Cash in on Baby Boomers

People are living longer - investing in companies that cater for that could yield rewards.

You don't have to go far to find a young person complaining about Baby Boomers.

How to help your kids

Liz Koh: "Is it reasonable for adult children to expect financial assistance from their parents at times of need?"

OPINION: Giving your adult kids money can be a minefield.

Inhumanly huge loans

The debt loads young people are expected to carry to buy a home in Auckland are inhumane.

OPINION: We're now taking such large home loans, it even makes a 40-year mortgage sound sane.

Shopping around can hurt credit

Applying for lots of credit cards within a short period may be a warning sign to lenders.

If you're worried about maintaining your credit score, take care in how you apply for cards and loans.

Empty house? Tell your insurer

People who move out of their houses for a time could be left uninsured.

Policy-holders caught out by fine print.

Are you feeling richer?

Households are earning 40 per cent more, on average, than they were 10 years ago.

NZ households earn 40% more than they did 10 years ago. Is putting a roof over our heads getting harder?

You deserve rewards

If you've had a tough day you can instantly redeem your points for a treat in store, or if you are watching the bank ...

Mobil’s new reward scheme a whole lot more to Kiwi drivers.

Banks readying their roboadvisers

The robots are coming: Everyone agrees there is an "advice gap" which robo-advice services can fill.

Westpac and BNZ have confirmed they are looking at launching roboadvice services.

The rise of multi-generational living

Zaheer Khan's family are an example of three generations choosing to live together. Pictured from right to left are ...

Three generations of Zaheer Khan's family live together in their five-bedroom Dannemora house, which puts them among a rising number of Kiwis opting to become multi-generational households.

Big pay rise for Superfund boss

Another big pay rise for Adrian Orr - a 2.7 per cent bump to his base salary.

Superfund boss earns $1.2m a year, and he's just got another pay rise almost three times what was recommended.

Inflation higher than expected but interest rates on hold

The Reserve Bank would need to see clearer signs of price pressure if it were to move the OCR, economists said.

Prices rising faster than some economists predicted.

Loans falling through on buyers

Buyers are being told to make sure they fully understand what a bank has agreed to, before they make an unconditional offer.

The price is right, the deal is done ... but the money to buy that house has gone.

KiwiSavers' personalised videos

Personalised videos are a tool AMP is using to get KiwiSavers engaged enough to check they are in a suitable fund.

AMP takes another tack to educate its default savers about switching funds.

Pressure off interest rates

There could be changes ahead for the Reserve Bank, depending on the make-up of the next government.

Inflation tipped to run below 2 per cent again.

The great bull run

New Zealand's benchmark NZX-50 hit 8000 for the first time on Monday, and appears poised to mark its sixth straight year ...

New Zealand's sharemarket is seeing remarkable gains - can it continue?

Spared $50m fraud trial

Sonya Joubert said they had lost friends but also found great support.

NZ-based South African Sonya Joubert faced up to 15 years in jail in her home country over the case.

No worries living the 'van life'

Van life is suiting Jackie Norman and Gareth Scurr well.

Selling her Whangamata home and living in a modified Mazda Bongo Brawny made 2017 a great year for Jackie Norman.

Nudge yourself wealthier

Spending $80 more on average. money wallet generic cash notes bills

OPINION: The clever behavioural tweaks for spending less and saving more.

Older Kiwis splash out

Wellington foodie and blogger Tabitha Lorck admits she spends a little too much on food.

Spending figures show older Kiwis, not millenials, are the biggest dine-out spenders.

Capital gains tax 'fair'

Anthony Healy says New Zealand is a 'fair' society.

But don't expect it to fix housing affordability problems, says BNZ boss.

Water better than some cleaners

Pricier cleaning products are not necessarily better, Consumer NZ found.

A $1 bottle of spray and wipe cleaner gets near perfect score on Consumer test.

Renaissance Brewing 'a warning'

Renaissance Brewing has gone into voluntary administration, citing cash flow problems.

Crowdfunded firm now in administration prompts reminder to investors of risks involved.

Does solar power make sense?

The direction your roof faces will affect how much solar power you can produce, and when.

New tool to help determine whether it's worth putting solar panels on your house.

Relationship property law under review

Frances was surprised how hard it was to fight for her property rights. She was not able to access legal aid.

When Frances* left her husband after 20 years and four children together, she did not anticipate how hard it would be to get her half of their assets.

Amazon targets teens video

Part of Amazon's push is to offer Amazon Prime at half price for students.

Amazon moves to make it easier for the teen dollar to be spent with them as online business heats up.

Young people share too much

Social media is a place where crooks seek easy prey.

OPINION: Young people live in a post-privacy age, but some are living so openly online, they are courting disaster.

When to sell your house

Real Estate Institute chief executive Bindi Norwell says sellers should not get too hung up on trying to time the market.

Avoiding annual migration dips if you want a better sale price, data suggests.

Spring surge in food prices

Grocery food prices rose 0.9 per cent since August, and 3.7 per cent since September last year.

Butter a luxury as prices continue to rise, and wet weather pushes up the cost of kumara.

Keep political parties honest: NZIER

Labour had to fight off suggestions of a budget 'black hole'.

Call for independent process to check what promises will really cost.

Generate some business ideas

The most common question people ask is: "What if I just don't have any ideas for a business?"

If you want to start your own business, it doesn't have to be the next Amazon or LinkedIn to be a success.

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