Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, was taken to hospital after a medical incident.

Yellow Wiggle collapses

Greg Page, a founding members of The Wiggles, has collapsed while performing at an Australian bushfire relief concert.

Clubcard or OneCard?

$2000 of shopping at Countdown within six months will give you a $15 voucher.

5:00 AM  Not all supermarket loyalty schemes are created equal.

Cyclone Tino hits Fiji

5:02 AM  A father and daughter are missing while others flock to shelter from the strengthening cyclone.

Trump is a 'clown'

Iran's supreme leader said Trump pretends to support Iranians but will "push a poisonous dagger" into their backs.

Pay up for best school zones

5:00 AM  Top zones command a big premium - but there are some options.

Cricket edge Rugby

Black Caps greats beat Team Rugby in a last ball finish in the Black Clash.


Car fire on Auckland motorway

A firefighter works to put out the van fire.

The New Zealand Transport Agency is warning Auckland motorists to delay their journeys home.

Accused teacher couldn't be found

Teacher who allegedly had child sex images left NZ, but couldn't be tracked overseas.

The entertainment industry figure denies indecent assault and sexual violation charges and is on trial at Auckland ...

Sex trial threat claim

Distressed woman had her grievances but never threatened to obliterate company, prosecutor says.

climate change

Godzilla takes on Nelson

Godzilla owner Lenny Wills says more shoppers are turning to recycled clothes to reduce environmental impacts and to ...

5:00 AM  A new Nelson second-hand clothing store plans to cater to more environmentally conscious shopping.

Petition against climate resource launched

Federated Farmers has launched a petition asking the Ministry of Education to change its new climate change teaching resource.

Author and columnist Gwynne Dyer  promotes his book, Climate Wars, in New Zealand in 2008. He warned us.

Climate change targets aren't distant

5:00 AM  OPINION: We've got to reduce emissions by 45 per cent by 2030. That 10 years away.


Warning for commercial property

Blue sky forever? Will the strong run of commercial property sales and rising prices last another year?

5:00 AM  Will the strong run of commercial property sales and rising prices last another year?

'Eco-influencers' struggle to make money online

5:00 AM  Consumerism is king on Instagram and eco-influencers say they have to get real jobs to make a living.

James Coddington says he regrets passing up some land on Lake Dunstan.

'Spend every cent before you die'

5:00 AM  OPINION: You can't just sit back and wait to become a millionaire.


Island without the crowds

Every day is like waking up in heaven.

5:00 AM  Best known as a Pacific island once home to a harsh penal colony, this isn't an obvious wellness destination.

Viking to offer expedition cruises

Viking Octantis will enter service in January 2022, with sailings to Antarctica and through the Great Lakes.

Around 20,000 gannets begin gathering at Cape Kidnappers each spring.

Hawke's Bay's exciting safari

5:00 AM  The drive itself is exciting, as you bounce along off-track, through creeks and ravines.

Dr Peter Coop who vanished from Dunedin in 1989 but might have been sighted in Nelson by his mother. Police have ...

He vanished decades ago, then a sighting

Med school mates "100 per cent sure" they saw Kiwi doctor now missing 30 years camping in Australia.

'Every time I ate ... pain' video

Claire Chitham in her Shortland Street heyday as Waverley Wilson, on the day she married Nick Harrison (Karl Burnett) in ...

Serious illness and life in the public eye changed ex-Shorty Street star Claire Chitham's relationship with food.

An environmental menace?

Michael Le Roy says he is continuing to collect tyres to pay for the clean-up in Amberley.

He has illegally mass-dumped tyres and rubbish. Now he is filling a warehouse with more used tyres.

Stranded on the digital divide

People who can't access the internet lose out on information, opportunities and access to democracy.

"If you don't have access to technology, you are going to be left in the dark ages," says digital divide expert.

Bedridden to ultramarathon

Gabrielle Finlayson, 29, was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 11 years ago.

A year ago Gabrielle Finlayson couldn't walk 500 metres after being hospitalised for colitis.


Keeping watch on China's influence

Anne-Marie Brady: Westie girl now an international authority on China's geopolitical interference.

