October 20 2017, updated 12:25am

Dads lose out on Father's Day

Last updated 00:00 31/08/2007

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Dads are likely to have, on average, seven fewer Father's Days than mums get Mother's Days because they become parents later and have shorter life expectancy.

This warning to make the most of Father's Day on Sunday comes from figures released today by Statistics New Zealand.

The figures also show that 160 men can expect to become fathers this Father's Day, two of whom will have twins.

Those men now becoming fathers are on average five years older than their own fathers were when they were born, with 33 the current average age of fathers of new babies.

One in 100 newborns will have a father who is aged 50 or older.

While there are many joys that accompany parenthood, fathers may also find themselves a little sleep deprived with an average 42 minutes less sleep than an average New Zealander.


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