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No Netflix and then chill at work

Staying up late watching Chernobyl?

OPINION: What you binge watch in your own time is fine; sleeping on the job is not.

Food rating needs to be changed

New World Owner/Operator Caroline Hall compares cereals with the new health star rating. Photo taken in 2015.

The food heath labelling system introduced five years ago is under review and needs a significant overhaul to make it useful.

We can mix commerce with doing good

Eat My Lunch started in my home kitchen, with dozens of volunteers coming in every day to help us create nutritional ...

OPINION: Child hunger is not a problem we can solve alone.

Why we need NZ banking probe

ANZ New Zealand chief executive David Hisco stepped down recently due to health issues, the bank said.

OPINION: The Aussie banks say they're different in NZ, but the departure of ANZ's boss raises serious questions about banking here.

Asian food focus differs

Asian consumers show less concern about sustainability and environmental issues, according to recent visitors to the ...

OPINION: Asian consumers have a different take on what's important.

Costco and co threaten NZ shops

Costco lowers prices by operating as a club.

OPINION: Costco, Sephora and Amazon are masters at using tech and data to win shoppers. Also, they'll fight on price.

A customer service lesson for kids

Cas Carter says a bank's call centre hold message can be translated to: "We don't really care enough about you to hire ...

OPINION: The more essential a service is to you, the more likely you are to be neglected by the supplier.

Hisco: The last thing banking needs

ANZ acting CEO Antonia Watson and Chairman Sir John Key explained to media some of the concerns about David Hisco's ...

OPINION: Getting stung $12 for a late credit card bill rankles when ANZ boss's expenses include wine storage.

Feedback? Don't be so needy

Give us a five-star rating and go in the draw to win a cash prize. Yeah right.

OPINION: Companies forever seeking feedback are like neurotic lovers fishing for compliments.

Prepare for different leaders

Bing Lou from Asia New Zealand Foundation's Leadership Network speaks at Waitangi.

OPINION: Chances are most of your managers have been pākēha.

Costco is irresistible

Alison Mau nearly killed her fern which she acquired in a spending spree at Bunnings.

OPINION: With Costco looming, I fear my good intentions might not hold. RIP my credit card.

We're all paying for Tiwai Point

It has been noted repeatedly that Tiwai's power deals are artificially keeping power prices up for every single Kiwi ...

OPINION: It makes zero sense that every Kiwi consumer pays more for power to keep one business running.

Trade war hits laptops

American technologies seem to be the only reason Huawei pulled the plug on its high-end laptop launch.

OPINION: Launch postponed over Huawei sanctions.

Teachers win high-stakes game

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has found more money for teachers.

OPINION: The latest offer from Chris Hipkins is a testament to the power of strike action.

Is it safe to buy privately?

Just as in an "ordinary" sale, you need to do the necessary amount of due diligence before making your offer.

OPINION: We're worried someone not using an agent means they have something to hide.

No such thing as child poverty

The reason children are living in poverty is that their parents, caregivers or wider family are living in poverty.

OPINION: There's a much bigger issue we need to address.

Costco good for customers

Today Costco has 550 stores across the USA, another 200 globally and turn over US$140 billion ($213.4b).

OPINION: Costco, Amazon ramp up fight for New Zealand dollar.

Tough leaders: heroes or villains?

Are dominant leaders the heroes they're portrayed to be? Or are they instead toxic villains causing harm to their ...

OPINION: If a dominant leader is generating fear, they need to exercise self-discretion.

Buy now, pay later better than credit

When I was young, Levis were the height of cool. Then, layby meant that my peers and I could ask the retailer to hold ...

OPINION: Just as layby and Levi jeans were popular back in the day, they remain so now.

Alexa too close for comfort?

Amazon's Echo Dot. You can ask the voice assistant named Alexa to play music, answer questions, control compatible smart ...

OPINION: Amazon's voice assistant could soon have opinions and make decisions. Is that really a wise idea?

Air NZ needs to fix past wrongs

Since 1973, the Air NZ Māori koru has branded everything to do with the national carrier. Until now, staff have not been ...

OPINION: For years it's proudly flown the koru, now the airline must embrace those it rejected for their tā moko.

NZ vulnerability a US opportunity

The US visa change appears to have given Foreign Minister Winston Peters hope that more is to come. Last month he even ...

OPINION: The US move to allow Kiwi business owners to live there is a welcome counterbalance to our reliance on China.

Teachers' claim 'air of unreality'

New Zealand's largest ever education strike involving primary and secondary school teachers' unions NZEI Te Riu Roa and ...

OPINION: Given the strong views expressed by the ERA, it's no surprise teacher unions aren't keen to return to that process.

Tales from a loan shark borrower

We live pretty modestly, but after I fell ill, we couldn't keep up with the car instalments.

OPINION: In 2013 my wife and I bought a car. We thought it would be a good investment.

How Costco is different video

The bulk wholesaler will have a real petrol station. If Costco wants to win our hearts and wallets it needs to come in ...

OPINION: Big box retailing? We've got it already. But Costco has something different.

Bridges' great New Zild accent

National leader Simon Bridges is unfairly mocked for his accent.

OPINION: 'Soimon' is no laughing matter.

Make Matariki a public holiday video

A 5-metre long glow-in-the-dark Taniwhā is one of the stars of Matariki Glow Show, touring the country from May to July.

OPINION: The Queen does not visit us, but the stars do. We should celebrate them instead.

The economics of sleaze

"Sugar Babies" might be lavished with cash, fine dining and trips. There's a catch, of course. At the heart of this ...

OPINION: "Sugar daddy" sites sell a fantasy. The reality is a sex-for-survival corporate model.

What 'wellbeing' means

Finance Minister Grant Robertson delivered a Wellbeing Budget.

OPINION: Wellbeing happens when you have an economy that enables people to help themselves.

YouTube bans 'hate content'

David Court says there is little financial incentive for YouTube to remove popular videos that drive advertising revenue.

OPINION: Why has YouTube taken so long to act?

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