Fahima Yusuf and Ahmed Seedat.

Wife's plea to killer husband

As an Australian man strangled his wife, she tried three words to stop him: "I love you".

Councillor quits INZ

Hamilton City Councillor James Casson said his resignation allows him to concentrate on continuing to "serve the people".

A city councillor has resigned from his position at INZ after controversial comments about refugees.

Dying for greed video

Mt Everest's deadly overcrowding is because of "ignorance and greed", a top Kiwi climber says.

How do NZ dental costs compare?

Many people avoid the "murder house" because it's too expensive. How about overseas?

Four-year-old's crowdpleasing haka

He may be small, but Tristan O'Brien's passion for all things rugby is vast.

Dan Carter's cheeky poll

Is Honor Carter going to make a hockey comeback or is she too old? 


Mob fight 'too bad' to stop

Eddie Paul and Erueti Wirihana were among a group of men fighting on suburban streets of Hastings on November 10, 2018. ...

Cop feared he'd be set upon, so recorded two Mob members beating an unconscious man.

Patch ban may grow

A rise of violence prompts talk of extending a gang patch ban in Hawke's Bay.

Dave Letele with his sister Vicki Letele shortly before she died.

Corrections failed Vicki Letele video

Medical staff should have responded more urgently to inmate Vicki Letele's stomach cancer, report finds.

christchurch mosque terror attack

Religious journey by bike

26052019 News Photo: Iain McGregor/STUFF
Farid Ahmed leads off the ???Peace Train??? in Hagley Park.
Peace Train Ride is ...

Mosque shooting widower starts 200 cyclists on a religious journey of a different kind.

Mosque hero haunted by attack

Len Peneha dodged bullets to help people fleeing Al Noor mosque, and is a changed man.

Police Association president Chris Cahill said the association supported more firearms training for officers, but would ...

Police firearms training questioned

A policeman says the amount of live fire training officers get is "just ridiculous".

    A trailblazer for women's sport, Yvette Williams died last month aged 89 -- 67 years after she became the first Kiwi ...

    Honours system is unfair on women

    A gender imbalance in the honours system must change if Kiwi sportswomen are to have their fair share.

    The coach and the secret report

    David Wright is appealing to the Human Rights Tribunal to force Swimming NZ to release the findings of investigation ...

    In 2016, Swimming NZ investigated a veteran coach for a raft of serious offences. The findings in the report remain a mystery.

    'Why wouldn't people listen?' video

    Tamaki played the piano beautifully, despite never receiving a proper lesson in his life.

    Foster parents of FASD sufferer who died in mental health care hit out at government.

    'I wasn't a good person'

    After fatally striking Billy Dawson, leaving him bleeding on the ground, Kit John Murray left the scene to continue ...

    After years inside, one punch killer Kit John Murray carries the weight of the life he took.

    Readers tell their abortion stories

    Readers tell their abortion stories.

    "My doctor was awful ... She wanted me to act insane." Stuff readers share their deeply personal accounts of abortion.


    US war vets graduate decades later

    Joe Perricone, 95, waves to the crowd during his Hillsborough High School graduation ceremony.

    Two US war veterans join graduating class of 2019 with a bit of added life experience than their peers.

    'Aunties' set for abortion mutiny

    OPINION: A particular kind of American dystopia has arrived. It involves a whisper network on social media.

    The purpose of the bill is to keep the busy streets of New York safer for pedestrians and drivers. (File photo).

    New York eyes texting ban

    Walking, crossing the road and texting could soon some at a price in the US.


    Debt target 'continuity'

    The Government has indicated that after 2022 it will move from a target of getting debt to below 20 per cent of gross ...

    Prime Minister denies the Government is looking to loosen its self-imposed debt target.

    Freeview close to Spark deal

    Getting Spark Sport and Rugby World Cup coverage on to the big screen could get easier.

    Air New Zealand has revised its earnings guidance for the second time this year.

    Air NZ's $25m fuel bill

    Air NZ issues revised earnings forecast as fuel costs begin to bite.


