Farmers pledge swimmable rivers

Federated Farmers president Katie Milne in front of Michael Spaans, Bruce Wills, Mike Petersen, Carolyn Mortland ...

Farming leaders representing 80 per cent of the industry have pledged to make all New Zealand rivers swimmable, although they don't say how or by when.

Riparian planting no silver bullet

DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle says dairy farmers have invested a "huge effort" in planting alongside rivers and streams.

River side plantings have their limitations on farms.

Detecting heat in cows

Bill Aubrey was looking to improve heat detection accuracy to maximise use of high quality genetics during mating.

Technological advancements allow easier detection of cows in heat for better breeding.

MPI develop animal welfare app

MPI has developed a new app for use on the farm.

Should that animal be transported? MPI have developed an app to help you decide.

How grazing data can help you make more green

The feed wedge is a graphical display of per paddock pasture cover. Most products will feature these but some are better ...

DairyNZ scientist Callum Eastwood has been watching the grass software grow and has some tips for harvesting the benefits.

How to improve cow health

The Tow and Fert is unique in the field of fertiliser application.

Tow and Fert applications gives farmers better value for money.

Haka farm finishes 14,500 lambs on chicory

Ewes and lambs graze chicory with red and white clover on Caberfeidh, in Hakataramea Valley.

Caberfeidh Station in the Hakataramea Valley is proving its worth fattening lambs for the Omega Lamb Project.

Selenium for animal health

West Southland farmer Hayden McKenzie prefers selenium prills as they're safe, easy and efficient.

Small inputs can make a big difference to your farm results.

Top agri-businesses find their feet

Stu Bradbury with his dog Clay in his workshop on his farm in Colyton. Bradbury runs the agri-business start-up, Sprout ...

Agri-businesses are sprouting in Palmerston North.

Calving - getting the basics right

Calving cows go through three stages of labour


Farmers ‘heartened’ by water quality improvements

Adam Duker, DairyNZ lower North Island catchment engagement leader says improving water quality is not just the ...

Dairy farmers have been working to improve water quality, but many often don't get to see the results of their efforts away from their farms and downstream.

Preventing burnout during calving

DairyNZ Wellness and Wellbeing Programme leader  Dana Carver shares her tips for getting through calving.

Calving is one of the busiest times of year on farm, but it's one of my favourites.

Trace Minerals – How Much is Enough?

Trace elements should not be treated as a magic bullet, instead they should be part of a complete diet for good health ...

Evaluation of what is adequate is generally based on population sample analysis of large numbers of animals or people that are not actually dead or dying, and the resultant levels are deemed adequate.  In other words, the lower levels recorded on your laboratory tests mean you will not die of deficiency diseases.

Snow on way but not severe

John Parks' property on the Taieri Plains is 90 per cent covered in water.

Another chill southerly is due to close the week, but it will be more a boon to skiers than burden to farmers.

Weeds: counting the cost

The cost of the giant buttercup to the dairy industry could be as high as $592 million a year if it spread across its ...

New Zealand's farms and forests could be even more productive if it weren't for weeds.

Crackdown on animal abuse

The Government, officials and farmers are hoping there will not be a repeat of last year's controversy over bobby calf ...

Greater fines and more prosecutions will result when new animal welfare rules are introduced next year.

Farm workers high accident rate

Most farm accidents involve vehicles, animals or slips and falls, says WorkSafe manager Al McCone.

Farmers need to involve their workers in decisions around the farm to help cut down accident rates.

Once-day-milking more popular

A once-a-day milking discussion group led by Dairy NZ regional manager James Muwunganirwa.

Dairy farmers are more keen about once a day milking.

Environment rules playing bigger part in farm sales

Farm buyers will have to undergo due diligence on a property's environmental credentials to help asses a farm's ...

Present and future environmental protection rules, whatever their final shape, are increasingly being taken account when buying and selling farms.

Proper pasture management critical for spring

Farmers need to start thinking about pasture management now in order to get themselves ready for spring.

Proper pasture management is critical to starting spring on the right foot.

Positive signs for good lambing

South Canterbury farmers are hoping for a good scanning over the next few weeks.

Everything is pointing to a good lambing, but farmers nervously wait for scanning time.

Rules for bobby calves

Federated farmers Dairy Industry Group chairman Andrew Hoggard says farmers need to be aware of their obligations when ...

There has been a lot of talk around the bobby calf regulations - and some confusion as well.

New immigration policy will help farmers

Thousands of migrant workers will benefit from the new policy.

Dairy farmers in regions such as Southland where there is a shortage of workers and it is difficult to attract and retain employees, will have continued access to migrant labour after following the introduction of Immigration New Zealand's new policy.

A $6/kg treble is on the cards

The really good news is dairy prices have risen some really tough years.

Will we see a $6 treble for beef, dairy and lamb this year?

Will Big Data make a Big Difference?

Big Data is the name for the large amount of data collected throughout the 'information technology' society.

Big Data. A Big Difference or no Big Deal for New Zealand dairy farmers?

Irrigator group reaches out to urbanites

Elizabeth Soal says there seems to be a widening gap between rural and urban communities and social media has the ...

Ever wanted to know something about farming but didn't know how to get the answer? 

Secrecy shrouds new lamb brand

South Canterbury stud sheep breeder believes Headwaters science should be shared with all.

Headwaters ram breading operation should be sharing its research with all farmers.

Tips for managing winter soils

Ensuring the right class of stock is being grazed on the right country helps prevent erosion.

Soil degradation caused by leaving stock on soggy paddocks is a problem that can be avoided.

Winter's chill poses extra risks for water

Feedpads and animal housing are options for protecting soil physical structure over wet periods. Bala Tikkisetty says.

Putting cows on feedpads over winter can reduce pugging of soils and runoff into rivers.

Illegal release threat to new rabbit virus

High country farmers are hoping for a big clearance of rabbit numbers when a new virus strain arrives.

Andrew Simpson of Federated Farmers is urging people to be patient and wait for the new rabbit haemorrhagic disease.

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