October 22 2017, updated 12:10pm

Buy a house for $1, or pay nothing at all

Last updated 14:34 18/05/2017

This 'fantastic' Hamilton house could be yours for just $1.

It's a lot of house for just $1.
The Hamilton house is described as being in 'excellent condition'.
This solid beauty is in Maeroa Road, Hamilton. The vendor is looking for offers over $1.
This Westmere house could also do with a new paint job, but it does feature native timbers throughout.
There's plenty of life left in these houses.
This one-bedroom Christchurch house features a rimu floor and has completed EQC repairs.
Surely the rimu floors alone are worth more than $1.
And this house in Mt Eden is free for the taking.
A bit of DIY in the free house wouldn't go amiss.

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Everyone goes on about the high cost of construction being a key factor in the price of housing.

But what if you didn't have that cost? What if you could get the house for $1, or free?

Well, you can. There are four houses listed on Trade Me for $1 and another one going free.

Sure, you have to remove the houses and pop them a piece of land somewhere, but how can this not be a bargain?

* Relocating a house can be a cheaper option for first-home buyers
* Relocating a house provides a step up the property ladder for young family
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One of the houses, a four-bedroom brick veneer home in Hamilton, with aluminium joinery, is described as "fantastic" and in "excellent condition". And several of the houses appear to have rimu floors – the cost of the timber alone makes this a good deal.

Another three-bedroom Hamilton house looks like a good, solid option, but the vendor is a bit short on detail. He or she is holding out for a bit more, with offers wanted over $1.

A one-bedroom $1 Christchurch house with rimu floors could cost you less than $30,000 for removal expenses – the vendor has a quote. This house even comes with completed EQC repairs.

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The two-bedroom house in Mt Eden, Auckland, which is free, was built in the early 1900s, so there's a good possibility that might be kauri in those weatherboards.

And the three-bedroom Westmere, Auckland house, also built in the early 1900s, has hardwood floors and native timbers throughout. The vendor says, "She clearly needs a paint outside and window sills replaced, but weatherboards etc are in great condition with soakers all around."

The Relocatable House Company in Mount Maunganui, which sells houses for relocation, says the cost of relocating an average three-bedroom house within 100km is likely to be around $35,000 plus GST, assuming it's a simple, one-piece shift onto a flat site.

But if you are thinking this could be the answer to your housing crisis, bear in mind relocation costs are affected by the distance to be covered, access to the site, the gradient of the site and whether or not there's a need for driven piles. If there are mature trees blocking access, parts of the house may need to be removed and reinstated, which will add to the cost of relocating.

The size of the house and height of the roof also affect pricing, especially if a house needs to be shipped in two or more parts, or a high roof removed, then reinstated.

But all in all, it's still a lot of house for the money.

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