US zoo's Māori mishap

Californian zoo opens Australian animal exhibit with a group of "native" Māori performers. 

BNZ customers irate

BNZ ATM out of service on Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

12 min ago  Fallout from major outage begins: "How does a multimillion-dollar business not have a back up?"

Multi-vehicle crash closes SH1

2:00 PM  State highway near Warkworth closed in both directions, causing major traffic delays. 

Brit solution to Kiwi crisis?

2:18 PM  Partitioning properties, London-style, could help to ease NZ's housing shortage.

Wintry gales to hit east of NZ

Parts of NZ are set for a blast of frigid southerly gales over the next couple of days.

Gloriavale docos 'vetted' video

1:20 PM  Ex-member says docos are "too good to be true"; director says she's showing reality.


Motorcyclist seriously injured

A car and motorbike have crashed on the corner of Frankly and Clawton Streets in New Plymouth.

11 min ago  A New Plymouth road is blocked with emergency services at the scene of a crash.

Driver flees from police

Police looking for a fleeing driver in Napier say it's lucky the night did not end in tragedy.

A man in his 70s was found dead in the water at Waikawa Bay.

Body found in Waikawa Bay

14 min ago  The body of a man in his 70s has been found in a bay near Picton.

    special projects

    Our prisons are full

    A single legal change caused massive growth in the prison muster.

    A single legal change caused massive growth in the prison muster.

    Signs of moose life video

    Half a century since a moose was last photographed in NZ, broken branches in Fiordland suggest they're still here.

    One of the last verified photographs of a Fiordland moose, taken in 1952.

    NZ's 100-year moose hunt

    Ten Canadian moose landed here more than 100 years ago. A few intrepid Kiwis have been searching the Fiordland wilderness for them ever since.

    stuff circuit

    Caught: Slavery on the high seas

    A special investigation from Stuff Circuit.

    When you buy sashimi or order tuna at a restaurant, you should know its origins - and what conditions the people who caught it endured.

    How they make old fish look fresh

    ​The bright red tuna in many sushi shops looks fresh - but it could be months old.

    A Stuff Circuit investigation into the global tuna fishing industry has exposed allegations of slavery on the high seas.

    Fishing by forced labour

    Tuna caught by modern-day slaves in the Pacific Ocean is "almost certainly" landing in NZ.


    'Everybody plays games'

    US President Donald Trump welcomed the North's conciliatory response to his Thursday letter withdrawing from the ...

    Just as quickly as he called off the North Korean summit, now US President Donald Trump says it may be on track.

    Aus may revisit NZ refugee deal

    Australia's home affairs minister is willing to consider NZ offer to resettle refugees detained offshore - on one condition.

    Harvey Weinstein is escorted to the first precinct in New York City as he turned himself in to authorities following ...

    Weinstein arrested for rape video

    Disgraced movie mogul in handcuffs after surrendering to face rape and other charges.


    Satellite terminator from NZ

    Rocket Lab, Electron rocket, test launches

    'Sail' designed to smoothly send defunct satellites down to fiery grave.

    Here's how to cut your petrol bill

    Hint: It doesn't involve driving to a spot between Taupō and Rotorua.

    Warm and without a care. Quite the opposite of how many Kiwi households feel when winter bites.

    Invest for warmth and lower bills

    Moisture is the biggest enemy, and that means prioritising shower domes and extractor fans.


    The worst smartphone faux pas

    Blayne Slabbert: "The smartphone may be the best gadget invented but it's made some people adopt bad social habits."

    OPINION: The smartphone may be the best gadget invented but it's made some people adopt bad social habits.

    Tapping into a new approach

    Police unroll new tactics and technology to combat family violence.

    "When video chatting, look at the other person not at the TV in the background."

    Video calling makes tech dreams come true

    Thirty years ago it was a Jetsons-style dream. Now we need a reminder not to do it in the bathroom.


    Saving Scott's historic hut gallery

    David and Valerie Crichton have given the historic hut used by polar explorers to the people of Christchurch.

    Sitting high and proud on Godley Head, a humble hut dating back to the heroic era of Antarctic exploration has been given a new life.

    Natural born killers video

    Ross Taylor explains his lifetime love affair with flesh-eating flora.

    Anna Crouchman spent five days in hospital after receiving a severe burn on her lower leg from a hot water bottle.

    A hot water bottle nightmare

    GRAPHIC CONTENT: A hot water bottle in bed led to a five-day hospital stay for this Cambridge 10-year-old.

    life & style

    Met Gala makeup memories

    Priyanka Chopra attends The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute benefit gala celebrating the opening of the ...

    1:10 PM  By the time you read this, the Met Gala will have completely faded from our minds, but as I write, it's only 24 hours old and I'm still texting people photos of my favourite looks.

