Split skirts and grubby shirts video

3:51 PM  PM talks about shower thoughts, security interrupting and why she wears dark clothes.

Selling at a loss

Christchurch had the highest proportion of loss-making residential property sales in the third quarter of 2017.

There has been a sharp increase in owners selling houses and apartments for less than they paid.

Filipino man killed in crash

3:27 PM  Remegio Sumook came to NZ to support his wife and child living in the Philippines.

'I had to choose: tampons or food'

Ange Murch did without to feed her kids. She wants to spare others that choice.

Ambulance with patients crashes

6 min ago  Two patients were on board the St John ambulance when it crashed in Mana.

Boring old cliche fuelling Black Caps

3:26 PM  Taking it game by game, NZ notch up win after win - and can make it 14 in a row.


Raw sewage in protected river

Frankton and the Kawarau River outlet from Lake Wakatipu, in the area where raw sewage entered the river.

Queenstown council discharged raw sewage into a protected river, 50m away from a local swimming spot. Now they've been fined $37,500.

Visitors' tough prison break

2:41 PM  Pair visiting friend in jail were caught trying to smuggle booze, shotgun shells, 19 grams of meth and $11k in cash.

Paul Thompson, chief executive of Radio New Zealand, is not gunning for his commercial rivals.

Don't fear us: Radio NZ

4:03 PM  RNZ's boss soothes concerns about more competition for NZ TV screens, as Labour is lobbied to drop the RNZ+ plan.


Actually, Ardern can be PM and mum

OPINION: "Baby brain", seriously? It's time the dinosaurs went back to their caves and accepted mums can hold leadership roles.


Firefighters duct-tape teen to truck

Former Eaglehawk fire captain Hayden Allen. Allen resigned before the report came out.

Young woman targeted for hazings part of pattern of poor behaviour at Aussie fire brigade.

Storm moved a 620-tonne rock

Along Ireland's coast, scientists found an immense example of the ocean's power, and a climate change omen.

Actress and activist Pamela Anderson spoke to the BBC about her relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is a 'genius'

3:13 PM  Actress Pamela Anderson describes WikiLeaks founder as a "genius", saying a rape allegation against him was a "setup".


Singapore Air cuts Capital Express 

Launched in 2016, the "Capital Express" service from Wellington to Canberra and on to Singapore has been ditched in ...

After 16 months, airline reshuffles its operations, disconnecting Wellington and Canberra.

Billions, or zilch, for Musk

​It is the Elon Musk of corporate pay deals, a cocksure, all-or-nothing moonshot into history.

Taupō yoga event Wanderlust has been cancelled despite attracting its biggest audience last year.

Wanderlust Taupō cancelled

3:37 PM  After trying to find a new partner, the US owners of Wanderlust could not save its yoga event here.


Phones make teens unhappy

Some suggest there's a "sweet spot" of social-media use. Where it lies is anybody's guess.

Teens who spent more time on devices were less happy, less satisfied with their lives and had lower self-esteem.

Google gets into audiobooks

New Zealand is one of the 45 countries to get audiobooks on Google Play starting today.

The HomePod was originally announced last June and marks the iPhone maker's first foray into smart-home hardware.

Apple HomePod goes on sale

Kiwis keen to buy the smart speaker will have to wait - New Zealand is not in the first group of countries to get it.


Ellen Pompeo's Hampton's home gallery video

Ellen Pompeo recently became TV's highest paid actress.

3:14 PM  The Grey's Anatomy star has listed her converted Hampton's farmhouse for $5.1 million.

'Ice cream house' times two video

3:40 PM  The owners of this masterpiece are selling, because they've done it all again - at twice the size.

The Weinstein's waterfront house in Amagansett, Long Island has a new owner.

Harvey Weinstein sells up gallery video

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has sold his stunning Hamptons home for $1.9m less than he paid for it.

life & style

Principal bans relationships 

Ruthin School principal Toby Belfield says students found to be in romantic relationships will be expelled.

The Welsh principal planned to write up a list of teens in relationships and tell them to find a new school.

Simple sugar rule that works

2:43 PM  There's a simple trick to deciphering confusing food labels and cutting down on sugar.

The Shakespeare in Love actress is going to tie the knot for a second time.

Love after The One video

Moving on isn't easy, but these golden rules for "conscious recoupling" can make it magical.

well & good

What self care really means

Natasha Hoyland, 20, finds being productive helps her handle stress better.

It's not all bubble baths and staying in bed - but it is about being kind to yourself.

