Super hens or old-fashioned girls?

What's the best hen for you? An old-fashioned breed, or something new and improved?

There are the super-efficient commercial hens, or the heritage birds with colour and longevity, but how do you know which bird best suits you?

How to grow tequila

Terry Knight at the launch of his Te Kiwi Blue Agave at Nicola's Cantina.

The plants really want to hurt you, the harvest is carried out by digger, then chainsaw, you cook the heart out of it for three days, but the end result is worth toasting. 

20 ways to use up 3 common kitchen scraps

The skins of citrus are usually thrown away but you can turn them into a whole range of useful edibles.

These common leftovers often get tossed into the compost bin, but there are plenty of useful and delicious things you can do with them instead.

Finding the right vehicle for the block

A beautiful new ute may be a good option, but it is the best option?

What's the best transport option for the block owner? NZ Lifestyle Block editor Nadene Hall is pondering just what will suit her unique requirements.

What's the best chicken for you?

You might start with chickens for eggs only, but the poultry addiction can strike without warning.

When selecting your first hens, you’re probably thinking about eggs and production and how healthy you’ll be, but once you own poultry, you’ll probably find egg-laying is never as important again.

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