Kaitangata: A tiny town that could

Kaitangata District Promotions member Evan Dick has given everything to help the town flourish.

A year ago they were offering new settlers a 3-bed home for just $185k, so did Kaitangata's gamble pay off?

Why not a 'nice' list?

Graeme Hart is New Zealand's richest man. Is that anything to celebrate?

Annual Rich List described as a sign of a society with an unhealthy obsession.

People power the future

Any excess power is sold back to Contact.

Consumer-created power is a big part of the future for power companies, an expert says.

Chart: Voter turnout

In 2014, close to 1 million enrolled voters from across the country didn't vote.

18 min ago  There's quite a gap between the younger New Zealanders casting their ballot and our keenest group of voters.

Fuji Xerox president talks

Fuji Xerox president and representative director Hiroshi Kurihara said his company was taking strong action to regain ...

Revenue and profit targets are one thing, but they need to be achieved in a "fair manner".

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Immigration backdown

Prime Minister Bill English says there is big demand for skilled migrants

Proposed immigration crackdown will be watered down after a backlash from provincial bosses.

Funding to support 23,000 new homes

Prime Minister Bill English has pledged a $600m housing injection.

The Government is pouring $600m into infrastructure that will support 23,300 new Auckland homes.

Bars snub smokefree incentive

Hospitality members are reluctant to take up the council's offer, fearing it will alienate some customers.

Council offers to waive outdoor licence fee - but Wellington bars aren't tempted.

Chickens lost in flood video

The Tin Shed owner Lesley Limbe at her property in Rangitata, which was hit by extensive flooding.

A shop owner who lost animals in rapidly rising floodwaters questions why her property was inundated.

Rich list sneak peek

Graeme Hart is expected to top the NBR rich list with an estimated net worth of $10 billion by Forbes.

The biggest number of newcomers is expected to join the list in over 20 years.

Beautiful coupe now wows NZ video

The sensuous-looking Lexus LC500 coupe poses at Highland Park motorsport track at Cromwell.

Lexus launches one of the most radical vehicle designs yet seen in New Zealand.

Pay by card and we get stung

Nadine Higgins: Credit card charges have no place in modern New Zealand and have to go.

OPINION: Wait, why am I paying anyone for the privilege of parting with my money?

Asian bank hits major milestone

Siah Hwee Ang.

OPINION: Does it make sense to have another funding option?

Chinese keen on pricey NZ crays

New Zealand crayfish is a premium product in China where it can fetch $1000 a kilo.

When it comes to high end gourmet goods the Chinese have a growing appetite for New Zealand wine, water and crayfish.

Us Two: The Mad Butcher and Don Graham

Sir Peter Leitch, left, and Don Graham.

'You know the saying, "He'd give you the shirt off his back?" I've actually seen him do that.'

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Students: an $83m workforce

Sea Digital general manager Felicity Douglas and head of creative Nick Schuler with student employee Adam Scott (standing).

While hitting the books, students are collectively earning more than they have in nine years.

Are singletons doomed?

Life’s tougher without a significant other – just ask anyone trying to buy a house in Auckland on one income.

Taxed for money never made

Reserve Bank sets out its stance on cyber security

small business

Pay by card and we get stung

Nadine Higgins: Credit card charges have no place in modern New Zealand and have to go.

OPINION: Wait, why am I paying anyone for the privilege of parting with my money?

Give young people free money

Alison Mau: It's young people who will fund the pension that pays for our discount bread and vegemite, and a little ...

OPINION: Young people deserve a weekly handout as much as retired folk, Alison Mau argues. But young shoe designer Gustavia Liu disagrees.

Expo earns plenty of party favours

Mia Tutaki, 5, has her face painted with a unicorn by Jeanette Poulson from Feral Face Painting and Body Art.

The country's first children's party expo a riot of cake, fairies, games and colour.

Ram raid a blow to livelihood

Thieves drove a car into the Stirling Sports at The Base shopping centre at 3am on Thursday.

