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The retail of two cities

Fashion retailer H&M welcomed hundreds of shoppers on its first day in Christchurch.

OPINION: there are signs of new life in central Christchurch.

Online shopping is dangerous

Bye-bye money: Online shopping enables a whole new level of consumption unlimited by time, or location.

OPINION: Online shopping means you live in a 24/7 shopping mall with endless aisles. The weak-willed and credulous need to beware.

Money tsunami coming

Women tend to give more money to charity.

OPINION: Baby boomers are older and richer - what are they going to do with their cash?

You might need a vodka for this

ardern v english

OPINION: When it comes to viral marketing, this election campaign has been a fizzer.

Water quality, not quantity

A kilo of beef takes 15,415 litres of water to produce; A loaf of bread takes 1,608 litres.

OPINION: The volumes of water we use are a bit meaningless compared to our impact on its quality.

Better design for economy

Modern design is multi-faceted, covers all areas of our lives and is worth many billions of dollars to the economy.

OPINION: Design has been found to contribute 4.2 per cent of GDP. That is more than agriculture.

When your employer is the government

Is it fair to expect people to keep quiet about things that affect them?

OPINION: How neutral should we expect public servants to be?

Fuel crisis an embarrassment

The pipeline that supplies the nations oil and fuel supplies from the Marsden Point refinery was breached on a farm near ...

OPINION: The rupture of the pipeline carrying Auckland Airport's fuel is not our first infrastructure fail.

Plastic bag vote a winner

Sue Allen: "[BagVote] is being proactive about an issue it would inevitably be demonised about if it didn't address."

OPINION: New World's decision to let customers vote on plastic bags a smart move.

George Kerr's Cayman Is legal fight

Enigmatic Kiwi investor George Kerr has been likened to "a worse version" of famed corporate raider Sir Ron Brierley.

Head of ACC investments rebuked by judge for calling enigmatic Kiwi Kerr "a crook" during testimony.

Cleaning up the internet

Facebook is vowing to get more selective on who can cash in on ads.

OPINION: It may be time to hit Google and Facebook where it hurts - in the profit.

Twitter storm in a chamber pot

A malicious tweet was sent out from an account labelled as the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.

OPINION: This fascinating fable of online panic has a message for all organisations – be vigilant and take all social media very seriously.

Is RCEP tracking to be another TPP?

Siah Hwee Ang: ''Many countries are now discovering that they are not really ready for a globalised world.''

OPINION: TPP-11 is not the only multi-country trade agreement being negotiated in Asia, Siah Ang Hwee writes.

Why are you so afraid of tax?

"We are not a highly taxed nation," says Shamubeel Eaqub.

OPINION: There is no magic way of having lower taxes, better services and a fairer NZ, says Shamubeel Eaqub.

Kirsten Patterson

Recognising climate change and being aware of business responsibility to protecting the environment is now mainstream.

OPINION: Don't let your business get left out in the cold.

Avoiding the hiding to nowhere

Mike O'Donnell: "It was a no brainer that Vodafone had to pull the plug."

OPINION: There are times when it's just better to cut your losses, Mike O'Donnell writes.

Multi-offer scenarios require your best bid

It's not always the highest price that wins.

OPINION: You can't afford to hold back if you're competing with others for the perfect property.

The SOS guide to killing debt

Asking for help, or dealing with underlying reasons for the debt, like a gambling addiction, are all about creating ...

OPINION: Surplus, Opportunity, Speed are the SOS of killing debt fast.

Labour's hardline trade stance may backfire

Pattrick Smellie: Could Labour's trade stance become "no more than an impotent gesture incapable of being implemented?"

Labour has to be careful not to back itself into a corner over foreign buyer ban, Pattrick Smellie writes.

Who's reading your emails?

Even work emails sent on your own time could be read by your employer.

OPINION: Employees may not have any right to keep messages to themselves if they use work devices.

The danger of housing promises

There are big differences between National and Labour and their plans to meet the desperate need for more houses.

OPINION: Promises are flying thick and fast, but fixing our housing problem won't happen unless we fix our construction industry.

Topshop fail a minor 'oops'

Cas Carter: ''This largest consumer group ... is looking for something they can afford to toss out after five or six wears.''

OPINION: If a fashion designer is thinking it, the young fashion followers want to be wearing it, pronto.

Why North Korea matters to us

The media drives a lot of our perceptions about Asia, including North Korea.

OPINION: Kiwis don't need to lie awake worrying about a DPRK missile. So why should we be concerned?

Can you spot election keywords for business?

Anand Reddy is a Partner at PwC, New Zealand.

OPINION: A policy-spotter's guide for small businesses this election.

A surprising consensus

Housing is set to be one  of the hottest topics in the next election.

OPINION: A surprising consensus on housing 

Working into retirement

Planning for retirement is about deciding  your work/life balance as much as a younger person.

OPINION: A positive attitude and a commitment to keep on keeping on can mean a long and fruitful life.

A business plan can guide the way

A well thought out business plan is a dynamic document which can keep you company on track for success.

OPINION: Working through a business plan is vital to success.

Why employees lie, steal and cheat

A study have discovered an upward trend in workplace cheating behaviour.

COMMENT: Seven per cent of business revenue is squandered each year by cheating behaviour.

How to make your tech start-up fly

Xero chief executive Rod Drury has used accountancy firms to piggy-back his service.

OPINION: If you're planning to take on Google or Facebook ... don't.

Boost your well-being instantly

The key seems to be having cash on hand, not the overall level of wealth.

OPINION: If you have cash in hand – and can see it in your bank account – you’ll be more satisfied with life.

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