Men overeat to impress women

Overeating in men is linked to a social need to appear "strong and virile".

Coffee and fruit are some easy-to-grab pre-workout ideas.

How to get a pre-workout boost

Need an energy boost in the gym? There are quite a few options to fuel your body, pre-workout.

food & wine

I'm not sold on Amazon Go video

Amazon Go is among the boldest efforts by the online retailer to reshape brick-and-mortar shopping.

OPINION: How you pay on the way out is way down the list of what makes a supermarket great.

Fast-food battle: Burger wars

What's healthier - Burger King or Burger Fuel?

Fast food battle

'Pope of French cuisine' dies  video

nz farmer

Roaring stag sales give a boost

Forecaster, the top priced wapiti bull sold this summer. The vendor was Tikana Wapiti and buyer Connemarra for $38,000.

2:37 PM  One of the best barometers for the health of the deer industry is the season's stag sales. 

Japanese beef market opens up

The big prize for New Zealand in the revised TPP is access for beef to Japanese consumers.

Gypsy Day disease warning

Wanted: farmer for stud flocks


Kiwi's ambitious follow-up film

Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa is the writer-director of Hibiscus & Ruthless.

3:12 PM  How do you follow up a movie hit like bromantic island comedy Three Wise Cousins? With a bigger-scale urban dramedy about two women of course.

A guide to Oscar's Best Pictures video

3:56 PM  What they're about and where you can see the nine films the Academy have picked as their favourites ahead of the March 5 ceremony.

The future of the Mission awaits following Neil Diamond's cancellation.

Search begins to replace Diamond video

Mission Estate promoters are on the hunt to replace legendary rocker Neil Diamond with two possible headline acts.


The lost paradise of Kiribati video

Sydel (centre) on Abemama with her parents Leonie and Ayden.

"I didn't know what to expect but it exceeded all my expectations – Kiribati is amazing."

How to be an ethical traveller

5 steps to help you decide whether volunteering abroad is for you.

ABBA shot to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974

Super trouper ABBA exhibition

"Fittingly cheesy" is the verdict from one of the boogying 50-somethings. It's hard to disagree.


This car knows how you feel video

Fitting a fast car into your everyday life will make you feel good. Don't argue with science.

Study says commuting in a cool car creates "buzz moments" that increase wellbeing.

What's power and torque?

Even if you're not the least bit techy, kW and Nm figures can tell you a lot about a car.

Freedom camping? No - camping freedom. The Ford Transit Custom offers easily enough room to give the freedom to go ...

Ford Transit's camping freedom

We transit from freedom camping to camping freedom. Here's how.

stuff nation

Yes women can do both stuff nation

"I think you do a great disservice to all women when you question if Jacinda can do what many other women now do on a ...

So a young lady is going to have a baby and all of a sudden New Zealand seems to have time-warped back to the 1940s.

Juggling work and motherhood stuff nation

I don't see why it is a big deal for someone to have the best of both worlds - parenthood and a working life.

Oreo loves playing in the sprinkler and getting his hair done.

Oreo loves to play stuff nation

One of Oreo's favourite games is to play in the sprinkler.


Tonga's 'Taumalolo Cup' video

Jason Taumalolo leads Tonga's Sipi Tau before their Rugby League World Cup semifinal against England

16 min ago  Aucklander's chances of representing Kiwis shrink further as Tongans rename national competition after him.

Kiwi Winter Olympians 'clean'

3:36 PM  Chef de mission says New Zealand athletes won't be embroiled in doping scandals at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Germany's Angelique Kerber plays a backhand during her quarterfinal destruction of  American Madison Keys.

Kerber storms into semifinals

3:55 PM  Former world No 1 puts down a marker in Aussie Open quarterfinals with easy win over American opponent.


What's behind the leaks?

Is Australia's beef really with Ardern's stance on asylum seekers this time round? Well yes, probably, but there may ...

OPINION: Are the latest intelligence leaks really to do with Jacinda Ardern, or is something else afoot?

Weighing up whether to elope

I got engaged in my favourite city on earth but now it's time to plan the wedding.

OPINION: The temptation of eloping when planning a wedding can be overwhelming.

When is too soon for a joke?

Jimmy Carr's earthquake tweet sparked discussion on Twitter.

OPINION: Jimmy Carr's earthquake "gag" may not have been funny, but it wasn't worth the outrage.

Should she have said something?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stayed silent about her pregnancy during coalition negotiations to form the Government. ...

