2298 beds short for harvest

About 465 hectares of new cherry trees will be planted across Central Otago in the next four to five years - a 56 per ...

Hundreds of hectares of new cherry trees will be planted in Central Otago, but there may not be enough beds for all the workers needed to harvest them.

Strawberry season takes shape

Farm manager Hannah Thomas says she would have to walk around with a paint brush and pollinate the flowers by hand if it ...

Strawberry farm ships in team of North Island bumble bees to help pollinate flowers and achieve that perfect strawberry shape.

Why 100,000 lambs died

A young lamb struggles in wet cold conditions.

Sometimes there's little farmers can do when a major storm sweeps in.

Plant professor adds science to wine

A bud burst on one of the vines at the Marlborough Research Centre, in Blenheim.

A new wine research centre in Blenheim has appointed a Lincoln University professor to help shape the centre's science programme.

Bad news for fussy eaters

Lower prices for broccoli helped pull overall food prices down in August.

In a blow to children around the country, broccoli prices are falling.

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Thieves target farm fuel


Higher petrol prices deal a double blow to farmers, with a quarter having had fuel stolen.

Polluter fines small

Of the 33 prosecutions initiated by the Waikato Regional Council for breaches of the Resource Management Act between ...

Waikato's polluters are being ordered to pay a fraction of what they could be ordered to under the law.

Keen on quinoa

Quinoa is a seed that has been a staple food in South America for 5000 years.

Hamish and Kate Dunlop farm sheep, cattle and now quinoa, commercially.

MPI: no needle-spiked strawberries imported here

A Queensland man posted this photo of a strawberry with a needle in it after reporting his friend swallowed one.

But New Zealand supermarkets will stop importing Australian strawberries as a precaution.

Maple syrup industry 'possible and promising'

Maple sap is often collected through tubes in industrial operations in North America.

About 40 litres of maple sap make 1 litre of maple syrup.

Big fert accused of dirty tactics

Prilled urea in wetted form and treated with urease inhibitor is applied to a farm in Waikato.

It looks like a kid's slushy and is touted as the answer to our nitrogen problem. But is big business hobbling it to protect profits?

187,000t of nitrogen in waterways

A creek opposite the Fonterra factory in Clandeboye.

NZ is hooked on synthetic nitrogen, which boosts grass growth. Our waterways are paying the price.

Sri Lankans boycott NZ butter

Anchor butter sold in Sri Lanka includes English, Mandarin and Sinhala but not Tamil on its packaging.

Sri Lankans spread anti-Anchor butter messages on social media following packaging controversy.

Burnout in the milking sheds

Federated Farmers Manawatū/Rangitīkei dairy section chairman Murray Holdaway said a labour crisis was forcing farmers to ...

Dairy farmers are battling to find staff, with some working an extra 10 hours a week.

Red meat exports riding high

Sheep and beef farm profits are tipped to decline in the coming year as rising costs outweigh higher meat prices.

Both beef and lamb exports are set to top $3 billion for the second year in a row but farmers are unlikely to see the profits.

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