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Abandoned Qian Xun Xue to go to China

Last updated 00:00 04/10/2007
CUSTODY GRANTED: Auckland toddler Qian Xun Xue will go to live with her maternal grandmother in China, a Family Court judge has ruled.
NEW HOME: Three-year-old Qian Xun Xue is heading to China to live with her grandmother Liu Xiao Ping.

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Qian Xun Xue, the Auckland toddler abandoned on a Melbourne railway station platform last month, is to be allowed to live in China with her maternal grandmother Liu Xiao Ping, the Family Court ruled today.
Listen to judge's ruling

The three-year-old girl, nicknamed Pumpkin because of the clothing brand she was wearing, was abandoned by her father Nai Yin Xue who then fled to the United States.

The body of his wife - Qian Xun Xue's mother - was found the following week in the boot of a car in Auckland.

It was only after the high-profile abandonment that it was discovered that the child had an adult half sister here, Grace Xue.

The child's future was decided in the Family Court in Auckland today.

Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier Boshier noted in a detailed ruling that he was bound by two acts of parliament over what could be made public.

Only parts of it can be revealed and in his ruling he highlighted aspects that could be published.

He appointed Madame Liu, the grandmother, as an "additional guardian" under the Care of Children Act.

Under the same act the grandmother was given leave to apply for a parenting order so that the child "is placed into the day to day care of her grandmother and I order that the child's half-sister has contact with the child by email, telephone, exchange of photos and visits when Grace is in China, or the child is in New Zealand."

The parenting order will allow the child to leave New Zealand "so that she may live with her grandmother in China".

Judge Boshier said he would allow the father to maintain guardianship rights over Qian Xun Xue but would review the issue later.

In the brief proceedings Qian Xun Xue was represented by a state appointed lawyer. Madame Liu was also present as were lawyers from the Department of Child Youth and Family Services.

Grace Xue did not know she had a half sister until she saw news footage of her father after the toddler was found abandoned in Melbourne.

She also said she wanted to be part of Qian's life and had set up a trust to raise money for Qian.

She met Qian for the first time at an emotional meeting in Auckland on Monday.

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