Neighbourly Conversations: Is $700 a year too much for kindy?

Screenshot from our Neighbourly poll.
Justin Latif

Screenshot from our Neighbourly poll.

In the Manukau Courier, June 20, page 1, we featured a story about parents, with children in kindergarten, who are concerned they could face a price hike under a raft of new changes being made in Auckland. Parents say they will be left with no choice but to cut down on other expenses. 

Here's your feedback on our Manukau Courier Neighbourly page. 

Dee Wood from Manurewa: $700 a year compared to $200 plus a week for daycare. I know what I'd prefer. Not to mention kindergarten is a better quality of education.  

Nimita Dutt from Manurewa: I would have to agree Dee, I wonder how much people are paying if $700 is meant to be a high price. I pay more than that in a month.

Sven den Breems from Manukau - Wiri: I'm not a parent so I can't speak from experience but $700 a year seems like downright daylight robbery to me and I would be forced to keep my child at home which would be so detrimental for their mental and emotion development. School fees are one thing but don't make it so unattainable that the average Joe and Josephine Bloggs can't begin to afford it.

Nimita Dutt from Manurewa: If you were a parent Sven, you would understand the quality of education provided by early childhood teachers. And for me personally, half my pay goes into paying for my son's daycare who isn't yet 2 so it's much more than $700, it's actually less than what I have to dish-out per month. My son is considered above average with his development and I started out early as his first teacher and made the tough decision to go back to work when he was 11 months-old as money doesn't grow on trees. I am so satisfied with what and how the daycare teach and look after him so I can work and make sure I can secure a future for my son that he deserves according to his development. I'm not in the childcare industry but I do thinks it's a little pricey but worth every penny and it's quality. 

Dee Wood from Manurewa: Let's just think about this, $700 per year is approx $13.50 a week. Now this is for any hours over the 20 free hours children receive. I think this is worth the fees for quality care and education don't you?

Michael de Angelo from Manurewa: The way the economy is going $700 a year is pretty good and tbh (to be honest) I don't put a cost on the safety and early education of my children as they are priceless and therefore if the kindy is good enough to meet my standards then $700 a year is not important.

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