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Son takes stand against family violence

Six-year-old cleans up dad's act ... with a vacuum pipe

Last updated 10:12 06/07/2008

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A dad who assaulted his partner got cleaned up by his outraged six-year-old son with a vacuum cleaner pipe.

And New Plymouth sickness beneficiary Darren Bryan Lockley says he's proud of his boy for saying no to domestic violence.

Lockley, 35, was last week sentenced to nine months' community service after being convicted of assault, possession of a weapon and driving while disqualified in relation to the March incident.

The New Plymouth District Court heard how the boy who can't be named for legal reasons was angered when his father assaulted his live-in partner and threatened her with a knife.

He whacked his dad with the pipe.

As Lockley tried to leave the house, he opened kitchen cupboards and emptied the contents on the floor, further angering the six-year-old who followed his father and again laid into him with the pipe, hitting him on the nose and leg.

Lockley told Sunday News he was glad his son stood up to him.

"I think it's cool, mate," he said.

"I don't hold any grudge against him or anything like that.

"He saw something that he didn't think was right and he stood up for what he believed in."

Lockley, who says he has no previous convictions for domestic assault, says the whacking he took from his son had changed his attitude towards violence.

"It's certainly changed the way I think about things," he said.

"He showed me the way.

"It didn't really hurt that much. It was more the shock of what was happening."

Sentencing judge Graeme Noble said it was Lockley's 12th driving while disqualified charge.

Noble described Lockley as a "long-term druggie" who needed to clean up his act if he didn't want his (three) children to end up like him.

Have you heard of any kids like Darren's boy who have taught their dads a lesson?


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