August 23 2017, updated 10:15pm

Nats warm to consensus with Labour

Last updated 00:00 02/10/2007

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National leader John Key say there is a basis for an enduring consensus with Labour on foreign policy, defence and trade.
Blog: Political accord on foreign policy, but not privatisation

Releasing National's foreign affairs policy, Mr Key said it was possible for the two parties to put the ideological debates of the past 20 years behind them.

Mr Key has already committed to leaving the anti-nuclear legislation unchanged and said Labour's move to the centre on foreign policy had allowed a base for consensus.

"National believes that after three decade of debate, the basis for an enduring consensus in foreign affairs, defence, and trade has arisen. This has been helped by Labour adopting more mainstream positions on foreign policy," Mr Key said.

"New Zealand is a small, isolated and trade dependent country. We depend on consistent and effective foreign policy."

Mr Key said in defence policy there was agreement on the need for a highly effective - if necessarily small - defence force.


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