'Ultimate ACC claim': Christchurch daredevil combines fireworks with Lime e-scooter

A person combines a Lime scooter and fireworks for what one Facebook user described as the "ultimate ACC claim"

A would-be daredevil in Christchurch has celebrated Guy Fawkes by riding a Lime e-scooter with fireworks shooting off the back.

The explosive video, posted to Facebook page Limes in Weird Places, shows the man speeding down a quiet suburban street, sparks flying from the fireworks secured to the back of the e-scooter.

One person commented: "Fireworks mixed with lime scooters it's like the ultimate ACC claim".

Another person commented on the post saying the rider was one of the only people they had seen using a helmet. According to a witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, safety precautions were taken for the stunt.

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"I can tell you the guy doing it was wearing full fireproof race gear right down to balaclava and gloves and they had plenty of spotters around picking the right time," the witness said.

A person who witnessed the stunt said the man took safety precautions.
A person who witnessed the stunt said the man took safety precautions.

A Lime spokeswoman said the majority of users respected the scooters, which the company encouraged people to treat as if they were their own vehicle.

"Pages like 'Limes in Weird Places' exist because cases like these are uncommon, with less than 1 per cent of the scooters in our global fleet subjected to vandalism," she said.

Lime this week announced a new campaign to encourage people to ride responsibly and safely, including giving out free helmets to a limited number of people that signed a "respect the ride" pledge.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) fire risk management officer Wayne Hamilton said it was disappointing to see fireworks used in such a manner.

"This practical stunt could have ended badly with serious injuries. FENZ wants to remind the public when using fireworks to operate them safely and with maturity," he said.

Lime, a United States company which has attracted investment from Uber and Google Ventures, launched in New Zealand last month, rolling out hundreds of e-scooters in Auckland and Christchurch.

The scooters, which can be used on the footpath or road, have a top speed of 27kmh and a 48km range. Riders must be 18-years-old to use them, and a helmet is recommended, but not required. 

Since the launch, there has been extensive discussion about safety issues and injuries. There have been 57 ACC claims for injuries associated with e-scooters in Auckland and 32 in Christchurch since October 14.

Lacerations and puncture injuries made up the largest diagnosis group, followed by soft tissue injuries, including sprains and strains. There was a total of 171 claims associated with fireworks last year.

ACC senior injury prevention specialist Kirsten Malpas said e-scooters were an innovative solution to modern commuting challenges.

"Wearing a helmet, limiting speed, keeping to road rules are the best ways to keep safe," she said.