Hands off our free money

When Michael Cullen was finance minister, he knew CGT was a CDW – certain death wish, writes Duncan Garner.

11:14 AM  OPINION: There's a really simple reason why a conga line of former finance ministers didn't introduce a capital gains tax.

Late dismissal claim quashed

SaveMart director Thomas Doonan claims Leanne Tiraha was fired because she refused to follow instructions.

11:13 AM  Worker raised a personal grievance claim too late because she feared she had contracted Aids at work.

Lime e-scooter trial extension slammed

Lime scooters have proven hugely popular since being launched in Auckland and Christchurch in October.

Council's earlier decision to extend Lime scooter licence attacked after they're pulled off streets due to a glitch.

End money fights

People have different tolerances for debt and risk-taking.

OPINION: Here's how to solve your relationship money conflicts.

Shares and the CGT video

Private investors in listed shares could be paying almost $1.3 billion in extra tax annually by 2030 and NZX chief ...

Tax that lowers participation by private investors, 'last thing' stock market needs, says NZX boss.


Kiwibank 'getting a bargain' from Facebook

Kiwibank is donating to support Mike King's charitable work.

Kiwis flock to support campaign - but who's really winning?

Hidden camera listing axed

Customer gets a refund after finding spying lightbulb.

CGT shouldn't apply to businesses

CGT: Higher rents, lower prices

small business

Alcohol, landbanking and other tax targets

Apart from carbon taxes, the group stopped short of hard recommendations on environmental taxes.

We know what the Tax Working Group thinks about property, but what about vacant houses, gig workers, the environment and sugar?

Family life over city success

The new store is influenced by the families travels in America.

Craig and Jo Baylis were both working in Auckland and had au-pairs raising their kids. Attending a funeral changed that.

Bakery ordered to pay $115k, in liquidation

La Wheat Limited bakeries owned by Wannakawatta Waduge Janaka Sujeewa Fernando and Arumadura Udeni LakmalI Fernando ...

The exploited workers won their case, but now the company that owes them $115,000 is in voluntary liquidation.

Boutique towns could be saved

David Wiseman's iconic Feilding Hotel has stood on the corner of Manchester St and Kimbolton Rd since 1875.

Government offers lifeline to owners of heritage listed earthquake-prone buildings.

better business

Man fired for having a seizure video

Ashley Wakeham was hospitalised just two days after agreeing to a verbal contract.

Ashley Wakeham was promised $100k to work for a removal firm. Two days later, he fell ill.

Affordable houses in factory move

The vision is reported to involve building hundreds of homes priced within a factory worker's reach. (File pic)

Sleepyhead workers can't buy a house in Auckland, so the company looks to Waikato.

Power trust looks local

WEL Energy Trust chairman Mark Ingle (file photo).

WEL Energy Trust signals plan to pump more money into regional projects.

Boutique laundry lauds ozone power

Tendercare’s managing director Philippa Lewis has introduced an innovative laundry system that uses ozone gas.

Ozone doesn’t just protect you from the sun. It also whitens whites and brightens colours.


CGT: Higher rents, lower prices

Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens said a capital gains tax make home ownership more affordable and would ...

"Strong impact" on housing market predicted.

Big property big tax bill?

Any land over ''the size of a rugby field'' will pay capital gains tax, says Federated Farmers.

If you own a lifestyle block, The Tax Working Group proposal may impact you.

$4100 bond, no house video

Keyah-Leigh and Oscar February are still looking for somewhere to live.

Aucklander charged a $4140 bond for a house that was rented to someone else.

Billion-dollar tax bill video

A broad capital gains tax could cost the commercial property sector "billions", the Property Council of New Zealand warns.

Tax Working Group proposal could put "a brake" on commercial property sales and upgrades.

opinion & analysis

Something rotten with the state of building

Liability for much of New Zealand's leaky homes debacle was dumped on councils.

OPINION: The leaky homes scandal was an education in mismanagement on a grand scale, writes Andrew Bydder.

Business against capital gains tax

Kirk Hope: "Businesses in New Zealand already face a higher corporate tax rate with fewer exemptions than businesses in ...

OPINION: If the Tax Working Group proposals are implemented innovation, growth and jobs would be weakened.

Our expensive European car

Used Japanese domestic imported vehicles are not usually handpicked by the manufacturer specifically for the New Zealand ...

Should we have been warned about problems overseas?

Cullen's great idea

Before he outlined the recommendations of his report, Sir Michael Cullen acknowledged that when he was Labour's finance ...

OPINION: As finance minister, Sir Michael Cullen never spoke once in support of CGT. The Government should think about why.

nz farmer

New tax no joy for farmers

Sir Michael Cullen presents the findings of the Tax Working Group.

OPINION: Other countries with a productive agricultural sector don't have these taxes so why should we?

Does China love us?

Christchurch's lantern festival celebrates New Zealand/China links.

A China-NZ business forum has been held in Christchurch. Were there be fireworks?

Gore farm machinery company fined

Gore District Court

A Gore farm machinery company's lack of effective repairs to a tractor has resulted in a substantial fine and reparations to an injured farm worker.

Biosecurity funding reviewed

Queensland fruit fly in Devenport

The Government is seeking advice on levies as the means to fund biosecurity.


Michael Jackson estate sues for $147m

Michael Jackson during the Singapore-stop of his HIStory tour in October 1996.

Musician's estate sues HBO over film about two men who accuse the late pop superstar of molesting them when they were boys.

China targets Aussie coal

China has reportedly banned imports of Australian coal through Dalian port.

Minister denies diplomatic tensions are behind coal scrap that has hit the Aussie dollar.

Facebook lets ads target neo-Nazis

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The company admits its human moderators should have removed the Nazi-affiliated ...

Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis - and let advertisers target them directly.

NAB boss gets $1m exit pay

NAB chief Andrew Thorburn is leaving the bank at the end of February.

When he leaves, the CEO also gives up the chance to reap up to almost A$22m worth of shares.

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