    Three great reds for winter

    It's bleak and cold. Something's got to be done, and a new lipstick is cheaper than a week in Fiji.

    Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex, has been awarded a coat of arms after her marriage to Prince Harry.

    Markle's US coat of arms video

    A dove, three quills and some Californian poppies, as the new Duchess continues to put her mark on UK traditions.

    well & good

    Cut booze, bacon to avoid cancer

    Processed meats such as bacon have been found to increase the chance of bowel disease.

    Major study reveals ditching alcohol, bacon and sugary drinks can reduce cancer risk by 40 per cent.

    Avoid the mid-life crisis

    Not everyone splashes out on a racy convertible or dumps their partner for a newer model, but mid-lifers commonly wonder, is this it?

    Millie Thomas in Sydney in 2015 before her recovery.

    At 27, she was a 'skeleton'

    After 15 years of anorexia, Millie Thomas had the bones of an 80-year-old, her body eating itself from the inside out.

    food & wine

    Why Wright quit French Cafe

    Kids come first - Simon Wright and Creghan Molloy-Wright.

    'Unfortunately, people in hospitality do burn themselves out.'

    Winter porridge put to the test

    We went looking and found some of the best porridge in Christchurch.

    Maccas in te reo Māori

    French Cafe sold to closest rivals

    nz farmer

    Bovis-infected farmer outs himself video

    Henk Smit has told a packed out Sir Don Rowlands Centre that his farm has Mycoplasma bovis.

    Waikato dairy farmer Henk Smit has told a packed farmer meeting how his farm got Mycoplasma bovis.

    Lincoln's joint $206m facility delayed

     A joint $206 million Lincoln University and AgResearch facility at the Lincoln campus will start construction later this year,

    Farmers easy scapegoats

    M bovis and Gypsy Day


    Weinstein carried biographies video

    Harvey Weinstein arrives at the first precinct while turning himself to authorities following allegations of sexual ...

    It seems like a small detail, but he walked into the police station with two books about Hollywood outsiders.

    Striking out for the truth

    JK Rowling novels are turned into British drama series, CB Strike

    Feline duo Chip and Micro live with vet nurse McGregor

    Kiwi TV's most unusual job

    Vet nurse Jo McGregor talks about the biggest trouble maker on set of Fanimals.


    Newlyweds' Irish 'mini-moon' video

    It is believed that they will spend a day or two in Dublin in July, before their real honeymoon later in the year.

    It is believed that they will spend a day or two in Dublin in July, before their real honeymoon later in the year.

    The best airports to stopover in video

    Snooze lounges, swimming pools, massages, great food, Wi-Fi: Airport stopovers are becoming so good they are a destination in themselves.

    The practice doesn't just inconvenience air passengers, it's dangerous.

    Risk of dividing families on flights

    The practice doesn't just inconvenience air passengers, it's dangerous.


    Fatal Uber's emergency braking off video

    This image made from video Sunday, March 18, 2018, of a mounted camera provided by the Tempe Police Department shows an ...

    Early report shows Uber crash which killed woman had emergency systems turned off.

    Modern car tech lets you down

    Modern technology in cars is great. Great but far from perfect sometimes.

    Kiwi buyers aren't interested in shifting gears themsleves, so has the manual transmission made its last shift?

    Is driving manual dead?

    Driving enthusiasts love manual transmissions, but is anyone else buying them?

    stuff nation

    What dish makes you reminisce? stuff nation

    Is there a certain dish that causes the memories to flood back?

    Sometimes it just takes a whiff of something cooking to take you back - to your childhood, a favourite restaurant, your ex's kitchen. 

    Sexual trauma: men, get help stuff nation

    There are many barriers to male survivors of sexual trauma, but I've managed to transform my pain.

    Concrete skies, turquoise sea - it was breathtaking.

    Stormy skies at Nugget Point stuff nation

    Concrete skies contrasting with the turquoise ocean made for a breathtaking scene.


    Aussies could score double win

    The Chiefs will need another big game from Brodie Retallick when they face the Waratahs in Hamilton.

    OPINION: After finally notching a win against a Kiwi Super Rugby team, Australian sides are eyeing dual successes.

    Is Pakistan tour worth risk?

    OPINION: I was at the Black Caps' hotel the morning it was bombed in 2002. I wouldn't return, writes Mark Geenty.

    All Blacks halfback Aaron Smith catches former Wallabies winger Adam Ashley-Cooper with a high shot back in 2015.

    'Below the nipple line' please

    World Rugby is trialling law changes that include lowering the height of tackles to reduce risk of serious head injuries.


    Who let the Myco monster in?

    Duncan Garner: "This disease was here in 2015. So what did the National Government do? It did as little as possible."

    OPINION: MPI is looking useless in the face of the latest devastating disease.

