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Sheldon Slabbert: Brexit, one year on

Brexit has divided opinion on Britain's role in Europe, and will pose many challenges for business in the UK and Europe.

OPINION: What does Brexit mean for the investment environment?

All aboard school ball bandwagon

The dresses, the glam - the school ball has become a many splendoured and expensive thing, Cas Carter writes.

OPINION: The gorgeous dresses, corsages and shoes make me think of one word: "Ka-ching".

The money tensions of splitting up

Determining what is relationship property and what is separate can be a source of tension when couples split.

OPINION: Can your ex get their hands on your bank accounts?

Playing it safe with technology stocks

Technology investments can be unpredictable but there is money to be made with the help of specialist knowledge.

OPINION: Don't be scared of investing in the tech sector.

Questioning productivity faith

Containerisation helped to unleash a new level of globalisation.

OPINION: We're missing out on one of the great promises of capitalism.

Flicking the switch on electric cars

Mike O'Donnell: EVs are "still beyond the reach of most New Zealanders".

OPINION: When will electric vehicles follow the path of digital cameras and get to point we can afford them, asks Mike O'Donnell.

Tackle money madness

Are money worries keeping you up at night?

OPINION: Here's how to rid yourself of this common affliction.

Immigration own goal

"It is exciting to see Christchurch becoming an increasingly diverse, multi-cultural city with people of different ...

OPINION: One more migrant in NZ doesn't mean one less job for a Kiwi.

Wellington leaders deserve a back pat

John Milford: ''The collaboration had never been so strong, and that's exactly what we need.''

OPINION: John Milford is heartened to see Wellington's leaders are not working in silos.

Two agents may not deliver

In theory, listing with more agents means the property will be seen by a larger number of potential buyers.

If having one real estate agent is good, surely more than one is even better?

Off by one degree

Just like a plane, a small nudge in the controls will get you to the right destination.

OPINION: If the steps in your marketing are off only slightly, then it won't get you the results.

Big power switch ahead

The lengthy period of New Zealand's generation over-supply is starting to come to an end.

OPINION: Power users are in for a shock, but it's the electricity industry feeling the real pain.

Pizza delivery lessons for employers

Domino's made headlines when it was revealed drivers were not going into Fordlands, Rotorua.

OPINION: Staff must be safe, wherever they are.

WREDA answers Chamber's criticism

Derek Fry is the interim chief executive for Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (Wreda).

The capital's economic development agency hits back at Chamber of Commerce criticism.

Beautifully mature big spender

Top model Gigi Hadid (left) and actress Lauren Hutton share the catwalk in Milan last year.

OPINION: Looking at the ads, you'd think Baby Boomers just want to buy retirement homes and funeral cover.

Motorways, baby boomers, and dumb housing luck

Justin Kean: "Don't blame the Baby Boomers for taking advantage of the dumb luck opportunity that they were presented with.''

OPINION: Justin Kean has some controversial solutions to make housing more affordable.

Deadline looms for tax rules compliance

Labour-hire firms businesses need to comply with tax changes by July 1, 2017.

OPINION: What will tax changes mean for "one man band" businesses?

Demand more from Casanova corporates

Don't let "Casanova" tactics put you off from demanding more from your commitments to banks and other companies, says ...

OPINION: Some companies act like Casanova, wooing new customers with treats denied to older ones.

Diagnosing the NZ economy

Is the New Zealand economy really in rude health? Data reveals potential weaknesses.

OPINION: The New Zealand economy appears to be in good health. But how much of this is real?

Fail, and find happiness

No one knew better than Winston Churchill that it's possible to fight back from career failure.

Opinion: There's one thing worse than failure, and that's fake success.

May's thrashing highlights the merits of advice

Mike O'Donnell: ''Board directors are not fine wines that improve with age, but more like craft beers that give their ...

OPINION: The recent British election reminds Mike O'Donnell of a classic album by The Police.

Facebook deals gone wrong

We're buying and selling via the social network more than ever before - but what can you do when it goes wrong?

OPINION: What can you do when an online purchase backfires?

Small is beautiful

The Little High Eatery on the corner of High and Tuam streets  is home to A Mouse Called Bean, Base, Bacon Brothers, ...

OPINION: Small business at its best is a lifestyle, even better if you can make a few friends in the process.

Ignoring immigration truths

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse (centre) chats with Tongan worker Siniti Kolomalu and Martin Austin, general ...

OPINION: It might be a vote winner but is clamping down on immigration a backward step?

Why destroy your business?

The F-16 was a manifest­ation of everything John R Boyd knew about competition.

OPINION: You get to the point where you have to break your business to grow. This is hard.

Sacking via text not OK

The man used his work phone to watch porn during work hours.

OPINION: He used company cars without permission and watched pornography at work, but was wrongly dismissed.

Ignore youth vote at your peril

Labour used the people that related to Britain's youth and the media channels they preferred to spark their interest.

OPINION: Something interesting happened during Britain's election: young people came out to vote.

Managing a tourist boom

Tourists enjoy the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail from Lake Pukaki to Oamaru.

OPINION: Talk of new tourist taxes is popular, but our visitors are more than paying their way already.

Bitcoin: Your next investment?

Some people feel about Bitcoin the way others do about gold.

Bitcoin could be used to give investors some currency diversification in the event of a global meltdown.

Google becomes Mr Fix-It

Scott Huffman is vice president of engineering, Google Assistant.

OPINION: Tech giant everyday tools that prove artificial intelligence no longer the domain of sci-fi movies.

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