July 26 2017, updated 5:00am

Cops to be based at South Auck schools

Last updated 08:03 16/02/2008

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Police are moving onto south Auckland secondary schools in a move to cut youth crime and gang activities.

Police will be stationed full time at 10 schools in problem areas in south Auckland.

The 10 specially trained officers would be at schools in areas with one of the country's highest rates of robbery and other violent crime, the New Zealand Herald reported today.

Police said the system was to build up trust with youngsters and gather intelligence about youth gangs, drug dealing and to tackle crime before it happened.

Supporters believed an officer who was readily available was more likely to win the trust of pupils and would hear not only when crimes took place but who was behind them.

Police also said having officers in schools would have a major effect on crime outside the gates.

The scheme will start in March and will initially put five officers into lower-decile schools.

Each officer will spend 30 hours a week in two schools, devoting 15 hours a week to each and having an office in the school. They would not be available for other police activities.

They would be encouraged to join in the schools' culture and mingle with pupils to build up trust and pupils could text or email them information.


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