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Solo-parent bashing, how novel

These women aren't living the high life on taxpayers' dollars. They're trying to give their kids the best life they can.

OPINION: Those of us who sacrifice our careers and our sleep are sick of being written off as negligent breeders.

An answer to the housing crisis?

We will all retire and age – and we would all prefer to "age in place'.

OPINION: Retirement villages have a vital role to play in addressing New Zealand's housing woes.

Urban living needs transport choices

People ride-sharing bikes during the evening rush hour in Beijing's central business area.

OPINION: Everywhere in the world we're seeing people heading towards living in cities, but how are they getting there?

Smart investing in the retail landscape

Buying n engagement ring is usually an occasion, but most other purchases escape the same type of fuss.

OPINION: Who would be a retailer, or invest in retail?

We've bought a house at last!

"Our rental market is broken. There seems little appetite in our politics to tackle this obvious first step to solving ...

OPINION: We bought a house because our rental will be sold and we want stability for our family.

Time to put the foot down

Mike O'Donnell: "If we lose our focus for a moment, there's no doubt that a bunch of other countries will shoot past."

OPINION: New Zealand can't rest on its laurels when it comes to digital technology, Mike O'Donnell writes.

Ask Kevin: Are open homes safe?

Let your insurance company know you will hold open homes.

OPINION: You want people to buy your house, not take your stuff.

Card surcharges are unfair

Britain is banning card surcharges. We should follow suit.

OPINION: Face it, transaction costs are just part of doing business.

How to keep Wellington humming

The new government must deliver for business, John Milford, chief executive Wellington Chamber of Commerce, says.

OPINION: We need to ensure the new government delivers a platform to enable Wellington businesses to invest, employ and grow.

Fletchers mea culpa shakes market

Fletcher Building's outgoing chief executive Mark Adamson was a straight shooter, according to analysts

ANALYSIS: Where to now for Fletcher Building, where further profit downgrades have claimed its chief executive.

Can your boss ban your tattoo?

Briar Neville has offered to remove the DEVAST8 tattoo for free.

Kiwis are among the most tattooed people in the developed world, and most of us have to work.

Downstream effects of a water tax

Irrigation in the Mackenzie Country.

Introducing a water tax is not as simple as it might appear.

Angst of choosing a school

Choosing a school is one of the most important parenting tasks.

It's one of the biggest decisions parents make, and schools themselves don't help.

Jeremy Sutton: the brightline test

Dividing property can sometimes throw up tax issues, when couples split.

OPINION: The bright-line test has triggered potential tax liabilities when a residential property is sold within 2 years of purchase.

Every little helps when planning retirement

Massey University's Claire Matthews has put figures on the amount of savings we all need to enjoy financially secure ...

OPINION: Massey University's Claire Matthews sets the bar for how much you need for a comfortable living in retirement.

Time for cannabis change

Farmers such as David Musgrave deserve certainty.

OPINION: Law reform makes good business sense.

Well aisle be damned

Kiwi consumers are getting creamed in the supermarket aisles.

OPINION: Duncan Garner is astonished at how much cheaper basic food items are in Australia.

KiwiSaver making rich richer

The better-off are more likely to be contributing to KiwiSaver, improving their long-term financial fortunes.

OPINION: What can we do for New Zealanders who cannot afford to save for their retirements?

Cup parade's feel good factor

While they had already had big parades in Auckland and Wellington, the team acknowledged the extra special welcome they ...

We need to build back pride in Christchurch's CBD, focussed on what's been achieved rather than what's lacking.

Ask Susan: More than one agent?

Take care if you sign up with more than one agent. You could end up with a bigger commission bill.

What happens if you sign up with more than one salesperson to sell your house?

Set your kids up for life

Little girl with piggy bank. Kids, Your kids will pick up on your attitudes to money, whether you realise it or not.

OPINION: Don't leave money lessons up to your kids' school.

We can't afford to reject trade

Forget Trump's rhetoric about protecting local jobs, NZ's situation is quite different.

OPINION: Scaremongering aside, New Zealand can't get by without trade partners.

When the bank won't help

Some people have no option but to borrow - it is important that they can do so safely.

OPINION: For some people, short-term loans are unavoidable.

Water royalties – get on with it

Polls show Kiwis think charging a royalty on exported bottled water is commonsense.

OPINION: The public wants it, it makes sense so why is the Government dragging its feet?

Is rugby in the health and safety firing line?

Peter Cullen says rugby players may be liable for health and safety breaches.

OPINION: Could Sonny Bill, the Rugby Union or Steve Tew face liability for injuring someone as a player?

Business must win back trust

Business needs a radical rethink about how it secures future investment, productivity and growth to sustain economic and ...

OPINION: Business must play a part on the world stage if we are to solve the major societal issues of our age.

3 Leadership principles for lasting success

It took the late Apple chief executive officer Steve Jobs, 27 years to realise his book-shaped computer.

OPINION: What exactly is leadership and why is leadership important?

Martin Hawes: Getting older working on

A keen interest and good experiences can be used by workers to find a new career in older age.

OPINION: Older workers: Are they still in employment because they want to or have to?

World hope reigns eternal

In 1820, around 90 percent of the global population was illiterate. Today, 85 per cent are literate.

OPINION: I need a dose of optimism and hope amongst all the bad in the world

Putting your best foot forward

Shoe designer Kathryn Wilson fulfilled her early ambition. She is pictured here with the office pug, Sid.

Kathryn Wilson is arguably New Zealand's most well-known shoe designer.

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