Grand Designs sale explained gallery

Family say they're proud of the house, but a covenant stopped them getting it exactly right.

Ghost wished on killer

Bodi McKee faces at least three years behind bars for shooting dead Leslie Putt in Auckland last year.

4 min ago  Bodie McKee yelled abuse at Leslie Putt's family as he was jailed for shooting the man dead last year.

Fatal crash near Foxton

8 min ago  One person is dead after two cars collided on State Highway 1 near Foxton.

Family of eight sleep rough

10:46 AM  A homeless family-of-eight are among those sleeping on South Auckland's streets.

Live: Bolger's advice to PM

6 min ago  Ex-PM says if you have to pick up the phone to Winston Peters, treat him with respect.

Planes on noisy route in fuel crisis

10:34 AM  Aircraft will use a flight path that was deemed too noisy in efforts to conserve fuel.

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Fake names in benefit reviews

Chief executive Brendan Boyle said the ministry was considering its legal position.

Ministry of Social Development's "extraordinary misbehaviour" is referred to the solicitor-general.

Mother 'unable to grieve' video

Michelle Bishop feels let down by funeral director who failed to provide death certificate and booked funeral in a buffet restaurant.

The grieving family of a man shot dead by police in the Karangahake Gorge near Paeroa.

Fatal police shooting 'justified'

10:50 AM  Officer used fatal force because he believed machete-wielding man was about to kill or injure him.


Higgins and Fury make peace

Ugly spat between Joseph Parker's promoter and rival's father and trainer "nothing personal".


Live: Bolger's advice to PM

PM Bill English breaks with tradition to cast an early vote in Wellington.

5 min ago  Ex-PM Jim Bolger tells Bill English that if he has to pick up the phone to Winston Peters, treat him with respect.

Will the Māori Party survive? video

The fate of the Māori Party depends on one man winning this electorate. Here's how his campaign is going.

National's 'negative' attacks on Labour may have given Bill English's party a boost.

This race isn't over video

Both Bill English and Jacinda Ardern insist the fight is still close, despite a poll putting National streets ahead.


Hit by flesh-eating ulcer

Ella Crofts contracted Mycobacterium Ulcerans - a life-threatening third-world condition that is running rampant in ...

When Aussie teen Ella Crofts felt a dull ache in her knee, she didn't think something could be chewing through her skin.

Strong quake near Vanuatu

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake shakes Vanuatu in the South Pacific.

The rescue operation at  Enrique Rebsamen  continued through the night.

'We can hear noises' video

Rescuers trying to reach a young girl trapped under a collapsed school in quake-hit Mexico. Her classmates are dead.


Water quality, not quantity

A kilo of beef takes 15,415 litres of water to produce; A loaf of bread takes 1,608 litres.

OPINION: The volumes of water we use are a bit meaningless compared to our impact on its quality.

Fed to cut huge stockpile video

15 min ago  It's another milestone in the US central bank's efforts to return to a normal monetary policy after the Great Recession.

Coordination would help NZ build on its strengths in technology, backers of a national CTO role say.

Nats reverse think-tank stance

10:44 AM  Country to get 'chief technology officer' under National or Labour, after government U-turn.


Review: iPhone 8

From left, the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone 8 models.

The difference between Apple's new iPhone models is a bit like flying first class compared with economy.

Pros and cons of updates

Software updates are a mix of excitement and resentment.

Uber has previously been criticised for its poor track record on harassment, gender equality and sexism.

Uber sorry for 'sexist' offer

Uber's promotion encouraged husbands to "let wives take a day off from the kitchen".


Olive green for spring

Alex Walls of homeware store Alex & Corban says olive green is the hue for spring.

10:25 AM  While pink blossoms might signal the start of spring for some, for Alex Walls olive green wins the day.

Futuro spaceship sold

Its sale attracted worldwide interest but the new owner has no plans to move it from Dunedin.

We're back - just when you thought you had seen the last of us. Shelley Ferguson and Peter Wolfkamp off The Block: Side ...

Slice of Paradise - easy watch

It's the Kiwi 'Location, Location, Location', but the 'clients' are really far too nice.

life & style

Names that are losing popularity

Booooo! My parents called me Clive.

10:02 AM  If you have named your baby Frank or Bonnie this year, you are a trailblazer.

CEO told she was 'too big' video

Told her weight was an issue, the businesswoman had the final say, selling her billion dollar business to L'Oreal.

