Children sing together to promote world peace

Thirty Whangarei children were part of 1000 to sing in the "Love People" song released to promote world peace.

Thirty Whangarei children were part of 1000 to sing in the "Love People" song released to promote world peace.

Thirty children from Whangarei, chosen to represent New Zealand, are part of a music video project which records 1000 children from around the world singing one song together.

The children's message, "to a world torn with hatred and violence they say there is another way... it is time to stand together ... we are all the same." 

Sistema Whangarei - Toi Akorangi joined 14 other international El Sistema-based groups in the first worldwide El Sistema creative project, a five minute film of 15 choirs singing one song together. The video was released earlier this month and the hope is the all-volunteer project will have a huge virtual life.

The song 'Love, People'  was written by students from the children's choir 'House of Good Tunes,' a Bosnian Sistema programme in Srebrenica.

Since 2011 the choir has been gathering children from Srebrenica and the surrounding area, to offer them a place where they can express their creativity, learn new things and make new friends.

Originally recorded to raise money for music schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina ruined by flooding in 2014, it was re-recorded with the international groups with the hope of it becoming a universal children's anthem.

Before they could do the recording, the kids had to learn the song.

In April Sistema Whangarei recorded a video and a separate audio, then sent both files away to be added to the collaboration by Superar Bosnia.

Locally it was filmed by Gareth Machine (Channel North) and the audio recorded by Brendon White from Wards Music Works.

Children whose faces appear close-up in the video such as Marley Halliday, Sebastian White, Azaelea Carr and Cassara Legg said they "had a hoot" singing the song, but admitted it was a bit tiring doing the multiple takes.

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Whangarei programme director Fiona Douglas says the group was honoured to be chosen.

She says she is "really thrilled" with the finished product.

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