David Duchovny stars as Hank Moody in the new season of Californication.

A dirty job someone's got to do

The main drawback of having the flu is that the eyes become so rheumy you can't even read a good book.

Placenta-eating . . why?

So January Jones ate her placenta. What they never tell you is what it tastes like.

Speaking Frankly

OPINION: After a two-day visit to Planet Zappa, it's clear he was never a genius, writes Grant Smithies.

Childish riposte to parental leave bill

SIMON CUNLIFFE - Sunday Star Times

OPINION: Labour MP Jacinda Ardern's credentials are challenged.

Teens still misunderstood

OPINION: Let me tell you what made me an antisocial, godless, illiterate criminal: comics.

Purge as Henry burns in fire of public odium

A girls' boarding school is a home to many weird rituals, none weirder than one Guy Fawkes Day celebration when I was a kid in the junior school.

We all have our dark sides

It's been a secret for years, but I now feel free to confess to my passionate, tempestuous and altogether fantastic affair with John Lennon.

Symmetry of emotional and financial fraud

Porn hoarder worse than Brooke

The art of getting rich quick

joestrap Joe's get-rich-quick scheme involves becoming an abstract artist.

Chaos reduced to a rubble

The news is like Pacman. It consumes what's in front of it, then moves on to the next morsel.

You can't give offence, it can only be taken

Wurst side of Swiss nature

How PR manages the media

Joe Bennett takes a sneak peek inside a mythical public relations agency as it congratulates itself on its recent success with the Royal Wedding and Osama bin Laden.

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