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Capital Life

Pimp my porridge

Anna Campbell brings porridge to the masses from her slick caravan in the central city.

Owner Anna Campbell is taking the humble oat in new directions at The Oatery.

Students to talk web-safety

Wellington high school students talk about online safety and issues at the Online Safety Advocates' programme launch.

Facebook is heading into New Zealand schools to promote positive online relationships with Sticks 'n' Stones.

Stuck bus holds up traffic

Residents on the dead-end street complained the jam was "very inconvenient" and stopped them from being able to get to ...

The bus was stuck for about an hour on a dead-end street where no bus routes go.

What's on the menu at Supper Club?

Chef Martin Bosley is back for the Supper Club, after having a hand in setting it up more than a decade ago. He's been ...

Celebrity chef Martin Bosley has returned for an annual mystery dinner fundraiser.

Making the walls Māori

The idea for the wallpaper was sparked in 2012 when Witehira started a PhD in Fine Arts in Massey.

A Māori-inspired wallpaper may seem like a simple thing, but for at least one artist, it's much more.

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