    Airport bosses must never fly video

    Passengers now spend twice as long just doing exactly the same thing as check-in used to do.

    OPINION: Passengers now spend twice as long just doing exactly the same thing as check-in used to do.

    'Aunties' set for abortion mutiny

    OPINION: A particular kind of American dystopia has arrived. It involves a whisper network on social media.

    Public money to help local reporting

    Regions need good journalism

    good reads

    20 ruins without the crowds video

    "Sex and the City" star, actor Chris Noth, at the top of the ancient desert fortress of Masada in southern Israel.

    Forget the Colosseum and the Parthenon. Try these lesser-known sites in which to wander.

    60 years of nuclear fallout video

    Neil Balloch joined the navy in 1955 as a 17-year-old who wanted to see the world, not a thermonuclear bomb.

    The hunt for Courtney's killer video

    The crash that changed air travel video


    Billionaire Huawei CEO defiant video

    Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei: "Being able to grow in the toughest battle environment, that just reflects how ...

    Ren Zhengfei, 74, has gone from recluse to media maven as he fights to save the $152b company he founded.

    Demand for Huawei dropping video

    Consumers looking for alternatives to phones produced by Chinese telco giant.

    An independent watchdog is needed to monitor the use of artificial intelligence by government agencies, according to a ...

    Probe Govt's use of AI

    Experts call for watchdog to monitor how public agencies use algorithms amid worries about bias, accuracy and transparency.


    Homes switched in 'unicorn sale'

    If only all real estate transactions were this easy.

    No longer the realms of reality TV, these former strangers have found their dream homes and new friendships.

    Why spiders flock inside

    As the days grow short and cold, spiders begin to enter our houses in larger numbers than usual. Why is this?

    Not so luxurious: The old Big Brother pool is a mess.

    Big Brother house is a ruin video

    Now five years since the show was canned, the facade of Big Brother Australia has literally fallen.

    life & style

    You think you know The Wiggles?

    Watch out New Zealand, The Wiggles are coming.

    As the popular children's band approach their New Zealand tour, mother of two Emily Writes tests your knowledge.

    Link between cost and designer logo video

    It seems the super-rich now prefer subtlety over splashy logos on their luxury goods.

    When it came to old-school glamour at Cannes, nobody did it better than Elle Fanning.

    Best dressed on Cannes red carpet video

    We're calling it - this year's top fashionista at the French film festival was 21-year-old Elle Fanning.

    well & good

    How to prevent uni weight gain video

    Young adults tend to eat more energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods and drinks than older adults.

    OPINION: It's time for universities to do their part to help first-year students avoid packing on the pounds.

    The fight for tween esteem

    Nearly half of all young people say body image is their biggest worry. Angela Barnett's on a mission to change that.

    "It would be awful if anything happened to them, but the experiences we have with children are largely miserable," ...

    Want good life? Don't have kids video

    "If you're a man, you should probably marry. If you're a woman, don't bother."

    food & wine

    Craft brews dominate awards video

    Chair of Judges, Michael Donaldson, at the judging held at Wellington's Westpac Stadium.

    Craft breweries dominated the 2019 New World Beer and Cider Awards, taking out 28 of the top 30 spots.

    Hand-cut noodles with pork

    There are times when only a big bowl of spicy noodles will do. Here’s how to make your own.

    The best place to eat in Rome

    Three sweet pumpkin recipes

    nz farmer

    Squeeze on orange supply

    Oranges were in short supply in Christchurch last week.

    Christchurch citrus fans had to get their fix elsewhere last week.

    Arrest threat off for now

    Family at centre of Māori land dispute in Hawke's Bay aren't at risk of arrest now, but it's only a temporary reprieve.

    The phone call farmers dread video

    'Stolen sheep' accounted for


    John Campbell's wild first month video

    John Campbell hasn’t always been down on himself though. He was extremely impressed by a picture taken of him using ...

    Breakfast appears to have liberated Campbell's true self.

    Moby mocked by celebrities

    Celebrity reaction online to Moby's comments and apology has been less than positive.

