

    5:00 AM  Spicy chicken served with salad a perfect spring dish.

    Bananas returning to shelves

    It'll soon be time to go bananas as a three-week shortage ends.

    Mother's recipe for better life video

    A tasty road trip

    nz farmer

    Family dispute over farmer's assets


    A woman who claimed her mother changed the recording of almost $1 million in assets to benefit herself has lost her case to claim a share of the money.

    A2 boss given shareholder thumbs up

    A2 Milk shareholders are almost 100 per cent behind new chief executive Jayne Hrdlicka.

    Wanted live - for export

    Farmer wins dog attack compo


    Meghan Markle's nephew spills goss video

    If you ever watched Made In Chelsea, The Royal World is the same thing but with an even more insufferable cast of ...

    If you ever watched Made In Chelsea, The Royal World is the same thing but with an even more insufferable cast of privileged trust fund babies.

    Aiming to be the next Cliff Curtis video

    He's rubbed shoulders with the Hollywood elite and now it's time for young Māori actor Adam Saunders to shine.

    Talks to reboot Northern Exposure have apparently been underway for 2 years.

    Northern Exposure to return? video

    There could be a new set of quirky characters for Dr Fleischman to meet if it goes ahead.


    What goes on inside the cockpit

    Brett Manders, a former naval officer turned commercial pilot for Jetstar.

    "Do you really know what every button in the cockpit does?"

    A taste of Northern Ireland video

    County Down has some of the best natural produce and ingredients in northern Europe.

    The overall winner: Caught in the act

    Funniest wildlife pics of 2018 video

    A squirrel caught in the act wins the top prize at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


    We drive i3's bigger battery video

    The updated i3 120Ah now also gets an optional Sports Package that adds gear from the i3s.

    5:15 AM  BMW has upgraded the i3 with a bigger battery and more gear for 2019. We drive it first.

    New cars for 2019: N-V video

    What might be the Top Cars of next year? Let's take a look, from N to V.

    Car love

    Kiwis reveal what they call their cars

    "Betty" has emerged as the most popular name for a car in New Zealand in a recent survey.

    stuff nation

    Disabilities and social media stuff nation

    My husband Tim and I are ultra-wary of the phenomenon of parents creating social media brands out of their children.

    The choice to share our family's story wasn't an easy one, but we're doing it to help others with disabilities.

    Don't rain on pride parade stuff nation

    The ban on uniformed police participating in the Auckland Pride Parade is worth debating, not shouting down.

    We have to leave personal lives at the door because we simply cannot teach or manage otherwise. (File photo)

    Teaching is like no other job stuff nation

    OPINION: It takes a special person to become a teacher, stay in the profession and enjoy the job.


    Mick Schumacher's tough time 

    Mick Schumacher finds his father's health hard to deal with but says the seven-time world champion is his idol.

    "I look up to him." Michael Schumacher's son Mick finds his father's ill health "hard".

    Stop, Richie's speaking video

    You can all have your say on what's up with the All Blacks in a minute - it's Richie's turn.

    Richie Mo'unga attracts two Irish loose forwards in Dublin, creating room wider out.

    Mo'unga must get Italy start video

    OPINION: The ABs are behind where they should be and need to make the change now, writes Paul Cully.


    Pension age must rise - and soon

    Jenesa Jeram, of the New Zealand Initiative, recommends raising the pension age in line with rising life expectancies.

    OPINION: Never mind affordability, it's a question of basic fairness.

    The looming 'three waters' crisis

    Pattrick Smellie says the infrastructure building blocks of communities are close to crisis in many parts of the country.

    OPINION: Given the state of our water system it's a wonder the whole nation isn't crouching over a toilet bowl.

    Blood, oil and cynical calculations

    Saudi Arabia saw murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi as an enemy of the state.

    OPINION: For Trump, a good relationship with Saudi Arabia is worth more than the life of one journalist.

    Simple steps to aid cyclists

    Wellingtonians are being asked to share their thoughts on cycleways through the suburbs of Berhampore, Newtown and Mt ...

    OPINION: Cycle lanes are great if done right. But there are easier steps we can take now.

    good reads

    Dead man working

    "The death of a spouse or partner is different than other losses, in the sense that it literally changes every single ...

