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Reporters Michael Fox and Victoria Robinson have dusted off their running gear to begin training for the Round the Bays fun run on March 18. Follow their training progress here.

Round the Bays: Looks like we made it

05:00am 19 Mar 2012 1 comment



Round the Bays is done and I think everyone would call it a successful event.

In all honesty it was a bit harder than I expected, something I put down to the fact that you are running with so many other people and against the clock and you work a bit harder than you might otherwise.

When I crossed the finishing line I was hurting.

I ran it in around 45 minutes which isn't what I had anticipated when I began preparing but I'll take it. I'm impressed by the winner's time - 28 minutes, four seconds is quick.

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Round the Bays: It's D-Day

05:00am 16 Mar 2012 0 comments



I don't think I've quite comprehended that the race is on Sunday. I have carefully tucked the fact into the back recesses of my brain, along with other unpalatable truths - like the fact that I haven't been to the dentist in five years and there's probably six fillings and a $3000 bill waiting for me.

But, like my oral health procrastination, it is the kind of thing that will come back to bite me sooner than later.

This week I have been extraordinarily slack on training. I've told myself it's because I'm winding down and giving myself a bit of a rest before the real hard work sets in. The truth is I'm actually just feeling plain lazy - it has been a fairly big week for me at work and the last thing I want to do when I wake up in the morning is go for a 30 minute run, even though I know it will probably get some endorphins pumping through to my brain and make the rest of the day more enjoyable. That extra hour of sleep is just too tempting.

So my last biggish run before the event was on Sunday - a 40 minute jog along Tamaki Drive, partly to get a bit of a feel for the actual race.  I went with my workmate who has kindly promised to jog with me on race day, even though her fitness level extends quite far beyond mine. When I say 40 minute jog, I think my friend would testify that it was probably a 20 minute jog broken into four pieces and that it took a fair amount of coaxing from her to get me to run the last 20m.

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Bouncing back from temptation

05:00am 09 Mar 2012 0 comments



Most of you will agree that as the years advance a night on the town takes a while to get over.

Some of us have been lucky enough to bounce back fairly quickly, but as age wearies us we’re often condemned to a day of self-pity on the couch following a few too many.

That can even extend to a couple of days in extreme cases but either way it affects your fitness.

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Falling off the fitness wagon

05:00am 02 Mar 2012 3 comments



This is the blog post I didn't want to have to write. I've fallen off the wagon.

It began, predictably, last weekend when I set off on a camping holiday up north. I took my running gear with me, genuinely excited about getting the chance to jog while enjoying sea views and native bird calls, rather than passing stray dogs and angry motorists on grimy old Symonds St.

It started well. I dutifully got up for my 8am alarm and went out to pound the pavements of sunny Paihia. But pretty soon it went pear-shaped. A nasty niggle in my Achilles and a wayward thought - "what the hell am I doing?! This is supposed to be a holiday!" - soon saw me losing all motivation, and I didn't even make it a kilometre before slowing to a feeble walk around the town and hotfooting it back to bed.

It was all downhill from there. For the next two nights I stayed at a beautiful camping ground at Matai Bay in the Karikari Peninsula. Beaching, swimming, and doing campy things like reading on a comfy camp chair in my pyjamas at 6pm kept those motivation levels at an all-time low.

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Beating the urge to take shortcuts

05:00am 24 Feb 2012 0 comments



Some runners crack me up.

I've got a draw filled with old gym and training clothes. It consists of well-worn tee-shirts that no longer pass muster for casual wear, stubbies and the odd singlet.

Some are shirts that I would still wear but which have been commandeered by my partner for her own exercise - because apparently she doesn't have enough clothes of her own.

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