Auckland Faces

Au revoir to France

. Auckland cafe operator Delphine de Rouvroy

Delphine de Rouvroy regrets nothing about leaving her French homeland for Auckland.

Ayden relishes ocean ranger experience

Ayden Young got to hang out with penguins when he was an ocean ranger for a day at Kelly Tarlton's.

Ayden Young slept next to sharks and hung out with penguins.

At home with Chinese Kiwis

Kathy Han and Harry Lu live in Pt Chevalier, Auckland, with their daughter, Jessica Han, 14, and son, Charles Lu, 9.

Kathy Han and Harry Lu live in Auckland with their two kids.

'I feel like all my work is worth it'

Boyi Yan grew up in China but is changing the lives of kiwi kids everyday.

 Boyi Yan has been an early childhood teacher for less than two years, and loves what she does.

Danish immigrant avoids 'predictable' life

Henrik Stovring with his children; Mathias, 10, Sarah, 7, and Adam, 4, in front of a Subaru Sambar van customised to ...

"I can do that until I retire and be put in a hole in the ground or else I need to do something different."

Adjusting to her new home

Sunju Park works as a customer services representative at Takapuna Pool and Leisure Centre.

It has been 14 years since Sunju Park decided to move from South Korea to New Zealand with her two young children.

Stereotyping is no laughing matter

Jean M Allen is a doctoral candidate within the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland.

Living in South Auckland has always invoked a sense of pride in me.

A place that grew on him

Culture shock: Settling into New Zealand for Joseph Smith initially took a huge adjustment from the shores of Bermuda.

For Joseph Smith from Bermuda it took time to get used to Auckland, but now he loves it.

Best thing is the choices you have

Iryna Dzuiban, 30, with her daughter Aria love the choices Auckland offers.

Coming from Ukraine, Iryna Dzuiban was surprised New Zealand is so small.

The land of fresh air and scrumptious fish and chips

Katrina Tiaua. What is best about being an Aucklander? The fish and chips. No one makes fish and chips like New Zealand.

For Katrina Tiaua coming from American Samoa Auckland means good food and great opportunities.

The friendly faces of Auckland is what she loves

Amuera and Taabeta Tabau of Puhoi.  Amuera makes cheese at the Puhoi Cheese Factory and Taabeta works there too.

Being an Aucklander is awesome says Taabeta Tebau from the tiny Pacific nation of Kiribati.

Always felt welcome

Ayob Aghazi: "You go to the hospital and the doctor is Chinese and the nurse is Filipino and everyone mixes together."

The multicultural nature of Auckland is one of the things Ayob Aghazi appreciates.

Suitcase of bikinis

Michelle Ryan, with her husband Courtney Ryan and son James Ryan.

Michelle Ryan loves her home country of Brazil but starting a family in New Zealand means she’s here to stay.

Life off 'The Rock'

HAPPY HERE: Fou Alene-Tumataiki says New Zealand has ‘‘open arms’’ for Pacific migrants.

When Fou Alene-Tumataiki left Niue she forgot her native language. 40 years later, she's teaching it to kids.

Mexican mum loves NZ

BALANCING CULTURES: Linabel Hadlee with her husband Simon and children Mateo, 2, and Jessica, 6, celebrate a family occasion.

Living in Auckland is all about keeping her balance for Mexican mother of two Linabel Hadlee.

'Make a life for yourself'

NEW HOME: Elaine Iorive came to New Zealand from Papua New Guinea.

Better job opportunities and a better education were Elaine Iorive’s goals when she came to New Zealand.

Monk's peaceful life

PEACEFUL MIND: Ven Phraratwarayanmuni, 57, is head monk at Kelston’s Watyarnprateep Buddhist Temple.

It was a relative's wish that saw Ven Phraratwarayanmuni dedicate his life to Buddhism.

Missing the food the most video

LAID BACK: Taiwan ex-pat and Birkdale resident Yuya French loves Auckland's warm, relaxed atmosphere.

For Yuya French, the thing she misses most about Taiwan is the food, although a bowl of noodles at the local shopping centre helps.

Another chance at life

Abann Yor is an Aucklander who originates from South Sudan.

Coming to Auckland from Sudan has been the chance of a second life for Abann Yor.

Enticed by education

RENEE KIM: 'I'm not rich but I feel very rich in my heart and soul.'

Renee Kim moved to New Zealand for one reason. The Korean education system was failing her oldest son.

A home away from home

IRISH CHARM: Mark Fisher loves life in Auckland, but he does miss some of his homeland's traditional foods.

It may be the furthest country from Northern Ireland geographically but in terms of culture and people Mark Fisher says it's very similar.

Leaving fear behind

Former South African and now Mt Eden resident Mary-anne Stuart-William loves how safe she feels in New Zealand. 

Story ...

Mary-anne Stuart-William feels she left a jail cell behind in South Africa to start a new life in Auckland.

A lasting love of New Zealand

Janhild Olsen from the Faroe Islands near Denmark came to New Zealand for love.

When Janhild Olsen left the Faroe Islands she was a love-struck teenager.

Auckland is the only place he has truly felt at home

Thuten Kesang was the first Tibetan refugee to call New Zealand home

The first Tibetan refugee to call New Zealand home when he arrived in 1967.

Escaping war and politics

Jessie Youkhana arrived in Auckland in 1995 as a refugee from Baghdad.

Iraqi Jessie Youkhana yearned for a safer place to raise her family after living in conflict for over a decade.

Serbian culture still strong

Misha Zdravkovic, from Serbia.

"You don't get such a very very genuine acceptance of other cultures in other places in the world."

Refugee keen to help others

Sadiki Ruhamya, 23, originally from Congo, is studying at Henderson's Unitec and wants to help empower other refugees.

Sadiki Ruhamya says he feels blessed to have been taken in as a refugee from Congo.

Shame about the weather

Crofton Lulu came to Auckland from the Solomon Islands during civil unrest and has enjoyed the multiculturalism in New ...

''Everything in Auckland is in your grasp if you want it. Any type of food, any type of technology," says Crofton Lulu from Solomons.

Hooked on Kiwi way of life

Carlos, Gabriella and Victoria Cabrera have been impressed by the kind and friendly people they've met in Auckland.

New Zealand is home sweet home for the Cabrera family since leaving Colombia.

Life in Auckland 'so good'

Thomas Shum left Hong Kong for Auckland.

Seventeen years ago Thomas Shum left densely populated and polluted Hong Kong for a new life in Auckland.

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