An onslaught of rain has districts of the eastern South Island declaring states of emergencies. Rivers are continuing to ...

Live: Dunedin, Waitaki and Timaru declare emergencies

Residents in some parts of Dunedin are being told to leave by Civil Defence. It comes after an onslaught of rain forced districts of the eastern South Island to declare states of emergencies. Soldiers are helping with evacuations in South Canterbury and have helped get a sick child to Dunedin's intensive care unit.

In photos

Mountain avalanche risk

Driver rescued in heavy rain

Oamaru in state of emergency

How to prepare for a storm



Evacuations in record falls video

Water rushes under the Leith Footbridge, in Dunedin, about 11pm on Friday.

100 homes evacuated in the early hours as river levels continue to rise "significantly" amid states of emergency.

Hurricanes see off Brumbies video

Hurricanes second five-eighth Ngani Laumape takes the ball into contact.

A clinical second-half defensive display sees the Hurricanes survive and advance.

Spicer quits White House 

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has resigned.

4:51 AM  Donald Trump's much-maligned press secretary quits over hiring of new communications director.

Momentum with Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters is pulling out all his old trusty policies and tricks in his bid to secure the leverage ...

18 min ago  OPINION: In the dance of the desperates, Winston Peters is whirling the fastest.

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Ex-cop battles to save RSA

Former Titahi Bay RSA president John Ward.

An alcohol sting on the Titahi Bay RSA was excessive, and could have shut the club permanently, he says.

Teacher 'spooned' student

Auckland man gets home detention for "hugging" two international students in just his underwear and singlet.

The officer remains in hospital in a stable condition.

Arrest after policeman attacked

A 24-year-old man has been arrested and is due to appear in court on a charge of attempted murder.


Wellington a hot spot for beggars

Why has the capital become such a hot spot for street begging? Bess Manson investigates.


Quake kills 2 on Greek island video

Damage caused by a quake in Kos, Greece.

Sunrise sheds light on the damage across the Greek resort island of Kos after a powerful earthquake struck overnight.

Salvador Dali exhumed video

Spanish artist dug up in order to find genetic samples that could prove he fathered a girl decades ago.

Justine Damond, 40, was shot and killed on the weekend in the US.

Justine 'did not have to die' video

"It is my belief that the body cameras should have been activated," she told media, after Australian woman shot by police.


CEO waves away millions video

Fletcher Building's outgoing chief executive Mark Adamson was a straight shooter, according to analysts

Fletcher Building boss forfeits shares worth $8m plus a million share options.

Colgate toothpaste warning

Consumer NZ is warning people about Colgate Total toothpaste that contains a chemical banned in the US.

Brian Duffell at an earlier appearance outside the Hamilton District Court.

Businessman jailed for fraud

He has paid back none of the more than $300,000 he swindled.


Apple fixes wi-fi flaw video

If you have an Apple phone, download the latest iOS update now.

A software update to iOS and macOS should be downloaded right now.

Apple will be wrong again video

OPINION: It's the silly season for financial predictions about Apple Inc. With history as our guide, it is folly to place much faith in them?

Woebot is always ready to talk.

Woebot, the chatbot therapist

The app asks for a list of user's strengths, remembers responses, and offers encouragement.


Interior inspo of the week

Your Friday dose of puppy love, it's photographer Tara Sutherland's French bulldog Puppy, Bogie, atop a stylish rug.

17 min ago  Eye-candy from Instagram shared by stylish Kiwis.

Why the Kmart cult love?

OPINION: The bargain super store has more followers than some celebs. So what's the deal?

Shelves in this unit in a teenager's bedroom are backed with a lively wallpaper.

Great looks on the cheap video

17 min ago  Upcycling furniture is an inexpensive way to add personality and style to your home interior.

life & style

Wizard fun & guerrilla grins

Want a cloak of invisibility, just like Harry Potter? Just wait until you're older, dear.

