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Why I fought to stay off benefit video

Carrie Coddington says the Supported Living Payment as a single person, living alone, is $273 per week. "I earned more ...

OPINION: In 2010, I became a "long term beneficiary". It's still not easy to write those words.

It's time to talk about the pension

New Zealand's population, like all countries', is ageing

OPINION: Is the pension the best use of $12 billion?

Keeping our firefighters safe

The firefighter's union complained that many of their members worked for perhaps 24 hours without getting adequate breaks.

OPINION: Our laws require a safe place of work for everyone, including firefighters.

It's about homes, not houses

The NZ rental market has become so skewed in favour of those who have, that whole industries have sprung up to profit off it.

OPINION: I've lived in 13 rental properties, and I've had my share of great landlords and awful ones.

Is NZ exploiting migrants?

Labour New Lynn MP Dr Deborah Russell

OPINION: We'll need to bring in migrant workers until there are Kiwis available to meet business needs.

Throwaway culture needs to change video

If manufacturers could gain ongoing revenue from the repair of their appliances then I'm sure they could design a system ...

OPINION: The next innovation should be to allow us to fix things more easily.

Euthanasia and cannabis complicate election

ACT MP David Seymour's euthanasia bill was passed by Parliament.

OPINION: I can't think of two more emotive issues for the public to decide on than death and drugs.

Rental changes may backfire

Under the new proposals, the decision at the end of the fixed term would be entirely up to the tenant, with the landlord ...

OPINION: No sensible landlord ends a tenancy without a sound reason.

How much should Govt spend? video

Grant Robertson and the Treasury are questioning how much government borrowing is prudent and sustainable.

OPINION: Low interest rates create opportunity for politicians to splash out.

Corporate NZ's gender problem

Sam Stubbs says a lack of diversity meant a lack of economic performance.

OPINION: For every three male directors, there is just one woman.

Buy now, pay later here to stay

Just what we need: yet another way to buy more stuff with money we don't have.

OPINION: Just what we need: yet another way to buy more stuff with money we don't have.

Google wants your hospital records

Why does Google want health data so badly? Form points to one thing: To sell stuff.

OPINION: Data is a goldmine - how safe is yours?

Baby Boomers let us down

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub doesn't hold a lot of hope for his generation.

OPINION: They held the political power but they didn't use it for good.

OK Millennial, quit your whinging

"I have one thing to say about our emissions heating up the planet," writes Damien Grant. "Pull my finger."

OPINION: Defining people by generations is stupid, but I'm so incensed, I'll play.

From New Year's Day to Singles' Day

Bono and the boys showed a generosity and a warmth that's rare among bands whose careers have spanned 40 years, 14 ...

OPINION: Rock legends U2 may outlive the legendary shopping event of Singles' Day.

Am I wasting money renovating?

Brokers said people should think about their relationship with a lender.

OPINION: Here's what to think about if you're planning to do up your house.

How AR-15 is now 'America's rifle'

Detective Barbara J Mattson, of the Connecticut State Police, holds up a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, the same make and model ...

OPINION: Remington will have to reveal how it sells a military weapon to ordinary people.

Friends can help you at work

Has there ever been a better sitcom that showcases the power and beauty of strong friendships than The Golden Girls?

OPINION: Work pressures often mean we sacrifice friendship, but that's a big mistake.

Fishing ban won't save Māui

Māui dolphins off the coast of New Plymouth. The dolphins are 16 times more likely to die from toxoplasmosis than in a ...

OPINION: A cat-borne disease is a bigger threat to dolphins - but fishermen are an easier target.

Boomers didn't do this to you

Calder knows he came of age in a privileged time and place. But he says that, just as that material advantage is not an ...

OPINION: Boomers' wealth is not the cause of Millennial deprivation; it is not a zero-sum game.

ACC changes, but stays with Bagnall

Earlier this week crown entity The Accident Compensation Corporation announced the upcoming departure of chief ...

OPINION: ACC has navigated an obvious conflict of interest in hiring its outgoing chief investment officer's consultancy.

Protection against protectionism

David Parker: ''Ensuring our exporters have access to a broad range of markets is how we bolster them against a downturn ...

OPINION: Trade deals protect us against rising tide of protectionism.

Thank you, Baby Boomers video

Let's be honest. The use of the term Baby Boomer is often highly political. Increasingly, it seems, it is being used to ...

OPINION: It's been cast as a generation of sociopaths. It isn't.

Questions about Fair Pay Agreements

Employers need to have their say on the biggest change to employment law in decades.

OPINION: Firms need to have their say on the biggest change to employment law in decades.

Aramco shares stained with blood

A Human Rights Watch report highlights that since current ruler Mohammed Bin Salman was made crown prince in 2017, we ...

OPINION: Buying Aramco shares is a vote for a regime that conducts crucifixions.

Jobs slump should worry Govt

Paul Goldsmith: "The Government has undermined several sources of growth by adding costs, creating uncertainty and ...

OPINION: New Zealand's lack of jobs reveals a bigger problem.

Dirty secret in migration debate

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand First cabinet minister Shane Jones appear to be at logger heads over migration.

OPINION: We treat migrants as 2nd-class citizens, let them be exploited, then throw them away.

Wages pick up after nine pathetic years

Shamubeel Eaqub:  In this cycle, a starting wage of $50,000 for example has increased to $60,000 over 10 years; in the ...

OPINION: We've missed out on big money going in our pockets, Shamubeel Eaqub says.

Insurers must price risk properly

Eric Crampton says failing to price risk properly makes councils want to restrict development in riskier places – even ...

OPINION: If premiums matched actual risk, fewer people would live in places at greater risk with sea level rise.

The Boomers are OK

18072019 Fairfax NEWS PHOTOS:  Chloe Swarbrick, Greens MP, discussed running for political office.

OPINION: Are our parents and grandparents really so deserving of our scorn?

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