Security – the elephant in the room

IBM cloud security


Cloud computing is as secure, or likely more secure, than on-premises infrastructure.

Arming yourself to succeed in the cloud

IBM people


IT practitioners must see themselves as business people and technologists, and help to build bridges between business goals and technology solutions.

Telcos are under the gun from Consumer NZ

Consumer NZ says internet providers are doing a worse job and customers are more likely to be dissatisfied.

Cloud in unexpected places

IBM farmer


It would be easy to think that the farming, fishing and forestry industries would be immune to shifts in technology, but you'd be wrong.

Born, or born again, on the cloud

ibm business agility


What traits do 'born on the cloud' companies demonstrate that existing organisations can learn from?

David McLean gets 'dream job' heading Westpac NZ

David McLean was drawn home from the bright lights of New York City by the allure of his "dream job".

Let the buyer beware – choosing the best cloud for the job

cloud computing


You've decided to move to the cloud, but there are still a lot of decisions to be made.

NZX and Financial Markets Authority team up

Market source says the move shows a recognition of the need for the two to improve.

Science students learn on the job

While many people are taking trips to the beach, a trio of young people have spent their summer learning more about science.

Labour leader Andrew Little targets unemployment in state of nation speech

Labour leader makes pitch to small business in his state of the nation speech, promising lowest rate of unemployment in the developed world.

How to evaluate your prospective employer

OPINION: Due diligence works both ways

Unhappy workers eye the exit

Bosses have been put on notice after a survey found more than a quarter of workers are looking to leave their jobs.

Pitfalls of owing Inland Revenue

OPINION: Do small-to-medium business owners have a strong sense of loyalty to their suppliers but less regard for the tax department?

APIs – three little letters driving an economic revolution

building blocks


APIs are the glue that ties pieces of technology together and the API economy is on the rise.

Hydrogen storage could hold key to power for the people

After 10 years of barbecues and hot showers, researchers believe hydrogen energy has risen above the hype and into a commercial reality.

Recycling bin now a thing of beauty

To the madness of unsustainable corporate waste, a Wairarapa couple are quietly introducing a bit of method.

'Half caste' taunts helped form Pohio's identity

Under Mike Pohio's watch the Tainui have grown into one of the country's biggest tribes.

Honest cover letter gets teen noticed

Connor Gerrard has no experience, but he won't let that get in the way of getting a job.

Three technology legs of the composable enterprise

mobile facebook


Three technology trends are enabling new business models - the cloud, data analysis, and mobile and social technologies.

Clean-tech firm breaks crowdfunding record

A Marlborough clean-tech company has raised more than $700,000 through New Zealand's biggest ever crowdfunding effort.

SMEs lead pack in paying bills

Kiwi businesses continue to get faster at paying bills, with small and medium businesses leading the pack.

Victoria Crone: Taking the plunge with exports

Online tools are making the world a smaller place, so lots of the old barriers to export have disappeared.

Does working from home really work?

Employees working in their pjs may actually be less productive than their office-bound counterparts.

Prepare for disruption – the power of the new business models

mobile cloud


Cloud expert Ben Kepes explains how the cloud can transform your business.

Xero boosts US chances with payroll product

Xero's chances of making an impact in the US rise after the firm expands its service, analyst says.

Picking the office over time with kids

Why are so many fathers choosing work over holidays spent with the family?

Business booming for Christmas decoration firm

Decorating shops and public spaces with Christmas cheer is big business.

Leaders are human too

Everyone's an expert when a leader makes a one-off mistake.

How I keep well: Lance Walker

Lance Walker CEO of insurance company Cigna shares his health and wellbeing tips.

International exec makes Christchurch home

Despite holding a senior role with international corporate Priceline Group, Englishman Adrian Currie has made Christchurch his home.

Gas detection firm averting tragedy

An Otago University venture developing new generation gas detectors is benefiting from the growing focus on workplace safety.

Kiwi startup pulls out of on-demand race

The experience of a team of Kiwi entrepreneurs who tried to tackle the on-demand video market shows how lightning-fast the technology is changing.

Seven summer books for business readers

REVIEW: Nevil Gibson shares his picks of books that will make you forget the office, won’t rot your brain or break your wallet during the holidays.

How to find IT staff

Using recruiters to find IT people is a lost cause because they just don’t get tech, IT firms complain. But is the fault all on one side?

New Zealand's cleanest and greenest firms

A green childcare centre shaped like a womb; senior managers with sustainability KPIs; a disaster relief mobile phone network – this year’s Sustainable 60 winners show how building a better future is good for business.

Old boys' club bad for business

OPINION: It may seem cosy, but the old boys’ club is a sign of a business going nowhere fast

Kiwi entrepreneurs investing back

The deepening ecosystem of New Zealanders who’ve made it and are now investing back is showing up in the Deloitte Fast 50 list.

Partnerships key to success in Aus

There is more tendering and more collaboration between firms required to win new business in Australia, reports one executive.

Why Kiwi innovators never talk

OPINION: Dr Catherine Mohr, our first ever female Flying Kiwi, wants to know why Kiwis never talk about their ideas

Inside the office: Trade Me

With three slides and a caravan, you could be forgiven for mistaking Trade Me’s new Wellington headquarters for a holiday park

Grappling the Australian market

Kiwi firms sometimes misunderstand the scale of the Australian market.

Reality bites

OPINION: Living in the real world depends on your definition.

Bionic joints could become a reality

A robotic sensor firm hopes that returning to a campus lab to develop a bionic limb will give its technology international lift-off.

Sunny outlook for MetService

There’s money to be made in them thar storms, just ask our MetService. Trouble is others can see the potential too.

Does accounting need to evolve?

REVIEW: A new book argues bookkeeping needs to take account of the environment and company culture.

Five fab firms to watch

Meet Deloitte's picks of the five firms to keep a close eye on from this year's Fast 50 list.

Success on home ground

Firms on the Deloitte Fast 50 list are experiencing growth by exploiting domestic demand - but exporting is not out of the picture.

The sleeping giant awakens

OPINION: In the wake of the China-Oz Free Trade Agreement, New Zealand firms exporting to China need to develop a thick skin and commercial edge.

Meet the Sydney Bulldogs' Kiwi CEO

She might be a woman and a Kiwi, but Raelene Castle is earning respect at Sydney rugby league club the Bulldogs.

Royal jelly selling at a premium

False claims dogging the Kiwi honey and bee industry have stung Auckland royal jelly producer Happy Valley.
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