5:00 AM  A Canterbury expert on Chinese influence has been warned to never risk going back to China.

Iran: Who are the key players? play stuff

A look at the key players in the Iran crisis, after the US killing of Iranian general Soleimani.

US President Donald Trump, right, signs a trade agreement with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, China's top trade ...

The 'biggest deal anybody has ever seen'

5:00 AM  OPINION: Trump has hailed it as the biggest deal anybody has ever seen. Did he get that wrong?


'Dream home' project falls apart

A building surveyor found many aspects of the house were poorly constructed.

5:00 AM  Homeowner ordered to pay $125k to builders for work he claims was shoddy and behind schedule.

Staying in the nest

4:59 AM  What is life like when you don't leave your parents' home when it comes time to study?

Trying to find a decent affordable house in Wellington is a hard slog.

Searching for a home

5:00 AM  What's it like to look for a home in the capital? In a word: tough.


Nadia Lim goes 'back to the land' video

MasterChef winner Nadia Lim has shared a dramatic landscape shot from her "dream" home in the South Island.

The MasterChef NZ winner is enjoying a more rural lifestyle, and renovating a new home, in the South with husband Carlos Bagrie.

Textiles are a floral tradition video

5:00 AM  A seamless blend of craft and fine art, Kiwi artist Fleur Woods calls her unique style "contemporary stitch painting".

This former harbourmaster's house, built in the 1880s, has been listed for sale. The house has undergone a massive ...

Harbourmaster's house wows video

This 1880s Parnell villa had a stunning makeover by Herbst Architects that involved lifting the entire house.

life & style

Divya and Hari's arranged marriage

After their horoscopes had been declared compatible, Divya Unnikrishnan and Hari Karikkat talked on the phone. But that ...

6:00 AM  ​Divya Unnikrishnan came to New Zealand in 2015 after an arranged marriage to Hari Karikkat. They have a 2-year-old son and also run an Indian restaurant.

Kiwis who can't afford to take a break

5:00 AM  As January passes, people flood back into offices and workplaces - but not everyone has had a holiday.

Watching The Crown inspired Harry to change his destiny. "It's just a script," said Maghan. "You can put anything in a ...

Harry's favourite thing: changing the script

5:00 AM  SATIRE: Watching The Crown inspired Harry to change his destiny.

well & good

Coro tackles domestic abuse video

Ian Bartholomew and Shelley King play Geoff and Yasmeen on Coronation Street.

5:00 AM  The soap has been working with charities to ensure the accuracy of its latest storyline.

Does your face really need a wash?

US Senator Elizabeth Warren's skincare routine is causing quite the stir.

South Auckland is flooded with fast food choices, Auckland Regional Public Health Service reporting shows.

Junk food ad changes 'urgent'

Self-regulation of fast food ads "just hasn't been effective" with 2 in 5 south Auckland kids overweight, officials say.

food & wine

Turkish delight icecream

The clue is in the name: this homemade icecream is a delight.

5:00 AM  The clue is in the name: this homemade icecream is a delight.

White chocolate raspberry icecream

5:00 AM  This homemade icecream is luxury on a spoon.

Mint chocolate chip icecream

100 years on from Prohibition

nz farmer

Plastic fence post fantastic

Smart Environmental's Layne Sefton and Future Post general manager Jerome Wenzlick with a fence post made from recycled ...

5:00 AM  New Zealanders, particularly rural New Zealanders of past generations, have a well-earned international reputation for innovation and inventiveness.

The 'biggest deal anybody has ever seen'

5:00 AM  OPINION: Trump has hailed it as the biggest deal anybody has ever seen. Did he get that wrong?

When farm comes to town video

Bacon prices at record high


Harry's favourite thing: changing the script

Watching The Crown inspired Harry to change his destiny. "It's just a script," said Maghan. "You can put anything in a ...

5:00 AM  SATIRE: Watching The Crown inspired Harry to change his destiny.

Prisoner inflicts own eye

5:00 AM  An Invercargill prisoner was hospitalised after self harm incident where he injured his eye.

Ian Bartholomew and Shelley King play Geoff and Yasmeen on Coronation Street.

