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Serial rapist Kahui jailed indefinitely

Last updated 00:00 12/10/2007
BACK BEHIND BARS: Roger Kahui was today jailed indefinitely for the brutal rape of a Pukekohe woman at her home. Kahui carried out a similar attack on a woman in Palmerston North in 1991 and was jailed for eight years.

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Roger Tira Kahui, a relation of twins' double murder accused Chris Kahui, was today jailed indefinitely for the brutal prolonged sex attack of a woman in her Pukekohe home.
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In the High Court in Auckland, Justice Hugh Williams sentenced Kahui to preventive detention, with a minimum non-parole period of 16 years.

The judge told Kahui he was a "clear danger to society".

A jury in July found Kahui, 37, guilty of 26 charges including rape, kidnap, sexual violence and indecent assault.

Kahui knocked on the door of his 37-year-old victim's Pukekohe home, south of Auckland, on June 13 last year asking to use the phone.

That was the start of a four and half hour horrifying ordeal for the woman.

Once inside Kahui beat her up before raping her and committing other sexual acts in her bedroom and living room.

Her forced her to watch and re-enact scenes from a pornographic film and made her shower on at least two occasions to wash any evidence of his DNA.

At the end of her ordeal Kahui handcuffed the woman and drove her to a bank to withdraw cash from an ATM machine.

But she escaped and ran to a petrol station for help.

The jury was shown video footage of the woman running into the petrol station with her hands still cuffed.

Police arrested Kahui the following week after police identified him through DNA left at the woman's house.

Kahui maintained during his trial the woman consented to the sex acts after he went to her home to steal money to support his P habit.

After the trial it was revealed Kahui carried out a similar attack in Palmerston North in September, 1991, when he was 21.

He and another offender, armed with knives, broke into a flat while two women were asleep.

They took the women into separate rooms where Kahui indecently assaulted one of them while the second man raped the other.

Kahui was jailed for eight years and was released in 1997.

The minimum non-parole period imposed by Justice Hugh Williams was one year more than Crown prosecutor Steve Haszard asked for.

Justice Williams said it appeared Kahui had stalked the house and knew beforehand the victim owned certain items and clothes which he forced her to use during the attack.

He said Kahui had more than 120 previous convictions and past sentences which amounted to more than 100 years in jail, albeit imposed concurrently.

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Kahui had shown no remorse and no willingness to rehabilitate himself and the only likely reason his list of offences was not longer was that he was in jail for much of the past 20 years, the judge said.

"Society needs to be protected from you for a long time," he said.

A family member said "yes, you piece of shit" when the preventive detention sentence was read out, and the victim hugged her sister, who had earlier read a victim impact statement in court on the victim's behalf.


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