Solar power pays off ... in 24 years video

Consumer NZ tested households in Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Christchurch.

You might wait a while to recoup the benefits of installing solar panels.

Tax explainer: capital gains tax

31082018 News Photo:?Abigail Dougherty/Stuff. Sir Michael Cullen, Chairman of the Tax Working Group, leading the TWG ...

Tax could raise almost $6b, assuming property and shares values continue to climb.

$450m wiped off A2 Milk

Selling for $3.99 a litre, A2 milk is the highest priced on supermarket shelves.

The value of A2 Milk Company has plunged by $450m in a day after the boss sells all her shares for $4.36m.

NZ cops probe strawberry needle

Police on high alert for any reports of strawberry needles, as Strawberry Growers NZ chief stresses it's an Australian issue.

Mince recall over rogue phone

The meat recalled involves lamb, chicken, beef, prime beef and pork mince packed on September 22.

Batches of meat at an Auckland supermarket recalled after phone falls in mincer.

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Billions lost from ban

Energy Minister Megan Woods has introduced legislation to Parliament to give effect to the Government's decision to ...

Official advice warns of billions in lost revenue from decision to ban new offshore oil exploration.

Ex-Chch mayor being sued

Former Christchurch Mayor Garry Moore denies his comments in two interviews were defamatory.

Senior Christchurch council manager seeks six-figure sum over claim former mayor defamed him in water chlorination interviews.

Customer's pod concern

Lynda Trimboy was not happy with the container.

A woman says a promotional container - or 'pod' - from New World shattered as she was putting a salad into it.

What it takes to buy in Auckland

Average property values in Auckland have crossed the $1 million mark.

Climbing the property ladder in Auckland is no easy feat - we break down how much it costs the average earner.

Law firm investigating partner

Russell McVeagh chairman Malcolm Crotty. (File photo)

Russell McVeagh partner banned from work following inappropriate comments at a client event.

Turners & Growers workers on strike

First Union Palmerston North organiser Dereck Picking, far left, lead the picket outside Turners & Growers on Mihaere ...

Nationwide, 100 Turners & Growers staff went on 24-hour strike for a living wage.

Steel inquiry risks Chinese tension

China produces about half the world's steel, sparking concerns in many markets, including the US.

A court ruling on Chinese steel exports to New Zealand threatens to remain a sore point for diplomats.

Potential windfall for building owners

The government could lose $1.2 billion in tax revenue a year if it allows depreciation again on commercial, industrial, ...

The Tax Working Group is considering bringing back depreciation deductions for certain buildings.

Appeal on Tenancy Tribunal tangle

Two High Court judges are split on the significance of houses and flats not being fully legal. (File photo)

What happens when a tenant is in an "illegal" property? Judges disagree, so one tenant is planning an appeal.

Council against centralised systems

A broken pipe cut water to thousands of New Plymouth residents after ex-cyclone Gita felled a tree onto the pipe.

NPDC may lose control of its water assets to the government, potentially sharing a provider with Waikato.

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KiwiWealth launches robo adviser video

While it is nice to think of a robo adviser having physical form, like these children's toy robots, the reality is robo ...

Roboadvice has finally become a reality in New Zealand.

The world's dumbest prejudice

OPINION: Most prejudices involve an aversion to "otherness". Ageism is prejudice against your future self.

What millionaires have in common

Govt must take action before we're uninsurable


Appeal on Tenancy Tribunal tangle

Two High Court judges are split on the significance of houses and flats not being fully legal. (File photo)

What happens when a tenant is in an "illegal" property? Judges disagree, so one tenant is planning an appeal.

Inside Auckland's luxury apartments video

The Satori lounge is one of the large communal areas at the development.

Solar power, a 'winter garden' and a media room awaits apartment-buyers with a cool $1 million to spare.

Fake sparky, good reviews

Some of Pritesh's electrical work.

He endangered people in Christchurch with his faulty wiring, then he moved to Auckland and posed as an electrician.

KiwiBuild - the new Lotto? video

The ballot is open for KiwiBuild houses in South Auckland.

Those who get in may be set for life. The rest of us, not so much.

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Welcoming the easy riders

Motorcycle tourism is an untapped market in New Zealand, Bruce Cotterill says.

OPINION: New Zealand needs to open the throttle on motorcycle tourism.

Beating the October hoodoo

The bull market is getting long in the tooth.

OPINION: Superstition would suggest now is the time to sell shares. But would that be a mistake?

Trade war is in full swing

Shamubeel Eaqub: "The US is treating trade negotiations like a high stakes poker game. But don't expect China to fold."

OPINION: The escalating trade war between the US and China presents opportunities for New Zealand.

A wedding, or a house deposit?

Hannah McQueen: Don't start married life in debt.

OPINION: Never borrow money to pay for your 'big day'.

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