Rise of cashless cities

Auckland, where money talks and very little of the talking is done in cash.

Payments giant call on governments to drive economies cashless.

How to manage money in your 20s

If shows such as Girls are representative of how Richard Meadows' generation handles money, they’re doomed.

OPINION: There comes a time when you have to stop sponging off the bank of mum and dad, and start acting like a real adult.

Don't wait to be better off

Martin Hawes: ''There are only three big things in finance that will pay handsome dividends''

OPINION: New Year's resolutions are easily broken, so take a set-and-forget approach to your finances.

Auckland 'cheaper than Hamilton'

Auckland is ranked the 51st most expensive city globally, nestled in between Boston in the US and Nice, France, Numbeo says.

International index ranks Hamilton as being more expensive to live than Auckland, but New Zealand economists are dubious.

Cost of a 'Little Mozart'

Music lessons: A good use of money, if they are keen. A waste, if they aren't.

OPINION: Are music lessons for the children killing your savings?

Want money? It's up to you to get it

Work out what you want life to be like, then how you'll get there.

If you want to change your life, now's a great time to start.

Keep your divorce cheap

Be nice, even if you don't feel like it.

Here's how to avoid shelling out megabucks to separate from your spouse.

No 'free' education in NZ

Gina Wood with partner Michael and Cobain, Mikaylah and Chase.

Even parents of kids in state schools can expect to spend almost $40k educating them.

Insurer's gender-inclusive application

Southern Cross's online quote engine has added a footnote explaining how it does not assume everyone can tick either the ...

Southern Cross doesn't require people to tick male or female on its insurance application forms.

NZ house price growth slows

Waikato also posted a record median price, up 11.7 per cent year-on-year to $525,000.

For first-home buyers, this wasn't the Christmas present they were hoping for.

Rennie pushes for RBNZ reform

Comments made by then Finance Minister Steven Joyce in April 2017 suggest that a report into the Reserve Bank by Iain ...

A report ordered by National largely backs Labour's plans to reform central bank, but the new Government is hardly crowing.

Our $700m bill

Rewards schemes are often only good value for big spenders with no outstanding debt.

More spending going on plastic - but we only pay about a third of the bill each month.

Consumers switch in record numbers

New Zealanders know they have options, the Electricity Authority says.

Bill-payers realise they have options for their electricity.

Taking on fast food giants video

Mum's Kitchen food had to be affordable, honest and do good for the community, Manas Nanda says.

There's a little taste of happiness in a part of town where people are on a tight budget.

The most Ferraris in one place?

This 1936 Mercedes is one of the vehicles at the new Dutton dealership in Christchurch.

Christchurch has NZ's best classic car culture, says upmarket car dealership.

Just bought, and losing value

Developers usually don't have the luxury of  waiting for the market to turn in their favour.

New owners could see values drop before they've stepped in the door.

House prices set for big slow

New measures aimed at property investors are likely to see house prices enter a long slowdown, Westpac says, forecasting ...

Property prices will slide as policies frighten investors out of the market, bank says.

Online retail climbs 11pc last year

The spending gap is narrowing between New Zealand retail websites and their offshore rivals, Marketwatch says.

Local retailers are catching up on their offshore counterparts on the internet battleground.

Butter prices melt

Block of fresh butter on a cutting board (butter)

After a year of price rises, December offered some relief for butter buyers.

Young people set for success

Courtney Richardson has been running her pet-sitting business for three years.

Young entrepreneurs pick up the skills needed in a changing world - how can you help your kids do the same?

Bach to business

The Bachelor couple Arthur Green and Matilda Rice spent six months building their new venture.

Arthur Green and Matilda Rice jump aboard the convenience food bandwagon.

Know your rights when you buy something

All goods should be of acceptable quality and be a reasonable price.

What can you do when things go wrong and the items you buy aren't up to scratch?

How hard is it to buy all NZ-made?

How hard is it to buy New Zealand made for a week?

I was surprised at what I could and couldn't buy Kiwi-made.

Does solar panelling stack up?

The benefits of solar power panels need to be carefully weighed against the costs, EECA says.

Shelling out for a solar power system doesn't always pay off, energy authority warns.

Should you invest in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency – known as a cryptocurrency – that lets you send money anywhere in the world.

OPINION: If someone tells you cryptocurrency can only go up, smile politely and then walk in the opposite direction.

Low lakes, pricey power

Low hydrolakes usually mean higher prices.

Lack of rain sparks price warning but retailers not fazed.

How to tackle stress at work video

Job-related sickness is usually connected to workload.

There's a reason people often get sick as soon as they take time off.

Job ads down, wages to rise

ANZ chief economist Sharon Zollner said a sharp decline in the growth in Auckland job advertising was surprising given ...

Auckland job ad growth is near zero - but some employers may have just given up advertising.

Six ways to get into property investment

Adding a minor dwelling can be a way to start.

It's not too late to become a landlord, even if you don't have millions to spare.

Whittaker's warns of scam video

The scam invites Facebook users to become taste testers and offers six packs of Whittaker's artisan range

No, Whittaker's doesn't want you as a taste tester. It's all a scam. A sad, bitter scam.

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