Rain, rain and more rain

Farmers are enduring a wet winter in many parts of New Zealand.

Lyn Webster weighs up whether its worth topping up wet cows with outside feed.

NZ - where you get the real McCoy

Rod Slater tries an Impossible Burger, made from a plant-based meat substitute, in San Francisco.

The arrival of alternative proteins creates an opportunity for New Zealand to sell its natural pasture-to-plate story.

A big woolly issue

Wool carpets are making a political comeback.

OPINION: Should we all be using wool carpet as a matter of patriotism?

Media fails to weed out fake news

A giant iceberg passes Little Harbour in Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The news media focuses on ratings to the detriment of the balance of opinion.

All is not lost for Ruataniwha Dam

Some of the 22 hectares of Ruahine Forest Park that the Department of Conservation had agreed to swap to pave the way ...

Where are bold, far-sighted politicians when you need them?

A roadie to Trumpsville

Caricature of US President Donald Trump.

OPINION: United States farmers seem to be Donald Trump fans.

Mysteries of grass and milk

There is evidence that grass-fed milk contains less saturated fat, at least in some situations, and more Omega-3 fatty acids.

Here in NZ, we love the notion that milk from grass-fed cows is superior to milk from cows fed other rations.

A milk-curdling nightmare

Hollywood made a movie of Gary Cooper and Jon Morgan's adventures at Fort Zinderneuf.

OPINION: Last night I woke in a cold sweat from the mother of all bad dreams and wrote it all down before I could forget.

When cattle help our riverbeds

Weeds are blocking access to Stour River, a tributary of Ashburton River.

OPINION: Extensive grazing can improve access to the edges of rivers, observes a Canterbury high country farmer.

'Aw, come on mate, do it yourself'

Marc Gascoigne's finished bobby calf pen. "She's a pretty big job."

OPINION: Building a bobby calf pen out of thingamajigs and waddya-call-its.

Women spend too much time trying to please

Louise and Geoff Giltrap. Being a rural wife has been Louise's biggest challenge.

OPINION: A lot of rural women end up feeling more undervalued than they need to because they lose their voices.

Proposals a drop in the bucket

Canterbury's Lake Ellesmere in 2009.

ANALYSIS: Most people would let the bull out of the china shop before fetching the dustpan to clean up.

Farming's heroes

Wyndham farmer Hayden Peter wins the Emerging Talent Award at the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards.

The farming industry is in good hands.

Labour-Greens and the politics of hate video

Wairoa farmer James Jarden shows he is happy to drink water from a stream on his farm.

Labour-Greens and Greenpeace are following Donald Trump in giving voters someone to hate.

The wholemilk powder conundrum


Keith Woodford explores the changing markets for wholemilk powder and the challenge facing New Zealand.

Time a great leveller for farm tech

Palm kernel used as feed in the dairy industry is being phased out.

The older you get, the harder it is to get excited about new technology available for farming.

Barclay not the only one ousted

Mark Patterson on his Lawrence farm.

Todd Barclay wasn't the only political decapitation of the past fortnight.

Antiquated land use system scuppers One Plan

The primary objective of the One Plan was to find an equitable methodology to allocate and manage nitrate-leaching ...

The One Plan has become trapped in a 40-50-year-old time warp, says Doug Edmeades.

Celebrating our success

Taranaki environmental leaders have been making the news lately.

OPINION: It's important to honour agricultural environmentalists.

Minister 'frustrated' by anti-farmer venom

"If we really want a message to change the public perception of farming, it can't just come from a politician like me," ...

OPINION: Farmers in swanndris are best equipped to tell farmer stories, not ministers in suits.

Common farming and rugby language

Beef+Lamb New Zealand central South Island farmer director Bill Wright is checking out farming practices in the UK.

Bill Wright finds farming and rugby create a bond in the UK.

Sheep breeding a tricky science

Ike Williams:  It is easier to breed a terminal sire than a dual purpose one, simply because you don't have to worry ...

Sheep breeding is not all EBVs and genetics; you also need to be a good stockman.

Food people are great NZers

Lambs head to the yards at Kaihoka.

Stand tall and call yourself a farmer.

Whinge-free Feds must use science

Greenpeace claims that intensive livestock farming can increase risk to human health.

OPINION: If Greenpeace claims about the effects of farming are 'verging on hysterical', Federated Farmers needs to explain why.

Plant 'barriers' help boost streams

Well-constructed and planted riparian margins beside water bodies form a barrier that can help to keep contaminants out, ...

Using riparian margins beside waterways are ideal for keeping contaminants out.

Growing pasture no fool's game

There are simple steps farmers can do to better know their grazing position and help plan ahead.

Nailing pasture growth can help farmers make better decisions.

Don’t mire farmers in impractical rules

Increases in regulations placed on farmers will eventually hit consumers in the supermarket shelves, Andrew McGiven says.

Food prices will only rise from "nebulous wish-lists'' rather than good environmental rules.

A cow wants better than Milo

Employing a farm conultant could mean Geoff Giltrap has more spare time.

OPINION: Bought-in feed is a contentious subject when the farm consultant visits.

Capping cows no silver bullet

There are better ways of improving the country's water quality than a regulatory cap on dairy cows.

A cap on cows is not the silver bullet for improving water quality.

What really gets my goat

Kieran Read leads the All Black haka before the first test against the British and Irish Lions at Eden Park.

OPINION: Stones inside gumboots, ads before kick-off - these are a few of my least favourite things.

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