    This is the second wedding dress Ning is putting up for sale in as many weeks.

    MAFS Ning sells her wedding dress

    This is the second wedding dress Ning is putting up for sale - could she start her own bridalwear boutique?!


    Disneyland hires Stormtroopers video

    Stray past your four-hour time limit at the new Star Wars attraction at Disneyland and you may face the First Order.

    Stray past your time limit at the new Star Wars attraction and you may face the First Order.

    Kiefer's rough NZ experience video

    Why the actor-musician will never forget NZ and Whanganui.

    These new long-haul aircraft will replace Air New Zealand's fleet of eight 777-200 aircraft

    Auckland-New York step closer video

    The route is a strong possibility as Air NZ purchase a fleet of Dreamliner aircraft.


    ECE teachers struggling video

    ECE teachers tell of low wages, burnout, unsafe conditions, and a lack of faith in government to change the situation ...

    Early childhood teachers tell of low wages, burnout, and a lack of faith in government to improve the situation.

    The long road to $350k babies video

    After eight years, 14 IVF attempts, multiple miscarriages and two surrogate pregnancies, Philippa Pomeranz finally became a mum.

    Support for families saves lives

    Helping kids combat anxiety


    'Credit card knives' found in courts video

    When folded a credit card knife reveals a blade and handle.

    Knives folded to resemble bank cards are being seized in courts around the country.

    Teenagers go phone-free

    Teenagers are usually glued to their phones but a group keen to promote safe driving are giving theirs up for a good cause.

    Getting kicks at human foosball

    Britain's medieval millionaire


    Renault and Fiat consider tie-up video

    Fiat Renault

    Car giants expected to announce they will create world's biggest automaker in face of global challenges

    Five automotive orphans video

    Here are five unloved automotive orphans we would - against all common sense - love to own today.

    Undeniably pretty and elegant, the Garmisch concept is based on a BMW 2002 chassis.

    BMW recreates a missing link video

    BMW has rebuilt a concept car that went missing after it was first shown in 1970.

    stuff nation

    20 years on and still in debt stuff nation

    "I accrued over $20,000 in interest while I was still studying. There were no interest write-offs in those days. There ...

    OPINION: At its peak, my loan was up to $120k. Would I do it again? Definitely.

    Why I'm going on strike stuff nation

    OPINION: We don't expect them to fix everything at once, but we teachers are worth it.

    I've been on a zero/low waste journey for about four years and have diverted a lot of waste from landfill.

    Do something, fast stuff nation

    OPINION: I used to think "It will be OK, someone will do something about it and fix it all." But it's not OK.


    Pocock pens Lomu tribute

    Jonah Lomu has been fondly remembered by Wallabies loose forward David Pocock.

    Wallabies loose forward motivated to write about the impact late All Blacks superstar left on him.

    Tennis fan ruins kid's moment

    And all for a sweat towel. A tennis fan leaves a young boy distraught and fans agog.

    David Fifita becomes the first player born in the 2000s to be selected for the Queensland Maroons.

    Kevin Walters' Origin prank call

    Kevin Walters tells youngster he's made Queensland under-18 team, but actually it's the Origin senior team.

    special offers
    quick! save the planet

    Do something about climate change, fast stuff nation

    I've been on a zero/low waste journey for about four years and have diverted a lot of waste from landfill.

    OPINION: I used to think "It will be OK, someone will do something about it and fix it all." The reality is it's not OK and something needs to be done fast.

    Autumn weather high and dry

    Max To'o, 3, tucks into a frozen yoghurt – saving some for later too – while out with his mum and dad on the Wellington ...

    Many parts of the country are on track for record or near-record dry autumns, according to Niwa.

    The 12-year-old saving the planet

    Lucy Gray with Billie the family cat.

    Opening for Taylor Swift? Or running a country? Climate-change activist Lucy Gray, 12, has many dreams.

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    New clues in 30-year cold case

    Joanne Chatfield went missing after a concert at Auckland University in 1988.

    Startling new details and a $50k reward spark fresh tips about the 1988 disappearance of Joe Chatfield.

