Rich list sneak peek

Graeme Hart is expected to top the NBR rich list with an estimated net worth of $10 billion by Forbes.

The biggest number of newcomers is expected to join the list in over 20 years.

Students: an $83m workforce

Sea Digital general manager Felicity Douglas and head of creative Nick Schuler with student employee Adam Scott (standing).

While hitting the books, students are collectively earning more than they have in nine years.

Are singletons doomed?

If you're in the forever alone camp, things aren't looking good right now, writes Richard Meadows.

Life’s tougher without a significant other – just ask anyone trying to buy a house in Auckland on one income.

Taxed for money never made

16052016 News Photo: Supplied/Reserve Bank of New Zealand. New 'bright' banknotes in circulation including the $5, $10, ...

An Auckland woman is left reeling by a hefty and surprising bill thanks to a rule that catches migrants.

Reserve Bank sets out its stance on cyber security

The Reserve Bank is playing its part in keeping vigilant about cyber-security.

Firms in the finance sector, regulators, and other authorities all have a part to play in managing cyber security risks.

Ten banking mistakes

Nicola Sladden said a lot of problems could be avoided if people had an emergency fund.

After 25 years, the Banking Ombudsman should know all the secrets.

Housesit and save $20k

For newlywed couple on a budget, the Wongs, house-sitting provides a welcome holiday away from their compact and ...

Here's a golden opportunity - you could save $20,000 a year minding someone else's home and pets.

Nosh buyers sought - again

The chain has been suffering heavy losses.

Potential buyers of specialist supermarket chain have a week to make an offer for the stores.

Kiwis 'not price-conscious enough'

If your provider doesn't give you the information you need, go somewhere else, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Fewer than half of KiwiSaver members think fees explained well.

Rewarded for underperformance

Fees should be disclosed in a way investors understand, the FMA says.

Fund researcher says some investors paying extra even when they aren't getting exceptional returns.

KiwiSaver v smoking

Mikayla Prosser from The Mushroom Cloud in New Plymouth vapes now after giving up smoking. Breathing only air would be ...

OPINION: Smokefree New Zealand. Bring it on, and increase our KiwiSaver contributions.

Over 50 and renting? 'Get your act together'

If you plan to rent in retirement, you'll need to find ways to save more money now.

Here's how to salvage your retirement if you're approaching 65 as a tenant.

NZ good for retirees - not so good for kids

Jessica Berentson-Shaw says New Zealand has made policy decisions that have left older people in a better position than ...

New Zealand's pensioners have it good - younger generations, not so much, one researcher says.

Harder to buy in the regions

Only Otago and Canterbury/Westland have become more affordable places to buy.

Report shows Southland still offers most affordable houses.

Put your spending on a diet

Our brains are simply not wired for the continual stress and anxiety debt can bring.

The shameful truth is, I'm 33 and have never managed to stick to a budget.

Millennials and KiwiSaver video

Anuja Nadkarni takes us on her money journey.

Retirement isn't the first thing we think about when we're burdened with student loans.

$55 for four payphone calls

Adeline Saunders made four brief calls from a Spark payphone in Johnsonville Mall, and was debited $55.

It's outrageous, says caller. Spark says it's the rules, and she'll get most of it back.

How to go broke in the city

Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw had an enviable shoe collection, but not a lot of financial security.

Hands up who wanted to be Carrie from Sex and the City when they grew up?

It's never too late to save

The most important ingredient is the plan itself.

Most Kiwis got the memo we should be saving for retirement, but what if you're near the end of your working life with nothing to show?

123 Mart sold unsafe toys

The 123 Mart was opened in 1995 by Joseph Choi and operated under four different brands, including The 123 Mart, Dollar ...

Rattles, trumpets and wind-up snakes are some of the toys a budget retailer sold with choking hazards.

Don't let a house ruin retirement

Has your purchase emptied out your KiwiSaver account?

If you're going to use your KiwiSaver to buy a house, the sooner you do it the better.

There's no perfect job

Lots of us are guilty of looking for the perfect job and getting frustrated because we can't find it.

If I could write the blurb for a job-search website, I'd borrow this line: "Finding a great job is not like a scavenger hunt."

Not KiwiSaver Champagne time

In 2008 Kiwisaver signed up its 500,000th customer, Remy van Cruysen, with his parents Megan Rose and Jules van Cruysen ...

It's come a long way - but just like any 10-year-old, it still has a lot of growing up to do.

Warning about new 'layby'

Glassons, Hallensteins, Storm and Andrea Moore all offer buy now, pay later payment systems.

Shoppers expecting layby should know their rights when using new buy now, pay later services, Consumer NZ says.

This is stealing your savings

The inflation monster hides inside your wallet, stealthily nibbling away at your precious cash.

Inflation is slowly but surely robbing you blind. Here's how to fight back.

Why I'll sue Carter Holt Harvey

Clair Kirby is one of a large number of homeowners taking legal action, with the ...

Clair Kirby was left with few choices but to sue, if her leaky home was ever going to be fixed.

Well aisle be damned

Kiwi consumers are getting creamed in the supermarket aisles.

OPINION: Duncan Garner is astonished at how much cheaper basic food items are in Australia.

What's stealing your savings?

There are better ways to save than a savings account or piggy bank ... if you can access them.

New Zealanders have almost $150 billion in savings accounts, and it's losing value every day.

Money tips for single parents

Don't forget about your own future when you are focused on providing for your kids.

Parenting alone? Here's how to get a handle on your finances.

KiwiSaver making rich richer

The better-off are more likely to be contributing to KiwiSaver, improving their long-term financial fortunes.

OPINION: What can we do for New Zealanders who cannot afford to save for their retirements?

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