    Not long after my husband died, Inland Revenue sent him a letter.

    MP makes BBC 100 Women list video

    Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta is recognised for serving in parliament for 22 years and for being the first ...

    Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta recognised in global list of influential women.

    The best premium economy cabins video

    Virgin Atlantic premium economy class.

    A cheat sheet to the most value you can get for flight upgrades.

    The anti-bucket list

    Having your luggage lost - not fun.

    OPINION: 15 things you never want to go through when on the road.

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    Radio silence from Defence Force video

    Former SAS commander Lt Colonel Karl Cummins is now the darling of the diversity speaking circuit, telling of how the ...

    OPINION: The Defence Force has talked a big talk about its work targeting sexual harassment in the armed forces, says Alison Mau. But now, it suddenly has nothing to say.

    Courts 'further victimise' women – Govt video

    The High Court said Mariya Taylor was groped and locked in a cage while serving her country in the Air Force. But she ...

    Admitting concerns with the treatment of sex assault victims, the Government may ban defence lawyers from cross-examining complainants.

    NZDF victims 'failed' by courts video

    Mariya Taylor say the Defence Force lawyers made her "feel like a criminal" on the witness stand, as they argued against ...

    The treatment of the victims of Air Force predator Sergeant Robert Roper has been criticised by QC.

    Predator sergeant's jailhouse shadow video

    Working as a driver at Whenuapai air base, Mariya Taylor was repeatedly assaulted by  Sergeant Robert Roper.

    Servicewoman was locked in a cage and sexually assaulted. Now the Defence Force and the jailed officer who attacked her are demanding $200K.


    Funniest wildlife photos of 2018 video

    The overall winner: Caught in the act

    A squirrel caught in the act wins the top prize at Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

    Tattoo taboo in Taranaki? video

    Chiquita Ngeru, 20, is surprised her tattoos have affected her chances of getting a job in the region that hosts the ...

    Despite living in the region that holds Australasia's biggest tattoo festival, a psychology graduate with tattoos struggled to get a job.

    Waterspouts spotted

    John Karl Erickson, of Gobel Farm, Greenwood Rd, Oakura, South Taranaki, photographed a waterspout that appeared off the ...

    Farm assistant John Karl Erickson wasn't surprised to see a water spout appear at 6.30am.

    The grinch who stole Christmas lights

    The Woolmores plans for Christmas decorations outside their home have been ruined after someone allegedly stole their ...

    The festive season is looking a little less bright for one Auckland family.


    Two babies three weeks apart

    Surrogate Tawnee Gonzalez, left, with James and Andrea Valentine.

    After five years of trying for a baby, they turned to a surrogate. Then they got pregnant, too.

    In apology to my dogs

    Once you become dog-obsessed, it's hard to stop. Although human children sometimes grab your attention.

    OPINION: Greer Berry's fur babies don't always get the love they deserve, but she certainly loves them.

    Val Adams shows off baby bump

    Dame Valerie Adams poses in dress up at the Cable Car Museum in Wellington, showing off her baby bump.

    Shot putter posts first pic of her bump with her second child due in April.

    'Badass' names for baby girls

    Many parents are now seeking out strong, feminist names for their daughters.

    Looking for a strong, feminist name for your daughter? Look no further.

    kiwi traveller

    Ask an expert: The Kimberley

    Three times the size of England, the Kimberley region features canyons, waterfalls, freshwater swimming holes, prolific ...

    If you want to be among the few lucky enough to visit this region, book early.

    New York on a budget

    One of the best NYC travel experiences - walking the streets of its diverse neighbourhoods - is free.

    There are bargains aplenty to be found in the Big Apple - if you know where to look.

    Kiwi teachers staying overseas video

    Scott Ngatai says life overseas beats New Zealand on a lot of fronts.

    Six-figure salaries, smaller classes and fewer hours: teaching abroad can be a 'pretty good gig'.

    Instagrammable Rotorua

    Kuirau Park is a free geothermal park right in the center of town.

    From an abundance of tranquil lakes to lush green forests to boiling lakes and natural hot pools galore, there is nowhere else quite like Rotorua.

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