July 21 2017, updated 5:09pm

Teen accidentally kills self in Halloween prank

Last updated 14:55 26/09/2013
TRAGIC: Jordan Morlan, 16, died after trying to prank his sister by putting his head in a noose.

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A Halloween-loving teenage boy from Kentucky has tragically died after he accidentally hanged himself while trying to prank his little sister in their front yard. 

Jordan Morlan, 16, had spent Sunday decorating the house for Halloween when he decided to play a joke on his sister by pretending to hang from a noose decoration he put up on a tree. 

He was found by his younger sister, who ran to get their mother.

His mother, Ginger Rodriguez, said she initially didn't believe her daughter when she said she had found Jordan hanging from a tree.

"I told her, "Well, he's probably playing a prank on you," because he was pranking us on other things that day putting up Halloween decorations.

"She said, "No, he's not moving and he's got drool hanging from his mouth.""

Rodriguez rushed to cut him down but was unable to lift Jordan to save him. 

Paramedics removed Jordan from the noose and took him to the hospital, where he was placed on life support in a comatose state.

His organs failed quickly and he died 12 hours after the accident happened. 

The coroner believes Jordan quickly became disorientated after he slipped his head in the noose, and passed out.

Jordan was an honour student at Fern Creek High School.

His mother described him as "my entire life".

The "motivated young man" had just started applying for jobs and was excited to get his drivers licence.

Rodriguez hoped that by speaking out about the "heartbreaking" accident, no other family would have to go through a similar tragedy. 

"You can't watch your kids enough."

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