Farmer innovation and change

John King's Southern Africa peers in 2000. Learning to look beyond kgDM and ME to what soil surfaces and plants species ...

New NZ Farmer columnist John King talks about the people who motivate him and what he has learnt from 'practical farming thinkers'.

Cheer up, it's not as bad as all that

Louise Giltrap is the rose between her two brothers, David, left, and Richard.

Louise Giltrap tries to keep positive despite the neverending rain and persistent flu.

A view from the younger generation

Imogen Braddock's Vietnamese beef salad.

Marketing expert Rod Slater on how meat became the 'hero' of a Millennials' dinner.

Enough is enough

Jamie McFadden is an environmental consultant who undertakes riparian, wetland, native bush and erosion control projects ...

Jamie McFadden urges farmers to rise above the negativity and be proud to be a farmer.

Renting lemons

Mould coats the ceiling in a home. Raising rental standards might help reduce the numbers of  children being admitted to ...

OPINION: If both landlords and tenants accept the rental WOF, the condition of the property is likely to be more transparent all round.

Bruised farmers painted water villains

Farmers feel like they are being cast as water villains.

Farmers say critics are unfair to cast them as water villains.

When the country goes to (cow) town

One of Morrinsville's shrines to the dairy industry.

OPINION: Morrinsville farmers' protest another chapter in lengthy story of rural antagonism towards the needs and aspirations of New Zealand's urban majority.

The true cost of a water tax

A water tax would uncover hidden costs for irrigators and other water users.

Before diving into a water tax Pita Alexander runs the rule over some possibly hefty costs.

Relieved and peeved at high butter prices

Butter prices have surged ahead lately.

It was not so long ago people were saying farmers should stop producing commodities like butter.

Plan change missing logic

The Healthy Rivers plan change will achieve nothing over its first 10 years at a cost to the environment and the economy.

A fixation with nitrates in Waikato's healthy rivers plan change is overlooking other pollutants.

Blue highway of election signs

Peter McDonald supports the political underdog.

Peter McDonald writes about the political climate in Clutha-Southland.

Keeping our national language alive

Henderson-Massey Local Board member Will Flavell has taught te reo Māori for five years.

OPINION: Will Flavell talks of the importance of learning te reo Māori.

Blame prices on the weather

Ponsonby restaurateur Tobias Roebuck-Ward labelled high vegetable prices ridiculous, but is he out of touch with reality?

 OPINION: There's a disconnect between shoppers and reality.

Undermining society's self-confidence

The protesters who stopped Hawke's Bay's Ruataniwha Dam project are a "bunch of thoughtless technophobes with an ...

How did we get from 'Farmers are the backbone of our society' to 'Farmers are ruining our planet', asks Doug Edmeades.

Farmers hurt by 'blasted polluters' tag

The growth of the dairy industry was an economic success story but caused  the unintended consequences of environmental ...

Water quality has become a key and at times highly emotive election issue.

No groundhog days on the farm

Giving new life to a new lamb.

Like her parents, Joyce Wyllie has found that farming is ever-changing.

Water tax a hot potato

Ike Williams says Labour's water tax will only burden irrigators.

Ike Williams has some bones to pick with Labour's water tax.

The future of immigration

We need to be able to attract the right workers over the longer term, says Donald McIntyre.

Any job that requires a reasonable level of skill, often working alone, and on the land is harder to fill.

Why my husband is head of the family

Geoff Giltrap meets his new grandson Jacob McGillivrey for the first time.

OPINION: After being called sexist, Louise Giltrap feels the need to explain what she really feels about her husband's place in the family.

Water tax won't drown farmers

John King is a farm consultant specialising in regenerative agriculture.

OPINION: A fear of water taxes is gripping farming - here's how I expect pastoral farmers to respond.

Labour 'uninformed and insulting' on dairying

The notion that farmers just pour on the water, washing away the nutrients that cost millions, is a political narrative ...

Labour is whipping up urban dwellers' emotions against farmer using misinformation, says Howard de Klerk.

Fix farming to solve our water woes stuff nation

Environmental advocates say "dirty dairying" is the primary source of pollution in New Zealand's waterways. What can we ...

Intensive dairy farming is the main source pollution in NZ's waterways. It's time we wound it back.

Humans the biggest water polluter

Dairy farmers have made great progress to reduce their treated effluent to only 11 million tonnes a year – that's only 3 ...

OPINION: Humans leave the dairy cow well behind when it comes to the main source of effluent going into our waterways.

Plan change won't work in current format

Any changes  to the Healthy Rivers plan change will need to be tailored to suit the unique water quality issues in each ...

The Healthy Rivers plan change is likely to be the single biggest issue for Waikato farmers and rural communities over the next 10 years.

Defining sheep and beef success

Success is about an individual's values and priorities.

Success can be particularly difficult to define as farming is all about continuous improvement.

Irrigation helps environment

A farm irrigation system on the Canterbury Plains.

OPINION: The chief executive of Irrigation NZ, Andrew Curtis, responds to Greenpeace activists who locked themselves inside an irrigation pipe in Canterbury.

Ask Kevin: What do we have to disclose?

You can't retrospectively apply for consent on building work.

OPINION: The deck on my mother's house is unconsented - do we have to tell buyers?

Nature a great leveler at Owl Farm

Cows enjoy a rare sunny winter's day at Owl Farm near Cambridge.

The wet winter hasn't been all negative at Owl Farm.

Beetling along in healthy soils

There could be significant environmental benefits to releasing dung beetles in Waikato.

Dung beetles could play an important role in improving soil health and water quality.

Farming under the Trump

United States President Donald Trump seems to light more fires than he puts out

OPINION: The Americans don't do farming in a small way.

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