Left rendered irrelevant?

Karl du Fresne

I wonder, was this the most demoralising election result ever for the New Zealand Left?

A little bit famous

michele a'court

OPINION: It takes a fair bit of confidence to walk on stage and talk into a microphone.

You can't have your cake and eat it too

jail cell

OPINION: The simple way for Arthur Taylor to have the right to vote would be to stay out of jail.

New etiquette for the elite

Miley Cyrus

OPINION: They used to have debutante balls, and now they have strip-a-thons.

Gaza craziness

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: I had a kosher breakfast after the Berlin Wall came down, in a former synagogue that was now a bistro.

She'll be All Right

johnny moore

OPINION: Campaigns like All Right help make talking about mental health more commonplace.

Articulate victims belie grim truths

Tania Billingsley

OPINION: Tania Billingsley hasn't been a pleasing complainant.

PM's numbers fixation

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Counting the days to the election seems to be John Key's version of fingering worry beads.

OITNB the new Breaking Bad?

Orange Is The New Black

I'm comfortable saying that this season of Orange is the New Black is the best thing I've watched on television this year.

Child is Father of the Man

simon sweetman


We had parent-teacher interviews last night - for the daycare facility Oscar attends a couple of times a week.

Lana Del Rey cannot sing

simon sweetman


I always like to give things a chance - even if you'll never believe me.

Being gender-neutral

OPINION: Once upon a time gender and sex were anchored firmly to your chromosomes.

A big question for all readers


How do you find books nowadays? Do you trust the big publishing houses or do you search for self-published newcomers?

Nick Cave's return to NZ

simon sweetman


It was pretty cool news yesterday - Nick Cave will be playing four New Zealand shows, two in Auckland, two in Wellington.

Whole Lotta Flotsam?

simon sweetman


Are you there with your money waiting when the double-disc version of some old favourite hits the shelf?

Ten important blues albums

simon sweetman


I do this thing - every year or so - pick a genre and list out ten important albums.

Bite the bullet for Chch

City still needs the country's help to recover

Rangiora flooding

OPINION: Christchurch is doing all it can but it still needs the country's help.

Farewell Lord Flashheart

Rik Mayall

It's impossible to underestimate just how much of an impact Rik Mayall had on me as a young comedy fan growing up in Scotland.

How do we stop online ticket scalping?

simon sweetman

Anyone dumb enough to pay $500 to see Katy Perry gets what they deserve.

Jack White's new album

simon sweetman


The last time Jack White released a solo album was the first time.

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