Hillary Clinton didn't hold back on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Let me mansplain manspreading video

OPINION: Hillary Clinton has accused Putin of "manspreading". So what was she really saying?

well & good

Secrets to a longer, happier life

We all want to live a long, happy life. So what's the secret?

Love, physical activity and a bigger purpose are all key ingredients.

Playing the waiting game

David Downs: There are a surprising number of ways to kill time on those boring in-between weeks.

Christchurch father of two Kevin "Chalky" Carr received the news that his pancreatic cancer was back and his prognosis ...

'Bound together by cancer' video

Chalky Carr could have focused on his own cancer fight. Instead, he's raising $100,000 for a girl he'd never met.

food & wine

Taste of New York in Wellington

Pickle & Pie.

The owners of the new deli see it as part of a wider rejuvenation of downtown dining.

How MPs will celebrate with food

Jacinda Ardern will be having a barbie with her partner, and a nip of single malt.

Chef shuts shop to focus on family

Old names doing new things

nz farmer

Fonterra's CFO from Switzerland

Fonterra's new chief financial officer Marc Rivers.

9:37 AM  Fonterra has a new Chief Financial Officer to replace Lukas Paravicini.

Politician flees 'hostile' farmers

Labour MP claims he was "physically pushed" and his van rammed at meeting about party's water tax.

Silver Fern Farms reward loyalty

Younger generation's view


Stalin film gives Russia rage

Adrian McLoughlin as Stalin in Armando Ianucci's latest comedy, The Death of Stalin.

10:50 AM  Russian politicians fear the black comedy from the makers of Veep and The Thick Of It could spark violent protests.

Feist brings pleasure to NZ

The Canadian singer-songwriter returns to New Zealand for the first time in five years.

Tetsuo Shima, the teen biker gangbanger at the heart of the Akira story.

Is this Taika's next movie? video

11:03 AM  Hollywood watchdogs say Kiwi director has signed on to helm adaptation of beloved Japanese anime.


Airports need to stress you out

Believe it or not, airports are trying to help you get to your destination on time.

11:02 AM  OPINION: Airports wouldn't function properly if they didn't make your journey a little more stressful.

Latest Akl flight cancellations video

Effects of the jet fuel pipe line shut-down continue at Auckland Airport.

The planned plant will produce enough fuel to power British Airways' 787 Dreamliner.

Turning rubbish into jet fuel

9:38 AM  British Airways says burning nappies and chocolate bar wrappers will power its 787 Dreamliners.


Peugeot puts 'swish' into SUV

Out-there styling is still a feature of new 3008. But the packaging is much more conventional.

Can the European Car of the Year cut it in New Zealand?

TVR builds new sports car

Meet the Griffith, the first new TVR sports car to be launched since the company was resurrected in British hands in 2013.

Next two new Holden models to arrive in New Zealand will be the Equinox SUV (left) and the Astra wagon (right).

What is Holden up to?

Holden uses the impending equinox to outline some significant change ahead.

stuff nation

Greed, not taxes, will ruin NZ stuff nation

When the privileged belittle those who are struggling and tell them to work harder, it shows how ignorant they are.

3 min ago  Go ahead, complain about how difficult your life is and how hard done by you are. I'd rather be on the side of the people who give a damn.

The Block: What we learnt stuff nation

Cheating is a virtue, lying is OK, rules are made to be ignored, and you don't need to worry about playing fair.

Pierre cuddles up with our son Sam who is now 18-years-old

Three decades of dogs stuff nation

10:49 AM  After farewelling four sheepdogs in 35 years we wondered if it all the grief was worth it. Then along came Ted.


Higgins, Fury make peace video

Peter Fury during his tirade at New Zealand promoter David Higgins in London.

11:08 AM  Ugly spat between Joseph Parker's promoter and rival's father and trainer "nothing personal".

Proteas to host four-day 'test'

12 min ago  South Africa and Zimbabwe set to play first four-day test match of the modern era.

Sonny Bill Williams' work ethic is still evident at the Roosters three years after he left the NRL club.

SBW still a Roosters influence

9:45 AM  Three years after he left the NRl club, players still talk about what they learned from SBW.


When sports stars don't care

Nick Kyrgios: Knows he should give a f... when it comes to applying himself to tennis.

OPINION: Like it or not, we can judge sports stars on when they do and don't show their emotions.

Airports need to stress you out

Believe it or not, airports are trying to help you get to your destination on time.

