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Price of Christmas convenience video

Christmas dinner is an annual treat. It does not have to be an annual trauma.

OPINION: Does it make sense to get a food box Christmas dinner?

Hopes fade that letter to Reserve Bank on housing will make a difference video

Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr didn’t leave much ambiguity in his speech to an Australian university on Wednesday.

OPINION: Governor's comment that it is 'always nice to get mail' says it all.

What can exporters do if China dishes out a lesson to NZ? video

Strong forecast economic growth means China will be a bigger market for someone next year.

ANALYSIS: If China finds reason to punish New Zealand exporters for government policy, exporters will have three rational responses.

Strict lending criteria forcing small businesses to jump through more hoops

Strict lending criteria is forcing SMEs to jump through more hoops than ever, says Daniel Dunkley.

OPINION: More could be done to stimulate SME lending to help companies invest during our economic recovery.

What's the problem with housing, anyway?

We’re not building enough of the right kind of houses, Shamubeel Eaqub says.

ANALYSIS: Here's what's going on - and causing concern - in the property market.

Covid-19: Avoid the 'invisible burnout' that can occur working from home

Video conferences have become common as more people work from home.

OPINION: Regular, preferably in-person, meetings and discussions are the best way of ensuring people feel valued.

Winners and losers: Will big firms benefit from the Covid-19 crunch?

Some firms might be in the money if they play it smart during the pandemic.

ANALYSIS: As promising startups become crushed closedowns, it is often the incumbents that have the resources to wait it out.

Start of December marks important privacy deadline

Businesses and their staff need to become very aware how sensitive personal information needs to be treated.

OPINION: The amount of damage that can be caused by one undisciplined moment is very significant.

Xmas gifts for tenants? Brilliant, just skip the chocolate almonds

Landlords should consider treating their tenants this holiday season.

OPINION: Food and drink are out as a pressie option, but landlords should seriously consider treating their tenants this holiday season.

Supermarkets: The high prices we pay for groceries can be fixed

Supermarket inquiry might see rise in cost of fruit and vegetables, Horticulture NZ warns

OPINION: Lets curb supermarket duopoly's anticompetitive behaviour and stop their daily ripoff of the community.

Feedback useful & important, but 'feedback sandwich' has gone stale

Well made critiques from leaders can be helpful.

OPINION: Lose the assumption that the person you're critiquing is unaware of the issue.

Why I'm proud to be a property investor video

We actually need more investors to increase the supply of rental properties, says King.

OPINION: We actually need more investors to increase the supply of rental properties. We are part of the housing solution.

Raising the minimum wage will create a 'bigger mess' video

New Zealand Initiative chief economist Dr Crampton says raising the minimum wage won’t necessarily boost incomes for ...

OPINION: Economist Eric Crampton says the Government should be cautious about raising the minimum wage.

Ethical production is a win-win for business

Protesters in London called for compensation for victims of the 2013 clothing factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Customers are voting with their money and using their purchasing power to support ethical producers.

Thought up a new business idea over Christmas? Here's how to figure out if it's a brilliant one

But if you’re anything like Hannah McQueen, your brain will still go into overdrive over the Christmas break.

OPINION: While you’re dreaming up your next big venture by the beach, here are a few things to help put your ideas through their paces and save you haring off down a dead end.

Why now is the perfect time to reset your debt video

Now is a great time to re-shop your existing cards and debt. There are some great deals out there that will save you ...

OPINION: Now is a great time to re-shop your existing cards and debt. There are some great deals out there that will save you money on interest costs and ongoing fees.

Be cynical about those who claim to be green

Many companies are expert at presenting a “green” face to the investing public, while behind the scenes they behave in a ...

OPINION: Sometimes those claims cover up polluting secrets.

Wage subsidy was never meant to line rich pockets video

This should not have happened under the wage subsidy.

OPINION: We scrutinise beneficiaries. Now it's time to ask where those wage subsidy millions really went.

Why I worry for the likes of Dell, Lenovo, HP and Toshiba

Apple launched a ton of new products over the past few weeks, while the rest of the market, like Toshiba, simply watched.

OPINION: It's been a busy few weeks for the technology world with Apple launching a ton of new products however, it seems the rest of the market have simply just watched.

You shouldn't believe what you're told about the housing market

Adrian Orr says the Reserve Bank already considers asset prices when making decisions.

OPINION: Everyone's trading blame and no-one is taking the action needed to get house prices to fall.

Insurance Council defends disaster model

A public protest in Christchurch in 2018 as more than 5000 householders still struggled with damaged homes. Insurance ...

OPINION: Public inquiry involved extensive community engagement and new model addresses resulting calls for customer-centricity, ICNZ says.

Special events the 'secret sauce' that will bring the bodies and bucks to your assets video

Garage Project served its Event Horizon Raspberry Sour at Beervana 2020.

OPINION: At a time when the overseas tourism tap is turned off, special events could be the place domestic travellers are looking to spend their money.

What shall I do with my Bonus Bonds cash?

Savings accounts aren’t offering much of a return.

OPINION: David Boyle answers questions about investing and credit cards.

Impact Investing presents opportunity to back better future beyond just financial gain

Impact investing is growing and represents a more holistic view of the world. The focus is on more than financial return ...

OPINION: Perhaps this is a chance not just to return to old ways but to embrace new conceptions, and it will be a shame if we miss it.

Five ways to protect your business against cyber-attacks video

Mark Ternent of GTB Solutions works with doctors’ practices, accountants and many businesses throughout New Zealand.

OPINION: You need to regularly evaluate your business risk and have plans in place in the event you experience a breach.

Significant negative impact on NZ's meat industry if proposed UK, EU trade offer goes ahead

It is beyond belief that the European Union and United Kingdom remain committed to splitting up tariff quota access for ...

OPINION: It is beyond belief that the EU and UK remain committed to splitting up tariff quota access for beef and sheep meat into their markets, leaving New Zealand worse off.

Another development plan? I can't wait video

Wellington needs to attract investment, not just events, says John Bishop.


Covid-19 lockdowns reinforced the value of email marketing video

Richard Calkin is the founder and executive chairman of Web Genius.

OPINION: The demise of email marketing has been foretold many times over recent years, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Commerce Commission supermarket study must be wide in scope on price rises video

National Party MP for Kaikoura, Stuart Smith. Supplied mugshot by Stuart Smith.

OPINION: It must also look at the Government’s role in price increases.

The opportunity to move wages in the right direction video

Retail workers are among many who would benefit from an increase in minimum wage.

EDITORIAL: The suggestion of a $3.30 increase to the minimum wage is sure to set tongues wagging. That's exactly the point.

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