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Making every post a loser

Linkedin is the self-promoters swamp of choice, writes Damien Grant.

OPINION: Social media's swamp of self-promotion has led to a steady parade of mediocrity.

Another step to KiwiBuild failure

Stephen Barclay resigned after an employment dispute.

OPINION: Its chances of success were slim. Barclay's resignation sets it back again.

Why are debt collectors chasing me?

A budget adviser may be able to advocate on your behalf.

You have rights when you're being chased for cash.

Open your arms to lord Ikea

Ikea uses 1 per cent of the world's wood.

OPINION: What exactly is there to be excited about? My house certainly doesn't need an ottoman.

Was cinema complex dangerous?

Reading Cinemas appears to be making efforts to bear the brunt of the closure.

OPINION: Workers may wonder how safe they were in now-closed Reading complex.

Capital gains tax: What's fair?

The Government has told the working group to have specific regard to housing affordability. If this is the case, we ...

OPINION: Exempting the family home creates its own problems.

Profit should be the purpose video

The private business, including the limited liability format, has been an incredible engine driving prosperity in recent ...

OPINION: Business' profit motive has long been the focus. Do we need them to have a purpose too?

The problem with ‘new year, new me’

As the old saying goes: wish in one hand, spit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

Instead of the usual empty ritual, here’s the key to making lasting behavioural changes.

200 job applications, still no job stuff nation

Unemployment is an issue many Kiwis, both young and old, are facing. (File photo)

OPINION: Kiwis aged over 50 have struggled to get back into the workforce; here are their stories.

What's Winston's foreign policy game?

30082018 News Photo: DOMINICO ZAPATA
News: Minister for Racing, Rt Hon Winston Peters, publicly releases the review of ...

OPINION: There's a lack of co-ordination between the PM and her foreign minister.

Reining in the tech titans

Leaked emails have revealed the ruthlessness of Mark Zuckerberg's strategies to deal with competitors.

Last year saw the worm start to turn against Facebook, Google and others.

This year must be better for workers

A union economist has estimated that if working New Zealanders' wages had grown with the economy since 1981 we'd all be ...

OPINION: We've grown our wealth as a nation, but workers need a bigger share.

Price hikes don't always stub out smoking

Richard Green, pictured in 2011, is concerned his stores will continue to be targeted by burglars. (File pic)

Cigarette price jump not big enough incentive to quit, say some smokers.

What you need to know about 5G

Next-generation wireless networks are known as "5G."  But what is it?

OPINION: This technology will be powering driverless cars but most importantly, making downloads on our smartphones faster.

Why I’m quitting smoking

A pack-a-day habit now costs an eye-watering $10,000 to $15,000 a year.

OPINION: Smoking is both relaxing and mildly stimulating but the way I see it, there are only three possible options for smokers who want to avoid bankruptcy in 2019.

2019: The economy in a nutshell

The New Zealand economy has been strong but global growth is slowing.

Falling sharemarkets, slowing growth - will New Zealand's economy prove bulletproof this year?

Is business to blame for climate change?

SkyCity, Tourism Holdings, Summerset Group and WEL Group chairman Rob Campbell.

OPINION: We can't rely on business to fight climate change. We need activists and consumers to keep the pressure on.

Should you let your child do an internship?

Rob Stock: 'It seems to me that there's been a strange kind of pretence in New Zealand, though, that if an employer ...

OPINION: Free labour is very profitable labour. But is it good for the intern?

How long should a washing machine last?

One reader says they wouldn't have bought such an expensive appliance had they known it would only last just over five years.

We were hoping it might last much longer than it has.

Plastic bag recycling a waste

Was the soft plastics recycling scheme a big zero?

OPINION: You mean we can't just pay to send our plastic bags across the ditch?

Farmers' fundamentals unchanged

Farmers have shown they're committed to looking after the land and waterways through their work in the Sustainable ...

OPINION: World expects more from modern dairy farmers.

2018's best laptops

If you're not a Mac user and you can't - or don't want to - make the switch, the Dell XPS range is a very good place to be.

If you're looking to buy, here are three options that are great for everyday users.

My three naughty NY resolutions

Men are Vikings, writes Damien Grant. We fight in the board room, on the rugby field, on the white sand beaches of ...

OPINION: Forget about healthy living and kindness. Damien Grant recommends some New Year resolutions for the selfish, self-indulgent among us.

Super flyer or carbon guzzler?

Fueling up. Planes generate around 3 per cent of global carbon emissions. They are also part of the reason that richer ...

OPINION: Is Air New Zealand's 639,000km super flyer a super carbon consumer?

Who needs an agent, anyway?

You'll need to be ready to juggle a lot of things at once – including marketing and negotiation – on top of your usual ...

OPINION: There are a few things you need to know if you take the DIY approach.

Well, it was a year...

ASB jumped into the robot world with the launch of Josie.

OPINION: 2018 showed we're still unconvinced by creepy robots.

So you're getting a divorce

If you have children, you'll have extra decisions to make around visitation, responsibilities, and how everything will ...

OPINION: We divorce lawyers are readying for the busiest time of year.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse video

Was Google's name suppression breach a cock-up or a conspiracy?

OPINION: Google's ignorance of the law is no defense, just ask a traffic officer.

Your phone is tracking you

You can simply turn off location services and the problem is solved, but an app such as Google Maps becomes all but useless.

OPINION: Apps on your smartphone are collecting data on your location and may be selling it.

Are you set for peak net worth? video

Getting into home ownership at around the age of 30 gives you time to get your mortgage paid off by 50.

OPINION: If you'll still be paying the mortgage at 50, it's time to make some tough resolutions for 2019.

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