Wool market's woes ease

Wool prices have yet to reach a stage for farmers to break out in smiles.

Better wool prices have yet to reach a stage for farmers to break out in smiles.

Lamb prices jump $5-$10

Top prime lambs made up to $188 in a rising market.

Heavy lambs rise $5

Heavy lambs were particularly in demand and made high prices.

Heavy lambs made an extra $5 at Christchurch livestock sales.

Wool prices rebound from low

The party streamers aren't out yet but farmers are more upbeat about better wool prices.

Wool agents are relieved rather than rejoicing about better prices.

Heavy lambs ease $2-$3 at Coalgate

The prime lamb pens were a mixed bag with heavier lambs down $2-$3 and the rest even with last week.

Top lambs reach $170 as heavy lambs soften $2-$3 at Coalgate.

Prime lambs peak at $183

The lamb and ewe markets were steady from last last week.

Ashburton lambs led the market, making $183 a head.

Ewes in scarce supply

Ewes were in short supply at Christchurch livestock sales.

Prime ewes were few to be seen at Christchurch livestock sales.

Lamb prices rise $2-$3

Prime ewes had a solid sale as the market lifted for most lambs.

The lamb market rose at Coalgate wit the exception of heavier lambs.

Top lambs make up to $180

The ewe pens didn't have the big "bomber'' ewes that reached $201 per head previously.

Prime lambs made as much as $180 at the Coalgate sale.

Prime lambs make up to $178

Prime lamb values were steady this week.

Heavy lambs reach $178 at Christchurch livestock sales.

Crossbred wool slump bottoms out

Crossbred wool prices have taken a turn for the better.

It's taken a long time but crossbred wool prices appear to have stopped falling.

Prime ewes hit $200 at Coalgate

Top prime lambs making $172 were eclipsed by a strong showing in the ewe market.

The $200 mark was reached for the first time this season for prime ewes at Coalgate.

Ewe prices nudge ahead

Ewe sellers would have few complaints about a rising market.

Prime ewes had a slight lift in prices at Christchurch livestock sales.

Price gulf between fine and strong wool

The wool market was up for fine wool and down for crossbred fleece.

Sheep farmers gloomy about crossbred prices had something to cheer after strong bidding for finer wools.

Cream of prime ewes make $199

The ewe market had a solid sale with some ewes reaching to $199.

A pen of poll dorset ewes reached $199 a head at Coalgate.

Pilot team tackles food service opportunities

Alliance Group general manager of sales Murray Brown.

Alliance Group has launched a pilot programme in UK targeting high-end restaurants and hotels in a bid to generate more revenue.

Lamb prices scale to $176

The prime lamb market was steady at Christchurch  with unchanged values.

Bidders paid up to $176 for the best Christchurch lambs.

Lambs ease $2-$3

Prime lamb prices eased at Coalgate.

Prime lamb prices couldn't match a previous strong sale at Coalgate.

Velvet prices dismal' for farmers

Colyton farmer Craig Hocken next to velvet stags on his farm.

Deer farmers hope last season's low velvet prices were a one-off.

Bidding peaks at $184 for lambs

Solid bidding for prime ewes was sustained with a pen of big ewes reaching $194 per head.

Top lambs earned bids ranging from $160-$184 at Coalgate.

Final bid $171 for heavy lambs

Ewe prices were unchanged at Christchurch sales.

Bidding reached $171 for the top prime lambs at the Christchurch sale.

Punt pays off to get onto deer board

Geraldine deer farmer Kris Orange has been elected to the board of Deer Industry New Zealand.

South Canterbury deer farmer Kris Orange has been elected to the Deer Industry New Zealand board.

Top ewes near $200 mark

Prime ewes were in demand with the market rising $2-$3 from last week.

So close - a pen of prime ewes nearly made $200 at Christchurch livestock sales.

Heavy lambs up $3 to reach $168

Heavy lambs came in for spirited bidding.

Cheviot lambs topped the prime lamb market at $168 each at Christchurch sales.

Stockyard-topping lambs make $170

The ewe market was steady with top ewes not reaching the peak of previous weeks.

Top prime lambs ranged from $155-$170 at the Coalgate livestock sale.

Ewe market peaks at $176

Prime ewes continued to sell well with only heavy ewes easing in price.

Heavy ewe prices go back a bit, but still reach high of $176.

Ewe prices ease slightly

Ewe prices came off their good run.

Ewe prices ease slightly

Wool prices unravel

Farmers are not always covering their costs for shearing their sheep.

There's no easy fix to the wool industry which is in a trough following low demand and the inroads of synthetics.

Tough end to wool season

Hollow demand for crossbred wool is not helping sheep farmers.

Wool prices fell at the last Christchurch sale of the season

First chilled meat for China

A consumer in a Beijing supermarket shopping for frozen meat. New Zealand chilled meat will soon be available.

Chinese consumers will soon have the option of choosing New Zealand chilled meat - but it will be more expensive than frozen.

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