Love letters to Auckland

Love letter to One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill at dawn.

Nothing gets my pulse running like your tranquil slopes and I miss you terribly.

Love letter to Riverhead

Riverhead is full of beautiful scenery.

Neighbours who actually take the time to introduce themselves to you.

Love letter to Owairaka

Burger King? What? You must mean Burger Queen.

For your Queen, art, and irony.

Love letter to Papatoetoe stuff nation

Little known fact - Auckland mayor Phil Goff bought his first home in Papatoetoe, in Wilmay Ave in the 1970s.

A place where simply driving down its 'best street' just makes you feel happy.

Love letter to Ponsonby

Bronze buildings sinking into the ground are all part of Ponsonby's charm.

I think Ponsonby, the suburb, must survive off its one main artery.

Love letter to Remuera gallery

The Remuera Library was opened on July 31, 1926 at 429 Remuera Road, and is still operating today.

For a South Island born small town lass, converted to a city dwelling chick - my home in Remuera has become my quiet suburban cul-de-sac.

Love letter to Half Moon Bay

Musick Point is a good spot for a picnic with fantastic views.

Half Moon Bay is a great place to live.

Love letter to Onehunga

Another day out fishing off the Old Mangere Bridge, another empty bucket.

It helps to have a people-mover in Onehunga: the two-tone Toyota Ipsum (1995-2001 models only, please) is de rigueur.

Love letter to Western Springs

Western Springs, known best by many as a music venue.

Western Springs, is a bit of a mish-mash. In a good way.

Love Letter to Mt Hobson

Ten minutes above busy Remuera Rd the Mt Hobson summit offers a place to stop, rest, and take in 360 degree views of the ...

The top of a volcanic cone in Remuera is the perfect zen escape from the neighbourhood's preoccupation with being busy.

Love letter to Howick

Picton Street, a small village in a large city.

Friendly banter in the streets, locally owned businesses, a village unto itself.

Love letter to Mt Eden

Spring in Mt Eden.

The madness of its bent streets, the local fruiterer, the drafty old villas - it's all part of the charm of Mt Eden.

Love letter to Auckland CBD

Tarannum Shaikh in the middle of a busy Queen St pedestrian crossing.

I'm a JAFA (Just Another Fun-loving Aucklander) through and through.

Love letter to Devonport

This shower has to have the best view of any in Auckland.

What locals know is that, once you are in Devonport, there's no need to leave.

Love letter to Mount Wellington

Sun shines over Auckland's Mt Wellington

 Where neighbours know each other and life is as it should be.

Love letter to Kingsland

Kingsland - villas, cool bars, and honesty boxes.

Maybe it was the scent of fine roasted coffee which filled the main street that won me. 

Love letter to Snells Beach

Snells Beach is very beautiful, especially in summer.

You can't live in a place with beach in the name, and go to the beach twice a day, without loving the beach.

Love letter to Remuera

Orakei Basin is a serene spot for a run or walk at the end of the day.

 Three years ago I left my hometown in south Auckland to become a central-city slicker in Remuera.

Love letter to Sandringham

Navigating the streets of Sandringham.

Where residents have invented a new language to avoid injury and insurance claims

Love letter to Parnell

Parnell is famous as a shopping destination.

The old, the new, the cheap, the eye wateringly expensive. Parnell is a mad mix.

Love letter to Glen Eden

The rolling hills in Glen Eden boast beautiful city views.

The west Auckland suburb gets a bad rap but there is lots to love.

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