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Tricks to beat data roaming fees

A crippling bill is no way to end a business trip

Up in the Air

Using data abroad can be expensive but leaving your smartphone at home is a bit drastic. Here's how to keep the data bills low.

Life before and after mobile phones

Cartoon phone

We love our smartphones so much that the thought of losing them is enough to bring on a cold sweat.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... a sponsorship?

Avenger gets the Maccas treatment and Batman gets in bed with Nike


The sight of Batman with the Nike swoosh on his chest and Superman fighting for truth, justice and the Armani way is slightly un-nerving.

Why the 3-minute pitch is your lifeline

How would you feel about presenting your startup in just three minutes? It's a daunting challenge, even for seasoned pros.

The worst mistakes you could make

Bad mistake

TOUCHING the boss's knee and emptying the sweet bowl have been named some of the most outrageous job interview mistakes.

5 reasons these ads will have you clicking

facebook ads

YOU want your business to grow, so you've got be on Facebook. But how successful you are depends on how you appear on Facebook.

I lost my smartphone... NOOOOO!!!!

smartphone loss

It's disturbing how quickly you can descend into Gollum-like madness when you lose your phone. Here are five ways to protect it.

Win a mobile makeover for your business

Are you juggling one too many devices, calendars and inboxes?


TELL us why you need a 2degrees Business Mobile Makeover and you’ll go into the draw to win $5000 worth of prizes.

Samsung divides your life in two

Samsung KNOX

Electronics giant's revolutionary new app lets you split your phone into two halves - one for work, one for play.

Get smart: Your business depends on it

Smartphones are an invaluable business tool but where do you start?


The market is crowded with smartphones of all shapes and sizes. Here are the three things you need to consider before you choose.

Want a billionaire to invest? Don't do this

Mark Cuban

THERE'S a right way and wrong way to get big investors interested in your start-up. Here's one spectacular example of the wrong way.

How smart does a phone need to be?

Mobile decisions

Do I really need all the bells and whistles on my smartphone? Follow these 4 steps and you'll get best out of your device.

The future? Look at your phone


Why is the future of your business is tied to the future of your mobile? Because your customers want anytime, anywhere connectivity.

Revealed: The word that can make or kill your biz - Customer


It's easy to forget when caught up in the day-to-day dramas of staffing issues, bill payments and trying to win new business.

How to take on the big guy - and win

2degree's top three tips to turn your brand into a champ


What does it take to shake up the market? 2degrees says be brave, be different - and if that doesn't work, rip up the rule book.

Is that a lot? Data consumption 101

How to keep your downloading under control

Matrix data

Get the wrong plan and you risk paying for data you never use or getting penalised for going over the download limit.
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