Research revives dry aging of meat

University of Otago meat researcher Tanyaradzwa Mungure, whose work reviving ancient techniques to enhance meat flavour ...

Dry aging meat concentrates the flavour. Rob Tipa reports on a scientist who is working on an electrifying new aspect.

Mānuka joins water battle 

Mānuka and kānuka seem to have an inhibiting effect on the microbes in the soil that mediate the nitrogen cycle

Planting mānuka could reduce the impacts of farming on waterways, research shows.

New tech to measure pastures

Plenty of farmers are still using the trusty plate meter, but for those who are keen on automating or exploring other ...

With drones, satellites and aerial surveying used for crop monitoring, why not measure pasture from the skies?

Streamlining farm gate to plate

Farmers can now send off their electronic Animal Status Declarations the night before livestock are collected, with any ...

Real-time proof of meat origins will give confidence to overseas customers and at the same time streamline farmers' work

Endless possibilities of meat

Mustafa Farouk created excitement at last year's Fieldays with his Meat Lover's Chocolate.

Jenna Heller talks to the scientist who came up with meat chocolate and who says meat is more than just a steak on a plate.

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