    Rescue mission for rare native video

    Brachaspis robustus, the robust grasshopper, has only ever been seen in the Tekapo, Pūkākī and Ōhau river catchments in ...

    Principles of bird conservation are helping to save another remarkable native you’ve never heard of.

    now to love

    MAFS Ning sells her wedding dress

    This is the second wedding dress Ning is putting up for sale in as many weeks.

    This is the second wedding dress Ning is putting up for sale - could she start her own bridalwear boutique?!

    DWTS' Camilla on what matters to her

    Every week Dancing with the Stars judge Camilla Sacre-Dallerup adds her very own dazzle to the show.

    Head Dancing with the Stars NZ judge Camilla Sacre-Dallerup shares some surprising truths.

    homes to love

    Style secrets from NZ experts

    If you're new to using colour, the easiest place to be brave is with things you can change easily, such as your paint ...

    Ten of our favourite designers, decorators and boutique owners show us how to make a bold statement at home.

    Clint Randell's renovated home gallery video

    Radio host and Dancing with the Stars contestant Clint Randell shows us inside his newly renovated Auckland home, now ...

    Dancing with the Stars' Clint Randell and wife Jaime have transformed their Auckland family home.

    food to love

    Easy slow-cooker chicken soup video

    Simply prep your ingredients, pop them in the slow cooker and come back eight hours later to a delicious, nutritious meal.

    Prep your ingredients, pop them in the slow cooker and come back eight hours later.

    How to make perfect hollandaise sauce

    Hollandaise sauce is a wonderfully silky and tasty emulsion of melted butter, egg yolks and lemon.

    Follow our simple steps to make the most delicious hollandaise sauce for your next Sunday morning eggs bene.


    Most painful places to get a tattoo video

    We're guessing David Beckham's neck tattoos wouldn't have been pleasant to get.

    If you're keen on a cool hand or back tattoo, you'd better be prepared for some pain.

    How to get Meghan's royal glow video

    The Duchess of Sussex's amazing skin doesn't happen by accident.

    Want amazing skin like the Duchess of Sussex? Here are her facialist's top tips, tricks and techniques.

    fashion quarterly

    Celebs share Miss Crabb memories

    Kristine Crabb is saying goodbye to her label after 15 years.

    The Kiwi label is closing its doors at the end of March, leaving behind a legacy of irreverence and creativity.

    Fashion editors' shameful buys

    Sometimes, you just have to buy them all.

    Feeling guilty about splurging on an impractical item you just had to have? You're not alone.


    A Kiwi's survival guide to France video

    "I'm still Kiwi enough to call a spade a spade, though. And honestly, a quenelle is just a dumpling in the end."

    Step 1: Never joke about the local food.

    The genius and folly of Pasture video


    After enduring money troubles, a breakdown and a break-up, Pasture’s Ed Verner is finally finding firmer ground – and puts no limits on what he can achieve.


    Cuts to televised rugby proposed

    Empty seats have New Zealand Rugby considering cuts to televised rugby.

    Dwindling crowds and saturation TV coverage have led to a radical proposal for domestic rugby.

    The Queenstown eco-project plan video

    Plans to develop Mt Dewar Station, near Queenstown, will pit environmentalists against each other.

    A controversial plan to redevelop Mt Dewar is still being pursued, while pitting environmentalists against each other.

    The comeback Silver Ferns video

    Bailey Mes, left, and Shannon Saunders sit on the bench during the Netball Bronze Medal Match on day 11 of the Gold ...

    How photography and pharmacy saved the netball careers of Bailey Mes and Shannon Saunders.

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    It’s time to explore Christchurch

    French street artist Tilt added his now iconic Teeth Mural to the Christchurch landscape for the Spectrum Street Art ...

    From street art to action-packed adventure, there’s so much to discover in Christchurch.

    Go gaga over duck egg blue

    The tone of a sun-bleached sky can make a soothing tone for a living space. This room features Resene Half Duck Egg ...

    Duck egg blue is as on point today as it was centuries ago. Here’s how to use it in a variety of ways to suit your home.