Spam frustrations continue for Paradise and Clear email users video

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Lower Hutt man Phil Pearson has had enough of spam emails

Vodafone customers are continuing to experience a deluge of spam.

The company said it expected to get on top of the problem within the next few weeks.

The issue has been affecting customers who use and email accounts since May.

Customers have complained they have received dozens of spam messages each day, in some cases filling their mailboxes and delaying the receipt of legitimate emails.

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Lower Hutt flying instructor Phil Pearson complained that Vodafone customer service staff had given little information and provided questionable advice about the problem.

That advice included suggesting that he should change his email password, he said.

Vodafone acknowledges it has taken too long to get on top of the issue.

Vodafone acknowledges it has taken too long to get on top of the issue.

"Nothing works. They said it would be fixed by June 11, then June 16.

"It quietened off for a couple of weeks, but now it has come back with a vengeance.

"They don't want to tell people what is going on."

The email woes appeared to come to a head during the second week in June when customers reported delays of several hours to a few days receiving new mail. 

Vodafone confirmed at the time that was due to a knock-on effect from the spam problem.

But Vodafone spokeswoman Susan McGregor Bevan said a "permanent fix" that the company promised the following week was still being put in place.  

"We've put in a couple of new servers and software; we're testing them this week and aiming to progressively get to the point over the next few weeks where 98 per cent of spam is picked up," she said.

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Up to now, Vodafone had been dealing with the issue "more manually", she said. and users should see a real difference by the end of next week, she said. 

"We are very aware of how frustrating this has been for everyone getting the spam.

"We agree this has been going on too long," she said.


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