18 min ago  OPINION: Fiona Barber has developed a magical power – and she’s having lots of (mostly innocent) japes with it.

Celine Dion back in a big way video

Have you ever seen Celine Dion dance to Boney M? Would you like to?

The signs are often less visible in women than in men, leading many to be underdiagnosed.

Autistic women fall through cracks

The signs are often less visible in women than in men, leading many to be underdiagnosed.

well & good

Can you really think yourself fit?

Simply believing that you're physically fit - even if you're not - can provide major health benefits, study shows.

Simply believing that you're physically fit - even if you're not - can provide major health benefits, study shows.

Is cancer just ‘bad luck’?

Does luck really play a role when it comes to cancer? And is there anything we can do to change it?

Bath bombs are meant for relaxation and body care

Awful reaction to bath bombs

Girls left crying with sore genitals after soaking in bath bombs.

food & wine

This is where I draw the line

Junction Body and Soul Pinot Noir 2011

18 min ago  The latest pinots from Central Hawkes Bay are so good, they’ve made John Saker redraft his map.

Top 10 New Zealand junk foods

In the age of matcha, kombucha, chia and quinoa, remember joyous junk food.

A delicious way to raise funds

Best cookbook in NZ crowned

nz farmer

Don't spare the cream cheese

A tea macchiato with a topping of cream cheese is all the go in China.

Chinese consumers are finding 'bold' new ways of using cream cheese and Fonterra is capitalising on the trend.

Heavy rain a worry for farmers

Farmers are concerned for their stock in today's heavy rain.

Weeds: counting the cost

Quad bike safety quest


The end of Dr Chris Warner?

Things aren't looking good for Shortland Street's Dr Chris Warner.

Please tell me that is not Shortland Street's Chris Warner dying.

We should savour Dunkirk

OPINION: The current Hollywood model leaves little room for genius to emerge, much less thrive

Shane Cortese as Westside's Danny Peters, the father of his Outrageous Fortune character Hayden.

Shane Cortese's Westside story

The Westside star has trained as a real-estate agent, but he’s not turning his back on acting.


Hotspot of the week: Galicia

Emilia is caried in a coffin back into the church at the end of a procession to keep a promise made for her father Jose ...

16 min ago   The Festival of Near Death Experiences sees participants carried to church in coffins.

350km in 29 minutes video

Transport pioneer Elon Musk gets "verbal approval" for radical underground hyperloop system.

38th Parallel Beach, South Korea "My buddies Moon-jun and Yong-ik getting after some surf after a very big snow storm ...

Readers' best travel photos

16 min ago  Do you have a holiday snap that you'd like to share with the world?


Seatbelt message fails to click video

Freezing worker Danielle Kiriau, 17, was not wearing a seatbelt when she died in a car crash along with brother Shannon ...

Big rise in numbers killed when not wearing belts raises questions over safety ads.

Tiny engines that we really love

These cars prove there is a substitute for cubes: clever technology.

Tailgating is a big problem. But slamming on your brakes isn't the solution.

How to deal with tailgaters video

There's a surprisingly easy way to get following traffic to back off.

stuff nation

NZ needs online voting stuff nation

Why can't we enter our IRD numbers online and vote that way?

Why can't we enter our IRD numbers online and vote that way?

Mist rising in Whangarei stuff nation

Terry Hand captured this misty image as the sun rose over Whangarei farmland.

Would more youths vote if there were an option to vote online?

What do youth voters want? stuff nation

What will it take to get youths to turn up and vote in the election?


Highlanders grounded by storm

Lima Sopoaga reckons it'd be better to have the quarterfinal  under the roof in Dunedin.

They can't get a flight, can't drive up the road. Let's play under the Dunedin roof, Lima Sopoaga suggests.

Roaring Rory on the move

3:26 AM  ​American Matt Kuchar has clubhouse lead at the British Open but Rory McIlroy is in hot pursuit.