OPINION: We are required to stay mum about any political implications from Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy.

special projects

His addiction was no accident

Michael Demchy dropped more than one hundred thousand dollars in to pokies.

Michael resolved not to gamble. But something kept drawing him back.

What if you needed an organ?

Life out of death

Many of us say we're happy to donate, but very few do.

The Snowman and the Queen video

The Snowman and the Queen splash image chapter 1.

From his perch on a fifth-floor toilet, the sandy-haired Dunedin teen raises the gun: time to kill a royal.

The demise and rise of Andrew Little

Andrew Little

Inside the Labour leader's decision to make way for Jacinda-mania.

Under fire: A special investigation

Why are more New Zealanders being shot by the law?

Why are more New Zealanders being shot by the law?

'Just call it a terrible accident'

Prayer Ready

When Prayer Ready died, the Gloriavale leadership rallied around.

The islands where life is different

20042017  Photo: Iain McGregor
Papua New Guinea.
The remote island of Iwa by the Tobriand Islands.

There are no hotels, shops or restaurants - but life abounds.

good reads

The lost paradise of Kiribati video

Sydel (centre) on Abemama with her parents Leonie and Ayden.

"I didn't know what to expect but it exceeded all my expectations – Kiribati is amazing."

The story behind Feilding

Manchester Block in 1880, the area that would become Feilding.

He was in Manawatū for less than two weeks, so how did a British soldier leave such a legacy?

Farmer led police pursuit on horseback

WW2 veteran Eric Sorensen, of Stratford, fought at Monte Cassino before coming back to NZ to train his rifle on hundreds ...

Eric Sorensen had a set of values far removed from those of the modern generation.

Facebook's year of reckoning

Mark Zuckerberg has apologised for dismissing the impact of fake news on the election.

It's been a tumultuous, 18-month struggle by Facebook to come to grips with its dark side.

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Slaughterhouse Rd's days are numbered

Timaru deputy mayor and Pleasant Point Community Board chairman Richard Lyon, left, and Gordon Stocker on Slaughterhouse ...

A road name deemed "unpleasant" in the Pleasant Point district has become unpalatable for some residents.

Cemetery has tales to tell video

A group aims to give Masterton's Pioneer Cemetery a more thorough database and also a website with interesting stories.

Cemetery databases are the most hit page on most council websites, a Masterton group plans to make its site even more interesting.

Meteor? No, 12kg of frozen poo

The 10-12kg ball is being chemically tested however it is strongly suspected to be frozen poo from a passing plane.

Some villagers in India break off chunks of mystery object thinking it is from space. It's not.

'I love getting air' video

17-year-old Justin Stroud won the national open division championship on January 20.

Henderson scooterer Justin Stroud thought his competitor had done more to win. He hadn't.


'Miracle' baby born without eyes

Archie Innes with his mother Fiona Gould.

Baby Archie Innes lives in a world he cannot see after being born with a condition which affects only one in 250,000 people worldwide.

Middle class mums judge hardest

I had always heard about the "Mommy Wars" but it wasn't until having my own child that I really experienced the full ...

OPINION: The desire of mothers to wade into competitive mothering debates does none of us any good.

Teens happier with less screen time

A new study shows adolescents' psychological well-being decreases the more hours a week they spend on screens.

Self-esteem, life satisfaction, and happiness plunged after 2012, the year smartphone ownership reached the 50 per cent mark.

Has PM revealed baby's gender? video

Loose lips? Jacinda Ardern talks about hauling "her" around the country.

The PM said "her" this morning, but says she didn't spoil the secret.

kiwi traveller

Photographer snaps up chance video

Kaleb Anderson says he could not have got into the top 25 without the support of his local community. He hopes they will ...

A North Shore gib-stopper who divides his time between plastering and freelance photography has made the top 25 for Discovery Channel's 2018 internship.

Insider Tip: Disneyland

Disneyland is huge, so it pays to do some research before going.

From Pinocchio to Pluto, Simba to Sully, Disney's characters have stuck with me.

Best wellbeing breaks

Choose a place that will make you feel instantly calm, whether it be the beach, the mountains or the rainforest.

Need inspiration on where to head for a post silly season detox? Email travel@stuff.co.nz.

The truth about utopia video

In Norway, people tend to fall into line and not challenge the status quo, according to Kiwi Gregory Coombes.

When an Auckland woman lost out a Scandinavian job because she was "too friendly", she started seeing flaws everywhere.

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