Consumer NZ calls Instachill air cooler 'at best, pointless' in NZ climate

By pushing water into a room, evaporative coolers could compound issues with mould, Consumer New Zealand says.

Evaporative coolers push moisture into the air and are designed for deserts, not a damp climate where they could worsen mould, Consumer NZ says.

Annual inflation higher than expected at 1.4%

Banks had forecast annual inflation would dip to between 1 and 1.2 per cent.

More doubt builds that further interest rate cuts are coming as inflation tops all major forecasts.

25 year-old man jailed for more than two years for GST fraud

Falsely claiming large sums in GST refunds has resulted in a number of people being sent to prison over the years.

False claims backed up by forged documents, but department accessed the originals.

Coca-Cola to repay $7.2 million wage subsidy

Coco-Cola Amatil has announced that it will pay back the $7.2 million wage subsidy it received in 2020.

Despite a 30 per cent drop in revenue during the first lockdown, business has since recovered for the soft drink company.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare gets massive revenue boost from Covid-19

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has experienced worldwide demand for its breathing devices due to Covid-19.

The good news adds more than $1 billion to the company’s sharemarket value, but CEO warns NZ the risk from the pandemic is higher than ever.

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ANZ matches Westpac 1-year rate low, but no mortgage war expected

Two banks have lowered their one-year ‘special’ fixed rates to 2.29 per cent, with conditions.

A second major bank has lowered its one-year mortgage rate to a 2.29 per cent ‘special’, for people with at least 20% equity.

Working from home ideal for instructor

James McMahon is in his third month of operating a fitness gym at Wallacetown.

Fitness instructor James McMahon is one of a growing number of Southlanders working from home since lockdown.

'Call back in 2022': Shortage of tradies compounds with building boom video

Demand for tradespeople is currently outstripping supply.

People wanting a specific builder or refurbishment to their home are being told they may have to wait one to two years due to a lack of skilled tradespeople.

Investors buoyed by upbeat retailers

Many retailers such as The Warehouse Group have reported a strong uptick in sales following Covid-19 lockdowns.

Retail stocks gained following a slew of profit upgrades across New Zealand and Australia. “The retail environment is surprisingly strong,” said Brad Gordon, an investment adviser at Hobson Wealth Partners.

New Zealand's 10 most complained about companies

Air New Zealand cancelled thousands of flights and grounded planes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Air New Zealand topped the list in a year when it was caught off guard by Covid-19.

Women taking leap into entrepreneurship during Covid-19 era

Sarah Colcord founded New Zealand's largest Facebook Group, Chooice, and co-founded its e-commerce partner

More women are starting small businesses after wave of coronavirus-related redundancies, according to Chooice NZ founder Sarah Colcord.

It's 'game on' after Covid-19 boom video

A PikPok employee works on Agent Intercept, one of the titles from the development studios portfolio.

Gaming is set to be New Zealand's next billion-dollar industry, and Covid-19 is emerging as a serious player in that goal.

Vodafone CEO: The lessons Invercargill taught me

Vodafone chief executive Jason Paris points to his Invercargill childhood in regard to shaping him as a business leader ...

Vodafone NZ boss Jason Paris points to his Invercargill childhood when reflecting on what has shaped him; both as a father and a business leader.

Covid lockdowns, protests and election strife led to record US gun sales in 2020

Gun sales typically soar in the weeks following the election of a Democratic president, as buyers scurry to purchase ...

At gun shops across the United States, 2020 was a year of wild spikes in sales, especially to new customers anxious about the pandemic and a summer of protests.

Do property values really double every 10 years? video

The Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau saw the biggest increase in average asking price of all districts nationwide.

Conventional wisdom has it that New Zealand property values double every 10 years and new data from reveals it’s a reality for much of the country.


Fresh head of steam for Oceania

Awatere Village in Hamilton, one of Oceania Healthcare’s 44 sites around the country. The company hopes to add more than ...

Retirement village operator bounces back from from difficult Covid loss.

How much is your stolen identity worth on the dark web?

Study reveals prices paid for New Zealanders' personal data on the dark web.

Employees more hopeful about job market video

Commission halts suspected pyramid scheme video


The Squeeze: Newbie real estate agent door-knocks 800 houses for first two listings

Anshul Gupta is so excited about his first open home this weekend, he's hired a red carpet.

Anshul Gupta is so excited about his first open home this weekend, he's hired a red carpet.

Key tips for SMEs to build long-term resilience into their systems and strategies

Kunal Sawhney is founder & CEO at Kalkine and is a richly experienced and accomplished financial professional with a ...

OPINION: Covid disruptions last year unfurled a slew of opportunities for SMEs to become future-ready and set the stage for a digital revolution.

New year, new motivation - but make sure you are heading in the right direction video

Casey Eden is the co-founder of Orchestra, a centralised company and stakeholder management hub.

OPINION: Entering a new year can be a time of considerable reflection for many of us.

Boost your productivity using calendar management video

Some Waikato businesses have cut out a day of work, while others compressed their hours into four days.

OPINION: Time is one of our most precious commodities, and, failing to manage your time effectively means reaching goals too slowly or perhaps not reaching them at all.

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Canterbury liquor store baron Harjit Singh sells half his empire

25092020 NEWS Photo: STUFF
Harjit Singh is a director of Nekita Enterprises, a company that paid some of its staff less ...

Fines and negative publicity over underpaying his staff and poor record keeping are behind the sale of half of Harjit Singh’s former booze empire.

Family faces $200 rent hike for mouldy house

“I think you pay, in this case, for what you get," René Simonis said.