    Get rid of the mortgage

    Interest rates are at the lowest level they have been for some years and will increase over time, so pay off as much as ...

    OPINION: Getting the deposit together was one hurdle. Now you've got a bigger one.

    Meghan the lizard shapeshifter

    The duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge get on so well because they're not actually human, they're part of the lizard ...

    OPINION: Like Amal, Kate and Posh, she's too skinny to be a human woman.

    I can feel my youth slipping away

    Verity Johnson

    OPINION: That carefree optimism has been replaced by anger and frustration.

    good reads

    Signs of moose life video

    Moose have a distinctive foraging style in which they snap branches by twisting their necks. An example in Fiordland ...

    Half a century since a moose was last photographed in NZ, broken branches in Fiordland suggest they're still here.

    The tantric guru of Governors Bay

    Spiritual Human Evolution (SHE) guru Bernie Prior in a 2007 photo.

    This spiritual master and chocolatier lives with 10 women - whom some call devotees, others a harem.

    Coping after causing a fatal crash video

    Johan Struwig, who moved to New Zealand in 2007, has had to learn to cope with the fact he killed a 4-year-old boy while ...

    How do you deal with accidentally taking someone's life on the roads, even when it wasn't your fault?

    NZ's 100-year moose hunt

    One of the last verified photographs of a Fiordland moose, taken in 1952.

    Ten Canadian moose landed here more than 100 years ago. A few intrepid Kiwis have been searching the Fiordland wilderness for them ever since.

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    The classic cartoon about office life.


    Lifting the lid on confidentiality

    University of Canterbury Dean of Law Ursula Cheer explains what sexual harassment is in the eyes of the law.

    What is stopping workers speaking publicly about their experiences of sexual harassment?

    Men invited to #metoo too

    #Metoo blogger and legal researcher Zoe Lawton has started a new blog specifically for men working in the legal profession.

    Almost 50 men working in the legal profession sign a #metoo pledge within its first 48 hours.

    Four brave women



Alison Mau.

New columnists for ...

    OPINION: Allegations a trusted GP initiated sexual relationships with vulnerable patients bear all the hallmarks of a #metoo case.

    For complainants, a harrowing wait

    Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

    A 'horrible' and intimidating process, then months of waiting for four women who alleged sexual misconduct by their GP.


    Dip disaster and other stories

    The Collective's Sweet Chilli Labneh dip was ceased production due to lack of demand.

    My favourite dip disappeared last month. It's not the first time Kiwis have lost a favourite.

    Blokes build army tank BBQ

    The barbecue tank is transported on a trailer.

    It's known as Tankasaurus, and it's hoped to smoke the competition at the world's biggest barbecue contest.

    'A trampoline is my second home'

    Avondale College student Findlay Shannon said he was excited to make his debut at the world games.

    Fancy yourself a backyard trampolining champ? There is a world games dedicated to the sport.

    Student mag on Trade Me video

    The Critic team, from left: designer Jack Adank, culture editor Jess Thompson-Carr, features editor Chelle Fitzgerald, ...

    Controversial issue of Critic - Te Arohi appears for sale, while former editors slam university for removing copies.


    My daughter is shoplifting

    It takes courage to stand up to friends and disagree with their behaviour.

    My 14-year-old daughter denies stealing underwear from a department store, but her friends were caught red-handed.

    'I hate my mum's phone'

    Think your child doesn't notice that you're on your phone? Think again.

    Child's eye-opening essay will make parents think twice about picking up their mobiles.

    How royal nanny kept kids in line

    We're guessing Princess Charlotte might be a bit of a handful.

    Without Maria Borrallo's help, things could have gone a lot differently on Harry and Meghan's big day.

    Chrissy Teigen's blunt birth reveal video

    Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to talk openly about childbirth.

    The world needs more women like Chrissy Teigen speaking openly about the physical and emotional toll of childbirth.

    kiwi traveller

    Readers' travel pics of the week

    While in Cartagena, Colombia this month (May). There are some wonderful images after sunset when the locals spread out ...

    Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world? Send it to us and be in to win a Fujifilm camera!

    Ask an expert: Oz wellbeing break

    Do the Tomaree Head Summit Walk and you'll deserve a visit to a local winery or brewery.

    Sliding down sand dunes constitutes exercise on a healthy but laid-back holiday in Port Stephens.

    Insider tip: New York

    Boom Boom Boom in the Meatpacking District is perfect for a cocktail with a view.

    With her sprawling boroughs and superstructures, the Big Apple definitely put me through my paces.

    When you're a travel snob

    It might be nice to believe that you're seeing the world in a more sophisticated, more "authentic" way than everyone ...

    It might be nice to believe that you're seeing the world in a more sophisticated, more "authentic" way than everyone else, but you're probably not.

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