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Institutions no place for at-risk youth

Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft says all Oranga Tamariki's care and protection residences need to be phased out.

State-run institutions are the orphanages of this era, the children's commissioner says

What changes for maternity care? video

Health Minister Dr David Clark says he has listened to midwives concerns, and maternity care is a "real priority."

ANALYSIS: Mothers struggle to find midwives and neonatal death rates have stagnated - so what is being done?

Feminism includes all women video

Jacinda Ardern and Kate Sheppard. Figuring out how to make it in a man's world is, as Dame Anne Salmond said, exactly ...

OPINION: It's 125 years since women got the vote, but not all women are equal.

'Improper' relationships ruled out

Deane Drew was suspended in 2017 for alleged sexual misconduct.

Guidelines on doctor-patient relationship boundaries are changing, following allegations against a Wellington doctor.

Hinemoa, reincarnated video

Dr Hinemoa Elder, once a favourite Kiwi television personality, has reinvented herself as a Māori health practitioner.

Once NZ's most sought-after celebrity, Dr Hinemoa Elder is spearheading a path in Māori mental health.

Haere atu, Bob the Builder video

A typical kōhanga trip.

OPINION: The journey through Māori immersion education has been challenging, but not for my son.

Her employer supported her alleged rapist

Sarah (not her real name) suffers post-traumatic stress disorder after an alleged rape in a classroom at a North Island ...

She went to the police. They believed her. That wasn't enough.

Why isn't childcare free, already? video

Little girl pouting. generic; 123rf; girl; daughter; toddler; pout; cry; sad; kid; outside; tantrum; upset

OPINION: If I hear one more argument about whether kids should go to daycare or stay at home, I swear, I'm gonna throw my toys.

So a c-bomb's not OK, rape threats are

Samoan author Lani Wendt Young says police did not help her with complaints of a torrent of online abuse.

OPINION: I wish there was an uproar every time one of my female friends was threatened with horrific sexual violence.

Doctor's relationship 'improper'

Lower Hutt woman Kim Dewhurst complained to the Medical Council about Wellington doctor Deane Drew almost three decades ...

A doctor under investigation for alleged sexual relationships with patients fathered a child with the mother of a toddler he treated.

Victims have 'no clear pathway'

Victoria University lecturer Renee Goreham says she has been raising the issue of how sexual misconduct is being dealt ...

Meeting called at Victoria University to discuss change in sexual misconduct policy after student complaints.

Uni accused of bungling harassment complaint

"It was like they didn't care at all," says a Victoria University student of the institution's response to a sexual ...

The chemistry tutor told young female students he would strip them naked in the shower.

Other mums don't have to go back

The roles of mother and prime minister can be handled with equal focus, says Jacinda Ardern.

OPINION: Many mums couldn't leave the couch six weeks after a baby, let alone run the country like Jacinda Ardern.

White men of history, stand back

Remarkable New Plymouth-raised astronomer Beatrice Tinsley has been belated recognised with an obituary in the New York ...

Kiwi scientist Beatrice Tinsley has been belatedly recognised with an obituary in The New York Times.

Stop mansplaining #MeToo

Comedian and actor Penny Ashton came out swinging, writing for The Spinoff: "Utilising a global movement which at its ...

OPINION: Another roomful of men telling me how to feel? Bor-ing.

My doctor pursued me for sex

Catherine English, Dr Deane Drew's estranged wife, is one of the women who have laid a complaint against him.

After escaping a religious cult, Catherine English was just looking for a doctor.

McVeagh a watershed moment

Public service troubleshooter Margaret Bazley's independent review of Russell McVeagh was released on Thursday morning.

OPINION: Here's to a future where women's safety is prized over men's reputations.

Ex-finance company boss flogging dodgy phones

Mervyn Doolan, who went to jail for misleading investors in his finance company, is now involved in a door-to-door sales ...

"I call it my ugly phone," complains customer disappointed by electronics from failed finance company director's door-to-door sales outfit.

Ardern shows world how it's done video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford and their newborn baby girl, who was born at 4.45pm on June 21, ...

OPINION: Nothing about Jacinda Ardern's childbirth is amazing, apart from everything.

Sponsor quits Floating Foundation

Craig Koning worked as an events promoter and DJ before founding his own charity.

The seaborne charity's former supporters feel "let down" by its founder's treatment of women.

I don't care how Jacinda mothers

She's got this: PM Jacinda Ardern will be just fine without any advice we could provide her on pregnancy, childbirth or ...

OPINION: This might be a crazy call, but I reckon Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern can be trusted to make her own mothering decisions.

Inquiry into seaborne charity

Craig Koning, boss of the Floating Foundation, has been accused of bullying his crew and singling out young women for sex.

The Floating Foundation's website has been taken down after bullying revelations, but founder Craig Koning will not confirm the charity's future.

Trapped in paradise

Ayla Tarrant, former community manager for the Floating Foundation, was a target of Craig Koning's psychological abuse.

