Battle over 'field of dreams' video

Panuku Development Takapuna's indicative plans show three buildings of up to nine-storeys on the current car park site.

Auckland Council's plan to sell prime land in Takapuna is angering some of the community.

Sky: Media biased. Media: No

Sky Sports truck (generic)

Pay TV giant says media companies including TVNZ and Stuff run "every negative story they find".

'No idea' of trawler cost video

Tyler Stewart Stokes, 20, and Monique Carlaw, 22, earlier admitted lying to Talley's Fisheries about a car crash they ...

A bogus tale used to divert a fishing trawler cost $173k. They have to pay back just a fraction of that.

Kiwibank CEO departing

Paul Brock, who has headed Kiwibank since 2010, is leaving at the end of the year.

Long time boss Paul Brock set to "take a break".

Swimmable rivers pledge

Federated Farmers president Katie Milne in front of Michael Spaans, Bruce Wills, Mike Petersen, Carolyn Mortland ...

Farming leaders representing 80 per cent of the industry have pledged to make all NZ rivers swimmable.

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Engineered revamp 'goes beyond an EQC repair'.

Wiltshire Townhouses in Salisbury St are attracting a lot of interest.

Investors and owner-occupiers are beating a path to the refurbished Wiltshire Townhouses in central Christchurch.

CEO salaries no longer private

Employment lawyer Peter Cullen

OPINION: All stock exchange listed companies will be required to disclose how much they pay their chief executives from October.

Conman ruined woman's credit score

Actually, there is no form, but there is an obligation on credit reporters to correct any mistakes on your credit file.

Brooke McGregor's credit score was ruined after a thief stole her identity.

Smart meters keep your life in a box

New Zealand is well-positioned for energy innovation.

OPINION: Do you want Facebook to know your fridge isn't running well?

Hamilton business park in high demand

New units available for lease on Arthur Porter Drive.

A Waikato business park undergoing development has already sold all but two sections.

Te Rapa springs to life

Te Rapa Gateway Business Park is attracting interest from both local and out-of-town businesses.

Construction is gathering pace in Hamilton's business and industrial areas.

Renters v Landlords: the argument for regulation

Regulate landlords to end poor rental property standards, one tenant advocacy group says.

Calls for heavy-handed regulation of landlords under scrutiny.

Business not as attractive to Maori leaders

NZTA regional director Parekawhia McLean says businesses need to recognise the importance of whanau.

The profit driven culture of business is a barrier to attracting Maori leaders who prefer the community focus of iwi organisations.

Rental market not equipped for retirees: Report

People on a pension struggle when rents rise.

Kinsa Hays, 75, had never been a renter before she sold her home in Opotiki ten years ago. Now, she's struggling to find a rental property.

Co-working space with a view

Jaya Gibson, and co-owner of Ferrymead's Evil Genius cafe and workspace, Clint Selby.

Evil Genius has set up in Ferrymead premises with a combo cafe bar and co-work combo offering.

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Calls for caps on rent rises

Robert Whitaker from Renters United hopes to build a political voice for tenants.

5:00 AM  Renter advocacy group sets out a charter for change to give tenants rights to healthy, dry homes.

KiwiSaver docs still too hard

People need to know about 100 finance-related terms to understand their KiwiSaver documents - but they are a bit shorter.

Get rewarded for your opinion

Where's the 15-hour work week?

small business

Doug Robinson's dream solution for affordable lifestyle

Wanaka architect Doug Robinson in the living space of his nearly completed Tiny House.

Tiny house designer Doug Robinson is practising what he preaches about affordable living.

Barbecue-inspired restaurants to fire up

Godfrey's BBQ and Grill chef Louwie Venter, left, has been busy learning the regional recipes that general manager David ...

One is traditional American barbecue, the other South African Braai. Both come from a deep love of food.

Simple formula grows business

Robyn Day, right, with staff member Colin Walker, inside Hank's Place in Lumsden. Robyn along with her husband Darrin ...

