Are you playing favourites?

Kids who are talented at sports can end up getting a bigger share of the household budget.

OPINION: Treating your kids fairly financially may be more complicated than you think.

Added fees for rental cars

Phil Rumble was upset when added fees doubled what he expected to pay for car hire.

How did a car rented for $48.50 a day end up costing more than $80?

Students reveal loan mistakes video

Give a student loan serious thought, even if it will be interest-free.

If you're planning to take out a student loan for a course of study, take heed.

Get rewarded for your opinion

Yabble users are well rewarded each time they feedback plus the platform also benefits NZ charities

Understanding the new role that digital technology has in recording and sharing consumer opinion.

Money advice from the White House

Alyssa Mastromonaco's money advice takes Rob Stock's fancy.

OPINION: Finally, someone near the Oval Office with a head for personal finance.

Buy now, first-home buyers told

Tony Alexander is watching the changing language in real estate ads.

Investors are stressed and a cheeky low-ball offer might actually work on them, BNZ's chief economist says.

Sharesies attracts 3500

Sharesies founders Brooke Anderson, Leighton Roberts and Sonya Williams. In around eight weeks the company has attracted ...

Company targeting those shut out of sharemarket attracts thousands of customers.

You probably own some bonds video

It's important to understand how your investments should be expected to behave in different market conditions.

Many Kiwis have lent a lot more of their money out than they might realise.

The best KiwiSaver for me video

If there's one thing you do today, make sure to look up how much fees you're paying, says Anuja Nadkarni.

The younger you are, the more you can save on KiwiSaver fees - which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Avoid simple insurance pitfalls

Don't leave your valuables on the beach when you're swimming.

Many insurance problems could be avoided if policy-holders understood how their cover worked.

Money Week live chat

Commission for Financial Capability group manager of investor education David Boyle discusses KiwiSaver and other money ...

Catch up on our discussion with David Boyle from the Commission for Financial Capability about KiwiSaver and other hot money topics.

Kids learn value of a dollar

Children start forming financial habits as early as seven years old, Flutey says.

Financial education should be part of NZ's school curriculum, the Retirement Commissioner says.

Shoppers seeing red

Countdown's pink 'girls' sprinkles and blue 'boys' sprinkles have upset shoppers.

Pink isn't for girls any more, blue isn't for boys - and that includes cake decorations.

The best money tips

Hannah McQueen: "If you are floating, try to start flying."

These little things could make the difference between living week-to-week, and being comfortably-off.

Investing platform adds passive options

KiwiSaver has sparked interest in other investment options.

Growth in KiwiSaver driving interest in other investment options.

Beware interest-free overdrafts

Rayna Barnston took out an interest-free overdraft while she was studying teaching.

Tertiary students shouldn't borrow more than they can repay before their course finishes.

Do you really deserve a raise?

Elon Musk really hates it when underlings make the mistake of telling him something is impossible. Every boss wants you ...

To accomplish something worthy of recognition at work, it helps to think like an entrepreneur, writes Richard Meadows

Another way to get richer

Shelly Davies, professional writer-trainer from Hamilton, found something deeper was driving her pay cheque to pay ...

Don't worry about honing your budget - it might take something deeper to help you kick the payday-to-payday life.

The rise, and rise, of Money Week

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell is presiding over the seventh annual Money Week.

Money Week is here again, and how it's changed since it first elbowed its way onto the national calendar in 2012.

Avocados getting cheaper

Avocados are cheaper but restaurants are getting more expensive. What does this mean for the menu price of avocado toast?

It's a mixed bag in the fruit and vege aisle - kumara hit a record high while avocados come back to earth.

Lending rules turn off home buyers

Auckland is one of three regions where prices have fallen.

Call to scrap "intimidating" loan-to-value rules as sales numbers drop dramatically.

Anchor stands by milk bottles

Fonterra, which owns the Anchor brand, says it's been proven that milk is damaged by exposure to light.

Anchor is backing its bottles after Consumer NZ said it found they don't protect milk from degradation.

Get good credit, use it well

Do you know your credit score?

Here's how to get a credit rating that will help you negotiate better deals.

Quake repair job could get bigger

A reader asked what would happen if the cost of the job increased while work was happening.

What happens if our earthquake repair turns out to be a bigger job than expected?

Nightmare of negative equity

Some people who bought recently now own homes worth less than they paid for them.

OPINION: Has the crash started? Some buyers are finding their house is worth less than they paid for it.

Luxury holiday on the cheap

If you can handle a hotel that's not right on the beach, you'll save.

An airline lounge, a five-star hotel, a private pick-up from the airport. Out of your price range? Think again.

UK sticks with animal-fat cash

Britain's polymer bank notes typically contain less than 0.05 per cent of animal products.

Despite thousands of complaints from vegetarians and religious groups, Bank of England won't change bank notes.

Kiwibank strikes bond deal

Kiwibank chief executive Paul Brock said he was relieved a deal had been reached with the Reserve Bank over its capital ...

Reserve Bank appears to reverse position on Kiwibank notes which forced major cash call.

Petrol prices weaken retail spending

Retail this year is growing more slowly but it may not last for long.

Retail spending dropped thanks to a temporary fall in fuel prices last month.

Rent rises coming

Some tenants could be set to get bad news.

Insulation standards and lack of capital gains may force landlords to charge tenants more.

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