Coro tackles domestic abuse video

5:00 AM  The soap has been working with charities to ensure the accuracy of its latest storyline.


Peacock launch date announced! All the subscription details on NBC's streaming service


Here's everything you need to know about NBC's new streaming service!

You’re gonna want to add Bethenny’s low-carb pasta dish to your recipe book

Pasta night isn't a rarity at Bethenny Frankel's house. The Real Housewives of New York City alum whips up noodles on the regular, and has used her social-media feed to educate the public on proper pasta-sauce application.


Sarah Hyland learned about the modern family death by watching TV

Sarah Hyland learned about the Modern Family death by watching the episode.


Yes I'm a mum - stop selling me stuff

Suddenly my Facebook feed is full of ads for "must have" items for me and my baby.

5:00 AM  Apparently I need a truckload of products for my second baby that I didn't with my first.

'Tassie devil's got my Lindt!' video

Camper chases after "mongrel" Tasmanian devil who's nicked his chocolate bar in Australia.

Japan MP takes paternity leave

Baby's brief but beautiful life video


111 calls for zombies, UFOs

Thirty UFO sightings were reported to police in three years.

5:00 AM  The supernatural has sparked more than 300 calls to police in three years.

Banker jailed for smuggling a Picasso

Spanish banking royalty Jaime Botin convicted of smuggling $43.6m Pablo Picasso painting on his yacht.

Pigeon spotted with tiny sombrero video

Watch: Tube passengers strip video


Has Microsoft left you stranded?

Windows 7 was a massive hit for Microsoft. And it still is.

5:00 AM  There's now no support for Windows 7. Here's what you can do.

Cyber carjacking is a real threat video

"You can be in North Korea or Iran and reach any vehicle in the entire world."

New Zealand-based company Dawn Aerospace is planning to send satellites to space using reusable rockets.

From Oamaru into space

The rockets are designed to be reusable and capable of multiple flights per day.


Lessons we can learn from Tesla video

Elon Musk's leadership may, to put it mildly, be eccentric.

OPINION: The auto industry is one of the toughest in the world, proving no-one is safe from a revolution.

BMW, Daimler eye self-driving partners video

Fiat Chrylser seems to be a front-runner as the German alliance looks for help with its self-driving venture.

Prepare to say a fond farewell to that magnificent big diesel V8 in the Land Cruiser 200 Series.

Land Cruiser going hybrid video

Say goodbye to the diesel V8 - the next Land Cruiser is set to go hybrid, with a CVT.

stuff nation

Super Rugby's failed format stuff nation

The rest of the added franchises have struggled, especially the Sunwolves (pictured) who have become a legacy of ...

OPINION: Has SANZAAR learned a valuable lesson by dumping the contentious conference era? Only time will tell.

Our son was born at 24 weeks stuff nation

OPINION: I went through the trauma of premature labour and walked out of the hospital holding a box instead of a car seat.

"It is my opinion that students in our schools have a right to not only become aware of climate change, but to be ...

Prep our kids for climate change stuff nation

OPINION: What use is making money, getting a good job and having lucrative social connections in a world that is literally dying?


Cricket's gender gap alarms

Happy team: Wellington Blaze celebrate their win in the Twenty20 Super Smash final in 2019

5:00 AM  Lawyer warns cricket bosses could face legal action over gender pay disparities.

Adesanya big fight confirmed

It's the fight Israel Adesanya desperately wants. His first title defence will be in the Las Vegas desert.

19-year-old Fullback Mark Nawaqanitawas poses during the Waratahs Super Rugby 2020 headshots session.

Baby Tahs are the real deal

Next generation of Waratahs give even most disillusioned NSW fan some excitement ahead of the Super Rugby season.

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kea kids news

How NZ named a new planet video

Olivia Matsas finds out how Aotearoa's newest planet and star got it's Māori name.

A new planet and star 132 light years away have new Māori names from Aotearoa.

Unwrapping Auckland's new trains video

Harry Calder unwraps one of Auckland's new trains.

They've travelled 19,500kms to get here. We take one out of the packaging for a look.

