Positive signs for good lambing

South Canterbury farmers are hoping for a good scanning over the next few weeks.

Everything is pointing to a good lambing, but farmers nervously wait for scanning time.

Rules for bobby calves

Federated farmers Dairy Industry Group chairman Andrew Hoggard says farmers need to be aware of their obligations when ...

There has been a lot of talk around the bobby calf regulations - and some confusion as well.

New immigration policy will help farmers

Thousands of migrant workers will benefit from the new policy.

Dairy farmers in regions such as Southland where there is a shortage of workers and it is difficult to attract and retain employees, will have continued access to migrant labour after following the introduction of Immigration New Zealand's new policy.

A $6/kg treble is on the cards

The really good news is dairy prices have risen some really tough years.

Will we see a $6 treble for beef, dairy and lamb this year?

Will Big Data make a Big Difference?

Big Data is the name for the large amount of data collected throughout the 'information technology' society.

Big Data. A Big Difference or no Big Deal for New Zealand dairy farmers?

Irrigator group reaches out to urbanites

Elizabeth Soal says there seems to be a widening gap between rural and urban communities and social media has the ...

Ever wanted to know something about farming but didn't know how to get the answer? 

Secrecy shrouds new lamb brand

South Canterbury stud sheep breeder believes Headwaters science should be shared with all.

Headwaters ram breading operation should be sharing its research with all farmers.

Tips for managing winter soils

Ensuring the right class of stock is being grazed on the right country helps prevent erosion.

Soil degradation caused by leaving stock on soggy paddocks is a problem that can be avoided.

Winter's chill poses extra risks for water

Feedpads and animal housing are options for protecting soil physical structure over wet periods. Bala Tikkisetty says.

Putting cows on feedpads over winter can reduce pugging of soils and runoff into rivers.

Illegal release threat to new rabbit virus

High country farmers are hoping for a big clearance of rabbit numbers when a new virus strain arrives.

Andrew Simpson of Federated Farmers is urging people to be patient and wait for the new rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

English leicester still has what it takes

David Bennett with his english leicester ewes. The breed has been in New Zealand for more than 150 years.

The english leicester sheep breed is on the decline in New Zealand, but still has a fan base.

Supplements increase total profit

Good quality well-managed pasture is an excellent feed for dairy cows - if only cows could graze more of it, says Howard ...

Using supplements to maximise our competitive advantage of cheap surplus protein in pasture makes perfect economic sense, says a consultant.

Understanding base and marginal milk

Farmers should maximise their overall profitability, not focusing solely on reducing costs per milksolid.

Dairy nutrionist Howard de Klerk wants to correct a misperception.

More milk to come from north

Extra milk needed by the world is likely to come from the northern hemisphere.

New Zealand will struggle to be a significant player in dairy demand in next five years.

NZ honey is the real deal

A target has been set of $1.2 billion export revenue for manuka honey alone by 2028.

Tests have been developed to prove manuka honey is the real McCoy.

Halfbred wool market volatile

Stonyhurst, from North Canterbury, runs 10,000 halfbred sheep and nearly 40 per cent of the farm's sheep income comes ...

The coarser end of halfbred wool has slipped back in value since the highs of the last couple of years.

No excuses, farmers can recycle

Robert McCarthy, left, Chris Hartshorne and Grant McCarthy with the new truck dedicated to Plasback collection.

Two companies are making it easy for farmers to recycle plastic waste and dispose of unwanted chemicals.

Corriedales shine in arid conditions

Four wheel drive vehicles negotiate a farm track on the Marble Point Corriedale field day. The property runs 3000 ...

Central Otago should be more of a home for corriedales, says Peter McCusker.

Pasture is an excellent feed, unless you mismanage it

Pasture is a very high quality, balanced feed, unless you mismanage it by leaving high post-grazing residuals.

Don't listen to the naysayers, pasture is a good feed for dairy cows, says John Roche.

Technology tidal wave striking farmers

Guest speaker Pat Gunston from Australia says farmers face a revolution in technology.

Farmers face a raft of new technology that could help farming.

Does robotic milking compute?

DairyNZ scientist Brian Dela Rue is part of team that has been researching and studying precision dairy and says clever ...

Clever robotics can help farmers work smarter not harder, very few farms have this state-of-the-art technology.

Grazing beyond the third leaf

A: Overgrazing caused by second graze

Could farm risk and debt be reduced by grazing beyond the third leaf, asks John King.

Too soon for the robot milker?

De Laval's automatic milking rotary (AMR) on a farm in Tasmania.

DairyNZ scientist Brian Dela Rue takes a closer look at farmer-less milking, where cows move quietly and efficiently through robotic milking machines.

Caring for cows on crop

Wintering cows on crops can be challenging - especially during wet periods.

Wintering cows on crops is a common strategy to help keep cows in good condition, but as some of you may have experienced, it comes with its challenges during periods of wet weather.

Guns a key in farm suicide

Suicide rates are higher in rural than in urban areas.

A broken relationship, drink and a gun are a fatal combination for some young male farmers, the first study into the problem reveals.

Wanted: naughty pukekos

Who was behind the Massey vegetable attack? Pukekos.

Massey University takes action to deal with pesky pukekos, as birds uproot kumara crops.

Dealing with those tricky disputes

South Canterbury sheep breeder Ike Williams was  a lawyer in a former life.

Ike Williams was a lawyer in a previous life. Here he gives advice to farmers on those tricky disputes.

New Hurunui role from regulatory chaos

Three years ago dryland sheep and beef farmers in the Hurunui region were being asked to limit increases in their ...

The Hurunui District Landcare Group (HDLG) has a new coordinator in Josh Brown.

Doubling up on quads

Firth of Thames farmer Steve Knudsen developed the quad roll-over protective system (QUADROPS) after two scares.

Rule change acknowledges that passengers are carried on quad bikes, but says the vehicles aren't designed for it.

Mentoring offers couple work-life balance

Ashburton dairy farmers Hayden and Line Ferriman have new found time for each other and their new baby with the help of ...

A young dairy farming couple with a new baby has found a balance between work and life through a mentoring service.

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