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Spotlight on loan insurance

"We want consumers to be aware of and understand the value of credit-related insurance," says Lyn McMorran.

When you get beneficiaries being sold income protection policies, something needs to be done.

NZ kids 'becoming sugar-coated'

Plenty of people don't actually know what is best for them, much less their children, says Mike Lee of University of ...

Crack-down on advertising to children is coming, but junk food packaging isn't included.

Silver lining of the cloud

Sue De Bievre, chief executive of Beany, at work. Yes, really.

Slog into the office, slog home, pay the mortgage, pay the rent. There's another way, if you embrace the cloud.

Kiwis ripped off, Aussies claim

Jemma Barrett noticed cheaper food prices when she moved to Australia.

An online shopping comparison shows milk at Coles in Australia for A$1 a litre. In New Zealand it is NZ$2.29.

50 years since the world's first ATM

Barclays Bank in the UK unveiled the world's first cash machine.

A chocolate dispenser was the inspiration behind the world's first cashpoint machine.

Lotto ad complaint upheld

Lotto New Zealand's television advertisement is upheld by ASA

The Mother's Day advert encouraged minors to gamble by buying a Lotto ticket, complainant says.

Sheldon Slabbert: Brexit, one year on

Brexit has divided opinion on Britain's role in Europe, and will pose many challenges for business in the UK and Europe.

OPINION: What does Brexit mean for the investment environment?

Call to ban Tony the Tiger

Tony the Tiger features on Kellogg's Frosties cereal.

Cartoon characters on food packaging are fuelling Australia's childhood obesity crisis, experts say.

iTicket gets online eftpos

iTicket chief executive Reece Preston hopes the latest online payment offering will boost sales.

No credit card? No problem, says e-commerce company as it locks in its second online retailer.

Need a mortgage? Here's how

Banks lent $818 million to first-home buyers in March and $630m in April, up from $561m in April 2015.

The time is right for first-home buyers to strike, experts say.

Fixed-price power a 'one-way bet'

Most fixed-term contracts still allow increases in network costs to be passed on.

Your bill can rise even if you take up a fixed-price deal, Consumer NZ warns.

The missing KiwiSavers

Some believe it's time for a rethink to stop KiwiSaver incentives from flowing to the rich, while the poor miss out.

The holidaymakers, the poorly paid, the self-employed - many KiwiSavers aren't saving.

Pocket money: good or bad?

Gentle nudges can help kids learn about the power of savings and the importance of giving.

An allowance can be an amazing tool to teach kids about money, or it can turn them into entitled brats.

Banking on the change in money

Steven Faulkner says electronic transactions make up at least 40 per cent of his ice cream truck sales.

We're spending more than ever before so why's it getting harder for banks to stay open?

Victims in short supply

Christchurch company Acute Finance Ltd has been fined $22,000 for overcharging its customers.

Finance firm overcharged customers, but Commerce Commission can't find anyone to speak out.

Teen's possum fur phone cover

Maggie Gibson with her possum fur phone cover.

Maggie Gibson made the most Kiwi smartphone accessory from a possum she shot at the family farm.

Don't blow your savings yet...

What might your house deposit savings buy? Best not to find out.

If you scrimp and save but still can't afford a house, don't waste that nest egg on luxuries.

Over 50 and broke

Sylvie O'Donnell says it has become harder to find well-paying work as she has got older.

What can you do when you realise you should be financially sorted by now?

Tackle money madness

Are money worries keeping you up at night?

OPINION: Here's how to rid yourself of this common affliction.

Sorry, not traumatic enough

Some people think that anything they suffer that is "traumatic" should be covered.

Kiwis find out the hard way that insurance policies won't always pay out just because they're suffering.

Two agents may not deliver

In theory, listing with more agents means the property will be seen by a larger number of potential buyers.

If having one real estate agent is good, surely more than one is even better?

Don't scrimp on travel insurance

Holiday checklist: Passport, togs, sunscreen, and travel insurance.

OPINION: I'm not interested in saving $10 on a policy if it means bargain-basement, limited cover.

Firm sells after PNG fail to pay

As of March 2017, Evaluation Consult managed to claw back $315,000 of the $600,000 owed by Papua New Guinea government.

Firm owed more than half a million by PNG govt has been sold.

Magic tips for your career

Fortune tellers and tarot card readers prey on people's emotions, but you can succeed without resorting to such dark arts.

There are several ways you can use the tactics of a magician to conjure up success.

Masalas sell for millions

Joti Jain left the country before an appeal against her deportation was due to be heard.

Properties sold after Auckland restaurant chain reaches $8m tax evasion settlement.

The best city to be a renter

Tenants competing for properties are dealing with bigger increases in some parts of the country than in others.

While Wellingtonians face skyrocketing rents, tenants in Christchurch can count the savings.

Petrol price falls - but why?

The AA suggests there might be an ulterior motive for price cuts.

AA says underlying costs don't justify recent pump price falls.

David Jones denies second NZ store

David Jones took over Kirkcaldie & Stain's historic store on Lambton Quay in July last year.

The popular Aussie department store denies it's heading north.

Roboadvice coming closer to reality

Financial roboadvice is getting closer to becoming a reality in New Zealand.

Would you ask a machine for advice about your money woes? Soon you might be able to.

KiwiSaver calculators' confusingly differing forecasts

Beware fund managers predicting the future.

The differences between KiwiSaver online calculator forecasts might make investors do a double take.

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