Sometimes succeeding in business isn't rocket science - but typically it requires a similar level of dedication.

Why shoppers prefer contactless payment

To keep up with today's fast-paced way of life, shoppers are looking for convenience and security

Future-proof your business with contactless payment

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Rain helped power firms, not you

Mercury's chief executive Fraser Whineray is also backing electric cars.

Power companies have been singing in the rain, but don't expect a drop in your bill.

Ex-mayor returns to law

Julie Hardaker will specialise in employment and public law, and be involved with Mai Chen's Superdiversity Centre.

Julie Hardaker's hard at work, still - just not as the mayor of Hamilton.

Who sits on NZ's top boards?

Stock Photo - Black businessman's hand shaking white businessman's hand Image ID : 8999994
african, agreement, american, ...

Are New Zealand's highest-paying boards still pale, male and stale?

NZ's pay problem

Susan Doughty says firms have to 'peel the onion' to work out what their gender pay discrepancies are.

Gender gap is outright sexism, one lawyer says.


Battle over 'field of dreams' video

Panuku Development Takapuna's indicative plans show three buildings of up to nine-storeys on the current car park site.

Auckland Council's plan to sell prime land in Takapuna is angering some of the community.

The million-dollar market

It is not unusual for an Auckland house to cost at least $1m.

Auckland's property market slowing at the top end, too - but seven-figure sales growing elsewhere.

Compo win for renters

A landlord has been rapped over the knuckles by the Tenancy Tribunal for his tardiness in fixing a hole in  the bathroom ...

Their landlord ignored their complaints about their damp and dangerous home.

$6m - for the section

32 Rawene Avenue: A doer-upper for as much as $6m.

Auckland property picked to sell for top dollar, but the new owner is expected to simply bowl the house and build afresh.

opinion & analysis

Don't sass me, Siri

Artificial intelligence may replace some human roles in business.

OPINION: AI interacts with us well beyond just gathering our data and pumping out targeted content.

AI is coming for your job

Experts predict that AI will be able to drive a truck by 2027, work in retail by 2031, and work as a surgeon by 2053.

OPINION: Artificial intelligence is a threat to our jobs, regardless of whether you're blue collar or white collar.

Asia - it’s time to think ahead

Mandarin language at Carncott School.
Carncott school has devoted lots of ...

OPINION: Young New Zealanders need to know how important Asia will be to their futures.

The perils of procrastination

Thinking of your future self is an important part of financial planning.

OPINION: Most of us know what we have to do – it's just we cannot or will not do it.


'Violence and cruelty'

The tails of an unknown number of cows were broken by a Temuka farmer, who didn't obtain any medical help to treat their ...

Farmer broke tails of cows, punched them, and struck them with a pipe, a court has heard.

Buyers lining up for deer farms

Canterbury deer farms are in high demand.

The demand for deer farms in Canterbury cannot be met.

Lincoln research centre starts

An artists' impression of the first stage of the Lincoln Hub

Work begins on $206 million world class facility at Lincoln University.

Muddy for Canterbury farmers

Feds national meat and fibre chairman Miles Anderson is well through lambing.

Farmers calving and lambing have struck muddy paddocks in South Canterbury.


Trump eyes Afghanistan riches

A US helicopter flies near the new-found gold mine site in Nor Aaba, Takhar Province, Afghanistan (file photo).

US president's plans to use some of the country's US$1 trillion in mineral wealth to pay for the war are unlikely to happen.

Claim that Nestle spring water isn't video

Nestle's Poland Spring water.

At least one of the firm's US water sites is near a current or former landfill, according to a lawsuit.

Killer crocs on hit list


"Problem" crocs up to 6m long with a taste for fishermen are fair game, Malaysia rules.

Trump's next battle looms

US President Donald Trump's demands to fund his border wall with Mexico may complicate efforts to raise the debt ceiling.

The US President isn't exactly winning friends in Congress - and he's going to need them very soon.

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