OPINION: Airports wouldn't function properly if they didn't make your journey a little more stressful.

When your employer is the govt

Is it fair to expect people to keep quiet about things that affect them?

OPINION: How neutral should we expect public servants to be?

In debt at 20 - help! video

I was blissfully ignorant of my student loan until I started working.

OPINION: Tackling the mighty student loan - should I save or pay it off?

special projects

Killer chemicals: Part 1

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Anika Tuhiwai

Inside NZ's synthetic cannabis crisis.

Killer chemicals: Part 2

05092017 News: Chris Skelton
Michael (need to find out last name)

Conversations with a grieving mum and a former dealer.

Where you fit in NZ

One in Five Million logo without title

See how your answers compare with other Kiwis.

The Valley

The Valley

What secrets did we keep? Stuff Circuit special investigation into NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

Black Hands - the sequel

David Bain at his retrial in 2009.

Canadian former Supreme Court judge Binnie has criticised the Stuff podcast Black Hands. A new episode turns back the flak.

A family mass murder

Martin van Beynen spent years re-investigating the Bain family murders for the Black Hands podcast.

Stuff presents a podcast series on the Bain family murders.

good reads

Kissing social justice goodbye

Bill English, right, campaigning in Lower Hutt with Simon Bridges, left, and local candidate Chris Bishop. No animals ...

OPINION: What's the grotesque practice of politicians kissing kids about, who started it, and why isn't there a law against it?

Happy to be Ardern's aunty

Jacinda Ardern made a speech at Annette King's valedictory party. The pair have spent many hours texting each other and ...

In 33 years, veteran MP Annette King has never seen an election campaign like Jacinda Ardern's.

US doesn't use metric, blame pirates

What's not to like about a universal measuring system.

French aristocrat James Dombey set sail to America to persuade them to go metric. So what happened?

The hotel room that changed history

The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong.

It was a room on the third floor of the Peninsula Hotel that changed Hong Kong forever.

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Found after 100 years underwater

The U Boat find is believed to be unique - and now discussions will begin on how to raise the craft and retrieve the ...

Remarkable discovery of WW1 U-boat with 23 people still inside on the floor of North Sea comes after it sank nearly 100 years ago off Belgium.

World not 'about to end'

No, a non-existent planet is not on a collision course toward Earth.

Despite biblical doomsday claim, non-existent planet not on collision course toward Earth, Nasa says.

Ōtaki becomes the North Pole

The North Pole Express will travel from Paraparaumu to the "North Pole" - actually Ōtaki - and back.

Travel in true Christmas fashion onboard Kāpiti's North Pole express.

Dazed dopeheads waylay weed

Optimistic Kapi-Mana police are calling for the owner of this lost cannabis stash to come forward.

"It needs to be thoroughly destroyed by being rolled up in paper and burnt."


Still a mother after miscarriage

Zoe Clark-Coates has lost five babies, and set up a trust to help others cope with their own loss.

"Everyone said to me 'at least you can get pregnant,' but all I could think was 'what's the point if you can't stay pregnant?'"

Mum enraged by raffle request

"This is apparently what teenage girls should be interested in: looking f-ing good and taking selfies," wrote concerned ...

An Auckland mum says a school's request for "teenage girl" raffle prizes sends the wrong message.

1 in 5 hate grandkid's name

Of course they love their grandchild. But do they like his/her name?

Think your parents love the name you picked for your baby? A new survey suggests otherwise.

'Shock' heart condition for Evie video

Jennifer Taylor and her 11-month-old daughter Evie.

​At Jennifer Taylor's 20-week pregnancy scan, she received news no parent ever wants to hear.

kiwi traveller

At opposite ends of the Earth

Jorge dreamed of visiting Middle Earth as a child.

If Jorge Valle dug a hole through the Earth from his hometown in Spain he'd end up in Wellington.

Budget-friendly France

The Greek island of Naxos is a great alternative to a holiday on the French Riviera.

What are the best, budget-friendly and less touristy spots along the French Riviera? Email travel@stuff.co.nz.

Insider tip: Amsterdam

The OverTheEdge swing sits 100m above Amsterdam.

Dangling on a swing 100 metres the city wasn't what I had in mind for my trip to the Netherlands.

From Christchurch to San Diego

Jenni with Peter Yarrow of folk music trio Peter, Paul and Mary.

Jenni Prisk, originally from Christchurch, has embraced civic duties in her new home.

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