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'My daughter was talking suicidal'

Jasmine MacGibbon said all schools should have a bullying policy that they follow.

A West Auckland mum is concerned about schools without stand-alone bullying policies, saying she had to take matters into her own hands.

Man charged after school brawl

A brawl broke out at Massey High School after 2pm on September 12.

Three people were arrested and 19 trespass notices were issued after a school fight over a rap battle in West Auckland.

Train hits car on level crossing video

Two cars drove through a level crossing in Auckland and one was hit by a train on Thursday evening.

A car was hit by a train in West Auckland after the motorist apparently ignored barrier arms and flashing lights at a crossing.

'Dangerous' man on the run

Police are searching for 22-year-old Reilly Bowler, who has a warrant to arrest for escaping custody.

Reilly Bowler was up on aggravated robbery charges when he escaped from an Auckland court.

Windfall for window washers

The window washers say they want to make their profession "a trend" as it makes them so much money.

Locals pay them not to touch their cars. Police have found them jobs. But these window washers says business is too good to stop.

New party faces uphill battle

Daniel McCaffrey of the Better New Zealand Party.

Another political party has been announced, but does it stand a chance?

Road works taking toll

Besim Saldiray, owner of The Refreshment Room, said his business had suffered because of delayed road works.

Besim Saldiray has already lost one business because of road works. Another is hanging by a thread.

Concrete con-man victims stuck

Victims feel powerless trying to stop Gordon Bayne and hold him to account.

A concrete con man owes victims thousands, but pleas to the Government fall on deaf ears.

Fighting for green space video

Liz Clark, John Clark and Joy Bennett are trying to save a reserve in Glen Eden from becoming housing.

Auckland Council is moving to sell off 10 green spaces, but some residents are fighting back.

Teen's long road to recovery

Quejay Hoare, pictured here with his mum Juliana Windsor in hospital with serious brain trauma after a car crash.

A severely head-injured teenager is learning to walk again after a car crash where he was sent home in a taxi.

Fake bank notes in circulation

Police say the counterfeit money was mainly made up of $100 denominations (FILE PHOTO).

The counterfeit notes were used to buy petrol, food and cigarettes across Auckland.

Arrests after house fire

The fire destroyed the house on San Pablo Drive in Henderson Heights.

Three people are arrested following a fire that destroyed a Henderson home.

Child protection 'failure' video

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 requires schools have a child protection policy, but a parent's research shows they ...

Schools haven't been doing what they should and parents should be concerned, Regan Cunliffe says.

Projects not in my lifetime

It's just a computer graphic - an Auckland waterfront stadium is a mirage

OPINION: Why it is not worth getting distracted by Auckland's mirage-like mega projects.

Birthday gifts? Not for this teen

Skylah Hindman, 13, invited guests to her birthday to bring food to donate to rough sleepers.

Instead of asking for gifts for her 13th birthday, an Auckland girl asked for people to donate food to the homeless.

Housing solution 'pushed up prices'

Homes in Hobsonville Point are among those those built using an SHA.

Aimed at creating affordable housing, developers actually profited from Special Housing Areas, research says.

Affluent, post-40 and alcoholic

Zen detox centre has seen more women seeking for help for alcohol addiction.

Older women from high socio-economic backgrounds are struggling with addiction, detox centre says.

Drone suspected in statue theft video

This small version of "Solace in the Wind" by Max Platte was stolen in Auckland. The owner says she saw a drone hovering ...

Tina Hart felt violated when she saw a drone hovering near her home. The next day, thieves struck.

New cars for surf lifesaving

One of the new first response vehicles.

With limited funds and the swim season near, surf lifesavers have landed 48 cars.

Life inside NZ's emergency housing video

Summa Stone, who is awaiting a kidney transplant, has been in emergency housing for four months.

A woman on dialysis hears the wind whistling past her door. Upstairs, a mum and five kids are crammed into two bedrooms.

Trap to be set for killer dog video

A West Auckland family arrived home to find about half of their flock of sheep dead.

GRAPHIC WARNING: At least one dog was responsible for killing 12 sheep at an Auckland farm.

Sick rooster gets love video

Many locals commented on the Facebook page, saying they hoped the rooster would recover.

Aucklanders often curse roosters, but this lucky bird has locals rallying to help.

False alarm for measles outbreak

A suspected measles case in West Auckland has been proved negative.

Official have said it wasn't measles at Kelston Boys' High Scholl after all.

Top dogs in Auckland video

The labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in Auckland in 2018.

Labradors are Auckland's most popular dog, and Phil Turner knows why.

Traffic controllers feel motorists' wrath

Philip Te Whata said he had been verbally abused and had objects thrown at him while working at some of Auckland's road ...

Angry motorists are taking their frustration out on road workers, throwing abuse and bottles.

Revolt against light rail

An artist's impression of the Government's proposal to build light rail to Auckland Airport.

Opponents of sending trams to Auckland airport are rallying around a faster heavy rail alternative.

Cycling to work makes you happier

Dr Kirsty Wild says cyclists don't have the stress of Auckland motorists (stock photo).

Auckland motorists get stressed as they don't know their arrival time, study finds.

Don't be that person video

Cyclists often ride two abreast for safety. Don't be that person who gets angry at it.

OPINION: Cyclists riding two abreast is a common gripe for motorists, but it's actually safer.

Cyclists 'had so much entitlement' video

Pieter Kruger said the cyclists were rude and careless.

"These cyclists give others a bad name," says driver caught behind pair having a chat riding side-by-side.

Bias in lack of Pasifika leaders

Manukau ward councillor Efeso Collins says we should be challenged to confront and address our unconscious bias.

OPINION: Auckland is the most diverse city in NZ - so why do Pākehā men still dominate council leadership roles?

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