October 18 2017, updated 7:47pm

Ad challenge finds NZ ripe for an invasion

Last updated 20:26 10/07/2008

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Could Australia invade New Zealand? A mock advertisement made for an Australian television programme says we're "100 per cent there for the taking".

ABC television show The Gruen Transfer weekly pits two advertising agencies against each other, challenged with selling the unsellable.

The proposition for this week's show was to convince Australians New Zealand should be invaded.

Advertising agency 303 sends up the 100% Pure New Zealand tourism campaign, mocking New Zealand's threadbare defence and suggesting the country is a sitting duck for invaders.

Seventy per cent of voters on the Gruen Transfer's website poll preferred 303's advertisement to the offering of the competing agency, Marmalade, which used a public holiday "to mark the day we smashed the Kiwis" as the hook.

Over 3000 votes were cast.

Both advertisements can be seen here: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/gruentransfer/thepitch.htm or in the youtube clip below:

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