An Auckland Minute

05:00am 28 Feb 2013 Hadn't seen Russell for twenty years, I reckon. We were mates from way back; were even born in the same Dunedin maternity hospital at the same time, although we weren't on a first name basis then. Our late mothers might well have been, though. They certainly were later. Russell was my first XV captain, my best friend; my best man. He was the first flatmate I didn't marry. And there he was - sitting on a stool at Muriwai beach.

The Diary

Art gives summer culture

05:00am 04 Feb 2013  Summer does funny stuff to, well pretty much everything. People think cooking should only be done on a BBQ; that it's perfectly acceptable to survive on only beer, chips and dip (when the BBQ isn't cranking); jandals are appropriate footwear for all occasions and sand is ok, no matter which tiny crevasse it finds itself in.

Back Chat

Kirwan plays his Joker card

05:00am 14 Dec 2012  Sir John Kirwan has made his first big call as Blues coach and the appointment of Ali Williams has the potential to make or break his first year in charge.

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