Those close to Craig Koning call him a Pied Piper, seducing young women with a tropical dream that becomes a nightmare.

Sex and bullying at sea

The Floating Foundation's founder and boss Craig Koning says he will be onboard its 2018 expedition o the South Pacific, ...

Women speak out about charity boss' behaviour on a seaborne aid mission to the Pacific.

Warning letter to Midwifery Council

Midwifery Council chief executive Sharron Cole said there was still confusion over the 'guidelines' being considered ...

Some midwives fail to give women clear and unbiased information, the Health and Disability Commissioner warns.

'Alanah was in a lot of pain'

Matt Steeghs: "It upsets me, because I could have been a solo parent because of this."

In labour, Alanah Gilder lost 4 litres of blood - and the ability to have another child. She then waited three years for an explanation.

Abortion booties grotesque

The flyer for the Voice for Life Booties Project.

OPINION: A protest featuring 12,000 baby booties symbolising abortions will take place at parliament.

No excuses for misleading labelling

Denise L'Estrange-Corbet says her 'Made in New Zealand' tags are not confusing.

OPINION: Denise L'Estrange-Corbet could have apologised. Instead, she went full Cookie Monster.

Patients: 'Why weren't we told?'

Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

Women want to know why they were kept in the dark about allegations against a Wellington doctor.

For complainants, a harrowing wait

Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

A 'horrible' and intimidating process, then months of waiting for four women who alleged sexual misconduct by their GP.

New parents' sleep vs sex battle

Alison Bell as Andrey in The Letdown

OPINION: I don't know about you, but there is nothing I felt like more after childbirth than jumping back in the sack.

'He was very persistent'

Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

She rejected her doctor's advances. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Doctor accused of sex with patients

Deane Drew is not currently practising as a doctor, while he faces a professional misconduct investigation.

Medical Council investigating Wellington GP over relationships with multiple patients.

Why racism debate is heartening

Kanoa Lloyd is one of the Maori women leading the racism conversation.

OPINION: This isn't about you or I, Pākehā friends. It's about ripping the band aid off and facing what's underneath.

Placenta hooey I have heard

Zoe Marshall: “Yes I drank it! Gotta have that fresh placenta.”

OPINION: Placentas are full of full of vitamins, Kryptonite, Marmite, antioxidants - and definitely not toxic.

Study reveals gender attitudes video

Mikey Brenndorfer says ideas around masculinity create dangers for young men and women.

Survey tests attitudes about boys playing with dolls and which household tasks women should do.

The mistakes that hurt Piper

Helen Johnson's daughter, Piper, ended up with cerebral palsy after a botched birth at Hutt Hospital. She has twin girls ...

Helen Johnson's baby girl couldn't breathe properly for 35 minutes. Hospital staff had failed her.

Don't teach kids about guns

My son picked up the replica AK47. My heart dropped.

OPINION: My son picked up the replica AK47. My heart dropped.

'I was told to shut up'

Ashleigh experienced a traumatic birth, which she says could have been avoided with better care and support.

Ashleigh says a traumatic birth experience meant she lost who she was going to be as a mother.

Newborn left starving

Waiting for help to arrive has become normal for new mums in understaffed maternity wards.

Her son was bawling non-stop. But hospital staff were too busy to realise he was starving.

Graduate Australian midwives to cover

Te Awamutu mum Kerry Thomas helped attend to other mums while labouring on Waikato Hospital's overrun maternity ward.

Free training for Australian graduate midwifes being enticed to New Zealand to cover acute shortages on hospital maternity wards.

Place of birth matters

A mother's experience with childbirth is likely to vary significantly depending upon where in New Zealand they live.

In New Zealand, not all maternity care is created equal.

Crowded babies at risk

Leah White wth her twin babies Joel and Connor White.

Extra cots are wheeled into newborn intensive care units, which rely on the "goodwill" of worn-out staff to operate.

Is maternity care at breaking point?

Ashleigh says she did not receive enough support to deal with the traumatic birth of her son Alistair, 18 months.

NZ claims to have world class maternity care. But as things improve in other developed countries, they've stalled here.

A dying wish for justice video

The abuse began with a slap after an argument over dinner. (FILE PHOTO)

She was a virtual ghost for 14 years. She spent her final days being heard.

Victim challenges court failings video

Lady Justice.

Before she died, a domestic abuse survivor told her story, helping prompt a review of the Family Court.

Recovering from colonisation trauma

Mark Kopua is using Māori knowledge to heal whānau in distress.

A young Māori boy doesn't have ADHD. He is Uepoto, the curious.

Men, we need you

Michelle Duff

OPINION: It pains me to say this on International Women's Day, but men - we need you.

Women's rights not black and white

Judith Collins says when people from other cultures come to NZ they should respect our practices. That includes gender ...

A handshake is not a golden measure of gender equality.

Why 'speak out culture' is a cop out

Don Draper-style workplace behaviour does not fly any more, Russell McVeagh.

OPINION: "Speakout culture" is not a thing. Not being harassed is.

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