Where Auckland house prices are falling video

House prices in Waterview in Auckland declined by 5.5% over the past three months.

Auckland's housing market downturn is now entrenched, with prices significantly down from the market peak and declines in most suburbs.

Tomato grower eyes innovative workaround after CO2 shortage cuts production 20% video

Hand holding tomatoes on a vine. Homed. tomato; vine; plant; vegetable; fruit; hand; eat; food; grow; generic; unsplash

NZ technology could also help horticulture firms in Europe that need to end their reliance on natural gas.

The $40m NZ company handling Aussie mortgages video

James Sampson says FileInvite is planning a big push in the United States.

James Sampson started out selling modified skateboards to his mates in high school, but his latest business has struck a chord with the mortgage broking industry in Australia.

Competition watchdog chairperson Anna Rawlings responds to its critics video

Commerce Commission chairperson Anna Rawlings says it is not dismissing the backlash that followed its supermarket study.

Anna Rawlings has no big regrets over supermarket study recommendations, but it's a case of never say never to the Commerce Commisison one day going in hard, Tom Pullar-Strecker reports.

Buy locally-made jewellery to avoid Russian conflict gold video

The UK, Canada, United States and Japan are banning Russian gold imports, but how sure can consumers be that Russian ...

The United States, Britain, Japan and Canada ban Russian gold, but can NZ consumers avoid it?


More than 5000 employers apply for accreditation

From 4 July, employers wishing to bring overseas workers to New Zealand on work visas will need to be accredited by INZ, ...

OPINION: The Essential Skills work visa category closes this Sunday. From then, employers wishing to bring overseas workers in on work visas need to be accredited.

What I've Learned: Outsource what you can to get your time back

Tess Dwyer started her business to get more time with her kids.

Tess Dwyer, owner of Upstaged Home Staging, found running a business was more difficult than anticipated.

How Roe v Wade can influence KiwiSaver and investing

People attend an abortion-rights protest at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City after the Supreme Court overturned ...

OPINION: When we’re investing in countries and companies offshore our decision-making can take human rights and other values into account.

How to pick a name for your new business or brand

About 45,000 businesses are started in Aotearoa every year.

OPINION: Since Covid we’ve seen an explosion of new ventures set up, as Kiwis coming up with new business ideas, side hustles or acting on a dream to work for themselves.

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The forsaken building and the unapologetic engineer

The building at 230 High St as viewed from the street in May 2022 – uninhabitable and empty for four years.

Christchurch engineer Joo Cho thought he knew best in designing 230 High St. His actions have triggered a convoluted legal battle and rendered the building useless.

Auckland businesses reveal the hurt behind bad online reviews video

Samir Allen is the owner of Gemmayze Street, says people writing negative reviews need to remember they were attacking ...

“Remember every time you write a negative review you are attacking someone’s business, someone’s livelihood," says Samir Allen, owner of Auckland restaurant Gemmayze Street.

'We've never seen anything like it': cost increases leave builders scrambling video

Gib, plasterboard, building supplies

Supply chain pressure and widespread inflation is ramping up the cost of building materials, putting the pinch on builders.

A simple guide to paying provisional tax

The standard method to calculate provisional tax is to take your residual income tax from the previous year and gives it ...

OPINION: If you have been running your self-employment/business for more than a year, you may even have to worry about provisional tax.

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Mike O'Donnell: The online art of a good cross-sell

Done poorly, and cross-selling it’s an annoying money grab that annoys customers and derides their choices.

OPINION: When buying plane tickets or purchasing goods online, cross-selling is a common thing to encounter, but it shouldn’t actually make customers cross.

The billions frittered on Covid support needs proper scrutiny video

Many businesses couldn’t trade because of the pandemic, depending on government money to stay afloat.

OPINION: The Government set out to save the economy with its massive Covid stimulus spending. It may have had the opposite effect.

The true reason Gib can hold New Zealand to ransom: intangible assets video

Gib board waiting to be installed.

OPINION: Arguments about whether Fletcher Building’s control of Gib constitutes a monopoly actually miss the real question: how did this situation develop?

Why do we let scammers off the hook? video

Cybercrime is the second least reported crime, the Crime and Victimisation Survey indicates.

OPINION: I’ve had dozens of calls from crooks claiming to be from “the windows department”, or “the IT service desk”. They were attempts at thefts. I reported none.


Insurance meltdown leaves US homeowners without policies and at risk video

Ferocious storms are taking their toll on the insurance market in the US states of Louisiana and Florida.

Insurers shut shop in the storm-prone US states of Louisiana and Florida, leaving thousands of people in the lurch.

'Taste of Samoa' will soon be brewed in Fiji video

'The Taste of Samoa' will now be manufactured in Fiji.

Vailima beer will soon be brewed at the company's Paradise Beverages facilities in Fiji.

Richest billionaires lose US$1.4 trillion in worst half ever video

Elon Musk still has the biggest fortune on the planet, at US$208.5b, despite losing US$62b in six months.

Elon Musk still has the biggest fortune on the planet despite losing US$62 billion in six months.

Women are using LinkedIn to share their abortion stories video

People attend an abortion-rights protest at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City after the US Supreme Court ...

LinkedIn users share deeply personal stories on the professional platform, reaching their bosses, employees, coworkers, friends and family.

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