The house on a former factory site had holes, mould and a rotting window frame. But the landlord mooted bumping up the rent.

New opportunities to do things differently video

Resolutions today tend to be neither oaths nor religious, instead tending to be a commitment to self, centred on ...

OPINION: New year means different things to different people, but renewal is at heart for all cultures.

Crowdfunding page set up by customers of robbed cafe is 'oxygen', owner says

Rockys Restaurant & Cafe owner Rocky Warnakulasuriya with his wife, Jeevani Thusitha.

An Auckland suburb has banded together to help a cafe owner who was robbed thrice in one night.


Lure of lifestyle property strong as Kiwis chase the good life

Kiwis are heeding the call of the countryside.

Sales of lifestyle blocks in the last three months of 2020 were well up on a year ago as Kiwis sought a bit of post-lockdown space.

Queenstown's reversal of fortune video

The enduring natural appeal of Queenstown has played a part in the market’s recovery.

Property values in Queenstown were rattled by the Covid storm but new analysis by CoreLogic reveals those lockdown losses have now been recouped.

Taranaki building boom set to keep rising as consent applications increase

The number of building consents for new houses rose in Taranaki in 2020 compared to previous years.

Resource consents for new buildings and subdivisions were down in the New Plymouth district, but up regionally in 2020 from previous years.

The Fitz: An infamous past, and an uncertain future

The Fitz has fallen into disrepair while plans for the site remain uncertain.

The bar once famous for its raucous crowds and lax rules, has become an unsightly ghost, left to decay for over a decade.

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Why NZ should have a positive economic outlook for 2021

Economically New Zealand has done better than anyone could have hoped for – materially better than the most fear-filled ...

OPINION: Economically New Zealand has done better than anyone could have hoped for – materially better than the most fear-filled expectations to this point.

Property investment: the good, the bad and the downright ugly video

Simplicity chief executive Sam Stubbs.

OPINION: In a rising market, many developments can look as safe as houses — literally. But when they go bad, it’s horrible.

The US Capitol Siege has showed the importance of employee fidelity

With the US Capitol in the background, members of the National Guard change shifts as they exit through anti-scaling ...

OPINION: Deceptive behaviour breaching obligations of fidelity and good faith is likely to end in tears, whether it is committed in Washington or Wellington.

Government funds are not ‘taxpayer money’ video

Subject to the rule of law, governments can do what they choose with their money, says Jonathan Barrett.

OPINION: Media and politicians should stop confusing the two.

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Farmer fined nearly $2000 for ill-treating rodeo animals

Northland farmer Derek Robinson was convicted and fined for ill-treating cattle at a rodeo.

In the first prosecution related to rodeo, Derek Robinson has been convicted after using an electric prodder on two distressed steer.

Government considers growers' requests video

Damage from the Boxing Day hail storm was widespread, from Richmond to Riwaka.

The Government hasn't committed to any specific support for Tasman growers affected by the Boxing Day hail storm but it is considering requests, says MP Damien O'Connor.

Dairy prices surge for fifth consecutive auction

In the last four months the price of butter jumped by 44 per cent, exemplifying the overall surge in dairy prices, ...

Dairy auction prices jumped overnight posting an overall lift of 4.8 per cent.

Relief for growers as RSE workers arrive video

The RSE workers arrive just in time for the apple harvest, which begins in February.

There will be a total of 13 flights from the Pacific Islands bringing 2000 much needed horticultural workers to the country over the coming weeks.

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Council gets tough on contaminators

An example of car motor oil contaminating the recycling collected at the Waipā sorting centre in Te Awamutu.

Needles, dog poo and dirty nappies appearing on the sorting belt of the Waipā recycling centre.

Is eco-friendly gas in your home a pipe dream?

Natural gas for hobs may be replaced by a mix of biomethane and hydrogen – but demand for both could push up prices.

Electricity is an efficient and cheap replacement for natural gas. It's time to electrify every new home and building, some experts think.

Chooks dining out on unloved green-lipped mussels video

FRENZ chickens love to eat the dried mussel waste, acting like “kids with icecream” when the food arrives, Darby said.

Where mussel farmers saw rubbish, a free-range egg producer saw food for his flock. At the same time, he's making chicken feed of his carbon emissions.

2021 New Year Honours for founders of Commonsense Organics video

The founders of Commonsense Organics, Marion Wood and Jim Kebbell, have been recognised in the New Year Honours.

Marion Wood and Jim Kebbell say their MNZMs recognise the importance of organic farming in New Zealand.


Trump steps out of the White House and into a company in crisis

Donald Trump’s company is facing a deepening crisis, with key properties bleeding revenue and its bankers, lawyers and ...

Now, former US President Donald Trump returns to a business remade in the image of the country he led: Beleaguered, indebted and toxically politicised.

Judge says Amazon won't have to restore Parler web service

Amazon won’t be forced to restore web service to Parler after a federal judge ruled against a plea to reinstate the ...

In court filings, Amazon said the suspension was a “last resort” to block Parler from harbouring violent plans to disrupt the presidential transition.

Trump reveals extent of pandemic damage to business empire

Former US President Donald Trump's empire has been hit hard by coronavirus closures, with revenue from his Washington ...

Former US President Donald Trump's empire has been hit hard by coronavirus closures, with revenue from his Washington and Las Vegas hotels down by more than half.

Wall Street hits records as Donald Trump departs Washington, Joe Biden sworn in

FILE - In this Nov. 5, 2020 file photo, a sign for Wall Street is carved in the side of a building.  U.S. stocks are ...

The bump for stocks between US Election Day and Joe Biden's inauguration is bigger than Donald Trump's bump before he became US president.

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