"They have no respect or idea about how hard we work to get this," devastated sports shop owners say.

better business

Giving kids a sporting chance video

Anaru Williams, 12, went from playing zero sport to playing four. That wouldn't have happened without support from The ...

Thomas Nabbs tried most sports that came his way, and was shocked to discover not everyone had the opportunity.

World swamped in plastic video

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at landfill.

There's literally a ton of plastic garbage for every person in the world.

Customers complain about telcos

The Commerce Commission says most New Zealanders have some dealing with a telco, so it's an important industry to get right.

Problems with mobile, landline and broadband providers are in the Commerce Commision's sights.

Employees trained by app

Screenshot from the interactive game that show new employees at a Philadelphia restaurant what to do on the job.

3D animation and an interactive game show new employees how do their jobs.


The house with the cedar-clad views is a building success

Peering out over Lake Wakatipu like a pair of cedar-clad binoculars the award-winning home from Bennie Builders of Arrowtown

A house renowned in Queenstown as "that binocular house with the large numbers" has made a statement of a different kind after winning a top regional building award.

$20k/$1.5m pre-nup split unfair

The High Court has upheld a lower court decision for a couple to equal property shares after separating

A pre-nuptial agreement gave one partner $20,000, and the other partner $1.5 million worth of assets.

Ex-British Cars House for sale

The building features a tiled lobby and a vintage cage lift.

1920s character building with penthouse apartment and rooftop on the market.

State houses for pricey areas

The building of new state houses could mean existing tenants have to leave Auckland's North Shore for good.

Some of the million-dollar suburbs on Auckland's North Shore are set to get more state houses.

opinion & analysis

An answer to the housing crisis?

We will all retire and age – and we would all prefer to "age in place'.

OPINION: Retirement villages have a vital role to play in addressing New Zealand's housing woes.

Smart investing in the retail landscape

Buying n engagement ring is usually an occasion, but most other purchases escape the same type of fuss.

OPINION: Who would be a retailer, or invest in retail?

We've bought a house at last!

"Our rental market is broken. There seems little appetite in our politics to tackle this obvious first step to solving ...

OPINION: We bought a house because our rental will be sold and we want stability for our family.

Time to put the foot down

Mike O'Donnell: "If we lose our focus for a moment, there's no doubt that a bunch of other countries will shoot past."

OPINION: New Zealand can't rest on its laurels when it comes to digital technology, Mike O'Donnell writes.


Otago farm 90% underwater

Parks' farm after the water rushed through.

John Parks has seen some bad floods on his Taieri Plains farm, but this one was different.

Farmers combat deluge

Federated Farmers branch chairman Mark Adams said farmers always prepared for bad weather and made sure they had extra ...

Reports of farmers stranded after storm damages culverts, creeks and fences.

Don't spare the cream cheese

A tea macchiato with a topping of cream cheese is all the go in China.

Chinese consumers are finding 'bold' new ways of using cream cheese and Fonterra is capitalising on the trend.

Weeds: counting the cost

The cost of the giant buttercup to the dairy industry could be as high as $592 million a year if it spread across its ...

New Zealand's farms and forests could be even more productive if it weren't for weeds.


Exxon fined for actions under Tillerson video

Rex Tillerson was the head of Exxon Mobil until Donald Trump picked him to serve as Secretary of State (file photo).

Oil giant must pay US$2m for violating sanctions against Russia when Rex Tillerson was chief executive.

Delta Goodrem's bad example

Delta Goodrem is a singer songwriter and judge on The Voice Australia and her Apple music ad has breached community ...

The singer's Apple Music ad sparks complaints from viewers who noted she was behaving badly in a car.

Netflix officially goes global

Dylan Minnette stars in Netflix's controversial and very popular show 13 Reasons Why.

Despite failures, including Sense8 and The Get Down, the streaming platform is charging ahead with US$6 billion worth of content.

7-Eleven magnate dies

The 7-Eleven business is believed to be worth about A$1.5 billion.

Not many people knew Beverley Barlow was one of the wealthiest women in Australia when she died.

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