How Labour might win it

A popular prime minister with a low-profile set of policies should be able to ride the tides of firming consumer and ...

OPINION: Given current polling a second term is looking likely - but there is one possibility no one can ignore.

New houses emit 5 times too much carbon

Even brand new houses have five times the carbon footprint that would be compatible with the Paris Agreement. More ...

A typical new Kiwi build emits five times as much as it can afford to, if the world is to stay inside 2C warming.

Govt 'must act' on sea level rise

The site at 83 Richmond St in Thames, where a three-storey apartment block is set to be built.

Councils cried out for central government's help with rising sea levels. A series of independent reports backs their call.


'Poverty is everyone's concern'

Paediatrician Dr Renee Liang takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in New Zealand and the need for ...

A paediatrician takes an unflinching look at the realities of child poverty in NZ and the need for a political pathway to change.

Taranaki shed full of surprises

John Ward next to a polar bear legally hunted by Inuits more than 20 years ago, and acquired as a skin.

It may look ordinary from the outside, but this shed houses an impressive - if somewhat startling - collection.

now to love

MAFS Aus new recruits revealed video

Married at First Sight Australia is set to premiere in New Zealand on February 9th, just six days after it airs across ...

Buckle up for even more drama. MAFS Australia is back for its seventh season and here's a first-look at the new cast for 2020.

Tāmati Coffey's parenting joy

The doting dads share what life is like with wee Tūtānekai.

The doting dads share what life is like with wee Tūtānekai.

homes to love

The perfect bach in Pauanui

The Locarno roofing that runs over the outdoor dining table has adjustable louvres so the family can let the sun in or ...

Designed for a couple of empty nesters, this unique bach makes big family gatherings easy.

A bach packed with personality

'We're definitely stoked to have this little space and try and make the most of it,' say the Newbolds.

This creative couple has made the most of their colourful weekend retreat in Mangawhai.

food to love

Night Noodle's Hidden Village

The Hidden Village at the 2019 Night Noodle Markets in Auckland.

Last year, The Hidden Village was a last-minute addition to Auckland's Night Noodle Markets. Now it's a restaurant.

Ultimate outdoor kitchen

Want to take your al fresco cooking to a new level? Here’s how to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen and go from burnt ...

However much you have to spend, these amazing outdoor kitchens will take your al fresco cooking to a new level.


Big makeup trends for 2020 gallery

Actor and model Cara Delevingne wearing a variety of colours.

New makeup products and ideas to get excited about wearing this year.

What you need to know about acne video

Picking, scratching, squeezing or popping pimples is never a good idea.

Figuring out what type of acne you have - and what's causing it - is the first step in battling breakouts.


Why I'm fed up with set menus

Somehow, in switching to multi-course menus with wine matching, fine-dining restaurants have forgotten that they need to ...

OPINION: My chief objection is that it is mostly really, really, boring.

Wellington's best cafes, new and old

Queen Sally's Diamond Deli in Lyall Bay, Wellington.

So many cafe options, so difficult to know where to begin.


Mosque victim's family needs home

Sahadat is still recovering from gunshot wounds from March 15 and is due for another operation on February 10.

Shooting survivor Mohammad Sahadat, his wife and their four children could be homeless in two weeks.

Kohli shocked at spirit award

Virat Kohli asked Indian fans to stop booing Steve Smith during the World Cup.

Indian skipper honoured after asking his fans to stop abusing Steve Smith and the rest of the world seemed to follow.

Australia hammer India

Australia's David Warner jumps for joy after scoring a hundred during the first ODI with India  in Mumbai.

Captain Aaron Finch and David Warner slammed centuries in first of three one-day internationals in India.

Young girl racially abused at park

Navy Park in Dunedin.

A group of children rubbed dog faeces on the 9-year-old's face and threatened her with a fake gun.

sponsored content

Oscar can help you get sorted

Oscar is Air New Zealand's chatbot.

SPONSORED: Air New Zealand’s clever chatbot, transform the way you travel.

Refresh your home for summer

The bathroom on the left features Resene Elderflower, Resene Yes Please, Resene Wishing Well, Resene Meditation and ...

SPONSORED: Welcome summer colours into your home.