Beating the bugs brought by tourists

Tourists naive about biosecurity risks try to bring in food and other banned items.

While we welcome foreign tourists, we'd much rather they arrived minus bugs, banned food, or other nasties.

Farming lifestyle not for faint hearted

Farming can be a rewarding business if you are prepared to work hard, Lyn Webster says.

Earning a living is not the only reason people choose to farm, Lyn Webster says.

Canty farmers on lookout for leased land

Farmers with shares in an irrigation scheme may lease their land to use shares.

Demand is rising for Canterbury leased land, particularly for dairy support.

More lambs this spring

There should be between 5-10 per cent more lambs this spring.

Prospects for the red meat sector this season look promising.

'Cheeky' Aus mānuka move

The mānuka plant which provides honey is a New Zealand and Australian native, but who has rights to the mānuka honey term?

What's in a name? In the case of mānuka honey, a lot of money.

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