Alex Nankivell of the Chiefs.

Chiefs player denied entry to SA

An incorrect visa date meant Chiefs' Alex Nankivell wasn't allowed into South Africa ahead of quarterfinal.


Treatment of women grates

Helen Mirren always looks fabulous on the red carpet but why do women have to be reduced to their age and what they are ...

OPINION: It really grinds my gears to see a woman reduced to her age and what she was wearing.

Care needed with tributes

Chester Bennington of the band Linkin Park performs during the second day of the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the ...

OPINION: We all need to be careful in sharing grief over Linkin Park singer's death.

Time to shut R. Kelly down video

There have been many reports that R Kelly has sex with underage girls - so why do we keep buying his music?

OPINION: Singer reportedly uses his fame and power to prey on black girls. It has to stop.

Sexist advertising works

"Earth to Planet PC: if you ban sexist advertising, you're just banning the truth."

OPINION: Earth to Planet PC: if you ban sexist advertising, you're just banning the truth.

good reads

Welfare system 'cruel and broken'

Metiria Turei's admission has shone a light on the welfare state.

Metiria Turei's WINZ admission is evidence our system "drives people to make terrible choices" - and experts agree.

'Bad mothers' could be just like you

Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

OPINION: Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

Pete's legacy: a haunting new drama

David Lowrey's A Ghost Story was initially inspired by a single image of a ghost.

How one director managed to persuade Oscars' current best actor to spend most of a movie with a sheet over his head.

I almost blew my mum's last wish

In the face of the surgeon's unambiguous advice and the certainty he projected, our own certainty wavered.

No chemo, no invasive procedures! she said. But then a surgeon scared me.

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Sunday, February 12: Uh-oh

Dilbert, The Little Things and more.


Labour calls in foreign aid

Michael Greenhough and David Burch are staying with New Plymouth Labour candidate Corie Haddock and said they are ...

Two overseas students have been brought in by Labour to help whip the party's campaign into shape.

Boaty McBoatface has a new friend video

Meet Trainy McTrainface, the long lost cousin of Boaty McBoatface.

Meet Trainy McTrainface. Should we stop letting the public name things now?

'Rotten cow' really ancient fossil

Jude Sparks with the Stegomastodon fossil he stumbled across in a desert in the US.

A 9-year-old tripped over what his brother decided was a "big, fat rotten cow" in the US. It turned out to be much more.

Local boatie to the rescue

After pleas from Habourmaster Grant Nalder about information relating to the beached boat's owner, a local boatie has ...

A beached keeler has been saved from being scrapped thanks to a local boatie.


Fire pits, tools tools for kindy kids

Besides building confidence and safety awareness, intentional teaching also helps kids develop language and brain-body ...

While real tools and open fires aren't things you'd normally expect to find at an early childhood centre, new research suggests that perhaps they should be.

'Bad mums' may be just like you

Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

OPINION: Judging people is easy. What about trying to understand their lives?

Pink slammed for multi-tasking

Pink with her baby son, Jameson.

It's a scenario many mums will find all-too familiar.

Charlotte's hand-me-downs

Princess Charlotte wears the same pair of red leather buckled shoes Prince Harry wore in 1986.

31 years later, the red sandals are still in pretty good shape.

kiwi traveller

Want to travel? Read this first

Roaming the world can be great, but there's a travel 101 guide to adhere to.

Roaming the world can be great, but there's a travel 101 guide to adhere to.

What holiday photos really mean

No one who's genuinely having a great time is taking photos and posting them online.

OPINION: No one who's genuinely having a great time is taking photos and posting them online.

Why do people hate travel writers?

The internet is an angry place. But surely we can treat travel as an exception.

OPINION: There's so much abuse and hatred. What's everyone so upset about?

Why more tourists are heading to Colombia

Colonial buildings and balconies in the historic center of Cartagena, Colombia.

Culturally rich Colombia also has natural attractions galore.

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