July 22 2017, updated 11:25am

Shocked pupils caught teacher watching porn

Last updated 01:02 11/04/2008

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A teacher accessing pornographic images of boys on a work computer was busted by pupils who spotted the screen through a staffroom window.

The teacher - who has been deregistered by the Teachers Council after a disciplinary tribunal hearing - admitted his actions. He said he deeply regretted his two-year descent into pornography and had betrayed the school and his pupils.

In a submission to the tribunal, he said he used the internet to research books and films for classes.

"Unfortunately, I also found films, and later on websites, which aroused feelings which I had kept suppressed for years."

The teacher - who resigned and now works for an institution that cares for mentally disabled people - had gone into school early in the mornings to prepare for classes "and usually that was all I did", he said.

"However, I also started going to school at night to do more work, and more and more when I was tired I began looking up pornographic sites involving boys."

He took out a month's subscription last year for the worst site but cancelled it two weeks later when he realised his actions were "completely beyond the pale".

"However, this was the site I was looking at when some of the boarders looked through the windows ... and clearly saw the screen. Some of them knocked on the window by way of protest, I think."

The pupils - "horrified and angry at what they saw" - alerted another teacher, who told the headmaster.

Prosecuting lawyer Jenny Gibson said the teacher's conduct showed a "calculated use of school equipment" to access child pornography and literature, and a reckless disregard of the risk of pupils seeing him view the material.

The council censured the teacher for serious misconduct and cancelled his registration.

Meanwhile, another teacher is charged with serious misconduct after complaints that he assaulted a senior pupil at his school.

In a submission, the pupil's father said an act of "gross and unrestrained violence" in October 2006 caused his son to miss the rest of the school year.

"The intervention of witnesses may well have saved the victim's life."

The father said his year 12 son suffered an "exponential increase" in epileptic seizures after the assault. One seizure caused him to crash into a tree while driving. He spent a week in intensive care and was now permanently disabled.

The father called for the disciplinary tribunal hearing to be held in public so the parties could be named and the full facts reported.

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This was declined by the tribunal, which is yet to rule on the assault allegation.

- The Dominion Post

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