Rats and mice are not nice

You've probably noticed a mouse in the house lately.

The drought is blamed for higher than usual numbers of mice seeking shelter from cooler conditions.

It's normal for the furry little pests to start looking for cosier inside accommodation at this time of year, but numbers are definitely up.

"I'm getting three or four calls a day," says Don Hazelwood from Coastwide Pest Control on the Whangaparaoa.

"There's definitely more rodent activity around this year."

Terry O'Neill from Jae Pest Control agrees. "There's been a huge increase of not just mice but rats as well," he says, with activity starting earlier in March rather than in mid-April.

Staff at RD1 at Wellsford say they've already sold out of rodent poison – stock that would normally last them through the winter – and have had to order more. They've also had a big run on mouse traps.

A lack of food for mice outside is a popular theory, as is a long summer –- making for good breeding.

Rodney District Council offices at Orewa, Helensville, Huapai-Kumeu and Warkworth also have supplies of free bait for urban ratepayers to use in the home – one free bag per person each month.

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